Your HTC Desire™ 601

Your HTC Desire™ 601
Inserting your micro SIM and microSD cards
Inserting a smaller size SIM (such as nano SIM with an
adapter or a modified SIM) may damage the card slot or
cause the card to not fit properly.
1. With one hand, securely
hold your phone with the
bottom edge facing up
and the back facing you.
With your other hand,
press your thumb on the
back cover. From the
notch (where the USB
port is located), use your
finger to open a small
gap along the bottom
edge. Then continue to
lift open from the bottom
edge. Slowly detach the
cover from the phone to
remove it.
2. Make sure to remove the
battery before inserting
the micro SIM.
3. With your micro SIM
card’s gold contacts
facing down and cut-off
corner facing in, insert
the micro SIM into the
SIM slot and push it in
until it clicks into place.
4.With your microSD
card’s gold contacts
facing down, insert the
microSD card into the
storage card slot and
push it in until it clicks
into place.
5. Reinsert the battery.
6.To replace the back
cover, align the phone
onto the top part of the
back cover first. Then
press the sides and the
bottom part of the back
cover down to lock the
cover into place.
To avoid damaging the
VOLUME buttons, don’t
press the buttons while
replacing the back cover.
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