The world's most efficient fish-eye lens with à
maximum brightness of f/4. The angle of view
is approx. 180°, enabling you to view and focus
through the viewfinder without locking the
reflex mirror up.
smc PENTAX 15mm f/3.5
This is an ultra-wide-angle lens with a 111° diagonal
field of view and a 100.5" horizontal field of view.
An angle of view so large that it will encompass the
tallest building or engulf a sweeping landscape. All
traces of distortion, even at the edges, have been
virtually eliminated, because of its unique optical
design. In addition to a colorless filter, there are
four built-in filters: UV, Skylight, Y 2, 02.
smc PENTAX 18mm f/3.5
This lens lies between the SMC Pentax 15mm
£/3.5 and 20mm f/4 ultra-wide-angle lenses in
order of focal length, Compared to the 20mm
f/4 ultra-wide, the 18mm f/3.5 offers additional
lens speed (f/3.5 vs f/4), greater coverage (100°
vs 94°), and four built-in filters. In addition to
the built-in filters, the 18mm f/3.5 has provision
to accept gelatin filters at the rear of the lens,
which is not feasible on the 15mm f/3.5
because of its protruding rear element.
SMC PENTAX 20mm f/4
Relatively compact ultra-wide-angle lens, with a
58mm screw-in filter diameter. Useful for almost
every kind of wide-angle photography, especially
when photographing sweeping landscapes and
towering structures, or when desiring extensive
depth of field.
SMC PENTAX 24mm f/2.8
This 24mm optic offers a maximum aperture
of 1/2.8, which not only makes available-light
photography more accessible to the
photographer, but also simplifies focusing
because of the shallower depth-of-field and
brighter image. Moreover, despite its large
maximum aperture, it weighs about the same
as the standard SMC Pentax-M 50mm lens.
smc PENTAX 28mm f/2
This lens utilizes a deluxe lens construction of
9 elements in 8 groups, including a floating
group of elements to completely eliminate
aberrations. Thus, both outstanding performance
and high speed are characteristics of this lens.
SMC PENTAX-M 28mm f/2.8
The ideal wide-angle lens for the photographer for
whom light weight and compactness are of prime
importance. At 166g it is the second lightest in
weight and shares the same 49mm filter size as
the SMC Pentax-M standard lenses.
SMC PENTAX 30mm f/2.8
The perfect solution for those trying to choose
between the 35 and 28mm focal lengths, as it lies
between the two, making an excellent compromise.
Other attractive features include light weight and
ample (f/2,8) lens speed.
SMC PENTAX-M 35mm f/2
A masterpiece in optical design, because it retains
the same lens speed and superb optical performance
of its predecessor, the SMC Pentax 365mm f/2,
which was 33% greater in length, 36% greater in
weight, and used 52mm filters instead of 49mm.
SMC PENTAX-M 35mm f/2.8
For those not requiring the one stop additional
speed offered by the 35mm 1/2 model, the SMC
Pentax-M 35mm f/2.8 will be found very attractive,
as it is approximately 20% lighter in weight and,
needless to add, more attractively priced.
SMC PENTAX-M 40mm f/2.8
The incredible standard lens everyone is speaking
about, A mere 18mm in depth and 110g in weight,
it represents the ultimate in compactness.
Moreover, offering 10° more coverage than a
50mm lens, it is extremely versatile,
SMC PENTAX 50mm #/1.2
A superlative standard lens, created out of Asahi
Pentax's rich experience in the field of optical
technology. Excellent in contrast and resolution,
and suited for almost all picture-taking needs.
