Polycom CX5100 Panoramic Video Conferencing Station

Created on: Saturday 10 June, 2017
Polycom CX5100 Panoramic Video Conferencing Station
Product Name: Polycom CX5100 Panoramic Video Conferencing Station
Manufacturer: Polycom
Model Number: 2200-63890-102
Polycom CX5100 Panoramic Video Conferencing Station
Optimized for Microsoft Lync, the Polycom CX5100 Conference Station brings the powerful
collaboration capabilities of Microsoft Lync voice, video and content together through a unique
360-degree panoramic view of the entire room. A second HD video view of the active speaker is
also sent at 1080p video resolution using advanced technology that automatically focuses on the
current speaker and tracks the flow of conversation to enable richer, more interactive
communication. No more reaching for a video control device. It’s a
“hands-free” experience that allows you to forget about the technology and simply
focus on your meeting.
Polycom CX5100 Key Features
• 360° 1080p USB camera with active speaker detection
• Active speaker and panoramic video stream output
• 20 ft (6 m) microphone pickup range
• 160 Hz–22 kHz audio processing
• Optimized for use with Microsoft Lync 2013 and Lync Room Systems
Easy to deploy and use
An intuitive design with full plug-and-play functionality makes it easy to deploy and use the
Polycom CX5100. With little or no training, anyone with a laptop that has Microsoft Lync can walk
into the room and simply plug the CX5100 unified conference station into their PC’s USB
port and start sharing voice and 360-degree panorama video. Control, invitations, and content
sharing are handled through the familiar Microsoft Lync user interface your users already know
and use every day. Removing the challenge of learning a remote control device means fewer
support calls and fewer requests for “white glove” level support from the IT
Audio quality matters
The Polycom CX5100 unified conference station features Polycom’s legendary audio,
bringing the industry’s best voice quality to your Lync meeting with a dynamic range of
160 Hz to 22,000 Hz. Polycom® HD Voice™ and a microphone range of 20 feet (6
meters) means everyone in the room can be clearly heard, even at the end of the table. Optional
extension microphones extend the range even further, if needed. While the CX5100 is a
USB-only model, for customers needing standalone SIP VoIP for audio conferences, the
Polycom® CX5500 unified conference station adds SIP telephony, eliminating the need to
install a separate audio conference station in the room.
Polycom CX5100 - Technical Specifications
• Table Console -- Footprint (W x D): 369 x 325 mm -- Height: 348 mm (privacy cap closed), 401
mm (privacy cap extended) -- Weight: 2.3 kg (exclusive of cables)
• Power Data Box -- Size (W x H x D): 209.5 x 300 x 56 mm (excluding stand) -- Weight: 2.9 kg
• Shipping -- Size (W x H x D): 520 x 430 x 430 mm -- Weight: 9.07 kg
• Power consumption: 110 watts, typical
• Universal power supply 100–240 V AC, 50–60 Hz
Video performance
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Created on: Saturday 10 June, 2017
Polycom CX5100 Panoramic Video Conferencing Station
• Panoramic video resolutions supported: -- 1920 x 288 pixels (requires USB 3.0 and Lync 2013)
-- 1280 x 192 pixels (requires USB 3.0 and Lync 2013) -- 1056 x 144 pixels
• Active speaker video resolutions supported -- HD 1080: 1920 x 1080 pixels (requires USB 3.0
& Lync 2013) -- HD 720: 1280 x 720 pixels -- VGA: 640 x 480 pixels -- CIF: 352 x 288 pixels
• Frame rate for panoramic and active speaker video, maximum -- 30 frames per second with 60
Hz AC power -- 25 frames per second with 50 Hz AC power -- Maximum frame rates with systems
prior to Lync 2013 will be limited to 15 fps (12.5 @ 50 Hz)
Audio performance
• Console Loudspeaker -- Frequency response: 160 Hz–22 kHz -- Volume: adjustable to 88
dBA SPL (peak) volume at 0.5 meters
• Console microphones -- 3 microphones for omnidirectional coverage -- Frequency response:
160 Hz–22 kHz -- Full Duplex (Class 1) with noise suppression
User interface
• 3 mute buttons with mute/in-call indication lamps
• Camera on/off indication lamp
• Captive privacy cap with integrated on/off switch for client synch
Console connectivity
• Proprietary system port for connection to Power Data Box
• USB 3.0 Type A port for proprietary connection to Power Data Box
• USB 3.0 Type B port for connection to PC
• USB 2.0 Type A port for diagnostics/software update
• 2 extension microphone ports
Environmental requirements
• Operating temperature: 0–40ºC
• Relative humidity: 15–85% (non-condensing)
• Storage temperature: -40–60ºC
• Recommended room conditions -- Room reverberation time: RT60 <0.600 seconds -- Ambient
noise level: <50 dBA SPL -- Optimal lighting conditions: 300 lux, with a single lighting
temperature (no mixed lighting)
Price: £4,488.90
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