HP LaserJet Printer
Product Update
Volume 16
April 2002
In fulfilling hp’s commitment
towards the digital convergence
of printers and copiers we are
introducing three new, exciting,
LaserJet products. Please see
inside for details! Your
commitment, work and efforts
are needed to make these
products successful. The following pages summarize some of the
highlights of our new products and some of the issues we are seeing with
our current products. Please let us know if you enjoy the information
presented and wish to receive more information like this in the future.
Introducing the new
hp LaserJet 4100mfp …..……….. 2
Introducing the new
hp LaserJet 9000mfp ………………. 4
Introducing the new
hp LaserJet 3300mfp.……………. 3
New hp LaserJet 8150 Firmware … 5
New hp LaserJet 9000 Firmware … 6
New hp LaserJet 1200 Software …. 9
New Spring Products!!!
hp LaserJet 3300mfp
hp LaserJet 4100mfp
HP LaserJet 4100/4100mfp and
Gray Background
…………….. 10
Knowledge Retrieval System
Re-print from Oct 2001 ……….. 11
• hp LaserJet 9000mfp
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The HP LaserJet 4100mfp
In the mid-April time frame we will begin
shipping the HP LaserJet 4100mfp. The
“mfp” (Multi Function Product) is based on
the same print engine as the HP LaserJet
4100 printer, but also contains a flatbed
scanner, automatic document feeder and
embedded E-mail functionality. Those
customers who have seen the early
evaluation units have warmly received the
product! Some of the highlights of the
product include the product’s thorough
diagnostics, the remote up-gradable firmware
capability (firmware on the hard disk drive), and the product’s on-site
warranty. An added bonus to the
product is the embedded e-mail
Quick Feature List
capability of the product. The eAll specification of the HP LaserJet 4100
mail capability paves the way for
the HP LaserJet 4101mfp that will
Copies at 24 ppm (A4); 25 ppm (Letter)
ship later this year. The HP
ADF = 30 sheet capacity
600 pixels per inch scanning capability in
4101mfp consist the 4100mfp, plus
color; scans to TIFF, JPEG, PDF, MTIFF
a software package and some
file formats
additional hardware (paper tray
64 MegaBytes of DRAM (standard)
and duplex option) that gives the
5 GigaByte Hard Disk (standard)
product full digital sender
New 615A JetDirect EIO print server
capabilities. The HP 4101mfp will
replace the current HP 9100C
Embedded E-Mail (standard)
Digital Sender.
SMTP and LDAP configuration capability
The Embedded Web Server
auto-configuration capability
(EWS) of the HP LaserJet 4100
Remote Firmware Upgrade Capability
mfp allows you to remotely
configure and monitor the product.
One-Year Onsite Warranty
The EWS also allows you to
All accessories and consumables same as those
monitor the e-mail log and setup a
of the HP LaserJet 4100 printer.
limited degree of e-mail security.
Service Manual Addendum C9148-90909
Self Paced Training Kit
Suggested List Price $ 2,999.00 (US dollars)
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The HP LaserJet 3300mfp
In the mid-March time frame we began shipping
the HP LaserJet 3300mfp. The engine is based
on the LJ1200 engine, but has added additional
multi-function capabilities, depending on the
product you purchase. The following matrix will let
you know the part numbers, what they have to
offer, and where they are offered:
HP LaserJet
3300 mfp
Base model
HP LaserJet
3310 mfp
Base model
plus ADF
HP LaserJet
3320 mfp
Base model
plus ADF
HP LaserJet
3320n mfp
Base model
plus ADF and
JetDirect 310
HP LaserJet
3330 mfp
Base model
plus ADF and
Upgrade for
model 3330mfp
North America
North America
Walk-up copying, color scanning and (on the LJ3330) black and white
faxing give customers a variety of functionality. The instant-on fuser allows
for a 15 page-per-minute (letter)
Quick Feature List
capability, while the 1200 dpi
laser printer engine uses true
resolution enhancement
• 15 ppm Letter; 14 ppm A4
technology to create crisp, clear
• 1 page out in less than 10 seconds
• 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution
professional documents. It
offers both USB and parallel
• 12 ppm through ADF
connections to work in your
• 600 X 600 ppi
Mac or PC environment. The
• automatic collation
• reduction/enlargement feature
hp jetdirect 310x Fast Ethernet
Color Scanning
print server on the LJ3320n
• 600 ppi
provides easy sharing, simple
• Send-to-Email (with pc)
network installation and
• High-fidelity color.
