The comfortable and cost-effective road to the future

The comfortable and cost-effective road to the future
The comfortable and cost-effective
road to the future
Heating and air-conditioning systems for trucks
When a good working climate
also lowers costs.
That’s Feel the Drive.
Trucks are mobile workplaces, in which comfort
has a direct impact on safety. Not just the driver,
but your balance sheet will feel the positive effects
of our heating and air-conditioning systems. You
save fuel thanks to less engine idling time and a
more focused driving style.
Our comprehensive climate expertise helps you reduce costly
And that figure is hourly. What’s more, there’s also increased
On the road with know-how
engine idling times. As it is, many countries have already
wear and tear that affects both the engine and the auxiliary
At Webasto, our focal point is our customers and their individual requirements. And we’ve been doing that for over 110 years.
prohibited these during rest stops. That’s why the Webasto
equipment. These are costs that Webasto helps you save.
To accomplish this, we seek innovative solutions in all areas – both in original equipment and for retrofitting. Aside from our
non-idling solutions generate and maintain a pleasant tempera-
specific knowledge of the market, what helps us do this is the know-how that we have acquired as one of the 100 leading
ture in the driver’s cab – totally independent of the engine.
Breaks that relax – driving that is focused
suppliers to the automotive and commercial vehicle industries. As a family-owned company with over 50 locations worldwide,
Thereby fuel consumption drops and – as a positive side effect
Sit back, relax and enjoy the drive. Just like your drivers.
we aspire to exceed expectations by always offering a bit more. That’s what drives us. That is our motivation.
– so do the emission of pollutants.
Following a break with pleasant temperatures and without
And that’s Feel the Drive.
annoying engine noise, they are especially rejuvenated as
Deftly putting the brakes on costs
they get back on the road. The driver can concentrate and
This way, your driving is not only cost-efficient, but conscientious.
drives with more control and awareness.
On average, an idling truck engine consumes three liters of fuel.
When our know-how is an investment
in the future.
When restorative breaks make
driving more efficient.
Heating is our core competency. As the market leader, we constantly refine
Fuel consumption is one of the greatest cost drivers in the transportation business.
and develop it for our customers. We were early in identifying electromobility
Fuel-efficient engines alone cannot possible compensate for the huge spikes in
as a growth market.
fuel prices. However, a focused driver and a parking heater equipped with engine-off
technology can make a significant contribution to cost reduction.
The Webasto High-Voltage Heater (HVH) represents the future of heating solutions for electromobility. In developing this device,
Concentration saves fuel
the adaptive cruise control. The results: The braking behavior
we have made substantial advances over other heaters. By using new technologies, we have succeeded in achieving superlative
It is a well-known fact that fatigue at the wheel frequently leads
differs significantly – to the advantage of the rested truck drivers.
loss-free conversion of electricity into heat. The high-efficiency heater operates with an effectiveness level of up to 95 percent
to accidents. Mercedes-Benz wanted to determine whether there
Their trucks consume less fuel. In a comparison, that can amount
and can be used flexibly in a voltage range of up to 450 V DC.
was a correlation between the driver’s ability to concentrate
to one liter of fuel per 100 km.* The reason: only those who
and fuel consumption. Do well-rested drivers drive more eco-
can fully concentrate are capable of driving their vehicles with the
Our promise
nomically? The conclusion of the study: Yes. Using real-life
necessary control and awareness required to avoid unnecessary
We are there for you from the initial concept. And we support you through all stages from design, development and validation all
conditions, the study explored the influence of a short nap on
braking and acceleration.
the way to after-sales. That is our promise. One that we can give you as a global systems supplier. That is a promise you can rely on.
driving performance. For example, the tests compared how
often fatigued and well-rested drivers used the service brake or
*Source: Mercedes-Benz TopFit trucker study, 2010
Engine off and relax
Our engine-off technology ensures
revitalizing breaks and downtime
without engine noise – and without
fuel consumption. It heats by using the
residual heat of the powered down
engine. So even on long breaks, thanks
to the parking heater, the temperature
of the engine and the cabin remain constant. Webasto parking
coolers also ensure pleasant temperatures without the engine
How great is the potential for savings in your vehicle? Our calculator on
the Webasto website figures it out for you.