smc PENTAX 50mm f/1.4 | Е
A high-speed 7-element optic with higher light | /
transmission for higher-contrast and clearer color
pictures. With a brightness of f/1.4, it is especially | |
effective for night scenes and interiors where UN
brightness is a must”. \
smc PENTAX-M 50mm f/1.4 НВ
Designed in keeping with the compactness of the NANO € ]
Pentax ME and MX cameras, this high speed 1 Y |
standard lens weighs approximately 20% less than |! | |
most other lenses of similar focal length and lens II / | Л
speed, and is one of the very few accepting 49mm \| VW EL
SMC PENTAX-M 50mm f/1.7 smc PENTAX 85mm f/1.8
An excellent choice for those seeking both Creates a soft-focus effect in the areas just beyond
compactness and high speed combined in a single the depth-of-field. Ideal for portraiture, indoors or
lens. It is more than a full stop faster than the SMC out. The moderate distance required between the
Pentax-M 40mm f/2.8 lens, as well as 16% shorter photographer and the subject makes this lens
and 20% lighter than the SMC Pentax-M 50mm particularly excellent for pictures of children,
f/1.4 lens. | animals, night time street scenes, illuminated
buildings, and for theater and ceremonial pictures.
SMC PENTAX 55mm f/1.8 smc PENTAX-M 100mm f/2.8
A high-performance, all-round lens for both color Although this lens is 15mm longer in focal length
and black-and-white photography. It reduces flare than the 85mm f/1.8, it is physically 1/2 millimeter
and boosts contrast to a degree beyond what has shorter in length and weighs 32% less, making it
previously been possible in optical technology. an ideal telephoto lens. Moreover, it shares the
49mm filter size of the SMC Pentax-M standard
SMC PENTAX 55mm #/2 smc PENTAX 120mm #/2.8
Slightly longer in focal length than the 40 and Extremely versatile, light-weight and compactly A =
50mm standard lenses, this lens offers more designed. Useful for snapshots, portraiture and | / | ?
pleasing perspective for portraiture, Additionally, other kinds of telephotography. | [
It is “fast” enough for use in dim light without \ | \
the need of flash. \ \\ >
SMC PENTAX 135mm f/2.5
One of the fastest of the SMC Pentax telephoto
lenses. Well-balanced and lightweight with an
unusually short lens barrel. Ideal for night scenes,
theater shooting, sports and snapshot portraits.
Highly effective for color photography.
SMC PENTAX-M 135mm f/3.5
Here is a lens that offers 2.7x greater magnification
than the SMC Pentax-M 50mm f/1.4 lens and yet
weighs only 13% more. It is ideal for all applications
of telephotography: portraiture, wildlife, sports,
and candid photography.
SMC PENTAX 150mm #/4
Having three times the focal length of the standard
lens, this lens is particularly suitable for shooting
subjects which require an intermediate angle
between the 135mm and 200mm lenses. Compact
and lightweight, this lens looks and handles like
a 135mm lens, and is only 7mm longer.
Excellent for candid shots, scenics, sports, news
events, stage performances, nature, etc.
SMC PENTAX 200mm #/4
Very lightweight, suitable for handheld picture
taking, compact and easy to use. Excellent for
wildlife, sports and action photography.
SMC PENTAX-M 200mm f/4
It is easy to smash the distance barrier when you
are working with this 4x magnification telephoto
lens. Furthermore, the shallow depth of field
automatically isolates your subject from a
distracting background.
smc PENTAX 300mm f/4
Light enough for handheld shooting, this lens
provides spectacular telephotographic effects.
Even with the diaphragm fully open, aberrations
are reduced to a minimum. Gives needle-sharp
resolution to every picture,
SMC PENTAX 400mm #/5.6
Ideal for professionals, especially for outdoor
sports, news and night-life photography. For
a lens with a focal length of 400mm, it is
extremely compact and light in weight.
SMC PENTAX 500mm f/4.5
Compact and lightweight for such a high-
performance lens, this powerful long-focus
lens brings the inaccessible within reach. The
image is bright enough to make composing and
focusing easy, and produces edge-to-edge
coverage with very high resolution.
SMC PENTAX 1000mm f/8
Pulls in subjects which are too far away even to be
seen by the naked eye. The ultimate in fine optics
for the photographer who specializes in news,
sports, scientific and wildlife photography. Fast,
accurate focusing with manual diaphragm.
Furnished with built-on lenshood and rigid
wooden tripod.
