HP Integrity Integrated Lights

HP Integrity Integrated Lights-Out 2
HP Integrity Integrated Lights-Out 2 (Integrity iLO 2) is the next generation of Integrated Lights-Out products for HP Integrity Servers.
Integrity iLO 2 offers much of the same features and capabilities as ProLiant iLO 2, plus additional features specific to Integrity
Servers. Integrity iLO 2 virtualizes system controls to enable server configuration, routine system administration, troubleshooting and
maintenance over a management network regardless of the server's state of operation.
HP's Integrated Lights-Out consists of an intelligent processor and firmware that provides standard and advanced levels of lights-out,
remote management functionality. Basic system management functions, diagnostics and essential Lights-Out functionality are
provided as standard server features known as iLO Standard. Advanced functionality can be licensed with the optional HP Integrity
iLO 2 Advanced Pack.
NOTE: For more information on Integrity Integrated Lights-Out 2, please visit http://www.hp.com/go/integrityessentials
Integrity Integrated Lights-Out 2 Standard
Virtual Serial Console
Integrity iLO 2 Standard supports the same state-of-the-art virtual serial console technology as found in the HP Integrity high-end
servers with MP management processors. Advanced features include browser-based terminal emulation that supports Asian
languages and four terminal types, and multiple mirrored console connections which allow several users to simultaneously access the
text console enabling collaboration during troubleshooting. Integrity iLO 2 implements the same text-based user interface as found
on all Integrity servers, from Superdome to the smallest rack-dense products.
Integrated Remote Console
iLO 2 introduces the new Java-free Integrated Remote Console for environments with Microsoft Windows host and client operating
systems. With iLO 2 Advanced Edition, the Integrated Remote Console (IRC) provides access to Virtual Keyboard, Video, and Mouse
in all modes of server operation. The IRC runs on an ActiveX control that is a one-time, automatic download to clients running
Windows Internet Explorer, allowing users to operate without installing any Java clients.
Virtual Power Button
Using a supported browser, command line or script interface, iLO 2 can be used to remotely operate the power button of a host. For
example, if the host server is powered off, you can turn it on remotely from the iLO 2 management interface. You can also power off
and on the server in one step. In addition to graceful power off and power on procedures, various resets, forced power off, and
forcing a crash-dump are also available.
Virtual Indicators
Integrity iLO 2 provides the ability to monitor and control the status of all front panel LEDs as well as the system state, using the
Virtual Front Panel feature. The iLO 2 management processor also provides remote control of the blue Unit ID (locator) LED on the
front and rear of the server that is used for identifying systems in a rack full of servers. iLO 2 allows you to view the status of the Unit
ID LED and turn it on or off using iLO 2 Web pages, SSH, and telnet interfaces.
Embedded System Health
The Integrity iLO 2 management processor monitors fans, temperature sensors, power supply sensors and VRMs without having any
System Management Driver loaded. The status of these components is accessible from the iLO 2 browser interface as well as other
interfaces, independent of the host operating system. The management processor also reports sensor status to the operating system
through an IPMI standard interface.
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HP Integrity Integrated Lights-Out 2
Browser Accessible
iLO 2's standard features are fully accessible by means of Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 (Windows clients), Mozilla (HP-UXclients), and Firefox 1.04 (Linux clients), and Mozilla 1.73 (Linux clients). This capability allows easy access to
the features of iLO 2, giving administrators full control over the remote host server's display, keyboard, and mouse, regardless of the
state of the host server or operating system.
Command line accessible
Integrity iLO 2 supports the HP9000/Integrity management processor text interface, in common with all HP9000/Integrity
management processors, in systems from Superdome to the rx1620. Using the command-line interface, customers can configure,
update and control all iLO 2 functions including virtual power, display logs, and access the remote serial console. In addition, the
Integrity iLO 2 also supports the new industry standard command line, DMTF System Management Architecture for Server Hardware,
Server Management Command Line Protocol (SM CLP) specification. Early adopters of this specification can switch the text mode of
the iLO 2 to this new interface, and access the most common subset of management processor commands.
