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Cold Room Control
Quick Reference Guide
Controller v. A
The Sporlan Cold Room Control should be installed only by a qualified professional. All other system components (valves
and sensors) should be supplied by Sporlan to ensure compatibility and proper operation.
Use caution when working around high voltage components.
Safety covers should be used for personal safety on high voltage panels.
Tools required:
• Small flat screwdriver for terminals
• Cordless screwdriver
• Phillips and flat screwdrivers
• Needle-nose pliers
• Wire cutters
• Scotch-BriteTM pad
• Two #10 self-tapping screws to mount
SnapTrack panel
• Four female ¼” crimp-on Quick
Disconnect terminals for relays
Reference diagram on the back of this
Maximum torque on screw terminals is
3.5 in-lbs.
1. Mount the SnapTrack panel on a flat
surface in a protected location, using
self-tapping #10 screws. To leave
enough working space, the suggested
mounting area is 10 inches high and 6
inches wide; depth is 2.5 inches. Install
the controller in the SnapTrack.
2. Mount the evaporator outlet temperature sensor to the suction line, positioned at either 4 or 8 o’clock. Connect
the non-polarized wires to “Evap.Out.”
3. Mount the pressure transducer on the
suction line near the suction temperature sensor, positioned at 12 o’clock.
Connect the wires to “Pressure.”
4. Mount the room or box temperature
sensor in the area to be controlled.
Connect the non-polarized wires to
5. Mount the defrost termination sensor
on the coldest point of the evaporator
coil. Connect the non-polarized wires
to “Def-Tmp.”
6. Connect an external relay to the “AuxTmp.” A short (closed contact) will
enable pumpdown.
7. Connect the evaporator fan: connect
the hot lead from the power supply to
the COM terminal on the relay; connect the neutral lead from the power
supply to one terminal on the fan;
connect the other terminal on the fan
to the NC terminal on the relay.
8. Connect the defrost heater: connect
the hot lead from the power supply to
the COM terminal on the relay; connect the neutral lead from the power
supply to one terminal on the heater;
connect the other terminal on the
heater to the NO terminal on the relay.
9. Connect the four terminals of the
expansion valve to the CRC controller.
Refer to diagram on back for polarity.
10.Connect remaining optional equipment as shown on the back of this
guide: liquid line solenoid, RS-485
network, alarm, and/or electric defrost
override relay.
11.Connect power supply to the CRC
controller. Transformer requirements
are 24 volts AC at 40VA, Class II.
next parameter. The following parameters
must set/verified before the controller will
begin normal operation:
See the Cold Room Control Installation
and Operating Instructions for configuring additional system parameters or
when installing multiple CRC controllers
in a master/slave configuration.
1. M/S – For a single evaporator system,
the CRC may be set up as either a
Master MST or a slave SLV controller.
2. F/C – Select Fahrenheit (Fah) or
Celsius (Cel) units. Default is Fah.
3. L/M – Select Low (LT) or Medium
(MT) Temperature. Default is MT.
4. RTS – Select Room Temperature
Setpoint. Default is -10°F for LT or
35°F for MT.
5. VTy – Select valve type. Default is 2
(2500 step EEV).
6. Rfg – Select the actual refrigerant used
in the system. Default is 04A (404A).
7. Clc – Set the current time in hours
(xxH) and minutes (xxM). Time is
based on a 24-hour clock.
Once setup is complete, the CRC will
begin controlling based on default values.
The display will alternate between the
room temperature and the current operating mode. Any alarms (*A*) will also be
Sporlan Cold Room Control
Installation and Operation Manual
Temperature sensor should be mounted at
either 4 or 8 o’clock, on a free-draining line.
On initial power-up, the EEV will close and
the controller will display the first parameter in the Setup Menu. Press the SELECT
knob once to view the setting. Rotate the
knob to change the setting. Press the knob
again to save the value and proceed to the
For detailed instructions,
scan this QR code or go to
and download Bulletin 100-50-4.1
Dry Contacts
Suction Outlet
Temp. Sensor
Dry Contacts / Auxiliary Temp.
Defrost Termination Temp.
Room Temp.
Evap. Outlet Temp.
1”- 2” ideal
Liquid Line
Solenoid Valve
Parker Hannifin Corporation
Sporlan Division
206 Lange Drive • Washington, MO 63090 USA
phone 636 239 1111
fax 636 239 9130
L1 L2
Cold Room Control (CRC)
This schematic is for component location only, not a typical piping recommendation.
Schematic not to scale.
Insulation not shown.
WARNING: Route and secure cables away from hot
surfaces, high voltage lines, and moving components.
SD-302 / 32013
© 2013 Parker Hannifin Corporation
System Schematic
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