The Reflex 1000mm 1/11 is approximately 1/3 that
of the SMC Pentax 1000mm f/8 in length, and less
than half of it in weight, In addition to its highly
welcome portability, this new reflex optic focuses
down to 8m, equalling the minimum focusing
distance of most 400mm lenses while offering 2.5x
additional magnification,
SMC PENTAX ZOOM 45 ~ 125mm f/4
A multi-purpose lens capable of doing the work
of half a dozen lenses: 45, 50, and 556mm
standard lenses, as well as B85, 100, and 125mm
telephoto lenses (and everything in-between).
Zooming ratio is 3:1, and a broad focal length
of 45mm to 125mm can be achieved in spite of
its relatively short barrel. Useful for a wide
scope of photographic assignments: landscapes,
action shots, portraiture, travel shots, etc.
SMC PENTAX zoom 85 ~210mm f/3.5
Special features of this lens include its relatively
large aperture of 1/3.5 (approximately one stop
faster than its f/4.5 counterpart), extended
focusing to 1.9m, and a new optical formula to
assure exceptional quality at all distances and
focal lengths.
SMC PENTAX zoom 85 ~ 210mm f/4.5
Zooming and focusing are done in one action, so
you get the kind of speed that's so essential to
zoom shooting. Offers a zoom ratio of 2.5 and
focal calibrations of 85, 100, 120, 135, 150, 180,
210 with optional positioning at any point within
this range. This lens alone takes the place of the
entire group of telephoto lenses which are most |
commonly used,
sMC PENTAX zoom 135 ~ 600mm f/6.7 [jj su
Provides remarkable sharpness and contrast for its Hl | fi |
zooming ratio. The single action zooming of this — El Hl
lens makes it highly useful for professional sports, |
press and wildlife photographers.
Designed chiefly for excellence in macrophoto-
graphic work, this highly versatile lens can also be
used as a standard focal length lens. In combination
with a Reverse Adaptor K, it can also provide
greater-than-life-size magnification.
Suitable for close-up and macrophotography, as
well as normal shooting. Especially useful for
shooting nature pictures, for reproduction work
and for portraiture. Because of its longer focal
length, this lens provides greater magnification
than the Macro 50mm f/4.
smc PENTAX BELLOWS 100mm f/4
This compact and lightweight lens and a Pentax
Bellows unit K is all you need to be prepared for
all types of nature studies. Whether it is a
blackbird perched on a tree, a pine cone dangling
from a branch, or an insect basking in the sun,
they are all within your grasp, as the SMC Pentax
Bellows 100mm f/4 offers uninterrupted focusing
from infinity to greater than life-size.
A problem constantly plaguing photographers,
especially in architectural photography, is that of
converging lines, This lens is the intelligent solution
to the above dilemma. More than merely a solution,
it serves as creative tool. For one always has
a choice of correcting, not correcting, or
overcorrecting to achieve the most attractive,
dynamic, or creative effect. And because the
shifting movement is continuously variable, any
in-between setting may be used to accomplish the
perfect effect.
A Вы
$ a
«$ - E A 7 -= & — 25 = 7 & SE
Fish-eye SMC Pentax Fish-Eye 17mm f/4 22 180 7-11 FA 0.2 0.66 Bd. 5x 34 234 B.19 Bl