Auxiliary Power
Because the iLO 2 management processor obtains its power from the auxiliary power plane of the server, it is always on when the
server is plugged into a power source. There is no need for an external power source to keep the iLO active when the server is shut
down. If the server provides redundant power supplies, then iLO 2 will use redundant power and will continue operation in the event
of a power supply failure.
Auto-Configuration of IP Address using DDNS/DHCP
Integrity iLO 2 provides automatic network configuration in datacenters with DHCP and dynamic DNS. A default name and Dynamic
Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) client that leases an IP address from the DHCP server on the network are standard with iLO 2.
This allows iLO 2 to register the device name with Dynamic Domain Name Services (DDNS) and Windows Internet Naming Service
(WINS). For systems that do not use DDNS/DHCP, iLO 2 supports static IP configuration through a serial connection or through the
management LAN and iLO 2 firmware (using the ARP/ping method from a console on the same management LAN subnet as the
Flexible Setup Options
Integrity iLO 2 can be setup via the browser or command line interface over the network. In addition, commands can be sent from
HP Systems Insight Manager to configure large numbers of Integrity iLO 2's simultaneously.
Local User Accounts And Logon Records
Integrated Lights-Out 2 Standard supports up to 19 local user accounts with customizable access rights, individual logins and
iLO 2 provides strong security for remote management in distributed IT environments by using industry-standard Secure Sockets
Layer (SSL) encryption of HTTP data transmitted across the network. SSL encryption (128-bit) ensures that the HTTP information is
secure as it travels across the network. In addition, Integrated Lights-Out 2 uses Secure Shell (SSH) version 2 to provide strong
authentication and encryption of commands executed on iLO management processors over a network. PuTTY and OpenSSH clients
may be used to access iLO 2 over a Secure Shell connection. The iLO web GUI is accessed through a secure web connection (SSL).
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HP Integrity Integrated Lights-Out 2
Automated Group Administration & Actions
iLO 2 group administration automates configuring and managing large deployments of Integrated Lights-Out 2 equipped servers.
Using HP Systems Insight Manager, you can easily configure all common settings and control all common iLO 2 functions, such as
setting user rights, network configurations, and remote power control. In addition, the Integrity iLO 2 command line interface
supports simple command-line scripting that can be used to automate all features for large groups of iLO 2 installations.
Remote Firmware Update
Integrity iLO 2 firmware can be updated remotely through the browser interface, command line, or using online flash components for
Windows, OpenVMS, Linux, and HPUX. Refer to the HP Firmware Manager tools for more information.
Integration with HP Systems Insight Manager and other management applications
Integrity iLO 2 is integrated with HP and other leading management applications to allow seamless use in lifecycle tasks and
processes from deployment to fault management and administration. HP Systems Insight Manager (SIM) intelligently discovers iLO 2
devices and associates them with their host servers for fast access to iLO 2 during fault management activities. Intelligent discovery
and launch of iLO 2 browser is supported in HP OpenView Operations for Windows and Network Node Manager, and Microsoft
Operations Manager.
Dedicated Network Connectivity
Integrity iLO 2 includes an embedded 10/100 MB Ethernet NIC for remote management of HP Integrity Server. This NIC is
dedicated to the iLO 2, so users can choose to place iLO 2 on a management network isolated from the server payload network.
The dedicated NIC can auto-select speeds between 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps.
Virtual Private Network (VPN) support
iLO 2 functionality is available securely over the Internet around the world when used in conjunction with VPN technology. iLO 2
LAN-based remote management is VPN compatible.
System Event Log
Integrity iLO 2 captures and stores the server's System Event Log for access via browser or command line even when the server is not
operational. This capability can be helpful when troubleshooting remote host server problems.
