Wireless setup Guide

Wireless Setup Guide
Launching the User Interface
• Start your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc) and enter the IP
address into the address bar as it appears below.
• Login screen appears.
• Type in the password and click OK (the default password is ‘admin’).
• Select the Security Setup Wizard option on the start screen to begin
configuring your wireless connection.
• Click Next >.
Assigning a password
In the first step of the configuration you can change the password for the
user interface. When the device is supplied, the configuration of your Orcon
Homehub is protected with the ‘admin’ password. To prevent unauthorised
changes to the configuration, you should change the password at regular
• Enter the old password in the Current password field, the default is
• Enter the new password in the New password field and repeat the entry in
the Confirm new password field.
The password may contain up to 20 characters and is case sensitive. Avoid
proper names and all too obvious words such as pet names, mother’s
maiden name, ‘password’ etc. Use a combination of letters, digits and
special characters.
• Click Next >.
Identification of your wireless
network (SSID)
• An SSID is a name for your wireless network.
• Enter a name for you wireless network in the SSID field. If you like you can
just stick with the default OrconHomeHub.
• Make a note of your new SSID.
• Select On for the SSID broadcast.
• Click Next >.
Securing your wireless network
We recommend that you activate WEP Encryption to protect your network.
You can choose either the standard 64-bit key or the more robust 128-bit
key for higher security. The keys are generated in hexadecimal or in ASCII
• Select WEP from the Security drop down.
• Select the Key length: 64 bits or 128 bits.
• Select ASCII from the Input type drop down.
• Type your new password (key) into the Key and Confirm Key fields. This
will be 5 letters or symbols if you chose 64-bits, or 13 letters or symbols if
you chose 128-bits.
• You will need to remember this new key and enter it on all devices you wish
to connect to the wireless network.
• Click Next >.
Access control within the wireless
• Select Off for the MAC address filter.
• Click Next >.
Saving Security Settings
This is the final screen of the security wizard where you will exit and save
your new security settings. You will be informed of any security risks that
still exist. Please note that you have not yet turned on your wireless network,
so please read on for the final step.
• Click Finish to end the wizard.
The settings will now be activated on the Orcon Homehub.
Turning on your Wireless Network
You must now complete the final setp: turning on your secure wireless
• From the start screen select Advanced Settings.
• From the menu on the left select Wireless Network.
• Change the radio button for Wireless Network to ‘On’.
• Click OK.
• You have now turned on your secure wireless network.
Note: You must now configure the WEP key for the wireless network
adapter of any PC you want to connect to the network. After this you can
again wirelessly log on to the Orcon Homehub.
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