Ultra-wide-angle SMC Pentax 15mm f/3.5 22 111 12-13 FA 03 10 80x815 550 1925 Bl
SMC Pentax 18mm f/3.5 22 100 11-12 FA 025 079 613x615 328 1148 El
SMC Pentax 20mm f/4 22 94 10-12 FA 025 08 63x57 300 105 58
SMC Pentax 24mm £/2.8 22 84 8-8 FA 025 079 63x415 194 679 52
Wide-angle SMC Pentax 28mm £/2 22 75 8-9 FA 030 10 625x69 423 148 52
SMC Pentax-M 28mm 1/2.8 22 75 7-7 FA 0.30 10 . 63x31 156 550 49
SMC Pentax 30mm 1/2.8 22 72 7-7 FA 030 10 63x395 215 752 52
SMC Pentax-M 35mm 1/2 22 62 7-7 FA 030 10 63x42 205 7,18 49
SMC Pentax-M 35mm 1/2.8 22 62 6-6 FA 030 10 63х35.5 174 6.14 49
Standard SMC Pentax-M 40mm f/2.8 2256 4-5 FA 060 20 63х18 110 388 49
SMC Pentax 50mm /1.2 22 46 6-7 FA 045 15 65x485 385 1348 2
SMC Pentax 50mm f/1.4 22 46 6—7 FA 045 15 63x 41.5 265 9.28 52
SMC Pentax-M 50mm #/1.4 22 46 6-7 FA 0.45 15 63x97 238 BA ag
SMC Pentax-M 50mm f/1.7 22 46 5-6 FA 045 15 63 = 31 185 6.53 49
SMC Pentax 56mm 1/18 22 43 5—6 FA 045 15 63x39 221 7,74 52
® SMC Pentax 55mm 1/2 22 43 5-6 FA 045 1.5 63x39 227 7.95 52
Telephoto SMC Pentax 85mm #18 8: 22 29 6-6 FA 085 275 64x56 331 11.59 52
SMC Pentax-M 100mm /2.8 22 245 5-5 FA 10 33 625x567 225 7.88 48
x , ъ
of Po CN A > *
“8 - = 5 м o <” « = = e oF = SE
Telephoto SMC Pentax 120mm f/2.8 32 21 4-5 FA 12 4 625x745 355 1243 52
SMC Pentax 135mm f/7.5 32 18 6—6 FA 1.5 5 67.6x859 470 1645 58
SMC Pentax-M 135mm f/3.5 32 18 5-5 FA 15 5 625x657 276 974 49
SMC Pentax 150mm f/4 32 17 5-5 FA 18 625x96 338 11.83 52
SMC Pentax 200mm f/4 32 12 5-5 FA 2 6.5 65 x 137 516 1806 58
SMC Pentax-M 200mm f/4 32 12 5-6 FA 2 6.5 63.5 х 111.0 405 14.18 52
Ultra telephoto SMC Pentax 300mm 1/4 32 8 5-7 FA 4 13 865x188 942 3297 77
SMC Pentax 400mm £/5.6 45 9 5-5 M B 27 85 x 277 1.240 434 77
SMC Pentax 500mm f/4.5 45 5 4-4 M 10 35 126.5x 440 3.330 116.6 52
SMC Pentax 1000mm 1/8 45 25 55 M 30 100 143x738 6.250 1838 52
SMC Pentax Reflex 1000mm 1/11 — 25 4-6 ND a 76,24 119x248 12.300 805 B1/52
Zoom SMC Pentax Zoom 45—125mm f/4 22 505-20 11-14 FA 1.5 5 69 x 127 612 21.42 67
SMC Pentax Zoom 85-210mm 4/35 32 29-12 11-12 FA 35 6.23 1765x2075 1.060 3675 67
SMC Pentax Zoom 85-210mm f£/4.5 32 29-11 10-11 FA 35 12 675x2175 739 25.87 58
SMC Pentax Zoom 135-600mm f/6.7 45 18-4 12-15 M 6 20 105x582 4.070 1425 52
Macro SMC Pentax-M Macro 50mm 1/4 32 46 3-4 FA — 0224 077 623x425 160 56 a8
SMC Pentax-M Macro 100mm f/4 32 245 3-5 FA 045 148 646x775 355 1243 de
SMC Pentax Bellows 100mm f/4 32 245 3-5 FAM — — 60 x 40 186 651 52
Shift SMC Pentax Shift 28mm f/3.5 22 75 11-12 M 03 10 80х925 611 2139 Bi
Bl Filters builtin. — FA-- Fully automatic Mo Manual. NO=-ND filters builtin | mes
Supplied anly with K 1000
Filters have an important function in photography.
They affect some of the light rays which pass
through to the film so that the color or nature of
this light is changed.
Filters may be classified roughly into three groups:
(1) filters for black-and-white film, (2) filters for
color reversal film, and (3) filters for all color
(reversal and negative) film.
The principal filters for black-and-white film are:
Uv, ¥1, Y2, 02, R2, and YG. Principal filters for
color reversal work are: Skylight, Cloudy, and
Morning and Evening. Available for all color films
are: filters for flash and filters for photoflood.
