Space pholo cou(esyol NASA
The audio processor that remembers
From Lexicon. another maior advancement
in digiital audio ecfuipment
Eight built.in
Controllable sequencing
You can recall stared
Resonant Flanging
settings in any sequence, to
rearrange or group different
specific requiements.
brary of an unlimited numbet
of effects. You simply down
load campleted effects inta a
internal memory. Super
Extremely versatile. Super
casselle or any ather tape
Prime Tine is designed with
40 storage rcgisters, 32 arc
Slap echo
Prime Time holds programs
in memary for months with
Short echo
out external power.
Storcs and recalls
complete eflects
You can
store atl yaur frant
jusl with a
panel setlngs
tauch of a buttan! And recall
the settngs as needed frcm
user programmable and
are factary preset . . . all recallable as needed.
Long echo
ellects to accammadate
You can
create your awn li
media lar external stotage.
The pragrams may be reentered anytime on the same
or a differenl Super Prime
Time. The 32-register capac
ity of the system is such that,
typlcally, several users can
have their prograns in mem
oty at the same time.
With the [,4odel 97 Super PrimeTime you can
create . . . stole . . . and rccall the desired elfecls which
you have programmed lor any given piece ol music. You
can inpul any comb nation of effects. and have the abi ity to
reca I them n any sequence.
For the performer, Super Pr me Time opens an
exciting new world of v dualy unl mited musical enhance
ments . . . up to 32 special effects recallable al any time via
the fronl panel or at the touch of a footswitch. They are
yours to command whenever and wherever you perform
. . . in the studio or on the stage.
For the studio, this remarkable system provides
iterally an entire rackJul of equipment in a single, compact
aud o processor. The l\,4odel 97 is englneered to g ve you the
superb audio performance and trouble-free reliability that
have made Lexicon the standard lor professionals the
wor d over.
Super Pr me Time . . . the audio processor that
remembers. Another major advance from Lexicon.
Footswitch control
Operating versatility
Available lor remote contrcl
al Super Prime Time by per
farmers. The foatswitch pra.
lwa separate inputs provide
versatile input mixing and al-
vides tor register advance,
inlinite repeat and system
bypass functians.
Full audio bandwidth at all
delay times. No decrease in
bandwidth with increases in
Dynamic Recirculation
A Lexicon exclusive. Makes
it posslble to achieve long de
law for crass-connection af
two delay lines fot sterea ol
for complex processlng.
Separate mil and delay outputs are pravided.
VCA inputs permit foot pedal
cantral af delay sweep and
lay time feedback effects
rate. VCO output Permils
withoul undesirable " Iayer
modulation of a second delay
ing" ar overlap with the next
line with the Supet Prime
input signal.
ot cross-coupling of
two systems for
Easv serviceabilitv
Sup'er Prime Timg plus Diasncsticsortwa.ecermi:sr,erdveriricarion
of system operation. N4odular construction simplifies
Iie d service. The system is Lexicon-engineered throughout for troub eJree service life.
Frcquency Response:
20 Hz-20 kHz
dB @ X1 cock
(Delay Sweep)
20 Hz-2A kqz
User Presels:
32 effects programs (non-
vo ali e slorage)
Unlimited storage va
slandard audro lape
record and playback oi
register conlents
dB any Delay Sweep
Dynamic Range:
Better than 90 dB. 20 Hz
20 kHz noise bandw dlh
THD plus Noise:
0.03% lypical,.05%
maximum below 5 kHz @
X] c ock (Xtal clock)
0 3% max mum, 20 Hz
20 kHz @ X1 c ock
Delay RanE€:
200 microseconds to 480
m llrseconds @ fu I 20 kHz
1.92 seconds wth lvlemory
Extension Option @ fu I
Slandard: 480 mil iseco.ds
Opt on #T: 960
mil iseconds
Option #2: 1.92 seconds
Oelay Modulation:
Adjustable lrom none lo
3:1 sweep of delay time
lvlodu ation rate adlustable
iiom .05 Hz (20 seconds
lor fu I sweep) to 500 Hz in
two ranges.
