Keeler Catalogue - Designs for Vision

Keeler Catalogue - Designs for Vision
Keeler Catalogue
Ophthalmic and Optometric Instruments
Leading the way in instrument design since 1917
Direct Ophthalmoscopes
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p4-7
Slit Lamps and Video Slit Lamps
. . . . . . .p37-39
Specialist Ophthalmoscope, Professional Ophthalmoscope p6
Haag Streit type illumination systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p37
Professional Combi Retinoscope, Pocket Ophthalmoscope P7
Zeiss type systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p38
When you buy a Keeler instrument – What are you
Video Slit Lamp and video options . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p38-39
Direct Ophthalmoscope Power Supplies
buying? Almost a century of experience in optics!
. . .p8
Kowa SL-15 hand-held Slit Lamp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p39
Lithium-ion Double Charger, Lithium-ion Mini Charger
Keratometers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p40
Keeler has been manufacturing ophthalmic
instruments since 1917. We continue to lead the
Monocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope
market with our innovative instruments. This has been
Wide Angle Twin Mag
. . . . . . .p9
Javal Keratometer, B & L type Keratometer
Autorefractors and AutorefKeratometers p41-42
achieved through our continuous program of customer
Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopes
involvement in the design process to ensure our
instruments meet the rigorous demands of
daily practice.
. . .p10-14
bon Retinomax and Retinomax K+2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p41
Vantage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p12
Speedy-1 and Speedy-K . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p42
All Pupil II . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p13
Kowa KA-1000 and KW-2000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p42
Spectra . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p14
Chart Projectors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p43
UK manufacturer
Wireless Indirect Power Supplies
Yes, we still manufacture and assemble our instruments in
Power-Pak Rechargeable Battery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p14
the UK. Keeler instruments combine optical precision, high
Lithium-ion Battery, Docking Station . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p15
. . . . . . .p14-15
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p43-44
Pro-Check . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p43
quality illumination, ergonomic design and lightweight,
durable materials to provide you with the best possible
Wired Indirect Power Supplies
choice of equipment.
SmartPack, WallPack
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p15
bon Remote Vision, Reichert Rx Master . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p44
Refraction Stands
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p45-46
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p16-19
Compact . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p45
Keeler Pulsair EasyEye . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p16-17
Pro-Flex . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p46
Keeler Goldmann type applanation Tonometers . . . . . . .p18
Kowa KT-500 NCT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p19
Compact and Pro-Flex Accessories
Kowa HA-2 hand-held applanation Tonometer . . . . . . . .p19
Balanced Phoropter arm, Three drawer trolley work station,
Keeler Technical Services will carry out repairs and routine
maintenance to your equipment on your premises or in our
workshop in Windsor – whichever is more appropriate.
We offer a Service Exchange scheme covering most direct
and indirect ophthalmoscopes. This is a quick and economic
way of keeping your instruments in top working order.
We undertake annual visits to your premises to carry out
preventative maintenance to the instruments in your
consulting rooms.
. . . . . . . .p47
PC work station, Trial lens tray
Practice Essentials
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p20-27
Test Types . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p20-21
Compact and Pro-Flex Chairs
Trial Frames . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p22
Comfy Chair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p47
. . . . . . . . . .p47-48
Trial Lens Sets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p23
Select, Comfy and Select stand alone, bon E20 SE . . . . . .p48
Occluders and Accessories . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p23
Cross Cylinders, Twirls and Confirmation Tests . . . . . . . .p24
Practice Room Furniture
Children’s Tests and Near Vision Reading Tests . . . . . . . .p25
Gas Lift Stool, Spine-Saver Clinical Stool . . . . . . . . . . . . .p49
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p49-50
Colour Vision Tests . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p26
Tables for Slit Lamps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p49
General Tests . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p26-27
Tables for Cameras, Non Myd, Autorefractors
and Keratometers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p50
Quotations can be supplied upon request.
Volk - The Leader in Aspheric Optics
. .p28-34
Super Series Slit Lamp Lenses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p28
Surgical Loupes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p51-52
The warranty on the following equipment is 3 years.
Classic Slit Lamp Lenses, Volk Steady Mount . . . . . . . . . .p29
SuperVu Galilean system . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p51
Direct Ophthalmoscopes
Indirect Ophthalmoscope Lenses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p30
XL Advantage system, frames and fibreoptic light source . .p52
Indirect Diagnostic Laser Contact Lenses . . . . . . . . . . . . .p31
Indirect Ophthalmoscopes
Direct Contact Lenses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p32
Bulbs and Accessories
with the exception of batteries and power supplies.
Gonio Lenses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p33
Bulbs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p53-54
Surgical Lenses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p34
Indirect Ophthalmoscope Cases . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p54
Indirect Teaching Mirrors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p54
All other products carry a one year parts and labour
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p53-55
warranty. Warranty covers repair or replacement of
Fundus Cameras
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p35-36
Indirect Ophthalmoscope Accessories . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p55
equipment that malfunctions due to faulty materials
Kowa Non Myd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p35
Direct Ophthalmoscope Accessories . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p55
or workmanship.
Genesis D, VX-10 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p36
General Accessories . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p55
Direct Ophthalmoscopes
A combination of optical perfection, superb
Keeler optical system – the more you see
the better the diagnosis
ergonomics and versatile features make Keeler direct
ophthalmoscopes the ideal choice. Whatever your
graticules and
Keeler Ophthalmoscopes are adjusted for perfect focus where it’s
requirements from basic examination to detailed
needed - in the eye, not on paper. Along with Keeler’s wide angle
diagnosis, there is a Keeler ophthalmoscope for you.
Wide Angle -
light beam and individual mirror alignment, this ensures that
The next couple of pages will guide your choice but
Illuminates the largest
whatever the patient’s pupil size, you will see the clearest view of
first read on to discover the benefits shared by all
area of fundus for the best
the retina.
possible general diagnosis
Keeler ophthalmoscopes as standard.
through a dilated pupil.
Intermediate - Permits
easier access through
an undilated pupil and in
peripheral examination.
Out of
Particularly useful in
paediatric examination.
image on
In focus image
In focus
paper held
on a screen at
image on
close up
20 feet (infinity)
Macular - Designed
specifically for
examination of the macular
region of the fundus where
The Specialist - the World’s
finest direct ophthalmoscope
a larger beam would create
excessive pupillary reaction
Comfort and fit
or patient discomfort.
Slit - Used primarily
With curved surfaces and subtle patient side marking, each
ophthalmoscope has been designed to fit snugly into the orbital
to determine retinal
elevations and depressions
bone. Unlike other straight sided brands, the contoured, curved
but may also be used to assess
ophthalmoscope head guarantees an optimal viewing angle
anterior chamber depth.
and the smooth line surfaces ensure a patient friendly
Glaucoma - Projects
non-threatening instrument.
a graticule onto
the retina to assess the
Slimline handles
optic cup/disc ratio as an
aid to glaucoma diagnosis.
Keeler hand helds are supplied on a slimline, lightweight
Fixation Cross -
robust handle.
Projects a graticule
Light, tough and built to last
Keeler ophthalmoscopes are built from resilient, lightweight
onto the retina for assessment
of the degree and direction
of eccentric fixation.
materials to give you many years of trouble free service.
Semi Circle - Provides
High impact resistant covers combined with a strong metal
chassis protect the carefully aligned optics and allow Keeler
ophthalmoscopes to withstand the rigours of everyday use
for years to come.
a combination of
depth perception and field
of view.
Red Free - The red
free filter is used to
Controllable light for
bright, clear images
The bright white Halogen and Xenon illumination is fully
examine blood vessels in fine
detail. By filtering out the red
light, blood vessels are
silhouetted black against a
dark green background.
adjustable from zero. This ensures the comfort of your patients
and the best possible diagnosis for you.
Cobalt Blue - Used in
conjunction with
fluorescein dye for the
Reflex free images
Individually controlled optics reduce the effect of corneal reflex
detection and examination
of corneal scars and abrasions.
whilst minimising shadows and providing clearer retinal visualisation.
Specialist Ophthalmoscope
Professional Combi Retinoscope
The World’s finest
A genuine bimodal retinoscope
We recognise that illumination is of
fundamental importance to good diagnosis.
Expanded dioptre range
Optimised for outstanding performance with
Precision magnetic control
The Specialist offers the most comprehensive
either a Streak or Spot beam with a simple
That’s why we have selected Xenon
lens range available in a direct
bulb change.
illumination. This brighter and whiter long
ophthalmoscope +44D to -45D lens range in
lasting light will meet any diagnostic
1D steps, guarantees optimal diagnosis in
Brilliant halogen illumination
any situation.
With up to 600 lux of brilliant Halogen
movements are achieved by use of rare earth
illumination, the Professional Combi
magnet technology.
challenge! With Xenon you have the power
to diagnose even through a difficult eye.
And because it is longer lasting that means
fewer bulb changes giving greater
Premium optics
The Morton Lens Track system, made up of
peace of mind.
individually ground glass lenses, ensures an
optimal view.
The Professional Combi offers improved 360º
access to a single control for both rotation
and convergence adjustments. The precision
guarantees you enough light to refract even
Two position aperture
the most difficult eyes.
Neutralisation check
A simple finger movement allows a choice of
This is the only Retinoscope allowing rapid
Pupillometer gauge
4mm or 1.7mm aperture to optimise
brightness or resolution of the retinal reflex.
confirmation of neutralisation. In both Streak
The pupillometer comparison disc allows
and Spot modes you can change the beam
quick and easy estimation of pupil size.
from divergent to convergent enabling you
to cross check the accuracy of the neutral
Unique spectacle bar
An interchangeable soft pad is available for
spectacle wearers.
point. The ability to double check
Part Numbers
3.6V Specialist Ophthalmoscope on Lithium Handle
neutralisation in the upper position
2.8V Specialist Ophthalmoscope on Dry Cell Handle
guarantees the assessment is correct the first
time and every time.
