Installation Guide for Yamaha XT1200 Super Tenere Skid Plate

Installation Guide for Yamaha XT1200 Super Tenere Skid Plate
Installation Guide for Yamaha XT1200 Super Tenere Skid Plate
Secure the bike on the centre stand or a paddock stand.
It is recommended to apply thread lock to all fasteners.
Remove the two side stand bolts and remove the dog bone spacer washer as that is no
longer required. On the opposite side remove the mid exhaust mount bolt and the rear
engine mount bolt situated near the rear brake lever.
Use the original OEM bolts and install the rear skid plate mounting bracket using the
existing OEM bolts leaving the bolts loose at this point.
Remove the two middle lower front engine mount bolts. Use the same OEM bolts to fit
the front mounting bracket into position. Fit the M10x25 bolt & nut supplied as shown;
Now that all the bolts are in position the front mount can be tightened down.
Note: If fitting with Givi engine bars loosen the top bolts so that the skid plate front
bracket can be positioned behind the crash bar mount.
Using the bolts supplied, position the skid plate to the front bracket and loosely fit the
two M10x20 bolts to the front mount. Hold the rear of the plate up and fit the two
M8x20 bolts to the right side and M10x20 bolt to the left side.
Now that the plate is in position tighten the rear bracket down followed by the skid
plate bolts.
That’s it your all done.
Thank you for choosing Ravetech
All work undertaken should be carried out by a competent person as improper fitment could cause failure resulting in possible
injury or death. The Ravetech skid plate is designed to protect the underside of the motorcycle from loose debris and moderate
ground strikes. Heavy contact may cause damage to the skid plate and vehicle part which Ravetech will not be liable for.
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