When the engine is off and the cabin
has the right temperature.
Ideal for short downtimes as well as long breaks: With the
Webasto engine-off technology your cabin always maintains the
Your benefits:
perfect temperature – and that with the motor switched off.
No unnecessary engine idling
Thus, right after your drive, the Webasto solution utilizes the
The perfect cabin temperature at all times,
without the engine running
residual heat of the engine to heat the cabin. Later the parking
heater is automatically activated.
Reduction of fuel costs
Efficient utilization of engine’s residual heat
This is how the engine-off technology works:
Without engine-off technology
With engine-off technology
Engine is running:
Engine is off:
The engine generates heat that
is distributed via the cabin’s heat
Turning off the engines, the heat
transport is stopped through the
interruption of the coolant flow
to the cabin. The heat energy,
which is stored in the engine, is
not used anymore and the cabin
temperature decreases.
Engine Water heater Pump on onon
Pump off offoff
Engine is off –
use of residual heat:
Engine is off –
with parking heater feature:
The heater continues to use
the available residual heat of the
engine, since the Webasto
circulation pump ensures the
transfer of residual heat through
the cooling circuit. Cabin
temperature remains constant.
When the engine cools down
further, the parking heater is
automatically switched on.
Engine and cabin temperature
remain constant.
Cabin interior heat exchange system
Fuel is the key cost driver
Expenditures for fuel constitute the
The largest cost pools
second largest cost factor in the industry.
A fact that is unlikely to change in the
The nearby chart illustrates the cost
future. Therefore, savings in this area
really add up.
When the parking heater does its job
and keeps out the cold.
Costs per mile on the road (incl. maintenance)
Fixed costs (incl. depreciation, taxes)
General overheads (incl. material costs)
Source: BGL e.V.
(German freight transport association), 2016
With us you have a choice of air or water heaters, with the
Smart at the start
systems differing both in their functions and performance
Our ThermoCall App ensures ahead of
categories. What they do have in common: They are easy to
time that your Webasto parking heater
operate and, depending on the customer’s preferences, are
will provide comfort when it’s switched on.
available in a variety of models. The burner technology that we
You can simply set the temperature and
have developed also ensures that Webasto heaters operate in
service time with the Smartphone App.
a very fuel-efficient manner. Aside from the driver’s cab, they
Heating and ventilation at the touch of a
also heat the cargo space. On the following pages you will
button – and what’s more, it all happens
determine precisely what the individual strong points of the
no matter where the user is located.
air and water heaters are.
Webasto air and water heating systems are
breakdown, using Germany as an
Efficient: They save resources and costs
Compact: Space-saving installation in any vehicle
Flexible: Option for interior and exterior installation
ThermoCall App
When the engine is turned off and
the air heater turns on.
When not only fuel costs but emissions
are reduced.
Quickly, efficiently and evenly, is how Air Top air heaters warm
Twice as economical. That’s how to describe the Webasto
Thermo water heaters. For they heat not only the driver’s cab,
Your benefits:
Particularly even heat-up process with progressive
but the entirety of the vehicle’s own coolant circuit. The engine
up your vehicle, even when it’s still parked. The motto is:
Your benefits:
Get inside and feel good. And that also goes for rest periods.
The engine is at already at operating temperature
performance regulation
is already preheated when the trip begins, so you can avoid cold
engine noise. The positive side-effects: Because the engine is
Low-noise operation
starts. Moreover, fuel consumption and pollutant emissions
Consistent, individually adjustable temperature
turned off, fuel consumption and operating costs go down.
Stable constant temperature
are reduced.
Efficient use of residual heat
Low power consumption
Automatic altitude mode
Automatic altitude mode for Air Top Evo devices
Thanks to air heating, you can enjoy these entirely without
By offering heating output from 2.0 kW to 5.5 kW, we can
before the drive begins
And the interior is already heated to a comfortable temperature
provide you with just the right system for your requirements.
before the drive begins. The cabin is preheated to a feel-good
The integrated altitude sensor guarantees that even at low air
temperature level using a heat exchanger and fan. Here too,
pressure in high-altitude locations – and the resulting low
the integrated altitude sensor ensures optimum heating perfor-
oxygen concentration – the heaters always deliver optimum
mance – even at high altitudes when the air pressure and oxygen
heating performance.
concentration quickly decline. So you’re always on the road
both cost-effectively and comfortably.