Professional Ophthalmoscope
Part Numbers
Total control at your fingertips
The Professional Ophthalmoscope has been
where you are in the lens range making each
designed to ensure ultimate control. Lenses,
exam quicker and easier. The extensive range of
graticules and filters can all be introduced at
+29D to –30D in single dioptre steps ensures
the touch of a fingertip without the need to
easy examination of all ocular structures and
pull away from the patient.
covers a wide range of patient/user
Professional Spot Retinoscope 3.6V
Professional Spot Retinoscope 2.8V
Professional Streak Retinoscope 3.6V
Professional Streak Retinoscope 2.8V
prescriptions. A quick step swing of +/- 20D
Pocket Ophthalmoscope
helps speed up diagnosis.
Portable and compact
a brighter and whiter long lasting light. Giving
Swing over filter
Full diagnostic capability in a compact
you more power and fewer bulb changes.
The red free filter for enhanced vessel
instrument make the Pocket
examination can be used in conjunction with
Ophthalmoscope ideal for the practitioner on
–20D (-1,2,3,5,10,15,20) for clear and
any of the 6 diagnostic beams.
the move.
effortless examination of ocular structures.
The positive action easy access maywheel not
Brow rest
only allows you to dial up the required lens
The integral soft brow rest allows for easy
An ideal choice for domiciliary and ward use
Pocket clip
quickly, but also gives you total control of
positioning and protects your lenses if you
or as a back up instrument.
Xenon illumination
The Professional also uses Xenon illumination for
Positive action maywheel and
comprehensive lens range
are a spectacle wearer.
Part Numbers
3.6V Professional Ophthalmoscope on Lithium Handle
2.8V Professional Ophthalmoscope on Lithium Handle
Comprehensive lens range
Lens range from +20D (+1,2,3,4,6,10,15,20) to
It has a strong metal clip that can be
attached to a pocket and is powered by
standard AA batteries.
Part Number
Pocket Ophthalmoscope
Direct Ophthalmoscope Power Supplies
Monocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope
Lithium-ion Double Charger
Wide Angle Twin Mag
The compact charger takes two handles and
will fit neatly into your immediate testing
environment, allowing easy access to your
LED displays
LEDs indicate when battery life is low,
charging or fully charged.
hand held instruments. The charger can be
Ophthalmoscopy just got easier!
The Keeler Wide Angle Twin Mag has a 10x larger field of view
and is easier to use than a direct ophthalmoscope. The glass
optical system provides non-polarised light giving you two
table top or wall mounted.
exceptional views and magnifications in a lightweight, easy to use
instrument. You will immediately see the difference!
Fast charge in 2 hours
A 2 hour fast charge means your instrument
is always ready for use.
Provides over 2 hours of
continuous use
Non-polarised light
Corneal examination
The non-polarised Xenon illumination
Combined with the cobalt blue filter, this
provides whiter, brighter light that does not
unique lens (optional) allows examination
compromise your diagnostic information so it
of corneal pathology and contact lens fitting.
minimises your chance of missing a tumour,
2 hour continuous use is ideal for long
examinations especially while first learning
with your instrument.
any critical vascular changes and early
Multiple aperture selections
macular degeneration.
The large range of built-in apertures provides
easy changes from Macular (small pupil),
Part Numbers
Lithium-ion Double Charger
Lithium-ion Double Charger and 2 Handles
& comfortable
to hold
It has been designed
to fit comfortably into
one hand with all easy to operate controls
conveniently located at your fingertips.
Lithium-ion Mini Charger
The Lithium-ion Mini charger can be
connected quickly and simply to the base of
your Keeler handle, making it the perfect
Instruments can still be used whilst the
battery is charging.
The Wide Angle Twin Mag provides you with
the ability to view easily and quickly through
undilated pupils.
on the move.
The unique extendable eyepiece allows
Fast charge in 2 hours
charging or fully charged.
Compatible with Keeler
NiCad or Lithium handles
and chargers
The Wide Angle can be connected to your
The red free and cobalt blue filters can be
used with the large apertures.
No field loss with spectacles
LEDs indicate when battery life is low,
existing NiCad or Lithium handle.
Small pupil capabilities
choice for domiciliary visits or practitioners
LED displays
Intermediate, Large, Slit, Glaucoma and
you to view the retina with or without
glasses with the same field of view.
A 2 hour fast charge means your instrument
is always ready for use.
Provides over 2 hours of
continuous use
2 hours continuous use is ideal for long
Glaucoma diagnosis and
The Wide Angle Twin Mag provides easy
assessment of cup to disc ratio as an aid to
Twin Mag delivers 2 reflex and shadow free
images of the retina
Mag 1
Mag 2
The large 250 field
The 17.50 field of
of view is ideal
view is ideal for
for general
increased disc
examination and
and macular
provides 15X retinal
magnification and a
10X larger view of the retina than
detail and
provides 22.5X
retinal magnification.
with a standard ophthalmoscope.
glaucoma diagnosis and monitoring.
examinations, especially while first learning
with your instrument.
Part Numbers
Mini Lithium-ion Charger
Mini Lithium-ion Charger plus Handle
Part Numbers
Wide Angle Twin Mag Ophthalmoscope
Corneal Lens
Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopes
Since 1957, when we introduced the Fison, our first
Go Wireless gives you the freedom to move from
binocular indirect ophthalmoscope, Keeler has
room to room without any constraints - No more
developed a reputation as the innovator in the
wires, cords, tangles, just a lightweight, well
development and manufacture of indirect
balanced, comfortable indirect ophthalmoscope.
ophthalmoscopes. 2003 was no exception and saw
Clear, sharp images – enclosed
KeeView Optics™
All Keeler indirect optics are specially coated and individually laser
and filters
aligned to provide the sharpest clearest images every time you use
Red Free - This filter
is used to examine
your indirect, time after time, after time.
the introduction of the first Keeler "Wireless" indirect
The next couple of pages will guide your choice but
ophthalmoscopes available on our All Pupil or
first read on to discover the benefits shared by all
Vantage models.
Keeler indirect ophthalmoscopes as standard.
blood vessels in fine detail.
By filtering out the red
Comfort and balance
light, blood vessels are
Lightweight materials are used throughout the design of each
silhouetted against a green
unit; combined with soft cushioning and a non slip contoured
shaped headband to maximise comfort and balance. These features
Safety -
will be particularly appreciated during long examinations.
This filter should be
used for all routine retinal
Easy fit push in/pull out bulbs
Keeler indirects have been designed to ensure optimal
examinations. It reduces
ultra violet and visible blue
hazard wavelengths.
performance. Bulbs are easily accessible and quick to
Cobalt Blue -
change. During surgical procedures, if your bulb should
blow, our quick fit design ensures you won’t be without it
for very long.
This filter is used
with fluorescein dye for
Adjustable brilliant illumination
Why have all of the controls on the wall when the
instrument is on your head? On All Pupil and Vantage the
Large Aperture Ideal when
examining fully dilated
illumination rheostat is located on the headband providing
easily accessible fully controllable light. Keeler indirects
have the brightest illumination that can be turned down to
Intermediate Ideal for children
and sensitive patients.
as low as 2% of maximum required.
Small Aperture Ideal for undilated
Wide angle diffuser
The Keeler wide angle diffuser eliminates shadows on the
edge of the condensing lens expanding the field of view
significantly, which is particularly useful during difficult and
peripheral examinations. There is also less discomfort for the
patient because the light is softer.
With Diffuser
Without Diffuser
Go Wireless with Vantage the market leading indirect
All Pupil II
A fully featured indirect
Light, bright and easy to use
Vantage has several unique features that set
All Pupil II is based on the design of the
it apart from any other indirect.
number one selling All Pupil indirect. Look
out for the new features designed to make
Go Wireless
(Patent pending)
your examinations easier and more
That’s right no more wires and cords! The
freedom to move from room to room without
any constraints. Keeler is delighted to introduce
Go Wireless
this great "wow" feature to the market leading
That’s right no more wires and cords! The
Vantage indirect ophthalmoscope. The Vantage
freedom to move from room to room
still remains lightweight and perfectly balanced
without any constraints. Keeler is delighted
for maximum comfort.
to introduce this great "wow" feature to the
(Patent pending)
number one selling indirect ophthalmoscope.
Variable mirror height control
Large Pupil
Small Pupil
When looking through a
When looking
large fully dilated pupil
through a small
the viewing optics. The optics form three
the optics are separated
pupil the optics and
inverted images in the plane of the patient’s
and the light source
light source can be
remains in the upper
Vantage has the unique ability to raise and
lower the light source without converging
pupil; one for the light source and two for
position, achieving maximum stereopsis.
the observer’s pupils. All of these images are
movable in the plane of the patient ‘s pupil
for optimum viewing and stereopsis.
Elliptical Pupil
Intermediate Pupil
When examining the
The observer's pupils
periphery the patient's
can be moved until
pupil appears elliptical.
the best fundus
The light source can
view is achieved.
HiMag lens comes as standard
on all Vantage indirects (Patented)
converging the optics, achieving
The HiMag Lens gives you an additional 1.6X
maximum stereopsis.
The light source can
be lowered without
be positioned where required.
magnification than with a condensing lens and
provides superb
View when using a 20D lens
View when using a 20D lens
and the Keeler HiMag lens
brightness for difficult
Simple controls
With 2000 lux of light, which can be turned
The All Pupil II has a
down to 2% of total illumination when
unique single control
stereoscopic images.
Convert your Vantage to a Video Vantage
You can view the disc,
Video Vantage is a compact, lightweight video
necessary, All Pupil II offers maximum
to change aperture
macula and vessels in
mounting device for use with a high resolution up
illumination with total control.
size and position in
greater detail without
to date miniature camera. It is ideal for teaching,
moving the patient to
tele-medicine, patient education and
the Slit Lamp. Scratch
documentation. Keeler’s Penta Prism Video Optical
resistant coated optics
system means no beam splitters, no mirrors and no
guarantee high
light loss. What you see on the monitor is exactly
quality images at all
what you see through the Vantage – the same way up, the same way round
times and HiMag can simply be flipped out of
and just as bright. A unique feature is the independent image alignment
your field of view when not required.
control, which provides a totally comfortable working angle.
one movement to view
Lightweight and comfortable
The new design weighs just 520 grams and
extra padded materials have been
IR and UV barrier
incorporated into the headband to make this
There is a built in full time IR and UV barrier
indirect extremely comfortable for all
which guarantees improved patient
protection and safety.
P D Range: 52 - 76mm
Part Numbers
through all pupil sizes.
