Bluetooth Activity Tracker
Instruction Manual
The X-Fit Bluetooth Activity Tracker allows you to track your steps, distance, calories
burned and quality of sleep. It also features incoming caller ID, incoming text messages
and incoming WhatsApp messaging. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices so
that you can track your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly data via app on your mobile
device. Please read this manual rst before using this device in order to get best results.
Intended Use
The X-Fit Bluetooth Activity Tracker is a home tness product only and it is not intended
to serve as a substitute for the advice of a physician or medical professional. Do not use
this device for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or disease. This is not a
medical device.
Important Note
Your X-Fit Bluetooth Activity Tracker can be used as a Bluetooth device so that you can
monitor your steps using iPhones and iPads which run iOS 7 and above, and Android
devices running Android 4.3 or above. In addition, your phone or tablet needs to support
Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0). To use your Tracker with your smartphone or
tablet, you must make sure the Bluetooth function is enabled.
Package Contents
1. X-Fit Bluetooth Activity Tracker
2. USB cable
3. User’s manual with warranty information
- Wirelessly Syncs Data to Smartphones and Portable Devices
- Tracks Steps, Distance Traveled, Calories Burned, and Quality of Sleep
- Incoming Caller ID
- Incoming Messages
- Water Resistant Design
- Vibrate/Alarm/Reminder
- Rechargeable Battery With Up To 30 Days Of Life On A Single Charge
- Switchable Display for Right and Left Arm Use
- Bluetooth Enabled
Charging Your Device
In order to charge, follow the steps below:
1、To remove the tracker from the wrist band,
lift one end of the band and push the
tracker out from the strap.
2、Plug the Micro USB end of the included USB
cable into the top of the tracker.
3、Insert the USB cable into an available USB
port on your computer or USB charging
4、Please allow up to 2.5 hours for an initial charge before the rst use.
Charging Mode
The charging battery icon always displays while the Bluetooth tracker is charging. Tap
the Mode button for 1 second while charging to display the Time Mode. This shows the
date and time as well as the battery status.
Using Your Bluetooth Activity Tracker
Your X-Fit Bluetooth Activity Tracker includes the following modes: Time Mode, Step
Mode, Calories Mode, Distance Mode, Exercise Time Mode, Target Goal Mode, Target
Status Mode, Alarm Mode, Sleep Mode.
Tap the Mode button on your Bluetooth
tracker to toggle through the di erent modes.
Function Speci cation Ranges
Steps Calories:
Exercise Time:
Target Process Bar:
0~999999 Kcal
0~9999.99 Km
Basic Functions
1、The rst time you use Bluetooth tracker, tap and hold the Mode button for 5
seconds to activate the Bluetooth tracker and to enter Time Mode.
2、Tap the Mode button for 1 second while in Time Mode to scroll through and enter
the tracker modes in the following sequence: Step Mode, Calories Mode, Distance
Mode, Exercise Time Mode, Target Goal Mode, Alarm Clock.
3、The selected mode icon ashes while displaying the mode.
4、After 10 seconds of inactivity, the tracker will automatically enter power save mode.
5、The OLED appears black. To reactivate the tracker, tap the Mode button.
At 12:00 AM every night the Bluetooth Activity Tracker will clear all the current data
(steps, calories burned, distance, target goal).
6、Each time the Mode button is tapped, there is a 30 second automatic Bluetooth is
synchronization. If the Bluetooth does not sync, tap the Mode button again.
Switching Modes
Tap the Mode button for 1 second each time to switch between the modes in the
following sequence:
Reminder: Each mode automatically enters power save after 10 seconds of inactivity.
To reactivate your Bluetooth tracker, tap the Mode button.
Time Mode
- The Time Mode displays the current time, date (month, day) and
battery power status.
- The time displays in 12/24 hour format. The time format can be selected from the
settings of the X-Fit application.
- SETTING > UNIT: When the selected unit is ‘Metric’, the time displays in 24hr format.
When the selected unit is ‘Imperial’ the time displays in 12h format.
