Mi Powerbank 20000 1. Features Read the manual before use the

Mi Powerbank 20000
Read the manual before use the device!
Micro USB (in)
USB port (out)
USB port (out)
Battery check button
Note: the «battery check» button are not intended to turn
on / off the device. This battery has the function of automatic
detection of charging and discharging, so there is no need
to constantly press the charge check button. In two minutes
before the discharge, the amount of power LEDs are switched
Model: YDDYP01
Battery Type: Li-ion Battery
Battery Power: 3.6V / 20,000 mAh (TYP)
Operating temperature range: 0C - 45C
Size: 141.9 x 73x 21.8mm
Input voltage: DC 5.0V / 2.0A, 9.0V / 2.0A, 12V / 1.5A
Output voltage: 2 x DC 5.1V / 2.1A (MAX 3.6a)
Charging time: about 7 hours (* 18W charger, standard
cable), about 11 hours (* 10W charger, standard cable)
* 18W charger maintains the output voltage of DC 5.0V / 2.0A,
9.0V / 2.0A, 12V / 1.5A
* 10W charger maintains the output voltage of DC 5.0V / 2.0A
4. Battery
Safety: Portable Mi battery has a different degrees of
protection; whether charged or discharged, it is in standby
mode. The battery can easily pass a charge, over-discharge
the batteries, high temperature, circuit, and many other
unusual circumstances, and provides reliable protection for
your digital portable equipment.
High performance: Extremely fast charging, high current
output 5.1V / 2 1A, ultra-high conversion rate (5.1V / 1A
conversion factor of more than 93%).
Compatibility: Built-in Smart USB compatible battery provides
compatibility with many different devices, especially with
Samsung and BlackBerry, which are not compatible with many
portable power supplies.
Quality: The battery of the best international companies
supplying the first class batteries.
2. About device
Thank you for choosing our products. This device - a portable
battery with a high capacity. The device use the best
international company supplying batteries with a first class
chip. It has special performance metrics: safety, efficiency,
compatibility and other aspects.
Warranty service is carried out in accordance with the law on
«the rights of consumers of China» and «The PRC Law of the
products quality.» The warranty service includes:
During the warranty period you have the right to repair,
exchange or return an item. For repair, replacement or return of
goods you need to present an invoice.
Connect Mi adapter to the power adapter to charge it.
During charging, the status indicators show the level of charge
as follows:
1. Features
6. Warranty
3. Basic parameters
5. Charging of other devices
Use a USB cable to connect other digital devices to charge
When discharge, the status lights indicate remaining battery
level as follows:
1. Within 7 days from the date of purchase, in case of a
problem of «faults list» Xiaomi service center determines the
cause of the problem, then you can choose a free replacement,
returning or repair.ing of a product.
2. Within 8-15 days from the date of purchase, in case of
a problem of «faults list» Xiaomi service center defines a
problem, and then you choose a free replacement or repairing
of goods.
3. Within 12 months from the date of purchase, in case of
a problem of «faults list» Xiaomi service center defines the
problem, then you are get a free repairing.
7. List of Faults
8. Warranty rejection terms
- The completion of maintenance, fall, neglect, abuse, liquid
ingress, accident, breaking, or if the label and marking of
device is spoiled;
- The warranty period has expired;
- Damage caused by force majeure;
- Damage that do not meet «faults list» of Xiaomi service
- Failure of the device or its components from the «List of
faults», which arose in connection with the human factor, and
which prevent to a normal operation.
(It`s necessary to keep the packaging unit, it may need to
service center consultant in case you have to contact them)
9. Notice
This device is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, than it`s
strictly prohibited to disassemble the enclosure to prevent
damage to the battery or other damage.
It is strictly forbidden any dismantling, squeezing, pricking
device; also not allowed to put it into water or fire, or expose it
to temperatures above 60 ° C.
10. Warning!
1. Before the first use of the battery, charge it fully.
Each genuine portable battery 20 000mAh has a safety label
on the outside of the package. Please delete the special
coating, enter your code on the official website, indicating the
authenticity of the goods.
Production company: «ZMI Technology» Ltd.
Address: g.Jiang Yin, ul. Dengjiangzhong, 159, A913
Presence of toxic and hazardous substances
2. When using the battery needed to display digital device
caught fire, it will point to the correct operation of the device.
3. To charge this battery, or to charge other devices via the
battery, you can choose its own cable.
4. If, during charging of the digital device ceased to burn all
LED indicators, which means that in a portable battery charge
is not enough. Please charge it more quickly.
5. When you connect a digital device to the battery, it directly
uses the charge of the battery.
6. After a full charge the battery, immediately disconnect it from
the electricity supply.
0: toxic and harmful substances in all components of the device
contained in an amount below the limit value according to SJ /
T11363-2006 «requirements limiting the presence of toxic and
hazardous substances in products.»
X: indicates the presence of toxic and hazardous substances
at least one of the components in this product in excess of
the limit value, according to SJ / T11363-2006 «requirements
limiting the presence of toxic and hazardous substances in
7. Due to the short circuit of the battery or for other reasons at
the time of the introduction of protection mode (after pressing
the «stop work», LED display does not appear), you must use
an external charger to continue charging and the battery life will
be restored.
Security sticker
This product conforms to the European RoHS requirements
and regulations for the protection of the environment;
international countries still can not replace or reduce the
aluminum content in copper alloy. In terms of environmentally
sound management stated that under normal operating
conditions is not possible leaks of hazardous substances or