Old Maid
Old Miaid
2 to 6 Players
OBJECT: Get rid of the cards in your hand by discarding
matching pairs. Avoid being stuck with the last card—the Old
Maid card.
THE 39 CARDS: There are two cards for each number from
1 to 19 and one Old Maid card. A matching pair has both the
same number and animal. For example, the two cards
numbered “1 and featuring Magic Wanda are a matching pair.
SETUP: Shuffle the cards. Deal out all cards /acedown, one
at a time, in a clockwise direction to each player. Hold your
cards fanned out so that the notch is in the upper right
corner and the animals face you.
1. All players discard any matching pairs in their hands,
faceup, in the middle of the table.
2. The youngest player starts play. Play continues to the left..
3. On your turn, pick one card at random from the hand of
the player on your right. He or she holds the cards with the
backs facing you. If you make a match, place the matching
cards faceup in the middle of the table; if you don’t make a
match, add the card to your hand. Your turn is then over.
4. When you have matched and discarded all of the cards in
your hand, CONGRATULATIONS! You did not get stuck with
the Old Maid card. Relax and watch the rest of the game.
5. The game ends when there is only one player left holding
a card—the Old Maid card. That player is the “Old Maid!”
© 1988, 1992 Parker Brothers Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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