Pyle PDWM100
Wireless / Wired Microphone and Receiver
Operating Instructions
Congratulations on the purchase of your good-qualitied professional Wireless Microphone. It
will bring you into a world where you can sing happily and freely so that you enjoy it very much.
1. Open the bottom cover(4) of receiver . Insert two batteries (size AA) with the correct polarity
and close the cover(4) . Put one side of the allocated audio cable(9) into receiver's "MIC"
socket and insert the other side into input socket of amplifier . Screw of f the housing(7) of
microphone, insert a battery (size AA) with the correct polarity and replace the housing(7),
insert the wireless antenna(8). Set both switch(2) of receiver and switch(6) of transmitter to ON
position, then the pilot lamps (1),(3) and (5) are on that indicates a good condition and it is
ready for operation. Adjust the mic volume of amplifier to proper position. You can sing a song,
2. When you need temporary stop during singing and you don't want the microphone to pick up
any other sound, you may set the switch(6) to the middle (MIC) position. The lamp (5) is still
on, but your microphone doesn't receive any sound.
3. Microphone can be used as wired microphone. Take out the battery from the microphone, insert
one side of the wired cable into the bottom of microphone and the other side into the input
socket for microphone of amplifierand, set the switch to MIC position.
1. If acoustic quality and volume are abnormal or receiving distance is shortened, the batteries in
transmitter and receiver should be replaced.
2. If your microphone isn't used for a long period, the battery should be taken out to avoid its
deterioration and the damage to components.
3. If two wireless microphones are used at the same time ,you should use them with one red and
another green lamp and can't use them with the lamp of the same color.
4. If the microphone is too close to the speaker or the volume of the amplifier is too loud, shrill
sound will occur and that may damage the amplifier or speaker . in that case, please keep
microphone long distance from the speaker and turn down the volume of amplifier.
1. Microphone sensitivity -72dB
2. Directivity unidirectional
3. Frequency response 100 to 10,000Hz
4. Operating V oltage ---------------- 1.5 V DC for transmitter
3V DC for receiver
5. Effective distance 15 to 30 m
1 Receiver 1 Audio cable
1 Wireless antenna 1 Certificate of Warranty
1 Cable for wired microphone
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