P D Range: 47 - 75mm
Wireless Vantage Kit A with Power / Accessories
Wireless All Pupil II Kit A with Power / Accessories
Wireless Vantage with Lithium Battery and Holder
Wireless All Pupil II with Lithium Battery and Holder
Wired Vantage Kit A with Power / Accessories
Wired API II Kit A with Power / Accessories
Wired Vantage without Power
Wired API II without Power
Part Numbers
The compact and portable choice
Wireless Indirect Power Supplies
Lithium-ion Battery
Spectra has been specifically designed as a
compact, lightweight and portable indirect
for professionals on the move. It is
particularly popular with Paediatric doctors
The 2 hour on time is ideal for long examinations
who prefer a spectacle mounted indirect that
and it only takes 2 hours to charge.
can be placed in the pocket when not in use.
Part Number
Lithium Battery
Docking Station
Docking Station can be wall or desk mounted
you will always have a back-up. LED indicates
with location for spare battery, which means
when battery needs charging.
Part Number
Available on Hogies frame
Flip up optics
Spectra now comes on the new stylish Hogie
The whole optical box and light pod can be
frame that is not only attractive but provides
flipped up allowing direct eye contact when
maximum comfort and balance.
talking to patients or for writing notes.
Adjustable light beam angle
Spectra features genuine Xenon illumination
The angle can be adjusted by a lever on
which provides a brighter, whiter light for true
either side of the Spectra to optimise the
tissue colour definition.
retinal view.
P D Range: 52 - 74mm
Part Numbers
Spectra Indirect on Standard Frame
Spectra Indirect on Black Hogie Frame
Charging Station
Wired Indirect Power Supplies
SmartPack is a stylish power supply system
Fast charge and long life
that combines 3 options in one product. No
Nickel Metal Hydride technology provides a
longer will you need to purchase a portable
genuine long life of 2 hours and a fast charge
system for domiciliary use, another system
within 2 hours. Instruments can be used
for mounting on your wall and another for
when battery is charging. LEDs indicate when
tabletop use. All you need now is SmartPack.
battery life is low, charging or fully charged.
Part Number
Power-Pak Rechargeable Battery
For use with Spectra only – provides up to 60
Alternatively, if your power supply needs to
Your indirect can be mounted on the
minutes of continuous use – can be used on
be stationary you can purchase the WallPack
bracket it comes with.
line (when battery is connected to the mains).
which fits neatly on the wall.
Part Number
Part Number
Extensive clinical trials and over seventeen
The EasyEye® is truly portable; simply add
years of experience in air tonometry has
the optional rechargeable battery and
resulted in the EasyEye® rivalling Goldmann
carrying case.
Keeler has led the field in tonometry since the
as the gold standard; "…as accurate as
introduction of the Pulsair in 1987, and has continued
Goldmann tonometry in the population
Space saving
to do so through four generations of the product.
studied and has distinct advantages".*
Wall mount or Slit Lamp mount your
EasyEye® to save valuable workspace.
Each generation is a milestone of technological
development providing you with ever accurate and
reliable diagnostic tools.
G o ldmann mean (mm Hg)
To complement the hand-held Pulsair EasyEye we
offer you other solutions; contact, portable hand-held
or a desktop product. Whatever your need, we have
the answer.
Keeler Pulsair EasyEye
Accurate and effortless non-contact tonometry
Pulsair mean (mm Hg)
Wall Mounted
Easy to use
The intuitive controls, a comfortable
Clinically proven accuracy and speed of use
Exceptional reliability combined with the
handpiece with an automated firing,
make this fourth generation development of
versatility of being hand-held gives you the
averaging and printing system - what more
the revolutionary Keeler Pulsair truly
ultimate in non-contact tonometry for all
could you need? Turn it on, take the
your patients.
handpiece and start using it.
Clear display, showing the average of readings taken,
in millimetres of mercury (mmHg).
Non-contact tonometry – no anaesthetic or
fluorescein, no costly consumables and
Displays all readings taken for the measured eye.
This button clears the memory ready for the other eye.
This illuminates when a pressure exceeds 30mmHg and
automatically increases the puff intensity accordingly.
Viewing eyepiece – allows fast and simple alignment for
rapid measurement - please see alignment process below.
virtually no possibility of any cross infection
of diseases.
All patients
Whether your patients are post operative or
supine, disabled and unable to reach a
Quickpulse – reduces the sensitivity for dry or
damaged corneas.
Use the demo button to puff your patient's hand to
prepare them for measurement.
Slit Lamp Mounted
chinrest, or simply young children in the arms
Accuracy and
of a parent, the EasyEye® is effective,
Checking of calibration is
accurate and patient friendly for all.
easy; should your EasyEye®
require maintenance, you
have a choice of calibration
Look through the eyepiece and you will see the
The EasyEye® has clinically proven speed;
in your office or practice, or
patient's eye.
"…the Pulsair can provide an accurate
if you wish, send it to your
measurement of IOP within 20 seconds
local distributor, or
per eye".*
to Keeler.
Move the Pulsair closer.
As you get closer you see two green dots.
Continue to move closer.
Next you will see this. Slowly move closer.
Part Numbers
Keeler Pulsair EasyEye® Tonometer complete
Comparisons of the Keeler Pulsair
When you see the bow tie the Pulsair will fire.
If you see this filament you are too close.
*Extracted from Clinical
with Goldmann applanation
EasyEye carrying case
tonometry by Parker, Herrtage &
EasyEye Haag type Slit Lamp adaptor
Sarkies, British Journal of
EasyEye rechargeable battery
Ophthalmology, November 2001
Vol 85, No. 11 p 1303-1304
Keeler Goldmann type applanation
Kowa KT-500 NCT
These top quality applanation Tonometers
Kowa’s exacting standards for accuracy,
are built to the same exacting standards as
reliability and repeatability.
For the perfect desktop solution choose the
auto-aligning Kowa KT-500 NCT, built to
the originals but at a fraction of the cost.
Auto alignment
Accessories included
Final vertical and horizontal alignment and
Whichever you select it will be supplied with
firing can be set to automatic or manual,
a doubling prism and a guide plate or
you choose.
mounting post to fit most Haag Streit type
Soft airflow
Slit Lamps.
Improved airflow techniques have softened
T type and R type
the impulse to give a patient friendly
Choose between the flexibility of the
measurement puff.
'Take-Away' (T type) or the security
Auto ranging
of the 'Fixed' (R type).
The KT-500 will automatically measure high
IOPs on the first puff without having to auto
switch to a higher intensity puff.
Part Number
Kowa KT-500 Tonometer
Tables (see refraction stands and tables section)
Kowa HA-2 hand-held
applanation Tonometer
R type (Fixed)
Robust and reliable with proven technology
this Kowa version of the Perkins Tonometer
T type (Take-Away)
Part Numbers
Keeler Goldmann type Applanation Tonometer – ‘Fixed’ (R)
Keeler Goldmann type Applanation Tonometer – ‘Take-Away (T)
Tonometer ‘Fixed’ post for most Haag
type Slit Lamps
Keeler Applanation Tonometer doubling prism
Tonometer ‘Fixed’ post for most Haag type Slit Lamps
Tonometer ‘Fixed’ post for Keeler SL-33 Zoom
Guide plate for ‘Take-Away’ for most Haag type Slit Lamps
Built in illumination and a direct reading type
has been to exacting and uncompromising
dial for convenience – no weight/pressure
conversion tables are required.
The unique one spring action ensures
The compact, balanced and lightweight
accuracy and consistency regardless of your
design make single handed operation, as
patients posture, calibration can be easily
easy as using your Keeler Ophthalmoscope!
verified using the 2g weight provided.
Part Numbers
"Take-Away' guide plate for Haag
Streit type Slit Lamps
Kowa HA-2 hand-held applanation Tonometer (without prism)
Applanation Tonometer doubling prism
Practice Essentials
Keeler offer a wide range of high quality,
competitively priced Practice Essential tools designed
for everyday, rigorous use.
Finesse Four Sided Test Types
Depending on your size of examination area
Internally illuminated with four upper
you can choose a direct test type which tests
Snellen panels and four lower panels.
at 6 metres or an indirect test type which
• Spot light
tests at 3 metres. Three movement options
• Duochrome
are available; Manual, Motorised and
• Friend
Infrared Remote Control.
• Worth 4 Dot
Part Numbers
Direct Test Types
Four Sided Test Type Manual
Four Sided Test Type Motorised/Air Switch
Four Sided Test Type Infra Red Remote Control
Indirect Test Types
Four Sided Test Type Manual
Four Sided Test Type Motorised/Air Switch
Four Sided Test Type Infra Red Remote Control
Floor Stand for Four Sided Test Types
Wall Bracket for Four Sided Test Types
Finesse Single Sided Test Type
An internally illuminated panel with Spot light
available to test at 6 or 3 metres.
Part Numbers
Test Types
Slimline, internally illuminated, remote controlled test types and accessories
Keeler Finesse
The Keeler Finesse is an all purpose,
• Interchangeable Panel
internally illuminated, infrared, remote
• Motorised Drum
controlled indirect test type.
The Keeler Finesse Elite comes with
Single Sided Test Type 3 Metre Direct
Single Sided Test Type 6 Metre Direct/Indirect
New LogMAR Test Type
LogMAR is the new method of testing
It can be wall mounted or an
visual acuity. It tests at 4 metres with
optional lower base is available.
14 rows of LogMAR letters.
Additional charts are available.
Part Numbers
LogMAR 4 Metre Test Type
• Mallet Fixation Disparity
Base for LogMAR Test Type
• Concentric Circles
Letter Chart
• Duochrome Test
Number Chart
additional Fan and Block for measurement
of astigmatism.
Part Numbers
Keeler Finesse
Keeler Finesse Elite with additional Fan and Block
We offer a wide range
of direct and indirect
Snellen panels
Trial Frames
Trial Lens Sets
Oculus Universal
Full and Reduced
Aperture Sets in vinyl
brief case
Lightweight, comfortable and robust with
easy clean, user friendly controls.
Oculus Adult Half eye
Part Numbers
Oculus Universal
Oculus Standard
The widest range of lenses available that are easy to fit and
Oculus Adult Half Eye with adjustable nose rest
remove from trial frames with clear markings and a
Oculus Children's Half Eye with adjustable nose rest
removable tray.
