Kia is the newest and most exciting force of change in the automotive world and we are
ready to change the way you feel and think about driving. More than just a promise, we are
committed to making driving a true pleasure for customers across the globe. With youthful
and dynamic styling and the latest in advanced technologies, Kia cars are turning heads the
world over with the power to surprise. From the Picanto to the Mohave, Kia offers a full
lineup of sedans, SUVs and MPVs that are not only practical and stylish but downright
exhilarating to drive. Keep your eyes on Kia because our best has yet to come.
About Kia Motors Corporation
Kia Motors Corporation ( – a maker of quality vehicles for the young-at-heart
– was founded in 1944 and is Korea's oldest manufacturer of motor vehicles. Over 3 million
Kia vehicles a year are produced at 14 manufacturing and assembly operations in five
countries which are then sold and serviced through a network of distributors and dealers
covering around 180 countries. Kia today has over 51,000 employees worldwide and annual
revenues of over US$45 billion. It is the major sponsor of the Australian Open and an official
automotive partner of FIFA – the governing body of the FIFA World Cup™. Kia Motors
Corporation's brand slogan – "The Power to Surprise" – represents the company's global
commitment to surprise the world by providing exciting and inspiring experiences that go
beyond expectations.
Kia Motors Corporation
The all-new
Practicality looks better
than ever
Whether you choose it for aesthetics or practicality, the all-new Rio makes
versatility look alluring, offering true enjoyment to anyone with a deep
passion for driving. Take it to all the places you’ve been waiting to go.
Bigger, bolder and
poised for adventure
Get ready for excitement. With a new look, more interior space, and lively
performance, the all-new Kia Rio has charm that deepens when you get
behind the wheel. It’s more than a city car. It’s an everyday travel companion.
Face the day with confidence
The all-new Rio is more than just an attractive new car on your street. With
comfortable seats, surprising versatility, and dependability backed by a
7-year warranty, it’s with you for the long haul.
Bring new style to everyday
Sometimes beauty runs deep and endures. With winning style, ample
seating and cargo capacity, the all-new Kia Rio lets you set out every
day feeling like the world is yours to explore.
Logical ergonomic control
for any situation
The cockpit prioritizes information and limits visual and manual distractions.
The cluster presents driving data, while a center floating display
simplifies access to a range of entertainment and comfort controls.
Supervision cluster with 3.5" LCD screen A tasteful, intelligently designed and customizable supervision
cluster provides outside temperature and vehicle and trip data.
Steering wheel audio remote control Adjust audio settings using just your thumb for enhanced driving safety.
Auto cruise control The auto cruise function can be activated using steering wheel-mounted controls, making it
easy to set your desired speed in a safe manner.
Bluetooth In the all-new Rio, Bluetooth technology gives
you hands-free access to your phone and its functions.
5" color touchscreen audio The 5" TFT-LCD touchscreen
audio system displays artist and track names and can be
controlled with the tap of a finger. The system offers MP3
It helps you stay informed, aware,
and totally focused
Technology has transformed daily life. But the devices and services we depend on
have their time and place. The all-new Rio offers a simple presentation of the
information you need to see as you focus on your driving.
Relax all the way there...
and back
Up to five people can ride in comfort with plenty of room to stretch
thanks to a longer wheelbase. Automatic air conditioning adds to the
Full-folding 2nd row seats Rear seats fold fully flat, so when you need to, you can accommodate long or bulky
items in the extended cargo space.
60:40 split-folding rear seats The rear seats split 60:40 and fold flat, giving you utmost flexibility in managing
cargo and passenger space.
All the room needed
to live out your dreams
Whether it’s just another day or the trip of a lifetime, the all-new Rio makes the good
life that much more within reach. Get familiar with its clever approaches to stowing
cargo and putting people at ease.
Luggage net An elasticized luggage net keeps luggage
and other items from moving around in the cargo space.
Covering shelf A rear shelf keeps cargo out of view.
Attached to the rear tailgate by cords, it lifts out of the way
when the tailgate is opened.
Striking at rest.
Tantalizing in motion
Attractive new aerodynamic contours are just part of what makes the
all-new Kia Rio so striking. Its smooth ride, agile handling and invigorating
performance bring excitement to life.
