Kia Full Map Navigation System

Kia Full Map Navigation System
These instructions will guide you through the procedure of upgrading the software and map for
your Kia full map navigation system. This update is coming with the latest necessary software
drivers combined with the map data and will replace all previous versions.
1. Obtaining an Activation Code
To obtain an Activation Code, your Device ID and a Product Serial ID are required.
How to find your Device ID
i. Switch on your navigation system and wait until the system is completely booted.
ii. Press Setup key for a minimum of 5 seconds
system will be displayed.
iii. Note the Device ID (12 characters example: 001EB2D36510).
and a configuration of your
How to find the Product Serial ID
The Product Serial ID is written inside the inlay found inside the packaging box of the
USB flash drive.
How to obtain the Activation Code
i. On the ACTIVATION page of enter your email address
and retrieved Device ID and Product Serial ID numbers in the respective fields.
ii. Click SUBMIT.
iii. Note the Activation Code (16 characters).
2. Upgrading Your System
Remove the USB flash drive from the packaging and have your 16-character activation code to
hand. Switch on your engine and navigation system.
Upgrading the System Software
i. Plug the USB flash drive into the terminal box.
Ii. Confirm it by pressing “OK” and then “Agree” on the next caution disclaimer.
Upgrading the Map Data
i. Continue to confirm the map upgrade by pressing “Upgrade”.
ii. Input the 16-character activation code and press “OK”.
Your system is now being upgraded. Do not disconnect the USB flash drive or switch off your
engine during the update. This process may take up to one hour. After successful update, the
system will automatically reboot. Disconnect the USB flash drive and your navigation system is
now ready for use.