compatibility with a wide range
• G3/33.6 kbps modem faxes document
of network environments.
at 3 seconds-per-page
Black/White Faxing only
Fax page storage up to 300 pages
Quick dialing for up to 275 speed dial
Service Manual
Service and Support CDROM C9124-60129
hp restricted
HP LaserJet 9000mfp
In the mid-April time frame we will
begin shipping the HP LaserJet
9000mfp. The "mfp" (Multi-Function
Product) is based on the same
engine as the HP LaserJet 9000
printer. The product includes a color,
single-pass scanner, automatic
document feeder, paper handling
options, and embedded e-mail
functionality. The base model printer
includes a 2000-sheet input feeder;
an external paper output device is
required (either 3000-sheet stacker, 3000-sheet stapler/stacker, or the
multi-function finisher). The
multifunction finisher turns your
Quick Feature List
digital documents into complete,
All the specifications of the HP LaserJet
ready-to-use booklets or stapled,
9000 printer plus:
sorted reports on demand in one
simple step. Other product
Copies at 50 ppm (Letter/A4)
highlights include thorough
Scanning capability 600 pixels/inch;
troubleshooting diagnostics,
scans in color to TIFF, JPEG,
remote upgradeable firmware
PDF and M-TIFF file formats.
128 Mbytes of RAM; expandable
(firmware resides on the hard
to 384 Mbytes
disk drive), and an intuitive
5 GByte Hard Disk drive (standard)
touch-screen Control Panel. The
New 615 JetDirect EIO (standard)
Embedded Web Server (EWS)
of the HP LaserJet 9000mfp
Embedded E-Mail (standard)
allows you to remotely configure
Remote Firmware Upgrade capability
and monitor the product. The
EWS also allows you to monitor
One-Year Onsite Warranty (standard
the e-mail log and setup a limited
distribution channel only)
degree of security.
All accessories and consumables are the
same as those of the HP LaserJet 9000.
Service Manual Addendum C8523-90921
Self Paced Training Kit
Suggested List Price $14,999
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New HP LaserJet 8150 Firmware
New firmware for the HP LaserJet 8150mfp (20020311 MB7.104) is now
available from the worldwide web! The firmware can be downloaded from
the following url:
The following issues have been addressed with this revision of firmware:
• Certain Adobe PDF files would cause the printer to indefinitely display
"PROCESSING JOB" on the control panel of the printer and the file
would never print.
• Certain Type 1 PostScript fonts displaying special characters used with
the German language will not print correctly.
• Certain EPS files in CMYK format that are imported into Quark Xpress
v.4.04 or 4.11 may print out as a solid black fill.
• The printer will generate a 79.01FE Service Error on the control panel
when printing Duotones EPS files.
• Some PostScript files created with GhostScript may generate
intermittent horizontal lines above some text characters.
• While printing certain PostScript documents you may see missing text
and the printer may print the following error page:
ERROR: invalidfont
• Some PDF files may generate 79.XXXX ("X" may represent any hex
number) service errors on the control panel of the printer.
• When the default of the 5 bin Mailbox with Stapler (C4787A) is not set to
staple and a print job is sent to the printer using the HP LaserJet 8150
PS driver with stapling selected; the output is not stapled.
hp restricted
• When printing some large PDF files with many downloaded fonts the
printer will generate a "20 INSUFFICIENT MEMORY" error on the
control panel and then print the following PostScript error page:
ERROR: MemoryFull
• Some PostScript files may generate an erroneous doted line across the
bottom of the page.