Simplex Trial Frame
Oculus Children's Half eye
Part Numbers
Oculus Standard
Reduced Aperture Trial Lens Set
Full Aperture Trial Lens Set
Strong metal construction with a full range of
Part Number
Occluders and Accessories
Oculus Standard
ABDO Pocket Rule
Romanes Occluder
Offers an Interpupillary distance and
Simple Trial Frame
measures distance between lenses.
Designed to measure most specifications
ABDO Pocket Rule
relating to spectacles.
Fixation Bar
A comfortable lightweight trial frame that is
Fixation Bar
simple and easy to operate.
An ideal orthoptic aid for children.
Policeman and coloured budgie on one side.
Part Number
Simple Trial Frame
Clip on Occluder
Two reduced Test Types plus N5 text
on reverse.
Green and Red Maddox Rods
Pair of lenses
Adjustable bridge
Bridge material
Lens rotation control
Adjustable PD
Adjustable side length
Adjustable side angle
Vertex measurement
Frame Material
Adult 1/2 Eye
1/2 Eye
Ideal for muscle balance examination.
Maddox Rod
City Rule
Romanes Occluder
Part Numbers
ABDO Pocket Rule
Fixation Bar
Clip on Occluders
Romanes Occluder
Green Maddox Rod
Red Maddox Rod
City Rule
City Rule
Designed to take frame and
multifocal measurements.
Designed to BS3521 – 1991
(latest version).
Cross Cylinders, Twirls & Confirmation Tests
Children’s Tests & Near Vision Reading Tests
Keeler Binocular Confirmation Tests
Cardiff Acuity Cards
Useful sliding lens system that allows the PD
Displaying pictures that a child can recognise
months to 3 years. Acuity range: 6/6 to 6/60
to be adjusted to your patients
and relate to.
at 1m or 30 cm viewing distance.
Ideal for acuity testing of children from 6
Cards are laminated and washable.
Part Number
Part Numbers
Confirmation Tests (4 lenses, 2 Pairs Each +/-0.25D)
Confirmation Test (4 lenses, 2 Pairs Each+/-0.50D)
Confirmation Test (4 lenses, 2 Pairs Each +/-1.00D)
Confirmation Test (4 lenses 2 Pairs one +/-0.25D,
one +/-0.50D
Keeler and Jackson Cross Cylinders
and Confirmation Tests
Cardiff Acuity Card Set
LogMAR Crowded Test
More subtle definition of changes between
of age. 3m working distance. 4 letters at
acuity ranges specifically in amblyopic children.
each acuity level from 6/3 to 6/38.
Ideal for testing acuity children from 3 years
Laminated and washable.
Part Number
LogMAR Crowded Test
Thomas the Tank Engine
Clearly marked high quality lenses.
Designed specifically for children.
Colour pictures encourage full child
participation. Print size N5 to N48.
Part Numbers
Keeler Cross Cylinder 0.25D
Keeler Cross Cylinder 0.50D
Pair of Keeler Cross Cylinders in case
Jackson Cross Cylinder +/-0.25D
Jackson Cross Cylinder +/- 0.50D
Jackson Cross Cylinder +/-0.75D
Jackson Cross Cylinder +/- 1.00D
Keeler Monocular Confirmation Tests
Part Numbers
Monocular Spherical Twirl +/- 0.25D
Monocular Spherical Twirl +/-0.50D
Part Number
Thomas The Tank Engine Reading Test
Sheridan Gardiner Test
Well established test designed for children but
learning difficulties or patients who do not
suitable for disabled people, those with
share a common language with the examiner.
Part Numbers
Sheridan Gardiner Test without Orthoptic booklets
Sheridan Gardiner Test with Orthoptic booklets
Sonksen Silver Acuity System
Designed for young and disabled children but
patients who fail standard screening test
equally suitable for older children and adults.
and require further investigation.
Optional 6/60 to 6/24 booklet available for
Flipover linear chart.
Part Number
Sonksen Test Complete
Colour Vision Tests
3rd Edition City University Colour Vision Test
Wirt Stereo Fly Test
Fly dramatically demonstrates presence of
Two supporting tests enable estimation of
stereoscopic vision.
level of stereoscopic vision.
Part Number
This test displays normal protan, deutan and
Significant tritan defects may be detected if
tritan colours, differentiation is stronger in
used in conjunction with the Ishihara.
the red/green.
The test includes a screening option.
Part Number
Wirt Stereo Fly Test
Maddox Wing Test
City University Colour Vision Test
38 & 24 Plate Ishihara Colour Vision Test
Ideal for commercial/industrial colour
varying in colour and intensity (pseudo-
isochromatic plates).
Convenient hand held quick and efficient
Esophoria and exophoria are measured by
near test for heterophoria which is
the white horizontal scale. Cyclophoria may
measured on the red vertical scale.
be assessed by moving the red arrow pointer
parallel to the horizontal scale.
Part Number
Maddox Wing Test
Tests for protan and deutan defects.
Patients must identify numbers or patterns
Two editions available: 38 plate for detailed
formed in a matrix of small coloured dots
investigation – 24 plate for quick screening.
Part Numbers
Keeler Horizontal Vertical Prism Bar
38 Plate Ishihara Colour Test
Comes complete in it’s own case. A unique
Optical surfaces are recessed for optimum
24 Plate Ishihara Colour Test
integrated design with no need for two
protection. Extensive prism power
separate bars.
1,2,3,4,6,8,10,15,20,25,30 and 36 dioptres.
General Tests
Part Number
Keeler Horizontal/Vertical Prism Bar
Mallett Near Vision Unit
Keeler Retinoscopy Rack
A lightweight and compact Near Vision test
tests are controlled by a switch located on
An excellent tool for fast objective
Comes complete in its own carrying case.
unit that incorporates a comprehensive
the side of the unit.
refraction, particularly with uncooperative
There are 24 lenses, 13mm diameter –6D to
range of Mallett near tests.
High contrast and definition on all charts.
patients and children.
+6D in 0.5D steps. Mounted in tough, yet
The unit supplied is rechargeable and the
A matching polarised visor is included.
Part Numbers
Mallett Near Vision Unit 90/180°
Mallett Near Vision Unit 45/135°
light alloy frame.
Part Number
Keeler Retinoscopy Rack
RAF Binocular Gauge
Amsler Manual
Useful device for determining the objective
Lightweight bar, 500mm in length on which a
Assists in early recognition of changes in the
diagnosis of functional disturbances, from
and subjective convergence points,
sliding four sided drum is mounted with
macula and foveal areas.
small scotoma to distortions. Full instructions
different tests on each panel.
Only 6 patient responses required for
include the interpretation of results.
measuring accommodation and determining
the dominant eye.
Part Numbers
Part Number
RAF Binocular Gauge
Amsler Manual
Amsler Recording Charts
Volk - The Leader in Aspheric Optics
Classic Slit Lamp Lenses
Super Series Slit Lamp Lenses
Its small 30.2mm diameter housing proves to be
lens to be more easily manipulated, which in turn
highly useful for dynamic fundoscopy, allowing the
effectively increases its dynamic field of view to 116º.
handling with the orbital area.
Part Number
60D Classic Lens
SuperField® Slit Lamp Lens
Super 66
The Super 66® provides an expansive 96º
the 78D lens but with higher resolution,
dynamic field of view. Ease of use and
image clarity and enhanced depth
working distance are comparable to that of
Part Number
The 31mm ring diameter facilitates easy
of the non contact slit lamp lenses and is
ideal for detailed disc and macular viewing.
Part Number
The 60D provides the highest magnification
The patented Double Aspheric 78D is an
lens offering an ideal .93x image magnification
excellent general diagnostic laser treatment
and wide 97º dynamic field of view.
Part Number
78D Classic Lens
Super 66® Slit Lamp Lens
Super VitreoFundus®
The original Volk 90D features a small 26mm
The Volk 90 has good small pupil capabilities,
Volk’s Super VitreoFundus® lens provides
provide a wide field of view through small
diameter ring design which is outstanding
making it ideal for a quick look at the
ultra wide-field viewing and outstanding
pupils without the steep learning curve of
for dynamic fundoscopy.
posterior pole.
small pupil properties for quick
typical small pupil lenses. Delivering an
comprehensive fundus examinations at the
incredible 124º dynamic field of view with
slit lamp. It has been specifically designed to
ample .57x magnification.
Part Number
Super VitreoFundus® Slit Lamp Lens
SuperPupil® XL
The SuperPupil XL provides the widest pan
resolution optics allow detailed inspection of
equatorial fundus view of any non contact
the posterior pole as well as peripheral
lens available with over 100º field visible in a
lesions including retinoschisis and retinal
single view! The XL's’ wide field/high
Part Number
Part Number
90D Classic Lens
Field of View Image Mag. Laser Spot Size
Primary Application
60D Classic
68° / 81°
High magnification views of the posterior pole
78D Classic
81° / 97°
General diagnosis and treatment
90D Classic
74° / 89°
General diagnosis / small pupil examinations
Super Pupil® XL Slit Lamp Lens
NEW Digital 1.0x Imaging Lens
The Digital 1.0x imaging lens is optimised for the
sharper image across the diameter of the lens.
visible spectrum and was designed to reduce
The Digital 1.0X Imaging lens is also ideal for slit
glare and reflections during general diagnosis
lamp photography. For best results during slit
Volk Steady Mount
and slit lamp imaging. This lens provides a high
lamp photography, it is recommended that you
This lens positioning instrument mounts
and other applications requiring a stable lens
resolution view of the posterior pole and a
use this lens with the Volk Steady Mount.
directly on the slit lamp allowing your Volk
position. The Steady Mount adapts to all slit
lens to be universally positioned, tilted and
lamps and is designed for use with Volk’s
angled with accuracy and ease for both left
SuperField, 60D, Super 66, 78D and
and right eye fundus viewing. Excellent for
Digital 1.0x Imaging Lens.