LFO Shap€:
C,ontinuous adjustment
(bLend) s avaiab e
belween sine lvave and
envelope functiofs, or
belween square wav-. and
envelope functions.
rynamic Recirculalion
VCA conlrol ol teedback
makes poss ble long deay
time recircu ation ellects
wilhoul undesirabe
layering or overlap
Factory PFsets:
B effecls progra..s
permanently stored
lnpuuoutput coupling:
lnpul Connec{ors:
Main and Aux liary lnpLrts
XLR.3 Fema e in paralel
wth lip.r ng-sleeve 1/4"
phone lacks
lnput lmpedance:
Headrcom lndicaton
7 leve LED dispays, input
level re ative lo rTrax level
"0" dB in 6 dB steps
lnput Mixer
Slide controls lor Main
lnpul, Aux liary lnput, A
> 50K ohm n para e
wilh 300 pf for Nlain lnput
> 20K ohm in para e
wth 150 pf for Auxilary
Both inplts may be used
ba anced or unbalanced
Feedback Lo\tupass Filler
adjustable lrom 600 Hz 10
20 kHz cutofl
Output Mixen
contros lor Main
lnpul, Aux liary lnpu1, 'A
S ide
Delay B Delay and
l\,4asler Outpul Level
Ovedoad Light:
Red LED indicates l\,4aster
Output overload
Outpul lmpedance:
VCO Contrcls:
Rolary controls for Delay
Sweep, Depth, Waveform
and Rate
Pushbutlons for Bate
X100, Sine/Square
Nlodulation. XTAUVCO
Delay S€lection:
Rolary conlrols for Delay
Taps A and 'B'
Large amber 7-segment
LED displays
Display Factors both
De ay Seleci and Deay
Sweep contro s lor
accurate 3-digit reso ution
Register Storage:
Pushbutton conlrol of store
and reca I
Functiqa Switches:
200 ohm Balanced or
Unbaanced for N/aster
600 ohm Unbalanced for
'B oltputs
Deay'A, Delay
+ 22 dBV for Master
Oulput when driv nq
balanced oads 600 ohms
or grealer
+ 16 dBV lor lvlaster
Output when driving
unbalanced oads 600
ohms or greater
+ 16 dBV lor npul lvlix,
Delay'4, Delay'B'
outpu.ts when driving 2K
ohm oads or qrealer
pushbutton Switches lor
acluation ol VCA, Bypass,
lnlinite Repeat, Tape or
regisler store and recal ,
Manua (lront panel) mode,
and Phase lnved ol 'A and
'B Delay Taps and lvlain
lnp!t, and clear
Cou.l.YolOnqn US.A
Rate. Bypass, lnfinite
Repeal, Slep Program,
Tape (store) lnput and
1A0112012201240 vols
ins de chassis)
50/60 Hz, 50 walts
max mum
Slandard IEC power
connector and cord
Mai.s fusedi 1/4"
domestic. 20mm export
Secondaries fused with
European 20rnm luses
power ine filer
A I jacks BF fillered
Backup pow€c
Nicad 3.6 v aulomatic
Slandard 19" rack mount.
5 114" high by 13112"
deep (483 x 133 x 343mm)
Output Levels:
Lexicon, hc., 60 TUrner St., Waltham, M A02154/16171891$790 TELEX: 923468
Printed ln
N/odu ation (LFO) Outpul,
e wilh
tip.r ng-sleeve li 4" phone
lack for Master Output
1/4" phone lacks lor npul
lvlix, Delay 'A, Deay B
Remote Conneclgrs:
1/4" phone jacks at rear
for Delay Sweep,
N/odu ation lnput,
0 dBV to +19dBV(-20
dBV to 0 dBV with gain
switch on rear pane) for
Main nput
0 dBV to + 19 dBV for
ALrxiiary npll
Output Connecto6:
XLR'3 Ma e ln para
ba anced e
lnput Levels:
Feedback,'B De ay
Feedback levels as wel as
De ay
Exooft, Cotham Exporl corporation, NewYork, NY 100T4
17.0 bs (7.7 kg)
Shipping 20 bs. (9.1 kg)
New creative worlds of n.rusical adventure can be discovered through the magic of Prirne Time II. Tl.re successor to the most popular digital delay ever, Prirne
Time II brings a new level of quality reliability ard ver -
of delay at 16-kHz bandwidth), and a two-
is unsurpassed.
Rugged and Reliable
Prime Time II has been engineered by one of the most
experienced desigre teams in digital processing, with the
requirements of mcden prot:essional tor.ring ald recordir.rg in mind. Cor.rsen ative con+ronelrt rating, lolv
power dissipation, ar.rd nearlv con:rectorless conshxc'
tion, all contribute to the hhererrt reliability of the
Model 95. Ten years of experience with thousands of
professional installations show in careft attention to all
aspects of mechanical and electronic design
- your insurance against disruptive field failures.
Iav tir.nes, rr.ith corresponding reduction in svstenr
bandwidth {fror.r.r 16 kHz to 8 kHz). A IIA\UAL
S\\EEP control allows the delay to be continuouslv var
ied over a range of 3 to 1 . Th.ree memory options let )-ou
select the amor,urt of delay time appropriate to )'or.u a!}
plication and budget. The most basic configuraiion prG
vides up to 1.92 seconds of delay TWo options al1orv
extension to 3.84 and 7.68 seconds.