Air Top
2000 STC
Heating capacity,
control range / boost (kW)
Nominal voltage (V)
Air Top
Evo 40
Air Top
Evo 55
0.9 – 2.0
1.5 – 3.5 / 4.0
1.5 – 5.0 / 5.5
12 / 24
12 / 24
12 / 24
Example of integration of an air heater
Pro 50 Eco
Heating capacity,
part load / full load / boost (kW)
Nominal voltage (V)
Pro 90
2.5 / 5
1.8 / 7.6 / 9.1
12 / 24
Example of integration of a water heater
When our air-conditioning technology
makes your work easier.
When new heating technology makes
E-Mobility more convenient and efficient.
The air-conditioning technology in the driver’s cab must work
Heating systems for electrically powered commercial vehicles
flawlessly so that drivers can always be well-rested and efficient
on the road. The Cool Top RTE 10 rooftop air-conditioning system
Your benefits:
is impressive for its high-quality components and durable
Ideal climate in the driver’s cab
have to heat the interior quickly and reliably. Moreover, they
Powerful parking cooler with high level
should operate efficiently and not put too great a strain on the
of energy efficiency
battery. Thanks to new heating layer technology, the Webasto
Optimal air distribution and quiet operation
Secure engine start thanks to low-voltage
High-Voltage Heater (HVH) converts electricity into heat almost
without loss. The heater is suitable for all electric and hybrid
switch-off feature
commercial vehicles.
The Cool Top RTE 10 is a parking cooler that is reliable in
Your benefits:
of PTC heaters
Can be used in range between 250 V and 450 V
Stable heating output even at high temperatures
Precise, continuously variable adjustability
Weight of only 2 kg and compact design allows
for flexible installation
Technological edge
ensuring optimal temperatures and atmospheric humidity.
Given its effectiveness level of up to 95 percent and very
The compressor-driven system is prefilled with refrigerant
compact design (1,700 cm3), the water heater demonstrates
and connected to the vehicle battery.
that it is clearly superior to other technology concepts.
Easy, individual operation and control
The HVH provides heating capacity of 5 kW or 7 kW and is
The air-conditioning system offers two modes (standard and
continuously adjustable. Its performance remains constant
turbo) and allows for manual control. Thanks to a clearly
even at high refrigerant temperatures.
Significantly higher effectiveness than those
Recuperation and boost function
Heaters with up to 10 kW output and higher
operating voltage are being developed
organized display, the driver has an immediate overview of
the status of the system and can control it simply and intuitively.
The accompanying remote control makes for added comfort
and convenience.
Cool Top RTE 10
Cooling capacity (kW)
High-Voltage Heater
950 (Turbo), 650 (Standard)
Nominal voltage (V)
Heating capacity (kW)
Nominal voltage (V)
Example of integration of a parking cooler
Example of integration of a high voltage heater
When Feel the Drive means always seeking
to do things just a bit better.
For 110 years, we have had only one subject in mind: You.
From our home in Gilching – at home worldwide
What drives us is to be capable of offering you precisely the
As a regionally rooted family enterprise, being close to our
solution that you need. Does this involve a system perfectly
customers is particularly important to us. Our specialists on the
custom-tailored to your requirements? Or do you need a retrofit
ground in 43 countries see to that by providing competent
solution that can be easily integrated into your vehicle? We
consulting, direct project coordination, without detours, and
deliver both.
reliable spare parts management. Because we don’t just want
Step by step to your customized solution.
Phase 3: Design
Once the solution has been
established, we develop
both the mechanical and
the thermodynamic design.
to meet your expectations, we want to exceed them.