Part Number
Super 66®
Field of View Image Mag. Laser Spot Size
95° / 116°
Primary Application
General retinal scanning lens
89° / 96°
High resolution viewing of the posterior pole
Super VitreoFundus®
103° / 124°
Wide field retinal scanning and small pupil examinations (3-4 mm)
SuperPupil® XL
103° / 124°
Examination through small pupils (2-3mm)
60° / 72°
High-resolution diagnosis of the posterior pole and reduced
glare and reflections
Digital 1.0x Imaging Lens
Digital 1.0x Imaging Slit Lamp Lens
routine examinations as well as photography
Part Number
Volk Steady Mount
Indirect Ophthalmoscope Lenses
Indirect Diagnostic Laser Contact Lenses
SuperQuad® 160
The 15D provides high magnification along with
With its 4.11x magnification, it is also well
The ultimate PRP lens! Volk’s SuperQuad® 160
The SuperQuad® 160 is the ideal lens for
optimised working distance from the cornea.
suited for optic disc and macular observation.
offers the widest field of view of any lens ever
visualisation and treatment of proliferative
produced. Its ideal .5x magnification provides
diabetic retinopathy, ischemic retinal vein
simultaneous visualisation of the posterior pole
occlusion and peripheral retinal holes and
to the peripheral retina, providing a greater
tears. Laser beam transmission and fundus
margin of safety during pan retinal
image quality are sharp and undistorted to the
full extent of the viewing field.
Part Number
15D Indirect Ophthalmoscope Lens
The 20D lens is perfectly corrected for field
Double Aspheric design further maintains
curvature, astigmatic aberrations and coma –
linear image magnification and perfect
delivering the best retinal image of any 20
image clarity across the entire field of view
dioptre lens on the market. Its advanced
for unsurpassed fundus examinations.
Part Number
The Pan Retinal® 2.2 uniquely combines
30D lens. It is excellent for virtually every
magnification nearly that of the 20D lens
examination procedure, including small pupil
with a field of view approaching that of the
Pan Retinal® 2.2 Indirect Ophthalmoscope Lens
This lens provides exceptional resolution and
Excellent for small pupil diagnosis and
fundus scanning capability.
Part Number
28D Indirect Ophthalmoscope Lens
The 30D is designed to provide the
shorter working distance and excellent for
practitioner with a wide field of view,
use with small pupils.
Part Number
Super Quad® 160 Indirect Contact Lens
The original 130º QuadrAspheric® lens has
reflection displacement and ease of use.
grown in popularity since its introduction in
This lens is excellent for small pupil fundus
1989 as the preferred wide field fundus laser
examination and as a general diagnostic/laser
lens. Its sleek 28.6mm diameter housing
lens delivering a quality combination of wide
provides a definite advantage over competitive
field viewing, image magnification and
wide field lenses for peripheral retinal viewing,
manoeuvrability in the orbit.
Part Number
QuadrAspheric® Indirect Contact Lens
Area Centralis®
The Volk Area Centralis® is excellent for
proliferative diabetic retinopathy and other
critically evaluating and treating subretinal
retinal conditions. It is ideal for focal laser
neovascularization and changes from
treatment of these conditions providing
macular degeneration, retinal vascular
excellent magnification combined with a
occlusions, diabetic macular oedema,
good field of view.
Part Number
Area Centralis® Indirect Contact Lens
30D Indirect Ophthalmoscope Lens
The Volk TransEquator® is designed for focal
view of the entire posterior pole extending
laser therapy and mid-to-far peripheral
to the equator. The superior optics of this
The 40D is ideal for paediatric ophthalmoscopy and
fundus diagnosis. Its unique optical design
lens allow dynamic movement on the globe,
other examinations requiring expansive fundus visibility.
presents a realistic contour of the retinal
therefore increasing its functional field
concavity, offering an impressive wide-field
of view.
Part Number
40D Indirect Ophthalmoscope Lens
Part Number
20D Indirect Ophthalmoscope Lens
Pan Retinal® 2.2
Part Number
Part Number
TransEquator® Indirect Contact Lens
Field of View
Laser Spot
Mag. Factor
Primary Application
Macula Plus® 5.5
36° / 43°
Ultra-high resolution viewing of the posterior pole
SuperQuad® 160
160° / 165°
Extreme, wide angle pan-retinal photocoagulation
14D Large
36° / 47°
High magnification viewing of the posterior pole
Equator Plus®
114° / 137°
Small pupil diagnosis and treatment
15D Large
36° / 47°
High magnification viewing of the posterior pole
Quad Paediatric
100° / 120°
ROP and other paediatric conditions
Field of View Image Mag.
Laser Spot
Primary Application
20D Large
46° / 60°
General diagnosis and treatment
120° / 144°
Wide field diagnosis and treatment of the retina
Pan Retinal® 2.2
56° / 73°
General diagnosis and treatment
PDT Laser Lens
115° / 137°
Photodynamic Therapy
25D Large
52° / 68°
Median field diagnosis and treatment
110° / 132°
Mid peripheral diagnosis and grid laser therapy
28D Large
53° / 69°
Small pupil diagnosis and treatment
Area Centralis
70° / 84°
High resolution viewing and treatment of the posterior pole
SuperMacula 2.2
60° / 78°
Ultra-high resolution diagnosis and treatment near the fovea
30D Large
58° / 75°
Small pupil diagnosis and treatment
40D Large
69° / 90°
Paediatric ophthalmoscopy / veterinary applications
All Volk lenses are listed but not shown - for details on other Volk lenses , please contact Keeler on 0800 521251
Direct Contact Lenses
Gonio Lenses
Centralis Direct®
3 Mirror
Volk’s Centralis Direct® laser lens provides a
The Centralis Direct® also features an aspheric
The 3 Mirror lens incorporates 3 mirrors
observation of the central portion of the
direct upright image of the posterior segment
corneal contact design for improved fit and
angled at 60°, 66° and 76°. It is ideal for
posterior pole. Available in Volk’s exclusive
of the eye. Utilizing a unique solid methyl
manoeuvrability, visible wavelength and laser
anterior chamber as well as central and
18mm ANF (Advanced No Fluid) contact
methacrylate optic with a bonded protective
beam transmission exceeding 99% and
peripheral fundus viewing and treatment.
design, or the 15.5mm "No Flange" version
glass LaserWindow® exterior, this special optical
the convenience of a knurled grip area
The retinal viewing mirrors are accurately
for use on infants and patients with narrow
design eliminates filament reflection common
extending beyond the orbital margin, for
angled and spaced to eliminate "gaps" in the
palpebral fissures. Please specify coating for
to other lower profile fundus lenses.
easier handling.
visualised fundus. The central portion of the
Diagnostic/Laser lenses or the uncoated
lens also provides direct
diagnostic version.
Part Number
Centralis Direct® Lens
Part Number
Fundus Laser Lens
3 Mirror Lens
An advanced fundus laser lens designed with Volk's
The Volk Fundus Laser Lens comes standard with
patented Double Aspheric optics for superior high
LaserWindow® for optimal laser beam
G-4 goniolaser and G-4 gonio nf
magnification viewing and treatment of the optic
transmission and imaging element protection.
The G-4 goniolaser lens features 4 precisely
that's ideal for both static and dynamic
nerve head and macula. State-of-the-art computer
This unique feature also creates a "closed" system
angled 64° mirrors to deliver a complete view
gonioscopy while eliminating the
designed aspheric optics provide improved
- protecting the imaging element from dirt, oils
of the anterior chamber angle with slight
need for viscous interface solutions such as
performance over existing fundus lens designs.
and debris - ensuring precise laser placement.
rotation. The standard fluid design (flanged
methylcellulose. Four NF models are
glass contact element) provides a stable
available, including: small hand held (25.5mm
platform during laser treatment of the
diameter), large hand held (29mm diameter),
anterior segment. The NF design features a
extended handle (31/2" straight handle) or
small 8.4mm radius contact surface
angled handle (31/2" 45° angled handle).
Part Number
Fundus Laser Lens
Capsulotomy Lens
Laser capsulotomy procedures are now
laser beam placement at the capsular bag.
greatly improved with Volk’s patented
This new aspheric design comes standard
Double Aspheric Capsulotomy Laser Lens.
with a LaserWindow® for optimal laser beam
This new lens promotes precise and focused
Part Number
Part Number
Volk’s patented Double Aspheric Iridectomy
This new aspheric design comes standard with
lens provides superior treatment capability of
LaserWindow® for optimal laser beam
all basal and peripheral iridectomy procedures.
transmission and imaging element protection.
Part Number
Part Number
The New Volk Blumenthal Suturelysis lens assists
situations as well as smooth suturelysis in
in suture removal after glaucoma surgery
routine cases. The pointed tip provides a strong
enabling you to cut sutures that were
compressive force that adds to the stabilisation
inaccessible with prior suturelysis lens designs.
of the treated area. This feature provides
The lens magnifies the suture appearance 2 to 3
particular benefit in patients with thick Tenon’s
times – allowing enhanced visibility for difficult
layer of a subconjunctival haemorrhage.
G-4 goniolaser and G-4 gonio nf Lens
Iridectomy Lens
Blumenthal Suturelysis Lens
Part Number
New 2-in-1 handle which can be
removed or re-attached to create a
straight or angled handle design
Capsulotomy Lens
Iridectomy Lens
Mirror Angles
Image Mag.
Laser Spot
Contact Diameter
3 Mirror (no flange)
60° / 66° / 76°
3 Mirror (ANF+)
60° / 66° / 76°
G-1 trabeculum
60° / 64°
G-2 trabeculum
G-2 trabeculum nf
Field of View Image Mag. Laser Spot Mag.
2-in-1 G-4 Handle
G-1 trabeculum nf
Blumenthal Suturelysis Lens
Field of View Image Mag. Laser Spot Mag.
60° / 64°
G-3 goniofundus
60° / 66° / 76°
G-3 goniofundus nf
60° / 66° / 76°
60° / 66° / 76°
Centralis Direct
22° / 26°
MagPlus Iridectomy Lens
G-3 mini goniofundus nf
Fundus Laser Lens
35° / 40°
Fundus 20mm Laser Lens
25° / 30°
G-4 goniolaser
4 x 64°
G-4 gonio nf
4 x 64°
Iridectomy Lens
Capsulotomy Lens
Blumenthal Suturelysis Lens
2x - 3x
.50x - .33x
All Volk lenses are listed but not shown - for details on other Volk lenses , please contact Keeler on 0800 521251
Surgical Lenses
Fundus Cameras
MiniQuad XL®
Provides by far the widest field of view, allowing
detachment surgery, repairing giant retinal tears,
Established in 1894, Kowa has a worldwide
visualisation of virtually the entire retina including
diagnosing and treating anterior proliferative
reputation for optics; quality optics that set
the ora serrata, with essentially coaxial positioning
vitreoretinopathy and for examining the
them apart from their competitors. Kowa
of the lens on the eye. It is excellent for retinal
peripheral retina in a vitreous cavity filled with air.
