tvt email notification setup

tvt email notification setup
STEP 1: On the channel display, right click and a small control bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. Move the cursor to
the “Menu” button a
STEP 2: Move the cursor to “SETUP” and click it.
STEP 3: Move the cursor to “Alarm” and click it.
STEP 4: Move the cursor to “Motion” and click it.
STEP 5: Click on “Setting” under the Trigger Tab.
STEP 6: Click on Email to “Check” the Box. You want to do this for every channel you want to send email when there is motion
STEP 7: Go to the “Network” Menu. Note: You have to have the Port Forwarding
setup done and you should be able to connect to your DVR remotely from internet.
If you have not done with Port forwarding setup, STOP here, and follow the instruction on How to
Setup the Network manual. If you have been able to connect to your DVR remotely, then you want
to make sure that on the DNS address below, you have to put the correct DNS address that you can
find in the Router Status Tab or call your ISP.
STEP 8: In this NetworkMenu, click on “EMAIL TAB” and fill out your email account
information. In the example below, we use a GMAIL account. After you fill up all the
information, click on TEST button to see if all the settings are correct. If the TEST is
good, then you are done and it should send an email with a picture attached when there
is a motion. If you are not getting emails, check your SPAM folder
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