DWL-2700AP Outdoor 2.4GHz Wireless Access Point

Five Different
Operating Modes
The DWL-2700AP is designed to handle any outdoor
environment. With die-cast watertight housing and builtin heater with a temperature sensor, the DWL-2700AP is
the most robust outdoor AP for enterprise networks.
The DWL-2700AP can operate in one of five different
operational modes featuring WDS (Wireless Distribution
System) to meet your wireless networking requirements:
Access Point
Create a wireless local area network. Wirelessly connect
two networks. This mode provides a cost-effective
solution when traditional wired solutions are too costly
or prohibitive.
Multipoint Bridging
Wirelessly connect multi-networks. This mode acts as a
hub to connect multiple wireless networks.
Wireless Client
Provides immediate connection for Ethernet devices
without the need for any drivers.
Enhanced Security
Repeats radio frequency to extend the 2.4GHz range for
your wireless LAN.
The DWL-2700AP supports up to 152-bit WEP Encryption and AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). In
addition, IEEE 802.1x port-based network access control
for user authentication with WPA (Wi-Fi Protected
Access) helps provide optimal security.
Easy Management
The DWL-2700AP is easy to manage with its web-based
user interface and Telnet configuration. For Enterprise
networks, the DWL-2700AP supports SNMP v.3 network
administration and real-time network traffic monitoring
via D-Link’s D-view Network Management Software.
Conforms to
The DWL-2700AP conforms to IEEE 802.11b/g standards
with transfer speeds of up to 54Mbps. It covers a large
operating distance for Wireless LANs and broadband
Internet access, making it ideal for Internet Service
Providers to create hotspot networks and provide
outdoor users with wireless Internet access.
Outdoor 2.4GHz
Wireless Access
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Product Information
Part No: DWL-2700AP
Description:Outdoor 2.4GHz
Wireless Access Point/Bridge
UPC: 790069-265143
D-Link Systems, Inc.
TEL: (800) 326-1688