Applications —
® UV (ultra-violet) filter — absorbs (or holds
back) ultraviolet light rays (invisible to the
human eye) and reduces distant haze in the
picture. This filter is often kept on the lens
constantly for protection.
Y1 (pale yellow) filter — slightly absorbs blue,
emphasizing the contrast between the blue sky
and white clouds.
Y2 (medium yellow) filter — has a stronger
effect than Y1, bringing out the white of the
02 (orange) filter & R2 (red) filter — have
stronger correction of blue than the Y2, giving
the maximum sky/cloud contrast.
The R2 filter is absolutely necessary for
infra-red photography.
Size se
= >
E > Su
> 56 89 > ana
nos LL = E A e >
49mm Standard = ® ® à @ » еее
SMC ее . ее
82mm Standard сес еее » « 8
SMC .. . ...
58mm Standard . . a.
SMC .. . ...
67mm Standard . . ее
SMC .. » ...
77mm Standard . . a
SMC ее . Г
® УС (yellow green) filter — slightly darkens the
sky and all red tones. Recommended for
outdoor portraits as this filter darkens flesh
tones slightly. \
Of the above filters, the Y2 and O2 are a must
for landscape photography.
@ Skylight filter — absorbs blue and ultra-violet
light rays. Preferable for landscape photography
when the bright sky is to be toned down while
the foreground requires no correction.
Note: The Skylight filter may be very useful
for color photography. But remember that the
color rendering abilities of a film vary
according to its brand.
# Cloudy — suitable for use on cloudy days to
lighten excess blue.
£ Morning & Evening — suitable for use at sunset
and sunrise to lighten excess red.
® Filter for flash — used to bring light from a
flash into balance with daylight film. It should
not be used with a color flash bulb, sealed in
blue glass.
s Filter for photoflood — used to bring photo-
flood lighting into balance with daylight film.
It should not be used with a color photoflood
or photospot.
Polarizing Filter
Light is “polarized’’ when it is reflected from the
surface of glass, water or any other high-gloss
medium. The light from the sky, particularly at
an angle of 60° — 90° to the position of the sun,
is also polarized. A polarizing filter reduces or
eliminates surface reflections when photographing
subjects behind glass, under the sea, etc,; it also
darkens blue skies without affecting the rest of
the scene. This type of filter can be used very
effectively for color photography. (You can
examine the actual effect of a polarizing filter by
attaching one to a Pentax camera and looking
through the viewfinder as you adjust the filter.)
SMC Filters
SMC filters are multi-layer coated as precisely as
are SMC Pentax lenses themselves. They never
impair the performance of these lenses, nor do
they ever cause a loss of sharpness or contrast.
They are very useful aids for photography.
SMC filters are available in four sizes: 49mm (UV,
¥2 02, R2, Skylight, Cloudy), 52mm (UV, Y2,
02, R2, Skylight, Cloudy), 58mm (UV, Y2, 02)
Sklight), 67mm (UV, Y2, 02, Skylight) and 77mm
(UV, Y2, 02, Skylight).
The main purpose of a lens hood is to shield the
lens from the light outside the picture area, which
might otherwise cause unwanted reflections inside
the lens.
In addition, a lens hood protects the lens against
dust, dirt and fingerprints; it even helps keep out
rain. Therefore, this lens accessory is often used
simply for lens protection,
Using a spring mechanism, Pentax lens hoods fit
directly onto the rim of the lens. They will not
slip off easily, even if the camera is handled roughly.