Part Number
skills reach far beyond optics to electronics,
software and many other technologies. It is
MiniQuad XL® Surgical Lens
the blend of optics and electronics that meld
to create some of the best Fundus Cameras
The standard MiniQuad® has many of the
features of the XL with a slightly smaller ring
diameter and field of view.
Part Number
Kowa Non Myd
MiniQuad Surgical Lens
Great images and unbeatable software make
Chalam Flat SSV (ACS)
this your perfect non mydriatic imaging
The Chalam Flat is designed for routine
epiretinal membranes and for removal of
partner. The intuitive controls and unique
vitrectomy, optic nerve neurotomy and
tractional epiretinal membranes. Direct
styling together with software that exceeds
induction of posterior vitreous detachments.
image lens design. This lens was developed
the needs of the imaging expert without
It is also useful for macula whole surgery,
with K.V. Chalam MD.
perplexing the novice, will make this a
practical and powerful addition to your
Part Number
practice; it’s so easy.
Chalam Flat SSV® (ACS) Surgical Lens
Ease of use
clariVit Wide Angle
Superior resolution over a wide field allowing
surgery, treating giant retinal tears and diagnosis
visualisation of the entire retina. This patented
and treatment of proliferative vitreoretinopathy,
lens is used for detailed retinal detachment
when the vitreous cavity is filled with air.
Part Number
‘One touch’ controls for magnification and
fixation target change, motorised chinrest,
clariVit Wide Angle Surgical Lens
minimum requirement for a DR screening
make it a delight to use.
camera; the Kowa is ‘on the list’.
Great images
Chalam High-Mag 1.5x SSV® (ACS)
dynamic range and sensitivity that has been
The Chalam High-Mag 1.5x is specifically
macularepiretinal membrane removal,
tuned to complement the Kowa optical system.
designed for internal limiting membrane
traditional macular edema and other
Great images!
peeling in macular hole surgery, optic nerve
situations warranting higher magnification.
neurotomy, sheathotomy and
Direct image lens design.
Detail where you want it
Chalam High-Mag 1.5x SSV® (ACS) Surgical Lens
to the higher magnification 20° field and a
‘toggle’ button for fixation selection you can
Field of View Image Mag.
Field of View Image Mag.
MiniQuad® XL
112° / 134°
Chalam 45° Prism SSV® (ACS)
106° / 127°
Chalam 30° Prism SSV® (ACS)
DynaView 156°
95° / 127°
Chalam 15° Prism SSV® (ACS)
Central Retinal
73° / 88°
Chalam Flat SSV® (ACS)
64° / 77°
Chalam Mid Field SSV® (ACS)
Fundus SSV
Chalam High Mag 1.5 SSV (ACS)
20° / 30°
clariVit Wide Angle
110° / 132°
clariVit Central Mag
80° / 96°
ACS - Autoclave Sterilizable Design
SSV® - Self Stabilising Vitrectomy
All Volk lenses are listed but not shown - for details on other Volk lenses , please contact Keeler on 0800 521251
Unbeatable software
Sophisticated but without complexity, the
Kowa VK-2 software package is designed
specifically to meet the needs of the ‘retinal
imager’. It works the way you work.
With a one touch button to switch from 45°
The resolution of the camera far exceeds the
and motorised height on the joystick all
The high-resolution digital camera has a superb
Part Number
NHS Diabetic Retinopathy
really get to capture that all important
retinal detail.
Software features
VK-2 is a comprehensive patient database
with powerful search facilities, clear icons to
make ‘processing tool’ selection fast and
easy, and minimal keystrokes and clicks when
adding patients, imaging and reviewing or
comparing. All you could ever want in an
imaging package.
Part Numbers
Kowa Non Myd transit case
Kowa Non Myd Alpha Camera complete with VK-2 software
Kowa Non Myd transit case
Kowa Non Myd external fixation target
Tables (see refraction stands
and tables section)
Genesis D
Slit Lamps and Video Slit Lamps
New from Kowa is the first truly hand-held
mydriatic digital fundus camera using the
Easy to align and use
Alignment and orientation are fast
Quality without compromise. One of the most
same high performance integrated digital
and easy with the new co-axial
camera used in the Non Myd.
important diagnostic devices in ophthalmology and
parallel optical system.
optometry is your Slit Lamp. Making the right choice
Genesis portability opens up a whole new
world of high resolution retinal imaging –
paediatric; in theatre; on the ward;
Optimised system
The integrated camera and Kowa’s
veterinary, the world is your clinic!
optical system are tuned and optimised to
produce crisp, colour correct images, first
Instant results
time every time.
will pay dividends for years to come. Quality optics
For Volk Slit Lamp
Lenses please
see page 28
and illumination are fundamental to Slit Lamp
examination and the Keeler and Kowa devices excel
in these vital areas. You may want to image digitally
or have the option to upgrade to imaging at a later
date – look no further.
The handy built in 2.5" TFT screen allows you
to instantly review your images before you
‘return to base’ and download to your PC.
Part Numbers
Kowa Genesis D complete, without Case
Haag Streit type
Kowa Genesis D carrying case
Kowa Genesis D footswitch
Haag Streit type illumination systems, featuring up to 20º
Kowa Genesis D 28D lens holder
tilting tower illumination allows examination in the vertical,
horizontal and oblique sections plus the option to offset the
slit for corneal transillumination. Filters include Cobalt blue;
green (red free); neutral density; heat absorbing.
• Drum change x6, x10, x16, x25 and
• Optional fibre optic external illumination system
x40 magnifications
Three cameras in one without compromise;
non mydriatic colour, mydriatic colour and
Digital or 35mm use
Whether you want digital
• Optional beam splitter for imaging upgrade
mydriatic fluorescein all at the touch of a
use with the Nikon D100
button, perfect for screening (Non Myd) or
camera back or want to
for in depth clinical studies using colour or
use conventional 35mm
monochrome FFA.
photography the VX-10
3 photographic modes
Part Number
• Integrated yellow barrier filter for
• Rapid magnification change from x 10
If you choose the D100
toggle between non mydriatic and the
option then you may like
mydriatic colour or fluorescein modes.
to link the D100 to
the excellent Kowa
to x 16
• Optional fibre optic external illumination
• Conventional 13º convergent optical system
Part Number
fluorescein examination
SL-40 Slit Lamp on table top (x6, x10, x16, x25 and x40)
will do both without
Total versatility with a one touch button to
Designed for use
• Rheostat base
• Comfortable 8.5º converging optics
• Rheostat base
SL-16 Slit Lamp (x10 and x16)
VK-2 software.
With easy alignment and focusing using the
LCD monitor coupled with a darkroom
adapted control and navigation panel the
SL-33 Zoom
VX-10 is intuitive and fast to use.
• Continuous zoom magnification change
from x 6 to x 33
• Rheostat base
• Comfortable 8.5º converging optics
Part Numbers
Kowa VX-10 Mydriatic/Non Mydriatic Digital set,
• Optional fibre optic external illumination system
• Integrated yellow barrier filter for
• Optional beam splitter for imaging upgrade
fluorescein examination
requires Nikon D-100 camera back
Nikon D-100 6 Mp camera back with multi function
battery pack and AC adapter
Tables (see refraction stands and tables section)
Part Number
SSL-33 Zoom Slit Lamp (x6 to x33 continuous)
Tables (see refraction stands and tables section)
Zeiss type
Nikon Coolpix digital imaging upgrade options for the SL-40H
and the SL-33 Zoom
Zeiss type illumination systems are significantly more compact and tidier in overall looks yet
The Nikon Coolpix adapter; by far the
For the best results, an optional fibre optic
retain many of the excellent features of the more comprehensive Haag type systems, such as
simplest and most effective imaging upgrade
illumination system can be added to Haag
the cobalt blue, green (red free), neutral density and heat absorbing filters.
solution is to connect a Nikon Coolpix 4500
Streit type tower illumination systems.
to your slit lamp using a simple beam splitter
and the Coolpix adapter.
• Drum change x6, x10, x16, x25 and x40
• Rheostat base
Part Numbers
• Integrated yellow barrier filter for
• Comfortable 8.5º converging optics
fluorescein examination
Double port beam splitter for SL-33 and SL-40
Nikon CoolPix digital camera mount (4500, 990, 950
and 995) for beam splitter
• Optional beam splitter for imaging upgrade
Part Number
SL-40 Slit Lamp (x6, x10, x16, x25 and x40)
Nikon Coolpix 4500 digital camera + mains power supply
Remote control for Nikon Coolpix
128mb CF card for Coolpix
External Fibre Optic Illumination System for SL-33 and SL-40
Beam splitter and Nikon Coolpix adapter
• Rapid magnification change from x 10 to x 16
• Conventional 13º convergent optical
The Kowa SL-15 hand-held Slit Lamp
• Optional fibre optic external illumination
• Rheostat base
Versatility and portability are key benefits of the Kowa SL-15. Lithium rechargeable
technology giving rapid charging and long ‘on’ time combined with Kowa’s
Part Number
SL-16 Slit Lamp (x10 and x16)
renowned optical expertise result in this superb instrument. New to the SL-15 is
the unique and valuable ability to upgrade to digital imaging.
Tables (see refraction stands and tables section)
Rechargeable and cordless
Crisp white Light
Total freedom of use whether in the theatre,
An extra bright halogen light
Video Slit Lamp and video options
on a domiciliary visit, if you have wheelchair
source ensures that no
bound patients who cannot get to the
pathology goes unnoticed and
chinrest of your conventional Slit Lamp or for
is perfect for when imaging is
Imaging is now an important part of the clinical process; whether it is for protection against
examining a horse in the stable.
being performed using the
litigation or simply to have a quality clinical record of the patient’s conditions to monitor any
Total freedom.
Nikon Coolpix system.
