Shopper Trio Set
Shopper Trio Set
The ideal companion set for shopping.
The Shopper Trio Set from Disney includes carry cot, car seat and Shopper buggy. So
you are ideally equipped for shopping or a leisurely stroll.
Thanks to its lightness, sturdy frame and its large wheels you can handle bumps and
uneven grounds playfully on your tours. The suspension is shock-absorbing. The
double-acting locking brake, the 5-point harness and the detachable front bar provide for
optimum safety.
The practical tray with built-in cup holder on the push handle ensures comfort. The bottle
will always be at your fingertips. The extra large basket offers enough storage space for
all necessary items.
The Trio Set can already be used for your newborn as your baby will feel safe and secure
in the comfortable carry cot. The carry cot can be fixed on the frame without any
Likewise, the comfortable car seat can be fixed. The stroller can be transformed into a
Shop'n Drive System in no time. Thanks to its innovative side impact protection system
with patented use of shock-absorbing PU foam and the padded 3-point harness, optimum
safety is guaranteed on every trip.
You can transport your baby safely already from the date of birth. Once your child can sit
unaided, you can use the sporty buggy. The multiple-adjustable back rest and foot rest
provide excellent comfort for your child.
The compact Shopper Trio Set will satisfy demanding parents. For relaxed shopping with
Of course, the Shopper can also be purchased as an individual sporty buggy.
stroller, buggy and car seat combinations
very compact - also for your daily life with bus or train
bottle and accessory tray on handle
large shopping basket
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Shopper Trio Set
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Characteristics FRAME
Lockable and swivelling front wheels
Detachable front wheels
Detachable rear wheels
Large shopping basket
Plastic wheel
Locking brake
Bottle holder with large tray
Characteristics PRAM
Characteristics INFANT CARRIER
3-point safety harness
Side protection
Removable head protection
Removable seat cover
Detachable canopy
Characteristics BUGGY
Back rest inclination
115 - 163 °
Adjustable back rest (different positions or continuously)
stufenlos/ continuously
Adjustable foot rest
5 x
Detachable front bar
Detachable cover
Detachable canopy
5-point harness system
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Shopper Trio Set
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Characteristics BUGGY
Combinable with soft carry cot
Measurements and weights FRAME/ BUGGY
Weight buggy ( in total)
7,6 kg
Measurements folded (min.)
95 x 52 x 33 cm
Measurements built-up (max.)
82 x 52 x 105 cm
Seat width
32 cm
Height of handle
105 cm
Measurements lying area
74 cm
Lengths of seat and back rest
20 / 46 cm
Wheel diameter (back wheel)
19 cm
Wheel diameter (front wheel)
17,5 cm
Measurements and weights PRAM
Weight carry cot
4,4 kg
Inner measurements carry cot
75 x 30 x 20 cm
Measurements and weights INFANT CARRIER
Weight infant carrier
3,0 kg
Seat width
32 cm
Measurements infant carrier
63 x 45 x 56 cm
Recommended age range
Pram: from birth to 9 kg
Infant carrier: From 0 month to 13 kg
Buggy / push chair: From 0 month to 15 kg
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Shopper Trio Set
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Sending information
Weight total single item (incl. box)
19,0 kg
Pack size
55,1 x 46,5 x 88,5 cm
Zero Plus 0+
Shopper pram
Bottle holder
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Product Videos
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[EN][1080p] hauck - Shopper Trio Set
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Shopper Trio Set
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153239 Pooh Tidy Time
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Shopper Trio Set
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