Linksys SPA-942 Quick Reference

Phone Basics
The LCD Screen
Making a Telephone Call
Call using one of three devices:
Receiving Calls
1. Multiple Calls on a Single Line
• Lift the handset and dial, or
• Connect the headset (port is on right side of
phone), press the headset button and dial, or
• Press the speaker button and dial.
(For SPA921 and SPA922)
LCD screen
• Caller information will display on the LCD
• To access more than one simultaneous
call, use the hold or conference feature.
Switching Devices During a Call
Only one device at a time can be used.
2. Multiple Calls on a Multiple Lines
• Press the button for the device.
• Adjust volume as needed.
(For SPA941, SPA942 and SPA962)
Dialing a Stored Number
• To redial the last number called, press the soft
button below redial twice.
• To view directory choices, press the soft button
under dir. Use the navigation button to highlight
your choice. Press dial to call.
• To dial the number of the last call the phone
received, press the soft button under lcr.
Speed Dialing
1. Handset
2. LCD screen (SPA962 in color)
3. Voice mail indicator light
4. Lines (SPA941, SPA942 and
5. Soft buttons
6. Navigation button
7. Mailbox button
Speed dial numbers must already be programmed into the
phone (see Setup Shortcuts)
8. Hold button
9. Setup button
10. Volume adjustment bar
11. Headset button
12. Speaker button
13. Mute button
14. Dial pad
• Dial the speed dial number and then lift the handset, or
• lift the handset and dial the speed dial number,
followed by the # button on the phone,
• the entry in the speed dial list will be dialed
Soft buttons
• Mute the call by pressing the mute button.
• Press the mute button again to cancel.
IP Phone SPA942
Placing a Call on Hold
• Press the hold button to put the active call
on hold. If there is another incoming call,
you can now answer the 2nd call or line.
• For multiple lines (SPA941, SPA942 and
SPA962), the call’s line will flash red.
• Resume the 1st call by pressing the line
button associated with the 1st call.
• If the 2nd call is still in progress it will
automatically go on hold.
• From a handset, hang up.
• From a speaker call, press the speaker
• From a headset call, press the headset
Navigation button
(left, right, up, down)
LCD Screen Overview
• Top line displays date, time, phone number
• main area displays call information
• bottom lines display soft button options
• right side displays extension numbers, if available.
• The SPA962 has a 320 x 240 pixel color display
Soft Button Features
Shows available features.
As shown above, by pressing the soft button below
the feature, you could:
redial: view redial list
dir: view directory options
cfwd: forward your calls
dnd: choose do not disturb.
Quick Reference
Soft button
Muting a Call
To End a Call
SPA IP Phone
No. SPA921,
• Calls will come in on the first available
• Call information will display on the LCD
SPA922, SPA941, SPA942, SPA962
Tel: +44 (0)1245 808195
Fax: +44 (0)1245 600030
In this display, more choices are available by
pressing the right navigation button.
Soft Buttons
Press to activate a soft button feature.
Navigation button
Use to move up, down, left or right through soft
button features.
(SPA 941, SPA942 and SPA962 only)
Use to access additional extensions.
The SPA941 and SPA942 have four lines, the
SPA962 has six lines.
Soft Button Features List
Good to Know
Accessing Voice Mail
Use to:
< < or > >
move left or right through an entry without deleting characters
add an entry
alpha, IP, num
toggle through choices to enter a number, URL or IP address
Voice mail service must be available on your network
• Press the mailbox button, or
• Press the setup button then, 8 or
• Dial the voice mail extension.
Setup Shortcuts
Phone Buttons
Setup Shortcuts
Note: Press buttons in sequence
1. Directory
To add a new entry: Setup, 1,1
To view a corporate directory: Setup, 1, 2
To use a personal directory: Setup, 1,3
Initiating Three Way Conference Calls
change a ring tone feature
clear an entire entry
1. Press the soft button under conf during an active
2. The first call is placed on hold. You will hear a dial
tone. Dial the telephone number to conference in.
3. Press the soft button under conf again. The
conference call will now include you and the other
two parties.
4. Hanging up disconnects all parties.
copy an existing directory entry
Attended Transfer
delete the last character entered
delete an stored entry
place a call to the number highlighted on the LCD screen
access the phone’s directory (see Setup Shortcuts)
enable do not disturb (see Setup Shortcuts)
edit a stored entry
to cancel any changes you have made (press before ok or save)
access call forwarding options (see Setup Shortcuts)
1. Press the soft button under xfer during an active
2. The first call goes on hold and there will be a dial
tone. Dial the second telephone number.
3. When the second person answers, you can have a
private conversation without the first person hearing it.
4. To connect the call to the second person, press the
soft button under xfer again to complete the
5. You will be disconnected from the call.
2. Speed Dial
pickup a call from an extension outside your group
dial the last call received
ok or save
confirm your choice when entering new information
park a call (see SPA IP User Guide for more detail)
paste the copied information into your personal directory
pickup a call from another phone in your group
listen to ringtones before choosing
redial recently called numbers
choose an item to review or change
pick up a parked call
Model No.
(illuminates when on)
To view redial list: Setup, 3, 1
To view answered calls list: Setup, 3,2
To view missed calls list: Setup, 3,3
4. Ring Tones
To view the status of a call that has been
parked: Setup, 17
18. Login
To login to phone: Setup, 18
(use only if a phone password is in use)
To change a ring tone: Setup, 4
5. Preferences
(illuminates when on)
To block your caller ID: Setup: 5, 1
To block anonymous callers: Setup: 5, 2
To enable Do Not Disturb, Setup: 5, 3
To enable Secure Call, Setup: 5, 4
To enable Dial Assistance, Setup: 5, 5
To choose Preferred Audio Device, Setup: 5, 6
To forward all calls to one number: Setup, 6, 1
To forward calls when your phone is busy:
Setup, 6,2
To forward calls when there is no answer at your
phone: Setup, 6, 3
To forward calls after a time delay: Setup, 6, 3,
then Setup 6, 4
7. Time/Date
To change the time and/or date: Setup, 7
8. Accessing Voice Mail
To access voice mail: Setup, 8
(or the mailbox button)
NOTE: 9 through 14 are Network settings check with your Phone Administrator before
Tel: +44 (0)1245 808195
For detailed information on these or any
other features in this Quick Reference guide,
please see the SPA IP Phone User Guide.
6. Call Forward
volume adjustment
To adjust the LCD screen contrast:
Setup, 16
(illuminates when on)
1. Press the soft button under xfer during an active
2. The first call is placed on hold. There will be a dial
tone. Dial the second telephone number.
3. When the phone rings, press the soft button under
xfer again to complete the transfer.
4. You will be disconnected from the call.
16. LCD Contrast
17. Call Park Status
3. Call History
Unattended Transfer
To setup a phone password: Setup, 15
To add/edit a speed dial number: Setup, 2
15. Phone password
Fax: +44 (0)1245 600030
For additional information or troubleshooting
help, refer to the User Guide on the Linksys
Linksys is a registered trademark or trademark of
Cisco Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S.
and certain other countries. Copyright © 2006
Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.
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