- Tap the Mode button to enter Step Mode.
Step Mode
- The Step Mode displays the number of steps measured from the
current day.
- The walking/running icon appears and switches alternatively at 1HZ.
- Tap the Mode button to enter Calories Mode.
Calorie Mode
- The Calories Mode displays the current
calories burned.
- The Calories icon appears and switches
from small to big alternatively at 1HZ.
- Tap the Mode button to enter Distance
Distance Mode
- The Distance Mode displays the current intraday distance.
The data is shown with two decimal places.
- Note: By setting the stride length,the tracker should be paired with smartphone.
If the application and tracker are not synchronized, the stride length will be 60cm or
24 inches by default.
- Tap the Mode button to enter Exercise Timer Mode.
Exercise Time Mode
- he Exercise Time Mode displays the current amount of time you
have been exercising.
- Tap the Mode button to enter Target Progress Mode.
Target Goal Mode
- The Target Goal Mode displays the current completed
percentage of your target step.
- Each bar represents 10% of your target step. The grid icon increases accordingly until
you reach your target.
- Tap the Mode button to enter alarm Mode.
Alarm Mode
- The Alarm Mode allows you to set up
to 5 alarms.
- The alarms can be set using the X-Fit
application. Select from the App,
‘SETTINGS > Alarm clock and then enter
the Tag and Time. Select ‘ON’ to activate each alarm.
- The screen displays the corresponding alarms as you have set using the X-Fit app.
When more than one alarm is selected, tap the Mode button to toggle through the
alarm settings. When all ve alarms are turned o , ‘OFF’ is displayed on the screen.
- When the alarm time arrives, the alarm icon ashes for 30 seconds at 1HZ frequency
and the Bluetooth tracker band vibrates for 30 seconds. Tap the Mode button
when the band is vibrating to stop the alarm and enter power saving mode.
- Tap the Mode button to enter Time Mode.
Incoming Caller ID and Incoming Text Messages
Your device can display incoming calls, text message and WhatsApp noti cations while
connected to your smart phone. Device should be less than 10m from phone for best results.
- The incoming call display will only be shown when a phone call is coming in.
- Your display will show the caller's name or number and vibrate for 10 seconds. If you
touch the display at any time during the noti cation, the vibration will stop and
return to Time Mode.
- When receiving an incoming message tap the Mode button up to 3 times in order to
read the full message.
Note: For these modes to work, the X-Fit app must be running on your smart phone.
If for some reason your incoming caller ID or text messaging is not active, make sure:
1、Your tracker is connected to the app.
2、Bluetooth in your smartphone says “connected”
3、If you are still unable to get the noti cations working, unpair the tracker with app, then
pair again.
Sleep And Wake Mode
- To enter Sleep Mode from any of the modes besides Time Mode, hold the Mode
button for 5 seconds.
- To exit Sleep Mode, hold the Mode button for 5 seconds to re-activate the Bluetooth
tracker and return to the mode that was previously selected prior to entering Sleep
- When the alarm is activated, the vibration also re-activates the tracker. Tap the Mode
button to stop Alarm.
- You can also enter sleep mode automatically at a speci c time of day. To access this
feature, go into the settings of the X-Fit app and “Auto Sleep”.
- When in Sleep Mode, Caller ID and Messaging Noti cations will not be displayed.
Mobile Device Requirements
Your Bluetooth Activity Tracker can be used as a Bluetooth device, compatible
with most iPhone/iPad/Android phones or tablets which support Bluetooth 4.0 Low
Compatible with iOS 7.0 or higher
* iPhone 4S, 5,5C, 5S, 6 or newer
* iPad Mini, Mini 2, or newer
* New iPad, iPad 4, or newer
Compatible with Android 4.3 or higher
Samsung S3, S4, S5 or newer
Samsung Note 2, 3, or newer
Google Nexus 5, or newer
Many more Android devices
Note: Your Android mobile device, tablet, iPhone, or iPad requires Bluetooth LE
(Bluetooth low energy) software or later.
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