TWo Delay Outputs
Versatile Audio Signal Routing
Tko independenfly adjusted delay outputs, each with
The ruriquely flexible input arld output shuchre o{ the
original Prime Time has been preserved in the Model
95. Tlvo mixable inputs {Main and Auxiliary) greatly fa'
cilitate patching the unit with other processing devices.
The Master Output provides any mix of direct, auilia4l
and the two delayed signals desired. The Lrput Mix Output allows effective patching into stereo output configu-
digital display and separate blend and recirculation controls, can be routed individually or combined in a virtually endless number of ways to create a vast array of
higtrly dimensional spatial enhancements, subtle shadings, and special effects such as bouncing echoes, etc.
Delay time for each output is adjusted by a continuous
rotary control. Resolution in milliseconds varies as a
{lnction of the delay range, ailowing extremely fine control {to 7s of a millisecondlj of short delays used for flang-
ing, double tracking, image localization, etc., and
appropriately broader settings at longer delay times.
Extended delay mode can be selected for very long de-
rations without the use of an external mixer, and
separate Delay-A and Delay-B outputs can be routed to
the consoie for uJtimate versatility and control.
Input Overload Protection
A two-stage compression-limiting circuit on the input ef-
fectively prevents transient overload, allowing input
levels to be optimized for dyra-mic range without fear of
sudden, harsh clipping, ald giving stage performers
new freedom to play without having to keep one eye on
input level.
Dl.namic Recirculation Control
A l-exicon exclusive, the D].namic Recirculation
Metronome/Clock Feafure
Iexicon's unique Clock Output provides the means to
coordinate the use of long delay "loops" with musical
tempo. The Clock suhlivides the delay length (up to
7.68 seconds) into intervais suitable for application as an
trol (DRC) feature provides "intelligent echo" that stays
out of the way during a nrusical phrase, but fades into
ar extended. multiple repeat ir the spaces between
Lines. It's like having ar erlra hand at the mixing console.
Delay Modulation/Sweep
All digital delay processors provide some form of sweep
function, but none is more versatile than Prime Time
II's. Three separate waveforms are provided, with the
capability to blend continuously between periodic sine
or square wave functions and sipal dependent envelope follower modulation. This fi:nction allows a broad
range of sweep effects, including "talking" flanges, trills,
dl.namic pitch sharpening for realistic doubling, and
others. A unique dyramic visual indicator shows the exact state of the sweep at any instant.
audible metronome or as a master clock for today's
soph.isticated automatic rh)'thm devices. Musical materia.l ca:r then be recorded in memory using the Infinite
Repeat function. The start and end points of the recorded pbrase, or "loop," will fall precisely on the keat,
for a starding, 'locked-in," effect. Using regeneration,
more material can be overdubbed without Limit as to the
number of tracks. Creatively applied, this feature opens
up a whole new repertoire to the contemporary
Remote Functions
II provides a full complement of remote control fi.urctions for use by per{ormer or engineer
Both inputs and outputs for modulation/sweep are
The Prime Time
provided to allow injection of external modulation
sources, foot pedal control, or lirkage between the
sweeps of two different machines. Foot switches or extemai logic signals can be used to activate the Infinite
Repeat and Blpass firnctiorx. I-exicon offers a line of
Foot PedaVSwitch accessories for such applications.
The Lexicon Line
of Professional
Digital Delny Processors
Iexicon has the most comprehensive line of digital delay products in the industry As specialists in digital processing technology I-exicon provides the technological
erpertise and attention to detail needed to satisfy the
most demanding needs of the audio professional.
PCM 41 Digital Delay Processor
High-per{ormance, versatile digital delay in a compact,
affordable package. Single delay output (800 ms max.
delay), blend and recirculation with phase invert and
EQ. Flexible sweep section with sine or square wave
combined with envelope follower modulation provides
rich chonsing and unique effects. Our most economical
delay processor, desigred with the needs of stage perfonners and small studios in mind.
PC[n 42 Digitaf Dehy Processor
An enhanced signal processor derived from the PCM41
framework. lncludes all features of the 41; PLUS delay
times to 4800 ms (with infinite repeat), numeric delay
readout, metronome/clock output {exclusively on
I-exicon products), tlvo-stage limiter to protect against
input overload, and foot pedai control of blend and
recircu lation.
Prime Time II Model 95
Dual output delay processor for the most demanding
professional application. C,omplete on-board mixing, de)ay times to 7.68 seconds, versatile modu.lation section,
and special features such as Dymamic Recircu.lation
Control and a metronome/clock output.
Super Prirne Time Model 97
The PROGRAMMABLE, dual output, 20-kHz delay
the top of the line. lncludes all control features of the Model 95, except metronomdclock output.