® Rectangular hoods
There are 5 types of rectangular hoods available, one
each for the following groups of SMC Pentax lenses:
(1) 49mm (a) SMC Pentax-M 50mm f/1.4
SMC Pentax-M 50mm f/1.7
(b) SMC Pentax-M 28mm f/2.8
SMC Pentax-M 35mm 1/2
SMC Pentax-M 35mm f/2.8
(2) 52mm (a) SMC Pentax 50mm #/1.2
SMC Pentax 50mm f/1.4
SMC Pentax 55mm f/1.8
SMC Pentax 55mm f/2
(b) SMC Pentax 28mm f/2
SMC Pentax 30mm f/2.8
(3) 58mm SMC Pentax 18mm f/3.5
SMC Pentax 20mm f/4
® Round hoods
There are 9 types of round hoods available, one each
for the following groups of SMC Pentax lenses:
(1) Rubber lens hood 49mm
SMC Pentax-M 40mm f/2.8
SMC Pentax-M 50mm f/1.4
в SMC Pentax-M 50mm #/1.7
(2) 49mm (a) SMC Pentax-M 50mm f/1.4
SMC Pentax-M 50mm f/1.7
(b) SMC Pentax-M 100mm f/2.8
== SMC Pentax-M Macro 100mm f/4
(3) 52mm (a) SMC Pentax 50mm f/1.2
SMC Pentax 50mm f/1.4
SMC Pentax 55mm f/1.8
(3) 52mm (a) SMC Pentax 55mm f/2
(b) SMC Pentax 85mm f/1.8
SMC Pentax Bellows 100mm f/4
(c) 5MC Pentax 120mm f/2.8
SMC Pentax 150mm f/4
(4) 58mm SMC Pentax 135mm f/2.5
SMC Pentax 200mm f/4
SMC Pentax Zoom 85-210mm f/4.5
(5) Foldable lens hood 58mm
SMC Pentax Zoom 45-125mm §/4
(6) 67mm
SMC Pentax Zoom
85-210mm #/3.5
* Built-on hoods
Built-on hoods are fixed on the following telephoto
and ultra telephoto lenses:
SMC Pentax-M
SMC Pentax
SMC Pentax
SMC Pentax
SMC Pentax
136mm f/3.5
300mm f/4
400mm f/5.6
500mm f/4.5
1000mm f/8
SMC Pentax Zoom 135-600mm f/6.7
To use this type of hood, simply extend it.
An SMC Close-Up Lens can be threaded into the
front lens frame of an SMC Pentax lens for crisp
macrophotography. The entire range gives you the
convenience of automatic diaphragm setting and
open-aperture metering.
These attachment lenses are available in the
following types:
* Type eSMC Pentax Lens e Lens-to-subiect distance range ® Magnification
50mm /1.7, 50mm f/1.4, 48.0-27.0em 1/7.6~1/3.5
S40 56mm f/1.8. 40mm £/2.8 (with 50mm 1/1.7 lens) (with 50mm 1/1,7 lens)
50mm £/1.7, 50mm 1/1 .4, 32.6~22.0cm 1/4.8~1/2.7
525 56mm f/1.8, 40mm 1/2.8 (with 50mm f/1.7 lens) (with 50mm 1/1.7 lens)
91.,6-50.5em 1/9.4~1/4.2
T80 85mm~150mm (with 86mm /1.8 lens) (with 88mm #/1.8 lens)
175.0--89.бет 1/11.9—1/4.9
T160 100mm~150mm (with 135mm 1/3.5 lens) (with 135mm #/3.5 lens)
114.0-84.0cm 1/4.8-1/2.6
T95 135mm £/2.5, 200mm f/4 (with 200mm 1/4 lens) (with 200mm 1/4 lens)
~ 1-1/3.8
T183 135mm £/2.5, 200mm f/4 202.0~113.0cm 1/9.1~1/
(with 200mm 1/4 lens)
(with 200mm f/4 lens)
The Auto Extension Tube Set K consists of three
different rings, which can be used either individually
or in combination. Magnifications up to life-size
can be provided by attaching the #3 ring to the
SMC Pentax Macro 50mm f/4 lens. This set allows
you the convenience of automatic diaphragm
operation and open-aperture metering.
The Manual Extension Tube Set K is identical with
the automatic one except that it provides manual
diaphragm operation and stop-down metering.
The Helicoid Extension Tube K provides variable
tube extension for close-up work. Magnification is
0.47 x to 0,99 x with the 55mm lens.
Regardless of the lens being used, whenever
working at magnifications greater than life-size,
better results can be achieved by reversing
the lens.
One side of Reverse Adaptor K screws into
the 49mm or 52mm front threads of the lens,
and the opposite side bayonets into the K
Mount of the camera body.
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