• Printer may loose internal page counts and serial numbers.
New HP LaserJet 9000 Printer Firmware Bundle
A new firmware bundle (2.10a) is now available for the HP LaserJet 9000
series printers. The firmware bundle contains firmware for the following
Firmware Revision
HP LaserJet 9000 Printer
(Datecode 20020311 02.010.2)
2000 Sheet Input Tray (C8531A)
Stacker/Stapler (C8085A)
Stacker (C8084A)
The new firmware bundle can be obtained on hp.com at the following url:
The following issues have been addressed with this revision of firmware:
Certain PDF files may only print a partial page and then generate the following
PostScript® error:
ERROR: undefinedresult
hp restricted
Imported EPS files may print as a solid black box.
The following characters will not print with certain styles of the Helvetica
font when stored and called from the printers hard disk using PostScript®.
{-}, {ü} and {ß}
Some HPGL/2 grayscale fills may print incorrectly
Using an English version of Microsoft® Windows 2000 and Microsoft®
Office 2000 with multi language kit. Microsoft® Excel 2000 files
with MS P Gothic Japanese two byte fonts that are printed with the
PostScript® driver will cause the printer to print slowly.
When you have the LJ 9000 control panel language set to Japanese
and you are using the RETREIVE JOBS (Job Retention) feature, the
"Select PRINT OR DELETE" and the "input PIN" menus display in
un-readable characters.
Printer may pause between pages when printing files programmed with
legacy PCL and HPLG/2 code.
Some files created with HPGL/2 may print slow
The following paper sizes will generate an extra page with a PCLXL
error when printing with the PCL6 driver:
Double Post Card
Executive JIS
Error message generated on extra page:
PCL XL error
Warning: IllegalMediaSize
hp restricted
Setting TONER LOW = STOP would not stop the printer from printing when this
condition was met.
Web Access Utility may hang when configuring one alert to be sent to many clients.
Web Access Utility alert e-mails and URL post messages now are always correctly
displayed in XML format and text format, respectively.
Reduced performance when Edge-to-Edge is turned ON and the setting for the Y
registration value is set any value from -4 through -15.
A 49.4C02 service error is generated on the control panel of the printer when printing
a Configuration page under the following circumstances:
Tray one set to FIRST with no paper in the tray.
Tray 2 11 x 17
Tray 3 Letter
Print a Configuration page from the control panel of the printer.
The printer will ask for LETTER in Tray 1. If you press the SELECT key to print from
another tray, the printer will ask if you want to print from Tray 3. When you press the
SELECT key to indicate that you do want it to print from Tray 3 the printer generates
a 49.4C02 service error.
Reduced performance when printing files created with QuarkXpress® that contain
EPS images.
When using third party trays that provide the addition of trays 5, 6, and 7 you are not
able to set the registration values.
Some PCL5 Macro overlays called from the printer would reduce printer performance.
Printer may generate a 68.0 PERMANENT STORAGE ERROR on the control panel of
the printer.
Stacker (C8084A)
2000 sheet input tray (C8531A)
Firmware Revision: 010918
Firmware Revision: 03.26
No changes made
No changes made
Stacker/Stapler (C8085A) Firmware Revision: 020128
The "TOO MANY PAGES IN JOB TO STAPLE" message was not displayed when the
"STAPLES OUT" selection which is found under the "STAPLER STACKER" control
panel menu was set to the "STOP" value.
The "STAPLER LOW ON STAPLES" message was not displayed when the
"STAPLES OUT" selection that is found in the "STAPLER STACKER" control panel
menu was set to the "STOP" value.