All front panel settings can be stored in memory {32 registers) and recalled with the push of a button. Dump
and load function a.llows user setups to be stored on
audio tape lcassette or reel), allowing access to an urlimited number of repeatable effecls.
Sound Reinforcement and Broadcast
I-exicon also manufactures a complete line of audio pro
cessors for the special needs of sound contractors and
Digital Reverberation
kxicon has the most comprehensive
line of affordable
professiona-l digital reverbs. All models offer clear, realistic acoustic ambience, exceptional versatility and sophisticated programmable effects.
Total Distortion and Noise
Input Lirniting
3% \pical, 0.05% maximum @l-kHz input
0.1% maximum 20 Hz to 10 kHz
Frequency Response
1X moder
20Hzto 16kHz, +0.5, -2dB
2X mode: 20 Hz to 8 kHz, +0.5, -3 dB
Measured 12 dB below 1-kHz input reference level
Dynamic Range
. 90 dB tlpicat, 86 dB minimum, 20'Hz to 20'kHz noise
200 O balanced or unbalanced actual source
lX or XTAL
Option 2
1.28 s
Output I-€vel
2.56 s
5.12 s
1.92 s
3.84 s
7.68 s
Delay Selection
TWo individual rotary controls, each \\'ith 128 selectable
delay va-lues, can select independent delay taps. Both
delays can be continuously varied over a 3 to 1 range
Delay {VCO) Modr.rlation
. Adjustable from none to 3:1 sweep of delay time;
Input Mix
+ t6 dBV ma\imun when driving loads 2 kO or
Dela)''A and 'B Outputs
10% (selectable) 50 to 60 Hz, 4O
115 or 230 voits
watts maxi4urn. IEC power connector on rear of unit;
3-prong cord provided. An RFI mains filter is installed.
sweep) to 20 Hz.
Mains are fused (standard U.S.3AG fusesl. For export
models, mains and secondaries are fused (European
style 20 mm fuses).
female, AUXLIARY INPUT via standard %" tip,ring,
sleeve phone jack wiih 50 dB minimunr comrnon
mode rejection. Unbalanced inputs are also accepted.
Input Impedance
+22 dBV (12.5 volts lans) maximum when diving
balanced loads 600 0 or greater.
+ 16 dBV (6.3 volts rms) maximum when ddving
unbalanced loads 600 O or greater
continuous/adiustment (blendl is available between
sine wave or square wave ald envelope follower
functions, or extemal modulation. Oscillator (LFOI
rate is adjustable from 0.05 Hz (20 seconds for full
Balanced differential inputs;
Master Output
+ 8.5 dBV nra>iinum rvhen &ivir-rg loads 2 k0 or
using the MANUAL S\{DEP or DEPTH controls.
The MASTER OUTPUT is a balanced source into an
XLR'3 male connector INPUT MIX OUTPUT
unbalanced and have standard ya" tip'sleeve phone
Output Impedance
. Master Output
Delay Capacity
A dual slope limiter activated via a push-push switch.
Standard 19" (483 mm) relay rack. 3%" {89 mm) high
by 13%"
(343 nTm) deep.
Greaier l-han 50 kO in parallel with 300 pl for MAIN
INPUT balanced or uJibalanced.
Net l0.s lbs
(4.76 kg); shipping
13.5lbs (6.12 kg)..
Greater than 20 k0 in parallel with 150 pf for AUX
INPUT balanced or unbalanced.
Input l€vel
Main Input
+20'dB GAIN switch out 0 to + 19 dBV
+20-dB GAIN switch in -20 to 0 dBV
0to +19dBV
A.ll specifications subject to change
without notice.
5o5ro, 9 9
Lexicon. lnc.. 60 Turner street, waltham, lvA 02154 u.s.A. / (61n
TELEX 923468
Expon, Cottram Export Corporation, New \brk, NY 10014
Printed in U.S.A.
',l. 10K
Another mojor odvonce from Lexicon
All the feotures of the Model 224 plus
true 15 kHz bondwidth, more procesing powec
flexible, sophisticoted effects.
The Lexicon Model 224-X is rhe ultimote reverberotion mochine. The digitol hordwore offers even moTe
processing power rhcn our populor Model 224 while
providing wider bondwidth. The full bondwidrh
mokes most progroms smoother ond more noturol,
while opening o whole world of new effecrs. The
flexibiliry ond ioexpensive progrom updotes of the
stondo,d 224 hove been retoined. mol{inq rhe
Lexicon 224-X the reverberorion system for the most
discri.ninoting oudio engineers ond ortists.
Full 15 kHz bondwidth
Fu I
The 224'X con ouromoticolly swirch to o diffe.enr
reverb dme when the music stops, ollowing long
sustoin or decoy without muddying continuous music.
