Recording audio in NOW

Recording audio in NOW
Recording audio in NOW
button allows users to record audio content and publish within the
following NOW tools:
Discussion - when creating a new post or editing or replying to an existing one.
Dropbox - when uploading a submission or leaving feedback.
News - when creating a news item.
Form – when completing a form an audio file can be inserted.
ePortfolio - create an audio artefact.
An audio recording can either complement other content such as text/other file types, or
stand alone as the only content. You can record up to five minutes of audio or add
multiple recordings.
As this feature uses Adobe Flash to record the audio this will not be compatible with
some mobile devices e.g. iPad.
These recordings can be played back using a media player able to play a .wav file
e.g. Windows Media Player.
There are many alternative methods of recording and uploading audio content
outside of NOW. This document covers the
function only.
Why use audio recordings in NOW?
Using audio recordings may be particularly useful for staff:
Who want to leave audio feedback to replace or enhance a written piece of
feedback in dropbox.
Who would like to initiate a voice discussion topic in the discussion tool.
Additionally the feature may be used to:
Communicate with students through a news item i.e. post an audio recording as
a new news item on their learning room home page.
Introduce an eSubmission dropbox and use an audio recording to give
instructions for an assignment via the drop box.
Allow a student to record audio into a form (ePortfolio).
Assessed discussions e.g. when spoken language is an important element.
Help personalise/humanise communication when using the feature in NOW.
Note: Please be aware of any accessibility issues that users may have and ensure
that any critical information being provided in audio format is also available in
transcribed form for those that may be hard of hearing. For more information visit
Students will be able to benefit from:
Reviewing audio feedback left by their tutors in dropbox.
Being able to contribute to a discussion by recording comments straight into the
topic being discussed.
Listening to messages in the news tools.
Completing a field in a form.
Creating an audio artefact as part of their ePortfolio.
How to make and add an audio recording in NOW
The process for recording audio is the same for all of the tools where this is available and
a microphone needs to be connected to the PC.
1. Click on the Record Audio button.
2. The Record Audio and the Adobe Flash Player Settings pop up box’s open.
3. Select Allow on the Privacy tab and tick the Remember check box, this will
stop this box reappearing each time record audio is used, click on Close.
The Flash Settings link is available to access these settings if changers are
necessary later on.
4. Click the Microphone tab
to select the connected microphone, adjust the
Record Volume and Reduce Echo then click Close.
5. Click on the Record button to begin the recording.
6. Click Record again to pause/end the recording.
Note: To listen to the recording to check the quality and content click the Play
7. To clear or reset recording click in Clear.
Note: To edit the recording, first Pause the recording, reposition the slider at the
point in the recording which needs replacing and record from that point again by
pressing Record. This will replace the recording from that point onwards.
The example above has been paused at 2.00 minute and then reset to begin
recording again at 1.00 minute.
8. When finished click the Add button to insert the recording into NOW.
Audio recordings in discussion
Both staff and students can make an audio recording(s) and include these in discussion
posts. The Record Audio button can be found on the Compose message window under
The recording(s) can be the entire content of the post or can supplement text,
image and video content.
There is no limit to the number of recording files that can be attached with a
discussion item.
Audio recordings in dropbox
A student can upload an audio capture recording(s) as part of the dropbox submission
or as a supplement to other submitted content. Audio capture is also available in group
Note: There is no limit to the number of recordings that can be attached.
Anyone giving feedback can record audio in the Evaluation pane either as complete
feedback or along with other attached files and/or general text based feedback using the
General feedback text box.
Audio recordings in news
Staff creating a news item can include an audio recording from the new item screen
under the Attachments section.
Audio recordings in forms
The Record Audio
button appears when adding a Custom Field and
selecting File Upload, this is then available to users when completing the form as an
alternative or to compliment uploading a file.
The Record Audio button will also appear when adding an Information data type, this
will allow for an audio file to be created to present form information with or without text
Audio recordings in ePortfolio (add artefact)
Students can record audio for their portfolios by:
1. Select
from the Welcome Widget
on the NOW home page.
2. Then select My Items from the ePortfolio Areas
3. Select the New drop down and then Audio
4. Then record the file (see How to make and add an
audio recording in NOW), click Next, enter the
details and Add the artefact.
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