Displacement (cc)
Max. power (ps/rpm)
Max. torque (kg·m/rpm)
Mated transmission
1.4 MPI
1.6 MPI
6 M/T, 6 A/T
Automatic transmission A smooth-shifting
6-speed automatic transmission effortlessly
transfers the engine’s torque to the wheels.
Manual transmission An efficient 6-speed
manual transmission offers quick, smooth
shifts and gear ratios matched to the engine's
torque curve.
The power to pull ahead of the pack
The all-new Rio combines fuel saving efficiency with a constant reserve
of power. Its handling around town is smooth and agile. And when speed
is called for, you’ll love the punch of performance it offers.
Slip through the air.
Dart through traffic
The sinuous lines of the all-new Rio harmonize with the wind, enhancing
the fuel economy. Its nimble handling makes it the ideal vehicle for the
quick turns and unexpected detours that are part of modern urban life.
AHSS application
The all-new Rio uses more than 50% Advanced High Strength Steel
(AHSS), which is a more than 54% increase from the previous model.
This equates to phenomenal body rigidity, enhancing cabin protection
as well as dynamic performance.
Hill-start Assist Control (HAC) It can be nerve-racking to pull away from a standing start when you're on a
steep upward incline. HAC stops you from rolling backwards.
Electronic Stability Control (ESC) In the event of sudden braking or turning, ESC activates to regulate engine
torque and distribute braking force independently, slowing you down safely with maximum control.
with hot-stamped components
The all-new Rio features hot-stamping of components in 8 core stress
areas. The strengthened body structure helps provide improved crash
A single-minded obsession
with everything that could go wrong
We believe that a car has one paramount duty: to protect the people inside it and
around it. The all-new Rio features intelligent active safety technologies and
substantial passive safety enhancements for your peace of mind.
Parking Distance Warning-Reverse (PDW-R)
When you back into a parking spot, how much room do
you have left? As you reverse, audible beeps alert you to
the distance to obstacles behind you.
6 airbags Protection includes front air bags for the driver
and front-seat passenger, two air bags at the sides, and
two curtain airbags running the length of the cabin.
of structural adhesive
With almost three times the structural adhesive applied compared to
the previous generation, the all-new Rio is more rigid yet lighter, and
features improved noise, vibration and harshness management.
The details that make the difference
Your car should deliver everything you expect from a drive. Choose the options and accessories that will
make it yours and yours alone.
Bi-projection headlamps
Bi-projection headlamps offer
increased illumination, enabling you
to better detect obstacles and
navigate the road ahead.
Smart key with easy keyless
Telescopic & tilt steering wheel
Sunvisor illumination lamps
Auto defog system
Lock or unlock the doors conveniently
with the simple press of a button.
Adjust the steering column up and
down, and in and out, to find just the
right position for you.
Bulb lamp over the vanity mirror on
the driver-side sunvisor lights up to
help you see yourself better in the
The auto defogger detects mist on
the windshield and automatically
deploys the fans to clear the glass
Auxiliary and USB connections
Manual climate control
Full Auto Temperature Control
Electric folding mirrors
Adjustable seatbelt anchor
An available power sunroof adds an open-air feeling to the already roomy cabin of the all-new Rio.
The outside mirrors can be folded
and unfolded conveniently with the
push of a button.
The height-adjustable seatbelt
anchors allow for seatbelts to be
raised and lowered to achieve a
perfect fit.
Flash drives and other compatible
audio devices can be connected via
3.5 mm (analog) and USB ports.
Simple soft-touch switches and
dials let you adjust the temperature
quickly with minimal distraction.
FATC lets you set a desired
temperature for a comfortable ride
in any weather condition.
Radiator grille
Aero blade wipers
Rear spoiler garnish
Illuminated glove box
Front & rear door bottle holders
Center console armrest
Rear USB charging port
The iconic Kia radiator grille has been completely restyled. Most of the airflow
used for cooling enters through the lower intake.
Aerodynamic wiper blades maintain
contact with the windshield even at
high speeds.
A rear spoiler improves the air
vortex around C-pillar for enhanced
aerodynamics and downforce on the
rear tires.
Simply place small objects in the
storage compartment under the
dashboard. An interior light ensures
easy retrieval of stored items.
Drink bottles are easily on hand
thanks to holders in both the front
and rear door panels.
While offering comfortable support
when driving, the armrest is covered
in soft material that is colorcoordinated with the interior trim.