Poging System
simple, fomilior operotion
Flexible, sophisticoted Effects
I voice chorus progrom i.l rhe 224 hos been
updoted with rhe poging sysrem ro ollow odditionol
conrrol over rhe deloys o.d density ond the high
bondwidth gives it o whole new sound. New
prog.oms with tuned combs, recircularing deioys,
ond -n-lri roo sop ore co.rlr^g soon.
greor sound
bondwidth mokes every reverberotion progrom
more nolurol, especiolly on popular music. High
quolity reverb or effe(s con be used in o mix wihout
the direct for o whole new sound.
reverb time depends on
The 224-X hos oll the stondord 224 feotures
Poqing ollows the 6 s iders on rhe 224-X remote
po.el to be redefined to control odditionol feotures
while retoiniog the fomilior potrern for the most-used
reverberodon odjustments.
Dynomic Decoy
progrom level
Voioble Bondwidrh
- 15 kHz to 170 Hz
A voriobie bondwidth control o lows the 224-X to
reduce lts boodwidth wirh o noturol 6 dB/ocrove
slope to better m mic rhe effects of oir obsorprion.
Non-Volotile register storoge ond extended ROM
storoge stondord
36 completely user defined pre-sets moy be stored
in noo volotile register storoge. ln oddition, there is
ROM spoce for or leosr 32 bosic progrom olgorirhms.
Present ond future bosic progroms ore developed by
Lexicon ond supplied in ROM module form.
Lexicon, lnc., 60 Turner Street. Wollhom, MA 02.154 .
(O 17)
The 224 Series
22 4-X Bosic Specifi cotions:
Unique Performonce
- populo.
All the feotures of the
224 reverb, the industry stondord,
hove been retoined in the 224-X. Most of these feotures ore
unique to Lexicon. No other digitol reverberotion unit offers them.
lhe unique feotures of both the 224 ond the 224-X ore
True stereo
2 inputs ond 4 outputs
Vorioble diff,Jsion
Allow5 the density of the sound
morch the music
Up to 32 dfierent p.ogrom types moy be
36 .egisters (non-volotile); 4 moin ond 32
extended; eoch registe. stores the progrom
3. Reveb times from 0.6 to 70 seconds
4. 36 non-volotile sroroge registers with single-button recqll
5. The best synthesis of conce( holls. chombers, ond plotes
Lexicon everbs ore unique in emuloting ony form of
noturol or o.tificiol reved)erotion.
Eose of operotion
224-X and 224 g\e the convenience of modern digitol
equipment while keeping the toctile feel of mechonicol
sliders. prog.oms o.e odjusted like o good outomoted
desl{. Vhen o bosic ROM stored progrom is colled oll
po.ometers ore preset. To chonge onythiog the user
simply octivotes o 5lider by pushing it to the p.eset
position. All othe. po.ometeG .emoin preset. This ollows
even inexperienced useo to get good sound from the
224 ood 224-X. Once the right sound hos been found,
they con store the prog.om number ond oll their settings
in one of 36 noo-volotile registers with the push of o
button. A recolled progrom behoves just lil{e one colled
from ROM, except the presets ore the users.
Smoll Cooceft Holl - 0
Provides wormth, depth, ond the sense of being ot o live
pedormonce without odding density or mud. Perfect
wheneve. ombience is needed in clossicol or populo. music.
Vrcols Plote
\y'hen diffusion is set high this provdes o very smooth, bright.
metollic sound - o close replico of o metol plote. Pedect for
percussion or wherever o smooth, metollic sound is
Lorge Concert Holl
ldenticol to Smoll Conce( Holl, but with preset low diffusion.
Best wilh symphonic or populo, music which hos been
olreody mixed.
Acoustic Chomber
ln beween o concerr holl ond o plote, Acoustic Chomber is
useful on vocols, Jozz.
Percussion Plote
metollic thon Vocols Plote but wirh rhe rich densiry of o
metol plote, Percussion Pote is ideol for olmost oll populor
Smoll Concert Holl - A
Brighter thon the noturol ocoustic5 of smoll Concert Holl - 0.
Excellent on populor moteriol when ombience is wonted.
Our best ocoustic chomber Perfect fo. emuloting oom5 in
fllm or b.oodcost wod{, dynomite whenever o dense,
"ocoustic" sound is wonted.
Cons(on( Densiry Plote - A
An olgodthm similor to other digitol .evebs. Hos o fot,
metollic sound which decoys with constont color Good on
populor music.
Con*onr Density Plote - B
simibr to Constont Density Plote
- A, but with true stereo
inputs ond enhonced stereo spreod on the outputs.