Individually developed
Are you looking for the perfect air-conditioning solution for your
The Webasto quality factor
application? We would be pleased to take on your project. From
All our products are subjected to extensive testing, with sub­
the analysis of requirements to development and validation all
sequent production adhering to the specifications of automotive
the way to production, we guide you step by step as you get
standards. We also provide expert support with the integration of
closer to exactly the product you want. Of course, our on-site
your application solution. Thus, we build specific applications
experts work with you in close cooperation in every stage.
components as needed and perform a prototype installation.
Phase 1: Definition of
customer requirements
In a first step we define
your specific requirements
and work together with you
to determine what solution
is right for you.
Phase 5: Documentation
Critical documents such as
user manuals or installation
instructions are created.
Phase 7: in actual use
Now it’s time for the
Webasto solution to
really kick off. Even after
com­pletion of the project,
we continue to look
after you with personalized
As you can see, we do all it takes to deliver exactly the products
Easily installed
that you need. With the quality that you expect.
And when it comes to retrofitting, you’re in the right company.
Ensuring comfort doesn’t begin when you use our products.
It already starts during installation. Everything from the molded
hose to the mounting brackets is synchronized and fits easily.
The installation instructions describe the retrofitting specifically
for your vehicle type.
Phase 2: Concept
development and
Various simulations help us
in our development. Thus,
for example, we simulate
the design of air ducts or
the temperature distribution
within the vehicle.
Phase 4: Analyses
and tests
From the analysis to EMC
tests as far as vibration tests:
We put the system to the
acid test. And our products
have to repeatedly prove
their merit in the Webasto
climate chamber.
Phase 6: Production/
After all instructions have
been drawn up, the fully
developed system can be
used in actual practice.
You get the support of our
experts during installation
as well as commissioning.
When the business utility of all types of commercial
vehicles can be enhanced thanks to innovative climate
systems, that’s Feel the Drive.
Vehicles change the world. And Webasto is changing
vehicles and their world. Our solutions help trucks reach
their destinations more economically. Buses and trains
are more comfortable. Special and commercial vehicles are
more efficient. Whether they are original parts or parts
for retrofitting, our products provide sustainable solutions –
that benefit the environment as well as companies.
Our dedicated people support you all around the world.
Wherever commercial vehicles are planned, produced,
redesigned or repaired, we are there for you. Professional,
committed and helpful, we see to it that you, our customers,
reach your destinations comfortably and efficiently.
This is what drives us as a company and inspires our work.
And that is what we call Feel the Drive.
Webasto has developed innovative heating and air-conditioning solutions for the following markets.
Efficient heating and compact
air-conditioning systems maintain
exactly the right temperature
in the cabin interior, the engine
compartment and the cargo area.
Light-duty vehicles
We provide heating and airconditioning systems to match
your individual requirements.
Our air-conditioning systems
make driving more pleasant
and safer.
Air-conditioning systems for
passenger compartments and
drivers’ cabins, boosting efficiency
and comfort the moment
the vehicle enters operation.
We supply sturdy and efficient
heating and air-conditioning
systems for a pleasant working
environment, whatever the
We provide special heating
and air-conditioning systems
to ensure vehicles are always
ready for action.
Special vehicles
Our solutions make your job
more comfortable, safer and
more profitable.
Gilching Headquarters
Webasto Locations
Since its foundation in 1901 the Webasto group has continued to set new technological standards
in the original equipment and aftermarket sector. Today, we are one of the 100 biggest suppliers
in the automotive industry worldwide. We develop and produce roof, convertible as well as heating,
cooling and ventilation systems. Our products help provide a better atmosphere on the road, more
comfort and security, as well as increased efficiency for cars, commercial and special vehicles,
motor homes and boats. An outstanding network of production facilities and dealers guarantees
high-quality products, installation standards and services worldwide.
Best brand
Webasto is Number 1 for air-conditionin and heating*. For the eleventh
time in a row, experts in the commercial vehicles industry have chosen
Webasto as the best brand in the air-conditioning / heating category.
* Survey of the German trade magazines lastauto omnibus (truck and bus),
transaktuell and Fernfahrer (long-haul driver), 2016.
Webasto Thermo & Comfort SE
P.O. Box 1410
82199 Gilching
Ident.-No. MK11437 • 08/16 • Errors and omissions excepted • Printed in Germany • © Webasto Thermo & Comfort SE, 2016
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