Configuring Traktor 3 for the DJ Console Mk2 (Windows version)

Configuring Traktor 3 for the DJ Console Mk2 (Windows version)
1- Configuration of the ASIO driver
a) From the DJ Console control panel, set the audio mode to ASIO
b) Click the ASIO tab and configure the various driver settings to be used by Traktor.
NOTE: These settings cannot be modified once Traktor has been launched.
2- Audio configuration in Traktor
a) From the FILE menu, select AUDIO SETUP
b) In Soundcard, select Hercules DJ Console MK2 ASIO as Audio Device. Notice that the
SAMPLE RATE and AUDIO LATENCY should reflect the configuration previously made in the
Control panel
c) Under Output Routing, set Output 3 & 4 for Monitor and Output 1 & 2 for Master
d) If you are using external sources, in Input Routing, select the DJ Console inputs for channels
3- Configuration of the Midi controllers in Traktor
a. Expand Hotkey and MIDI setup and select MIDI Interface. Make sure Hercules DJ
Console Mk2 MIDI is marked with an X in the ACTIVE column for both MIDI IN and OUT.
b. From MIDI Setup, click the Load button. Locate and select the TKS file, then press OK
c. Traktor is now configured to use the DJ Console Rmx.
MIDI Layout for the DJ Console Mk2 and Traktor3
NOTE: The terms used are those employed in Traktor
Main Configuration:
A- Secondary Function (See below)
B- Deck Tempo
C- EQ (Bass/ Mid/ Treble)
D- Deck Loop – Loop Active/Out
E- Browser List Select Up/Down
F- Deck Time Stretch ON
G- Deck Volume
H-Deck Pitch Bend
I- Deck Load Selected
J- Deck Tempo - Sync
K- Deck Seek Position
L- Deck load Previous / Next
M- Deck Cue/Pause
N- Deck Play/Pause
O- X-Fader
P- Headphone:
- Deck Monitor Cue (Deck A)
- Deck Monitor Cue (Deck B)
- Mix
- Split
Secondary functions:
Press and hold the button “1” to access the effects (FX) functions:
A- Master Effect Knob 1
B- Master Effect Knob 3
C- Master Effect button 1
D- Master Effect button 4
E- Master Effect Previous /Next
F- Master Effect Knob 4
Press and hold the button “2” to access additional controls:
A- Deck Gain (A)
B- Deck Gain (B)
C- Browser Tree Select
D- Monitor Mix
E- Monitor Volume
F- Deck Cue Set (A)
G- Deck Cue Set (B)
Press and hold the button “3” to enable the Scratch function on the jog wheel.
Midi controllers map