Depth Control,
type ond complete po(ometer settings
Adjustoble in 2 bonds f.om opproximotely
0.6 up to 70 sec (prog.om dependen0
Crossovet treble decoy ond vorioble
bondwidth; eoch odjustoble from 170 Hz to
15 KHz
Adjustoble; controls opporent pick up
locotion in simuloted chomber; controls
explosiveness in non-ocoustic p.ogroms
Adjustoble; minimum between 0-24 ms;
moximum between 100-400 ms (progrom
20 Hz to 15 KHz
1.5 dB;
20 Hz to 12 KHz
Dynomic Ronge,
84 dB typ., 81 dB min., .elotive to reference
level ot 20 Hz to 20 KHz noise bondwidrh
fo. oll reverberotion times beMeen 0 ond
10 sec
lotol Noise C'
90 dB ryp., 86 dB min., 20 Hz ro 20 KHz
noise bondwidth
0.04% typicol, 0.07% mox ot reference
level for oll reverberotion times betvveen
0 ond 35 sec
Two, bolonced ond tronsformer isoloted;
20 K ohms input impedonce; odjustoble
from +8 ro +18dbM
RFI Shielding,
Fouc bolonced ond tronsforme. isolotedi 90
ohms output impedonce; odjustoble from
+8 to + 18 dBm
100, 115, 200, 230V switch selectoble.
5Ol60H2, 180 wotts
AC power connecto[ oudio connectors, ond
console coble ore RFI shielded
IEC 3-wire power cord, XLR-3 oudio
connectors- DB-25 remore ond R5-232
stondord 19" rock mount, 7" high by 15"
deep (483 x '178 x 381 mm)
5.4" x 8.8" x3" (37.2x223.5 x
76.2 mm)
3a lbs. (15.5 K9): 4816s. (22 K9) shipping
6 lbs. (2J Kg) shipping
55 Ci]APEt 5TR!iI
,'. 0. B0/ a'
NE!VTO|\, IVIASS. O2 160
(617) 244'63E 1
I voice chorus p.ogrom. Voices hove controlloble level
ond deloy ond the lost 4 voices con be mode into dense
clusteA with the vorioble diffusion control. Tedfic on
pe.cussion ond vocols.
Lexicon, lnc., 60 Turner street
Wohhom, MA 02154
(617 ) E9 1 -67 90 lt ELEX 923468
Exporr, Golhom
L\pofi Corporonm New York NY
" "'ftqr_
The newest member of the
Lexicon PCM series of shge/studio
products, the PCM-42 combines LexF
con's establlshed performance and
rugged reliablllty with advanced fea.
tures for today's muslcian. Unique in
concept and execution, the Lexicon
PCM42 performs all of the functlons
you would expect of a high guality
digital delay llne, while opening the
door to realms of muslcal expression
that were only a dream before now.
lmaglne being able to overdub entlre phrases of music, vocal or
lnstrumental, layer upon layer, into
complex arrangements lN REAL
TIMEI lmagine a device that lets you
lock delay times preclsely to musical
tempos for rhythmic and erpressive
enhancements, lmagine an unprece
dented degree of footpedal control
for llve performance. lmagine a delay
line that can not be audibly overloaded. lmagine a numeric display
that tells you the EXACT delay time
PCM42z innovation
from a solid base
at any instant.
Now imagine all of thls ln a
unit with the superiot field?roven
audio quality and the establlshed
rellability of the Lexicon PCM product serles, backed by the resources
and reputation of the world leader
ln dlgital audio processing, and
you'll be imagining the Lexicon
PCM42, the cutting edge of music
The PCM42 combines a delay
capacity of up to 4.8 seconds (with mem-
T\".jPCM 2 incorporates all of
the innovative features that have made
the PCM series the top performing delay
lines on the market today: studio qualjty
PCM (pulserodemodulatron] encodrng
for super clean audio; multi-waveform
sweeps for realjstic vocal doubling, rich
chorusing, and unique effects; reliability
and excellence of construction that have
long been PCM series hallmarks. The Lexicon PCM-41 is the world standard in
cost€ffective. roadable delay processors
and the PCM-42 builds on this tradition.
The 42 adds many new sophjstlcated
features including very long delay capacity and synchroniing metronome/clock.
b,ringinq totally new possibilities to the
New clock ostput
The metronome/clock feature
provides the means to synchronze
tempo with long delay periods. Settable
for a varjety of fractional divisions of the
delay period. it may be used as a visible/
audible metronome. or as a clock for
many automatic sequencers and percussion uni6. dnvrng these rh),lhmic devices
in precise synchrony with the delay period.
Unmatched versatility
peformjng artist.
