Leica RCD30 Series 80 MP Camera Multispectral RGBN Imagery

Leica RCD30 Series
80 MP Camera
Multispectral RGBN Imagery
High Resolution
The new Leica RCD30 Series – unique imaging innovation from the leader
The new Leica RCD30 camera is presently the only single head camera in the market which is able to collect
80 MP RGBN multispectral imagery perfectly co-registered. Now we have released a new high resolution optics
with 150 mm focal length. When first released, the Leica RCD30 Series of medium format cameras started a
revolution in airborne imaging. Since then, just like the RC30 has once set standards in film based airborne
imaging, the Leica RCD30 is setting new standards in what you and your customers can expect from a
medium format digital camera.
A true Masterpiece
The Leica RCD30 Series is not only true imaging innovation, it remains a masterpiece. The Leica RCD30 offers
performance that is otherwise only known from largeformat airborne sensors at a lower cost and thus makes
digital multispectral photogrammetry available to everyone.
The Leica RCD30 boasts quite a number of innovative and
unique “world‘s first“ features and is the only suitable
medium format camera for photogrammetric and remote
sensing applications:
nn60MP and 80MP single camera heads deliver
co-registered, multispectral RGBN imagery
nnChoose from three different focal lengths for a
wide range of applications
nnMechanical Forward Motion Compensation (FMC)
along two axis
nnRuggedized and thermal stabilized lens system with
innovative bayonet mount and user replaceable central
shutter with automatically controlled high precision
nnModular concept for single standalone, multihead and
oblique configurations
nnFull integration with Leica ALS LIDAR and other third
party sensors as well as the Leica MissionPro and
Leica FlightPro Software
Leica RCD30 Series
Product Specifications
Characteristics of Data Acquisition
CCD Size (80MP – Camera Head CH81/82)
10320 x 7752 pixels
Pixel Size
5.2 µm
Dynamic Range of CCD
73 dB
CCD Size (60MP – Camera Head CH61/62)
8956 x 6708 pixels
Pixel Size
6 µm
Dynamic Range of CCD
73 dB
Resolution A/D Converter
Data Channel
16-bit lossless
Maximum Frame Rate
60MP: 1.00 sec
80MP: 1.25 sec
Penta: 1.80 sec
Motion Compensation
Mechanical forward and lateral motion compensation
along two axis
Spectral Range
Camera Head CH81/61 Camera Head CH82/62
NIR Range
RGB and NIR, coregistered
780 – 880 nm
Leica NAG-D 50 mm
Leica NAT-D 80 mm
Leica SAT-D 150 mm
Ruggedized and temperature compensated for high
accuracy performance between – 10 °C and + 30 °C
Central shutter, user replaceable
Life >200’000 frames
4, 5.6, 8, 11 for NAG-D 50 mm
2.8, 4, 5.6, 8 for NAT-D 80 mm
4, 5.6, 8, 11 for SAT-D 150 mm
Automatically controlled aperture
Lens Mount
Easy to use bayonet connection
Automated electrical connection
Stabilized connection mechanics
Camera Head CH8x/CH6x
w/o lens 3.1 kg
with NAG-D 50 mm 3.9 kg
with NAT-D 80 mm 3.6 kg
with SAT-D 150 mm 3.9 kg
Heightw/o lens 168 mm
with NAG-D 50 mm 238 mm
with NAT-D 80 mm 193 mm
with SAT-D 150 mm 242 mm
Diameter 128 mm
Camera Controller CC31/CC32
Weight without MM30 5.0 kg
L x W x H 300 x 260 x 140
Controls up to five Camera Heads
Camera Controller CC31
Without GNSS/IMU system (for use with Leica ALS)
Camera Controller CC32
With GNSS/IMU system for standalone use
Processor CC31/CC32
Core-I7, Win7 64 Bit, 8 GB RAM, 32 GB CF-card
Supports wide variety of IMUs
Deeply coupled solution for more efficient data acquisition
Mass Memory MM30
Solid state drive, 600 GB, 1,600 GB
Weight 0.5 kg
Removable, portable
Capacity of Mass Memory MM30 (CH8x)
Leica RCD30 Standalone
For installation in Leica PAV80 for RCD
Height 492,5 mm
Diameter 314 mm
Weight 10 kg
Leica RCD30 Oblique
For installation of oblique Trio and Penta Cameras
in Leica PAV100 gyro stabilized mount
Pod 37
Height / diameter / weight 533 mm / 407 mm / 17 kg
Pod 53
Height / diameter / weight 693 mm / 407 mm / 18 kg
Operator Interface OC60
12.1” screen with 1024 x 768 pixel resolution
Interface Stand IS40
IS40 stand fits RC30 NAV-sight installation
Pilot Interface PD60
6.3” touch screen with 1024 x 768 pixel resolution
designed for cockpit mounting
Non-pressurized cabin up to ICAO 25,000 ft (7,620 m)
0 % to 95 % RH according ISO 7137
Operating Temperature
– 20 °C to + 55 °C
Storage Temperature (except CH6x and lens)
– 40 °C to + 85 °C
Storage Temperature CH6x and lens
– 40 °C to + 70 °C
MM30 - 1600
MM30 - 600
Single MM30
Joint MM30
21,000 RGB
16,800 RGBN
42,100 RGB
33,600 RGBN
7,900 RGB
6,300 RGBN
15,000 RGB
12,600 RGBN
Capacity of Mass Memory MM30 (CH6x)
MM30 - 1600
MM30 - 600
Single MM30
Joint MM30
26,400 RGB
21,000 RGBN
52,800 RGB
42,100 RGBN
9,900 RGB
7,900 RGBN
18,800 RGB
15,800 RGBN
Typical image storage per MM30 configuration.
Inflight exchange two slots, supporting joint- and
backup mode
Firmware & Software
Leica FlightPro Flight and Sensor Control
Management System
Automatic integration time control
Average Power Consumption of Standalone System
(CH82/CH62, CC32, PAV80 for RCD, OC60, PD60, IMU)
<281 W/28 VDC
Fuses on Aircraft Power Outlet
Typically 1 × 20 A
General Standards for Temperature,
Electronics Environment, etc.
Standard for Emergency Landings
FAR§23.561, FAR§27.561
Conformity to National Regulations
USA: FCC Part 15, EU: Directive 1999/5/EC
Post Processing and Data Format
Post Processing
Leica FramePro
Output from Leica FramePro post-processing:
Distortion-free, 8 and 16-bit JPEG, TIFF and BSQ images
with RGB, RGBN, NRG, NIR and NDVI band combinations
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