How Do I eBooks to My Nook?

@ Ames Public Library
How Do I Download eBooks to My Nook?
Note: You should have Adobe Digital Editions installed on your computer, and the Nook and
computer should be authorized with the same Adobe ID. See our handout “How Do I
Download Adobe Digital Editions” for more information.
1. Visit the WILBOR website at log in, and browse or
search for an eBook.
2. Search for an eBook you to check out. Review our “How Do I Find and Download
eBooks and Audiobooks?” help guide for mor information.
3. When you see an eBook you would to check out, click on the book cover. This will take
you to a page with more information about the item. On the right you will see a list of
"Available Formats." Review this list to ensure the title is offered as an EPUB book. If it
is, click "Borrow."
4. Once you click “Borrow,” you will taken to your “Bookshelf.” On "Bookshelf," you will
be given the option to download your selection or "Return Title" if you've changed your
mind. Clicking the "Download" button will allow you to select your desired format, in
this case, EPUB eBook. If the title is available in the Read format, you can click "Read
(in your browser)" to read the title in your browser. Note: Once you select a format, you
may only be able to return the title via the software.
5. Select the box next to “EPUB eBook” so you see a green check mark and click "Confirm
& Download."
6. If this box appears, select “Open with.” Next to “Open with,” make sure “Adobe Digital
Editions 2.0” is listed. Click “OK.”
7. Once downloaded, the book will open in Adobe Digital Editions. Plug in your NOOK
using the USB cord that came with it. Your eBook reader should show up under
8. Click, drag and drop the book cover to the nook’s icon under your bookshelves. That
will place a copy on your Nook. The book is now on your Nook.
9. Eject your Nook from the computer. To locate the downloaded title on your device:
1st Edition Nook: Go to My Library > Go to My Documents.
Nook Simple Touch: Go to your library. Make sure that All is selected in the box
to the top left.
Nook Color or Tablet: Go to library > my files > Digital Editions.
How Do I Return My Nook eBooks Early?
1. Connect your NOOK to your computer using the USB cable it came with.
2. Launch Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) on your computer.
3. Click on your NOOK, under “Devices” in the library view.
4. Right-click on the title you'd like to return or delete.
5. Click Return Borrowed Item to return the eBook to your library and remove it from
your computer.
Click Remove from Library to delete the book from your computer or device without
returning it.
Note: If you delete the book without returning it, you'll still be able to download it from
your library website until the lending period expires.