Two new control/inputjacks,
together with VCO. Bypass. and Repeat
inputs. provjde the means to control alJ
of this power conveniently on stage. The
Mix Control input allows smooth footpedal variation oF the delay level. The Recirculation Control adjusts the amount of
delayed audio fed back to the jnput for
Long delays for creative
multiple repeats. Thesejacks also serve as
auxiliary inputs to connect to other delay
lines, equaljzers, reverberators, etc.
ory option] with a unique programmable
metronome/clock, infinite repeauhold,
and special foot controls to bring new
possibilities in musical expressjon. Use the
delay memoD/ as a short term "digital recorder" to enter en0re phrases of muslc
{as much as eight bars!) which Wll repeat
indefinitely without degradation. Use the
repeating phrases as b,ackground to lead
parts, and dub any number of new parts
in at will. to generate complicated. multilayered affangements LIVE, on-stage
from even the simplest of inpufs.
e rii"nr_+i.
^ r\
^. : t- 9-i
Super Jong delay trmes for
new dtmensions tn muslc. Up
lo 4 B )eLo.ro w1r memorJ, oqlon
Unique new metronome/clock Feature enables synchronF
zalion of music and delay Allows the user to generafe musr
cal backgrounds and textures with precise rhythmic
$.1,i1 4
1_' u
-Ll '\.,- , [AnY
.\rJ".' -lr
\,L.E(> i>
') Y00
Accurate deiay readout shows the exact amount of delay in
effect at any lme. Tracks ai/ changes in delay no maffer how rapid
New foolpedal functions provtde an unprecedented degree of
perFormer control De/ay level. recirculatlon. sweep. bypass and
infinite repeat may all be operated by foor controJs.
O Versatr/e Patching: Mix and Reclrculaton ControJJacks may be
uced t9 q91.c.s DCM-4I w'th othpr proral),ng gea rn
wide variery of conFiqurations. for exciting multFprocessed effects
input Overload Protection circuilry etimrnates harsh digital
Proven qualiS./ de5jgn and reliabiljty Lexjcon's tradrtionat attentlon lo excellence, together wtth field-proven technol
ogy ensures soltd, trouble-Free performance show after
show sessron after session, year after year
Mark O'Connol elecfiic & acoustic vtolin,
gurtaI mandoiin
Wiring diagram
Total Distortion and Noise
lnput Limiting
0.060/0 ryptcal, O.lAo/o maximum @ 1 kHz
Frequency Response
xl mode:
x2 mode
20 Hzta 16 kqz. + I dB. - 3 dB
2A Hzrc 6 kqz. + I dB. - 3 dB
Dynamic Range
standard memory 16 kqz
standard memory 6 kHz
extended memory 16 kHz
extended memary 6 kHz
Electronically balanced. tiqring-sleeve phone /ack.
40 dB Common Mode ReJection
lnput lmpedance
40 kilohms. balanced or unbalanced into Main input
20 kilohms. unbalanced into Mix or Recirculation
Control inputs
lnput Level
+ 20 dBV {peak levels}
Single-ended, phoneJack
Delay Capacity
12 dBV
Output Type
Better than 90 dB. DIN weighted
I 200 ms
2400 ms
2400 ms
4800 ms
lnput Type
The audio input is subject to t\.^/o step compression'
limiting. At 3 dB b,elow converter overload. the Input
stage begins to compress at a ratio of 5:l . Just below
converter overload, the input level is hard limited
Output Level
Main Output: Up
to +
18 dBV adjustable into a 6C0
ohm load
Djrect and Delay
a 2 kilohm load
Out: + l2 dBVat full input
level jnto
I I 5 or 230 volts {selectable),
20 wafts maximum
5C,-6O Hz.
Standard I 9" rack mount, I %" hiqh
1483 x 44 x 280 mm)
I I " deep
Net 5.5 lbs {2.5 kq); shjppinq 8 lbs (3.6 kq)
All specifications subject to change without
60 Turner Street, waltham, Massachusetts 02154
Prinred in
20K lo87
16171A91-679A rELEX923468
Expon. Goth:fr Expon Corpora!6n, New York, NY
I-exicon PCM 70
Digital Effects Processor
Variable Parameters. Minimum of 39 per program.
in. lip/sleeve phone jack.
Use wiih momentary Iootswitch.
Remote Register Select. Ve
Fattory Programs. More than 40.
FIP: 16 diqit, 14 segment alphanumeric
flourescent displayTlEDs: 5 segment headroom
indicdtor wilh )4 dB range. Bypass, Program,
Register, Loa{ Row, and Column button indicators.
User Registers. 50.
Frequency Resgnnse. Processed Signal: 20 Hz to
15 kHz,
dB. Direct Sisnal: 20 Hz lo 20kHz,
+0.25 dB.
Dynamic Range. Processed Signal: 80 dB,
20 Hz lo 20 kHz noise bandwidth.
Power. Nominal: 100, 120, 220, 240 Yac (-10%, 5%)
switch-selectable; 50 to 60 Hz, 25 W max.