The device has a standalone service mode that allows feeding media without the
printer attached. When the device is tested in this mode, the default paper size was
hp restricted
New HP LaserJet 1200 Printer Software
On April 1, 2002 the hp LaserJet 1200
printer software was rolled. Only software for
the 1200 was affected; the software for the
1220 is scheduled to roll later this Spring. All
of the localized versions for the software CD
have been rolled and new part-numbers have
been assigned. One of the main benefits of
this roll is the addition of OS X.1 support for
Mac users.
In addition to OS X.1 support, the following issues have also been
addressed with this software roll:
Issue: The hp LaserJet Document Manager crashes when opening in Windows
Status: Fixed.
Issue: The hp LaserJet Director's Archive button does not respond to button
presses. After the button has been pressed and the document is scanned and
archived, the button does not produce any actions.
Status: Fixed; button now responds.
Issue: Corel Suite 2002 is not currently a destination.
Status: Fixed. Corel Suite 2002 has been added as a destination.
Issue: Functionality should be added to be able to use the "scan to" archive on
the device without any PC interaction.
Status: Added.
Issue: Traditional Chinese scan app error message corrupted.
Status: Message now formats correctly.
Issue: Scan UI does not allow zoom to entire scanned area.
Status: Fixed; entire scan area included.
Issue: Auto Deskew is not exposed to user.
Status: Fixed. Users will be able to undo the skewing that may occur when an
image is analyzed.
Issue: hppscan.log does not include descriptions for errors. The errors that are
stored in the hppscan.log are not user-friendly.
Status: This S/W version will add a string to some errors to allow users to better
diagnose what has happened when an error occurs.
hp restricted
Issue: Installer does not create the correct registry entries for the Device
Chooser to work properly.
Status: Device Chooser will work properly after a full re-install of the software
for all devices connected.
The latest part numbers for the software CDs are found in the table below:
LaserJet 1200se
Old part numbers
New part numbers
HP LaserJet 4100/4100mfp and Gray Background
On occasion, the hp LaserJet 4100 (and
4100mfp) may exhibit a gray background on it’s
output. This gray background typically shows
up on specialty types of media (e.g., heavier
types of bond media, labels and envelopes).
Also, paper that is excessively dry will have a
propensity to show gray background. [Always,
keep paper in it’s product packaging until ready
for use!]
Following are a few things that can be done to reduce this issue:
• Set the Toner Density Setting to position number “5”.
• Replace the toner cartridge (particularly if it is near the end of it’s life).
• Use fresh reams of paper that have been stored properly
(environments with correct humidity and temperature controls, see
paper specifications guide).
There are no other solutions available at this time. HP is diligently
investigating this issue.
hp restricted
Knowledge Retrieval System
Where to go for Knowledge!
(Knowledge Retrieval System) is the primary knowledge tool
used by the worldwide Customer Care Centers for searching
for support information on HP products! KRS is a publishing destination of
the main knowledge
repository that stores
technical support
content for all
commercial hardcopy
and consumer
products. Virtually
every aspect (piece of
knowledge) on a
product is documented and stored in the KRS database. Topics range from
the most simplistic technical sales specifications to what causes the most
obscure failure with a specific application, on a specific operating system,
using a specific type of media. Hardware and Software troubleshooting
techniques are punctually documented and input into the KRS system. You
can imagine all the different types of topics that arise from the hundreds
and thousands of phone calls we receive each month.
The search engine for KRS II has been greatly improved over the
previous versions so that users may quickly focus in on their issues and get
answers quickly!
Prior to KRS II, the knowledge database was only available to customer
care representatives. Now, with KRS II, “non-call center” HP users can
access and use this system! To use this system you MUST first register
and obtain a password to acquire an account! To do this you must E-mail
ALL the following information to Cheri_Gavin@hp.com:
Your Name
Telnet Number
Employee Number
Division/Organization (complete name and acronym would be helpful)
Country of Residence
Business need for wanting KRS access
We know you will find this tool of value!
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