Checklist for installation of new computers

Checklist for installation of new computers
Is this a new (additional) computer, or replacing an existing one?
If replacement, what arrangements for disposal of the old one? (Recycling,
safe removal of data, etc)
Which Operating System will the new computer have (Windows XP, Vista,
Linux, Mac OS, …)
Network hardware:
Is a cable required? Length?
Is there a free socket on the router/switch?
Wireless connections
Does new computer have wireless adapter?
Is signal strength at location of new computer adequate?
Network encryption (WEP/WPA/WPA2…)?
Encryption passphrase/key?
Are there sufficient free power points, or is an extension strip required?
Software to install:
What applications are needed?
Are the necessary installation discs available for
• Microsoft Office
• Any other applications
Are there sufficient software licenses?
What open source software is required?
• Firefox
• Thunderbird
• OpenOffice
• other…
Should trial software be removed from new computer?
Preferred web browser?
What is the existing password policy?
Are existing passwords available for:
• Admin account
• User login
• Email
• other
What anti-virus is to be used? (Licences?)
What firewall?
Is any data to be transferred from old machine?
Any email to be transferred?
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Name(s) of user(s) to be set up on new computer.
Are new user accounts/file shares required on server?
Network setup:
Computer name? (Is there an existing naming schema?)
Router details (IP address, etc)
Workgroup name
What network shares should this computer connect to?
Are any network shares mapped to drive letters?
Are passwords, usernames, server details available?
Which email client to be used?
Does new account need to be set up at the ISP?
Which network printers need to be installed?
Is there a local printer for this computer?
Are all installation discs available?
Any other special requirements?
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