Forward Progress Log
The Integrity iLO 2 stores a detailed Forward Progress Log of system operation during boot, crash and any other abnormal
conditions that can be used to extensively troubleshoot the server. This log goes far beyond the capabilities of standard IPMI for fault
System Diagnostics
Integrity iLO 2 may be used to diagnose systems. The Remote Console, Integrated Remote Console and Remote Serial Console may
be used to monitor the system for POST error messages. The System Event Log and Forward Progress Log record events useful for
diagnostics. iLO 2 Virtual Media (if activated by an iLO 2 Advanced key) may be used to boot and run System Diagnostics.
Microsoft Emergency Management Service Console Integration
The Microsoft Emergency Management Service console provides a text-based screen to access the host server. Integrity iLO 2
provides the option to access the EMS console from the iLO 2 browser interface, or from telnet, SSH, or the Serial interface. The
Emergency Management Service console option is available on all HP Integrity servers using Windows Server 2003 and Integrity iLO
2 Standard.
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HP Integrity Integrated Lights-Out 2
Dial-up support
Integrated Lights-Out 2 supports dial-up access when using a modem router or external Remote Access Service (RAS) connection to
log on to the network.
Integrity Integrated Lights-Out 2 Advanced Features
Integrated Remote Console (Virtual Keyboard, Video, Mouse)
iLO 2 introduces the new Java-free Integrated Remote Console for environments with Microsoft Windows host and client operating
systems. Activated with an iLO 2 Advanced Pack (AD301A), the Integrated Remote Console provides a complete virtual keyboard,
video, and mouse (vKVM) to the server, even pre-OS boot. vKVM works in conjunction with the physical video installed on the server
(video is an optional accessory on some Integrity server models.) The IRC runs on an ActiveX control that is a one-time, automatic
download to clients running Windows Internet Explorer allowing users to operate without installing any Java clients. No additional
software is required on the remote server or client system.
Virtual Media
The USB-based Virtual Media feature allows an IT administrator to boot the remote server using a standard CD or DVD on the client
machine, or an ISO file image from anywhere on the client's network. After the remote server has booted a USB-capable operating
system (e.g., Windows® Server 2003, or Red Hat Linux 7.2, or HP-UX 11i), the virtual device or ISO 9660 image is available as if it
were a local USB device. The Virtual Media features save time and increase efficiency by eliminating the need to visit the remote
server just to insert and use a CD. This feature allows administrators to carry out any of the following functions remotely from an
applet user interface, command line or script.
Deploy an operating system on remote servers from a Virtual CD network drive
Install applications on the remote server from a Virtual CD
Perform disaster recovery of failed operating systems
Run HP User Diagnostics on remote host servers
Update firmware using HP Firmware Manager tools
LDAP and schema-free Directory Integration
Integrity iLO 2 integrates with enterprise-class directory services to provide secure, scalable, and cost effective user management.
Directory services, such as Microsoft Active Directory, can be used to authorize directory users with assigned user roles to Integrated
Lights-Out processors. With Active Directory, customers have the flexibility to integrate with or without a schema extension. An easy
and reliable installation program is available to install a management console snap-in and extend customer's existing directory
schema to enable directory support for the HP lights-out management products. A directory migration tool is available to automate
setup for both methods of integration.
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HP Integrity Integrated Lights-Out 2
Integrity Server Family supported platforms
rx3600, rx6600
Virtual KVM requires a Unified Core I/O card with VGA interface, p/n AD044A
Virtual KVM, Supported Server Operating Systems:
Systems Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition for Itanium (full functionality),
Virtual KVM, Supported Client Browsers:
Browsers Internet Explorer v6.0 with SP1 or higher, Maximum supported video resolution is 1024 x
768 (Up to 85 Hz, 32-bit color)
Virtual Media, Supported Clients:
Clients 32-bit Windows with Java Plug-in 1.4.2-10 or above, 32-bit Linux with Mozilla.
Virtual Media, Supported Server Operating Systems:
Systems Windows, HP-UX, Linux (SuSE and Red Hat), and the pre-boot environment of
EFI. In EFI, Virtual Media supports the El Torito bootable CD format.