Rear passengers can charge their
electronic devices via the USB port
mounted at the back of the center
Gray Two-tone Interior
Designed to fit your mood
Choose from a variety of appealing color and fabric treatments that make the interior of the all-new Rio
uniquely comfortable and refreshing.
Black One-tone Interior
EX optional grade Saturn
Black artificial leather
Soft, bolstered seats with
half-perforated Saturn Black
artificial leather trim offer
long-lasting comfort.
Matching trim on the doors
and dash give the interior a
welcoming ambience.
EX standard grade Black
The interior is upholstered in
a combination of soft tricot
and honeycomb-pattern,
embossed tricot. Matching
tones on the doors and the
dash provide a consistently
appealing look.
EX optional grade Gray
artificial leather
Soft, bolstered seats with
half-perforated artificial
leather trim offer longlasting comfort. The seats,
door armrests and dash panel
are an attractive medium
gray that contrasts nicely
with the rich black tones.
EX standard grade Gray
The interior is upholstered in
a combination of soft tricot
and honeycomb-pattern,
embossed tricot. The seats,
door armrests and dash panel
are an attractive medium
gray that contrasts nicely
with the rich black tones.
LX standard grade Gray
The interior is upholstered in
a combination of soft tricot
and woven cloth with a subtle
triangular pattern. The seats,
door armrests and dash panel
are an attractive medium
gray that contrasts nicely
with the rich black tones.
Special Black Package
LX standard grade Black
The interior is upholstered in
a combination of soft tricot
and woven cloth with a subtle
triangular pattern. Matching
tones on the doors and the
dash provide a consistently
appealing look.
For a more opulent look, a
Special Black EX package is
available. The soft, supportive
seats are upholstered in
Saturn Black artificial leather
trim, with Barolo Brown
bolsters and contrast stitching.
A rich red tone on the door
armrests and dashboard metal
add extra elegance.
Vehicles in harmony
with nature
Exterior colors and wheels
Ten enticing color choices and four striking wheel styles complement the bold, aerodynamic exterior design
of the all-new Rio.
Exterior Colors
Clear White
Snow White Pearl
14-inch Steel Wheel
Silky Silver
15-inch Steel Wheel
15-inch Alloy Wheel
17-inch Alloy Wheel
Dimensions (mm) _ *17-inch wheel based
5-door model
Ice Wine
Urban Grey
4-door model
Fiery Red
True Green
Smoke Blue
Azure Blue
5-door model
4-door model
Overhang (front/rear)
Overall width
Leg room (front/rear)
Overall height
Head room (front/rear)
Shoulder room (front/rear)
Wheeltread (front/rear)
5-door model
Min. ground clearance
4-door model
All information contained herein was based upon the latest available information at the time of printing. Descriptions are believed to be correct, and Kia Motors Corporation makes every effort to ensure accuracy, however
accuracy cannot be guaranteed. From time to time, Kia Motors Corporation may need to update or make changes to the vehicle features and other vehicle information found in this brochure. Some vehicles shown include
optional equipment that may not be available in some regions. All video and camera screens shown are simulated. Kia Motors Corporation, by the publication and dissemination of this material, does not create any warranties, either expressed or implied, for any Kia products. Contact your local Kia dealer for the most current information.
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Whether you love getting out into the great outdoors, or
simply enjoy living in a more sustainable balance with the
ecosystem, you have found a soulmate in Kia Motors.
Unit (mm)
Overall length
Aurora Black Pearl
Environmental preservation and social responsibility are top priorities at
Kia, and we back up our commitment with tangible actions. Our
EcoDynamics sub-brand, established in 2009, designates the most ecofriendly cars within each Kia model range that showcase our new fuelstretching and emission-cutting technologies such as hybrid, plug-in
hybrid, electric and hydrogen fuel cell powertrains.
We are also building a clean production system, raising the resource
recovery rate, designing vehicles with the disposal phase in mind, and
increasing energy efficiency. Meanwhile, we are adopting more and more
environmentally friendly materials in our cars, selected for their
composition, biodegradability and bio-inspired technology. For example, to
reduce our carbon footprint, we are replacing oil-based materials with
plant-based materials wherever possible.
As you can see, we at Kia Motors are committed to finding fundamental
solutions to cutting energy consumption and combatting climate change.
If you feel the same way about preserving the environment and
ensuring a brighter for the younger generation, then we have just the
vehicle for you.