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[How To] SteelSeries Engine Clean Install & Update
This document applies to all MSI Notebook which supports SteelSeries Engine.
To know whether the product supports SteelSeries Engine or not, please visit MSI website and find the
Overview page (Control) of your product.
Follow below instructions to perform a clean installation or update the latest
SteelSeries Engine release on MSI website and find the key changes in SteelSeries
Engine release note.
Notices Update
1. The software update is set to automatically download updates by defulat,
therefore, when connect to the internet and the latest update will start
downloading automatically when there is a newer version detected.
*For SteelSeries Engine 2 users, basically the Auto-check for updates is set by
default, so update notice will shows up automatically when there is a newer
2. Follow the on screen instructions to get the latest update.
3. Reboot the system to complete the update.
Manual Update & Installation
1. Visit Utility download page of your notebook model on MSI website and
download the installation file.
2. Uninstall SteelSeries Engine.
(Skip this step if you’re performing a clean install)
Right click on Windows icon > Control Panel > Uninstall a Program > Doubleclick on
SteelSeries Engine to start the uninstallation.
3. Install the latest SteelSeries Engine.
Unzip the download file and double click on the installation file “Setup.exe” to start the
installation; follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process.
5. Reboot the system to apply all settings.
Windows icon > Power > Restart
MSI NB FAE Team︱Revision: 1.0︱Date: 2016/12/12
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