Totsl Harmonic Distottion (THD) antlNol'se. Processed
RFI Shiekling. Meets FCC Class A computer equipment requiremgnts.
Signal: <0.05% @ lkHz and full level. Direct Signal:
<0.025o/o @ I kHz @ 3 V out.
Protection, Mains Iused; internal voltage and current
Autlio Input. Levels: +4 dB; -8 to +18 dBV balanced
-20 dB; -23 to +3 dBV unbalanced. Impedance: +4 dB;
40 kilohms, paralleled with 150 p4 balanced -20 dB;
>500 kilohms, paralleled with 150 pF, unbalanced.
Connector: % in. tip/ring,/sleeve phone jack.
Audb Outputs, Two: Left and Riqht. Levels: +4 dB;
+10 dBV into 600 ohms, +16 dBV into >10 kilohms.
-20 dB; -8 dBV into >10 ktlohms. Impedance: 600 ohm;
Etwironment. Operating: 0 to 35 degrees C (32 to
95 F). Storage: -30 to 75 degrees C (-22 lo 167 F).
Humidity: 950% maximum (without condensation).
Dimensions. Siandard 19 in. rack mount: l9'/w x
l3/t'th x l.3.Sttd (483 x 45 x 45 x 344 mm).
wiishL toJ Ib (4.9 kq); shippins;
lb (5.7 kq)
unbalanced. Connectors; % in. tip/ring/sleeve phone jack.
Electronb Remote By1uss, % in. tip/sleeve phone jack;
Use wilh momentary {ootswitch (Lexicon 750-02834).
Specifrtations subject ta change without notice,
Lexicon Inc.
60 Turner Street
Waltham, MA 02154
(6r7) 891-6?90
%]ex: 923468
Lxicon Intemational
P.O. Box 122
8105 Regenstorf
(01) 840 01,u
Telex: 59222
you for your inquiry on ou: Professional Audio Products.
Litelatule or tbe iten you lequested a.u,d a plice list a-re enclosed-
Lexicon bas one of tbe roost comprebeasive liaes of digital audio delay
products i!, the i:rdustry. As specialists witb. Eole tba! 10 years
e:,?e:ieoce in digita-l audio processiug LexicoD pror.id.es a mix of
tecb.oological eq)eltise al'd fi:actional desigD tbat offers you tle cost
effective model best suited to your aeed.s.
tb.e reverberation liue, owt Z21X is now eveu Dore porx, elfu-l ajoil
easier to use tha.D ever - thaaks to the DeE I-exicou Alpba-aumeric
RerDote Coosole (LARC). We have also receutly iotroduced. tbe Model
*'h.icb aow puts Lexicon-qua-lity :'everb within the reach of a-Il studio
Please retu:a tbe euclosed. ca!d. for additioral assista:rce or
iufo:matiou. lf your aeeds ar'e !to!e pressing aad you wisb. a
d.e!o onstlatioB, o! zul o!-site eva-Iuation, please contact us at Lexicon
o! you! Ilealest Lexicon replesettative.
.,t ^
Ma:rager, Ma:ketiug S-;vices
l-exiacn, ln corpcraled,/60 Turnei Sifegil\i,aliharn, t,i?ssa.husgils C215j,/61;,SS1-679C/.i9lex 923<58
iuoro pRoDucrs
PCM Digitrl Delays
0.8-sec delay
2.4-sec delay
4.8-sec delay
Model 95 Standard
1.92-sec delay
Model 95 MEO-1
3.84-sec delay
Model 95 MEO-2
768-sec delay
Model q/ Slandad
O96-sec delay
Model q/ MEO
1.92-s€c delay
hime Ttme II Digital
Super Prime Ttme Prcgrammable Digital D€lay
Digital Effects Processor
Digiial Reverberation
Model 200
PCM-41, PCM-42, Model 95, Model 97, PCMt0, and Model 200
A-FS-q/ Single Footswitch
A-FS-41 Dual Foolswitch
A-CP4I Control Pedal
LARC Field Retrofit Kit for 224X
*Consult your local Lexicon Ad\,"nced Product Dealer.
Specifications and prices subject to change without norice.
Model 1300 Sedes Digltal Audio Delay SynchronizrN
Model 1300 mono with
683 ms delay
Model 13005 stereo
4096 ms delay
341 ms delay
2048 rns delay
Speciry Model 1300 Control Moduler Video, Putse or Serial
Mod€l 1100 Series Digltal Audio Tlme Compressor/Expanders
12mCMS Stereo System
DmB to 1200CMS Stereo
1200C to UooCMS Srerco
Fac3ory Retmfits
1200C to Stereo System
Consult the factory
1200C to current REV
Consult the factory
12mB to 1200C
Consult the factory
Specifications and prices subject lo chanSe wilhoul norice.
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