Virtual Media for OS install using virtual USB CD, Supported Server Operating Systems:
Systems HP-UX 11.23 HWE 0606, Microsoft
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition for Itanium, Linux SuSe SLES 10, Linux Red Hat ES/RHEL 4 U3
Virtual Media for run-time use of virtual USB CD, Supported Server Operating Systems:
Systems HP-UX 11.23 HWE 0606, Microsoft
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition for Itanium, Linux SuSe SLES 10, Linux Red Hat ES/RHEL 4 U3
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HP Integrity Integrated Lights-Out 2
Integrity Essentials Integrated Lights-Out 2 Advanced Pack, AD301A
The Integrity iLO 2 Advanced Pack provides HP customers with an easy upgrade to full Lights-Out functionality. The Integrity iLO 2
Advanced Pack features Virtual Media (CD, DVD, and ISO image file), Integrated Remote Console (for Windows server operating
environments, supports virtual keyboard, video, and mouse), and LDAP and schema-free LDAP services for integration into enterprise
directory services.
Available Packs and Purchase Information
Integrity iLO 2 Advanced Software Option Kit – 1 Server
Software Option Kit – 1 Server, factory integration
Licensing and Packaging
One license is required for every server on which the product is installed and used. Licenses are non-transferable. Full details are
contained in the End User License Agreement.
iLO 2 Advanced Pack Evaluation License
A FREE license key is available to temporarily activate Integrity iLO 2 Advanced features for evaluation purposes. The evaluation key
provides one temporary license to unlock all of the advanced remote management features, for up to 30 days. Evaluation keys are
available at http://h71028.www7.hp.com/enterprise/cache/279991-0-0-0-121.html
HP will replace defective delivery media replacement for a period of one year (12 months) following the date of purchase.
Startup technical software support - Available for no additional charge by calling Support up to 90 days from the date of purchase.
Phone support assisting customers with installation, set-up and questions pertaining to the canned scripts and respective usages are
supported. Worldwide numbers for Support are available at: http://welcome.hp.com/country/us/en/wwcontact.html
Complete warranty can be found at: http://www1.itrc.hp.com/service/home/home.do
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HP Integrity Integrated Lights-Out 2
Technical Specifications
MP Upgradeability
Firmware remotely upgradeable via MP LAN, offline update via EFI, and OS-initiated firmware updates
for all Integrity support OS.
Video Support
Requires optional core I/O video on certain platforms. Maximum supported video resolution is 1024 x
768 (Up to 85 Hz, 32-bit color)
MP Interfaces
One dedicated Ethernet network connection (10/100 Mb/s), one RS-232 serial connection
Server Operating System Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition for Itanium, HP-UX 11.23 HWE 0606, Linux Red Hat
ES/RHEL 4 U3, Linux SUSE SLES 10, OpenVMS 8.3
Client System Support
For vKVM: Windows
For telnet, SSH, and web interface: HP-UX, Windows and Linux
Client Browser Support
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1, Mozilla (HP-UX), Mozilla 1.78 (Linux SuSe), Firefox
1.0.7-4.3.ia64 (Linux Redhat ES.RHEL 4)
Command Line Support Telnet, Secure Shell and serial port access
Secure Socket Layer Secure Shell (SSH) version 2 (Password and certificate), SSL, and integration with
enterprise directory services
Directory Support Services Active Directory V1.0 (Windows 2000, 2003) Novell eDirectory V8.6.2, V8.7 (Novell NetWare 5.X, 6.X,
Red Hat 7.1, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003)
Virtual Keyboard, Video, With optional core I/O video, vKVM provides support for remote graphical console for Windows systems
via Windows Clients and Internet Explorer web browser.
Virtual Media
Connects a CD-ROM/DVD drive or CD-ROM disk image files on client system to the remote server so
they appear local to the server during system boot or while the operating system is available. Supports
HP-UX, Windows, and Linux server operating environments via Windows and Linux clients
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