Compact and lightweight
Digital ready
When portability is key, weight plays an
Simply add the Kowa video
important part – especially for any lengthy
mount and Coolpix adapter,
examination or when you are extensively
then fit a Nikon Coolpix
imaging an eye. The SL-15 is under 800g and
and start imaging.
extremely comfortable and natural to hold
Portable Slit Lamp imaging
and use.
at your fingertips.
change in the future, or, to help educate or impress your patient.
SL-40 D (Digital Slit Lamp)
Building on the outstanding optical system of
system, and when used
the Keeler SL-40H, the illuminations system is
with the 1.0x Digital Volk lens
upgraded, an external fibre optic
a versatile and powerful retinal
illumination system with diffuser added and
imaging system.
the optics optimised for a digital camera.
The result is an excellent digital optical
system for video imaging.
Part Numbers
Kowa SL-15 Rechargeable hand-held portable Slit Lamp
With the option of capturing stills or video
clips this top quality affordable device
represents superb value. Supplied with image
software, this is a complete anterior segment
Keeler SL-40 D Digital fire wire Slit Lamp complete on
table top with software
Kowa SL-15 Optical head carrying case
Kowa SL-15 Carrying case for complete unit
Digital Upgrade
capture, viewing and enhancing
Part Number
Tables (see refraction stands
and tables section)
Kowa SL-15 Video Adapter for C mount system
‘C’ mount to Coolpix adapter for 4500 camera
Nikon Coolpix 4500 digital camera + mains power supply
Remote control for Nikon Coolpix
128mb CF card for Coolpix
Kowa SL-15 with Nikon Coolpix
Autorefractors & AutorefKeratometers
As the Keratometer becomes destined for less regular
Technology with a purpose. Whether you want to
use, the price value relationship becomes key to the
pre-test your patients in the practice, or regularly
purchasing decision. We offer two exceptional value,
need to refract uncooperative children, or simply need
top quality Keratometers; the traditional Javal type
a portable Autorefractor/Keratometer for theatre,
and the one position B & L type.
domiciliary or veterinary use we have the solution.
Javal Keratometer
bon Retinomax and
Retinomax K+2
Fast, accurate and versatile wireless handheld refractive measurements. Perfect for
• 30 to 60 Dioptres measuring range
domiciliary visits, children or the disabled
• Single Joystick control for height and position
• Illuminated measuring scale
where chinrest devices are impractical and
speed is the issue.
• Extremely accurate
Part Number
Javal Keratometer
Share the Retinomax between rooms or
practices. With no wires to restrict your
Tables (see refraction stands and tables section)
movement it can be used virtually anywhere.
No compromise
With a full measurement range and
advanced measurement modes, this is a
‘fully featured’ device miniaturised
B & L type
without compromise.
• Single Position Keratometer
perfect device for refracting children
• Clear external reading scales
and babies.
Perfect for children
With no chinrest and the useful melody
function to retain attention, this is the
• Measures to within 0.12 Dioptres
• Measurement range 36 to 52 Dioptres
Keratometry with K-Plus 2
• Scale in both mm’s and Dioptres
With the K-Plus 2 model simultaneous
• Aids visualisation of keratoconus
keratometry readings can be taken.
Part Numbers
Part Number
Bobes Keratometer, type II
Retinomax 2 including Charger + Printer
Retinomax K+2 (AutorefKeratometer) incl. Charger + Printer
Tables (see refraction stands and tables section)
Rigid carrying case for Retinomax
Speedy-1 and Speedy-K
Chart Projectors/Test Types
The name Speedy was selected with good
reason! With a measurement time of one
The flexibility, space saving ability and simplicity of
hundredth of a second and a result display
use of the chart projector give it a significant
time of less than an eighth of a second these
advantage over both conventional Test Types
really do live up to their name.
and computer based systems.
Advanced engineering, rapid acquisition of data
and the retro illumination mode make the
‘speedy’ Autorefractor and AutorefKeratometer
the most advanced available.
The Infra Red remote allows you total
freedom to control your projector from
Virtually instant readings are taken when
anywhere in the room, and with two
alignment and focus are achieved, and displayed
program sequences at your fingertips
when accurate data has been gathered.
you can easily run your personally selected
sequences quickly and easily.
With the Speedy-K, simultaneous Keratometry
readings can be taken within a third of a
With 37 contrast adjustable charts as well
second after alignment and focus are achieved.
as red green and polarising phoria tests the
Pro-Chart really is an all in one Test Type.
Fast efficient and reliable.
Part Numbers
bon Speedy Autorefractor
bon Speedy K AutorefKeratometer
Part Numbers
Kowa KA-1000 and KW-2000
Wall Bracket for Chart Projector
Double projection mirror for rooms of less than 6m
Tables (see refraction stands
and tables section)
The latest generation of the Kowa Autorefractor/keratometer features a
colour display for faster visualisation of the presented results.
Now with the ability to refract through an
Speed accuracy and ease of use are key features of most modern technological instruments
IOL, and through a 2.3mm or larger pupil the
and the Pro-Check has both. The in-built program allows you to easily configure your
Kowa Autorefractors are a significant step
Lensmeter, whether it is checking batches of lenses received from your laboratory or to
forward in technology.
measure the Rx on your patients existing spectacles.
Auto start
Once pre-aligned using the on screen focus
guide the system will automatically commence
measurement and can be set to print the results
automatically after measurement is completed.
Kowa KA-1000 Auto Refractometer
Kowa KW-2000 Auto RefKeratometer
Tables (see refraction stands
and tables section)
Pro-chart Chart Projector (37 charts) with contrast sensitivity
Tables (see refraction stands and tables section)
Part Numbers
The large and easy to interpret display of
The user options accessed via the front
the rapidly taken measurements is infinitely
panel buttons enable you to set your
better than using a conventional ‘ocular’
personal measurement parameter, eg + or –
Lensmeter – and much faster to learn for
Cyls, whether to print, automatic or manual
the new or infrequent user!
‘hold’ etc.
Part Number
Pro-Check Auto digital Lensmeter
bon Remote Vision
Refraction Stands
Automation takes a step forward with the ‘Remote Vision’
Auto Phoropter. Following on from the success of the
popular hand-held Retinomax, and capable of performing
all refraction procedures via a compact remote control, the
‘Remote Vision’ can transform your examination.
Designed to work in conjunction with the Retinomax and
Function and form are both important when
Making the right decision is vital, so let us
making your selection of refraction furniture,
help you by surveying your room to ensure
as is the efficient use of the space available
that the refraction stand selected is perfect
and your time with your patients. If space is
for your purposes.
with remote controlled chart projectors, this is truly part of
a premium consider placing your Non Myd
an integrated solution.
on the refraction stand alongside the Slit
Our Installations Manager will liaise with
Lamp, perhaps use space saving automation
you to ensure a smooth delivery and
such as the Remote Vision and the
installation, and if required, remove and
Retinomax – let technology help you.
dispose of your old equipment.
Back protector
No more twisting and reaching across with
trial frames and lenses – sit back comfortably
and take control with the Infra red remote,
whilst continuing to maintain personal
contact with your patient.
to use
The remote
controller is
logically laid
out and
The Remote Vision has three customisable
intuitive to
pre-set programs to speed your examination
use – and
speed is aided
1 A general monocular examination
by a ‘Jog Dial’ to allow you to rapidly change
2 Binocular vision testing and
powers without having to search for
3 A rapid objective / subjective test after
specific buttons.
Compact, for
the smaller room
The stylish and practical design is both
pleasing to the eye and convenient to use,
minimising the movement of you and your
patients to increase efficiency and use
of space.
receiving data from the Retinomax.
You can choose from three control panel arms
– a simple control arm: a single drawer arm
Part Number
bon Remote Vision including remote Control
and a three drawer arm. The Compact stand is
fitted with recharging wells and ready to
accept your Keeler Lithium rechargeable
Reichert Rx Master
Still unbeatable as a manual Phoropter, the
Reichert (AO) Rx Master is engineered to
perfection, with a smooth and controllable
action coupled with superb optics. A joy to
use. Supplied as standard in ‘honey white’
and fitted with minus Cyls.
Recharging wells for your Keeler Lithium
rechargeable instruments
Part Numbers
Part Number
Reichert Rx Master (white) with – cyls
Compact Refraction Stand with control panel
Compact Refraction Stand with single drawer console
Compact Refraction Stand with three drawer console
Compact Refraction Stand
with control panel and Comfy Chair
For options please
see page 46
Compact and Pro-Flex Accessories
When space is not at a premium, and where
choice. The table assembly is swung out the
there is a need for the efficient use of three
way for easy access to your patient for your
tabletop instruments, perhaps a Slit lamp,
routine examination procedures.
Compact and
Pro-Flex Options
As with the Compact, the Pro-Flex is fitted
Three drawer trolley
work station
with Keeler Lithium recharging wells ready
With all the stylish and practical features of
Colour matched in powder blue and
adjustable for the weight of your phoropter.
Non Myd and an AutorefKeratometer, then
the Pro-Flex is the stand for you.
Balanced Phoropter arm
for your Ophthalmoscope and Retinoscope.
Balanced Phoropter arm
Colour matched to the Compact and
the Compact, the Pro-Flex has three tables
Pro-Flex stands this three drawer unit gives
that easily rotate to the instrument of your
you the freedom to move vital instruments
and accessories to where you need them.
Simple control panel – one
touch membrane controls.
PC work station
‘Three drawer trolley
work station
Use space vertically with this handy PC trolley
module – the basic unit has three levels for
printer, monitor and processor unit plus a
handy drawer for accessories. You can add a
slide-out keyboard and fixed mouse ‘plate’
either at purchase or at a later date.
Trial lens tray
Trial lens tray only for drawers,
w44.5mm, d32.4mm, h4mm.
Single drawer control arm –
Part Numbers
PC work station
with keyboard and
mouse accessories
Balanced Phoropter arm for Compact and Pro-Flex
one touch membrane
‘Box’ trolley system 3 drawer unit
controls and a single smooth
‘Box’ trolley system PC module
action drawer for your
‘Box’ trolley system keyboard and mouse plate for PC module
smaller accessories.
