HD Digital Video Player XP

HD Digital Video Player XP
HD Digital Video Player
The world’s smallest and most powerful
HD video player
XP-10 User Manual
I. Introduction
XP-10 is a High Definition user-friendly digital media device used to display digital video with stereo sound on any HD
monitor or TV via HDMI or component (YPbPr) output ports.
Video images are stored on either a USB flash drive or SD card. The XP-10 includes PC management software that
allows you to organize your video playlists and copy to the storage device in seconds!
Digital media file compatibility:
• Video file formats: FLASH, MPEG1, MPEG2 [email protected], MPEG4 SP/ASP, DIVX (HD 1080P), WMV9/VC-1,
H.264 SP/MP/HP, H.263 BP, RM/RMVB V8/V9
• Video file extensions: MKV, AVI, TS, TP, MP4, M4V, MOV, V0B, PMP. MPG. M2TS. FLV, WMV, RM, RMVB
II. Specifications
Hardware specifications:
Dimensions: 2.5” x 2.4” x .5”
Weight: 1.8 oz.
Video output: CVBS, YPbPr
HDMI output: HDMI V1.2
Card reader: SD, SDHC (up to 8GB)
USB interface: USB 2.0
Power: 5v 1A
Playback features: Automatic video playback on power up.
File playback in alphabetical order.
Automatically resumes from stop position after power off.
FREE software: PC based management tool to organize your playlist and one button copy to your storage device.
III. XP-10 Kit contents
AC adapter, XP-10, remote control & AV/YPbPr cable
USB flash port
Power LED
IR remote sensor
YPbPr output
AV/Composite output
5v power input
HDMI output
SD card slot
1- The XP-10 device should be mounted to allow line of sight between the remote control and the infrared sensor.
2- Plug in AC adapter and insert plug into 5v power input of XP-10
a. HDMI: Connect HDMI cable (not supplied) to HDMI output of XP-10 and HDMI input to TV.
b. Composite 480p: Connect AV cable to AV output of XP-10 and Video input to TV.
c. YPbPr 1080: Connect YPbPr cable (not supplied) to YPbPr output of XP-10 and YPbPr input to TV. Connect
AV cable to AV output of XP-10 and audio input to audio input ports of the same YPbPr input of the TV.
d. YPbPr without audio: Connect AV cable to YPbPr output of XP-10 and YPbPr input to TV. RED = RED,
4- Using the supplied playlist tool, create your playlist as instructed on the next page of this document and copy the
files to your storage device (either USB flash or SD card).
5- Insert your storage device in either the USB flash port or SD card slot.
6- Point the remote control at the XP-10 and press the Power button. The Power LED should glow RED. If not
press the Power button again. The XP-10 should automatically begin playing your video as defined by your
1. Download and install the file management tool on your PC. Software can be downloaded from the following link;
2- After unzipping and storing the software on your computer, double click the XP10 ICON to open
The following screen will appear
Button definition
Click to add files to you playlist
Click to copy files to your storage device
Click to open your storage device
Click to delete all files from your storage device
Move the selected file UP in the playlist.
Move the selected file DOWN in the playlist.
Remove the selected file from the playlist
Remove ALL files from the playlist
Creating your playlist
Load your storage device:
a. Insert your UBS flash drive in an available UBS port of your
b. Insert your SD card in your card reader.
Select your “Removable storage device” using the dropdown
Click the “Open Device” button to view the contents of the selected
storage device. Click the “Format Device” button to delete ALL
files from the selected storage device.
Click the “Add Files” button to locate and add video files to your
With the “Add Prefix” option checked, the video files will play in the
order shown in the playlist. NOTE: If the “Add Prefix” option is NOT
checked, the video files will play in alphabetical order.
To rearrange your list, select a file and use the UP or DOWN arrow
buttons to move the file in the list.
Click the “Copy Files” button to copy your newly created playlist
files to the selected storage device.
Do not remove the storage device until the “Complete” message is
displayed in the progress bar at the bottom of the window.
When the copy progress has completed, remove the storage device
from your computer and insert it into the XP-10 video player.
A RED light will appear below the USB port indicating the video
player is on. If your device is not ON, use the Power button on the
remote control to turn it on.
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