Trial lens tray only for drawers, w44.5mm, d32.5mm, h4mm
Trial lens tray
Compact and
Pro-Flex Chairs
Three drawer control arm one touch membrane
Pro-Flex Refraction Stand with single drawer
console and Comfy Chair
Comfy Chair
controls and three drawers
A practical and stylish electric elevation chair
manually, the
for instrument storage.
with folding armrests and footplate, manual
height is
rotation for ophthalmoscopy and retinoscopy.
controlled electrically
The robust vinyl material has as few seams as
via the refraction unit
possible to minimise the possibility of a seam
control panel.
causing a split. The backrest can be reclined
Part Numbers
Pro-Flex Refraction Stand with control panel
Pro-Flex Refraction Stand with single drawer console
Pro-Flex Refraction Stand with three drawer console
Part Number
Comfy Chair with manual reclining backrest in blue vinyl
Practice Room Furniture
With all the features of the Comfy chair, the
Select has the added benefit of an adjustable
Gas Lift Stool
headrest for extra patient comfort and
head stability.
A comfortable and lightweight gas lift stool
Part Number
with a backrest – ideal for most purposes in
Select Chair with adjustable headrest and manual
the busy practice.
reclining backrest in blue vinyl
Comfy and Select stand alone
Part Number
Both Comfy and Select Chairs can be supplied
Gas Lift Stool with backrest and 5 star base, blue vinyl
order to be used independently of a
Spine-Saver Clinical Stool
refraction unit.
Sitting comfortably relieves tension on your
with their own base plate and footswitch in
neck, shoulders and back, the more
Part Numbers
Comfy Chair (stand alone) with footswitch in blue vinyl
Select Chair (stand alone) with footswitch in blue vinyl
comfortable you are the more effective and
less fatigued you will be.
This versatile stool has a fully adjustable back
support, a bowl shaped seat and a ‘free float’
bon E20 SE
mode to allow it to move freely to follow
your body movements.
With a tiny ‘footprint’, the bon E 20 is one of
There are eight basic ‘sets’ to choose from
the smallest space saving refraction units
and then to customise to your precise
available to-day.
Part Number
Spine-Saver Stool - Clinical Version with hand
height adjustment
Requiring less than two paces width
Tables for Slit Lamps
(147cms), the E 20 can fit snugly into a tiny
room, freeing up valuable space for other
Most Slit Lamps are supplied on their own
Built to exceptionally high standards and
tabletop requiring only either a table leg or
largely to your specifications, this is the stand
to be fitted to a refraction stand. We offer
to impress both you and your patients.
you a choice of either a virtually silent
motorised centre leg or a silky smooth action
manual counterbalanced centre leg tables.
This is not a ‘production line’ manufactured
stand, it is a premium quality refraction stand
built to your requirements, finished with
your choice of paint and wood veneers, plus
of course a choice of fabrics for the all
important chair.
Electric Elevation Table
Part Numbers
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Set 4
Set 5
Set 6
Set 7
Electric Elevation Table - centre leg
Manual Counterbalanced Table - centre leg
Manual Counterbalanced Table
Set 8
Tables for Cameras, Non Myd, Autorefractors
and Keratometers
For ‘stand alone’ instruments such as Fundus
Cameras or Autorefractors, a table with a
Surgical Loupes
Affordable and portable magnification
Laser aligned optics for magnification of superb optical quality; a lightweight
aluminium assembly and precise pupil alignment system make Keeler Loupes the
perfect choice for thousands of surgical professionals.
top is required.
Improved posture
Help eliminate back pain with a choice
of working distance to suit all positions.
Table legs
Part Numbers
Electric Elevation Table - centre leg (select top)
Manual Counterbalanced Table - centre leg (select top)
Total protection
With autoclavable protection
caps, your magnifications systems
are protected in all circumstances.
Near distance caps
Decrease your working distance by up
to 10cm – ideal for surgical procedures
requiring a sitting position.
Table tops
Part Numbers
Single Top 45 x 58 cm
Double Boomerang Table Top
Autoclavable flip lever
Helping prevent contamination.
Enables loupes to be easily flipped from
Hogie with SuperVu Galilean system
your line of sight.
SuperVu Galilean system
Delivering 2.0x, 2.5x and 3.0x magnification.
stability for the mounted loupes and optimal
flip lever
focal alignment, eliminating headache
The true benefit of this system is ease of use.
and eyestrain.
Movement while maintaining focal clarity is
made possible to superior depth of field.
Ideal for spinal surgery, plastics,
The lightweight aluminium bar and
general surgery and
individual pupillary adjustment provides
maxillofacial surgery.
Tables with tops
Part Numbers
Electric Elevation Table with
43 x 80 top and side leg,
for wheelchair access
Centre Leg Table with small angled
top 100 x 56 Non Myd + Laptop
Part Numbers
2.0x Magnification
SuperVu 2.0x Magnification @ 34cm working distance
SuperVu 2.0x Magnification @ 46cm working distance
2.5x Magnification
SuperVu 2.5x Magnification @ 34cm working distance
SuperVu 2.5x Magnification @ 42cm working distance
SuperVu 2.5x Magnification @ 46cm working distance
SuperVu 2.5x Magnification @ 50cm working distance
Protective caps
3.0x Magnification
Sliding top
Part Number
SuperVu 3.0x Magnification @ 34cm working distance
SuperVu 3.0x Magnification @ 42cm working distance
Double Sliding Table Top for Centre leg manual or
SuperVu 3.0x Magnification @ 46cm working distance
electric table legs
SuperVu 3.0x Magnification @ 50cm working distance
XL Advantage system
Bulbs and Accessories
Delivering 3.5x, 4.5x and 5.5x magnification.
Higher magnification for advanced surgical
procedures. Prismatic quality guarantees a true image.
Edge to edge clarity and precise colour rendition is ideal for
intricate surgical applications. The XL’s precision lenses are treated
Accurate diagnosis depends upon a number of factors.
All Keeler instruments use genuine
Of these, top quality illumination ranks as one of the
Halogen and Xenon technology,
most important. Only excellent visualisation allows
yielding a brighter, whiter illumination
you to use your diagnostic skills to the full.
and a longer life. Look at the bottom of
your bulb to identify if your instrument
with an anti-reflective coating to produce a superior image.
Ideal for fine nerve repair, vascular surgery and paediatrics.
Part Numbers
For this reason, we at Keeler have invested heavily in
is 2.8V (Dry cell battery) or 3.6V
our bulb manufacturing facility at Barnsley.
(Rechargeable battery).
3.5x Magnification
XL Advantage 3.5x Magnification @ 34cm working distance
XL Advantage 3.5x Magnification @ 42cm working distance
XL Advantage 3.5x Magnification @ 46cm working distance
XL Advantage system
XL Advantage 4.5x Magnification @ 34cm working distance
XL Advantage 4.5x Magnification @ 42cm working distance
XL Advantage 4.5x Magnification @ 46cm working distance
5.5x Magnification
XL Advantage 5.5x Magnification @ 34cm working distance
XL Advantage 5.5x Magnification @ 42cm working distance
XL Advantage 5.5x Magnification @ 46cm working distance
Designed for
Part Number
Choose from the design
award winning Hogie
frames, the Keeler standard
frame or a headband
Shadow free
mounted system to mount
Ophthalmoscope bulb
Part Numbers
1011-P-7106 2.8V or 1011-P-7114 3.6V
your loupes. Adaptable to all
The 200w fibreoptic light source
These bulbs
are supplied
in packs
of two
Ophthalmoscope bulb
4.5x Magnification
All Pupil and
Vantage bulb
Part Number
delivers a clear, bright field of
Ophthalmoscope bulb
illumination shining directly onto
the treatment area. Fibrelite can attach
to any frame or headband.
Part Numbers
Part Numbers
Part Numbers
Light source
Keeler Fibrelite light source 240v
Keeler fit Fibrelite with spot adjuster
Universal fit Fibrelite with spot adjuster
Hogies frames
gloss black
gloss black
prescription ready
matt black
matt black
prescription ready
prescription ready
prescription ready
Spectra bulb
Professional/Vista Streak
Retinoscope bulb, 35mm length
Part Numbers
SuperVu frames
1013-P-7008 2.8V Professional
or 1013-P-7009 3.6V Professional
Previous Model Retinoscopes/20mm length
1013-P-7002 2.8V or 1013-P-7003 3.6V
Part Number
Professional/Vista Spot
Retinoscope bulb, 35mm length
1013-P-7006 2.8V or 1013-P-7007 3.6V
Previous Model Retinoscopes/20mm length
1013-P-7000 2.8V or 1013-P-7001 3.6V
Wide Angle Twin Mag
Ophthalmoscope bulb
Part Number
Part Numbers
Medium SuperVu frame with protective lenses
* Prescription lenses for Hogies can easily be fitted by a recommended supplier
1011-P-7042 2.8V or 1011-P-7034 3.6V
Pulsair bulb for Mark 1,
2000, 3000 and EasyEye
Part Number
Halogen bulb
Fison bulb
Part Number
Part Number
Small and Large
Part Number
Kowa SL-14 bulb
Part Number
Javal Keratometer bulb
Part Number
Small 1201-P-6075 / Large 1201-P-6067
SmartPack Battery
Part Number
Direct Ophthalmoscope Accessories
Lithium Kit
Part Number
Kowa SL-15 bulb
Part Number
Javal Keratometer bulb
Part Number
Please refer to page 53 for bulbs required
Handle Sleeve
Part Number
Lithium Battery
The above bulbs are
supplied singularly
Bulb for
Focal Illuminator
Part Numbers
Part Number
Part Number
Near Point Cards
for Retinoscopy
Part Number
NiCad Battery
Part Number
Indirect Teaching Mirrors
All Pupil/Vantage Soft Case for wireless models only
Spot 1016-P-5054 / Slit 1016-P-5062
Indirect Ophthalmoscope Accessories
All Pupil/Vantage Delsey Case for wired models only
Part Number
Teaching Mirror
Part Number
All Pupil II
Teaching Mirror
Part Number
General Accessories
Recording Charts for
City University Test
Part Number
Print Roll
Teaching Mirror
Part Number
Volk Lens Wipes
Part Number
Part Number
2403-P-7257 Print Roll
with Ink
(Pack of 9)
Red 2403-P-7273
Black 2403-P-7281
Blue 2403-P-7265
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