Rio ELSH Manual

Rio ELSH Manual
useful tips
• Make sure your eyelashes are clean, dry and oil-free. Oil based cleaners will soften the glue.
Be gentle, do not rub or use a towel on your eyes.
• For a dramatic look use longer eyelash extensions on the outer edge of the eyelid, medium on the
middle and shorter on the inside corner.
For a more natural look just use the medium and short extensions.
• The false eyelashes may need to be trimmed if you feel they are too long for the look you want to
achieve. Test run them by holding them against your natural eyelashes and see how well they look
and fit across your eyelid. Do all your trimming before applying eyelash glue.
Q:How many eyelash extensions should I apply?
A:As a general rule we recommend between 10-20 eyelash extensions per eye.
Q:Why are my eyelash extensions falling out?
A:Make-up, oil-based cleaners and a variety of other factors such as skin-type, lifestyle and personal
activity can affect the strength of the glue bond between eyelash extension and natural lash.
Oil-based make-up and mascara will weaken the glue bond which may result in one or two
eyelashes falling out. If this happens, simply apply another eyelash extension to fill in the gap.
Q:Can I re-use my eyelash extensions?
A:For hygiene reasons we do not recommend re-using eyelash extensions due to infection.
Q:How long should the eyelash extensions last?
A:This depends on a many factors such as skin-type (oily skin) and the use of make-up and
moisturisers. Depending on how well they are secured individual eyelash extensions may last many
hours to many days. Do not worry if one or two fall out, you can quickly and easily replace them
without having to pay for an expensive visit to a salon.
Q:Can I wear make-up?
A:You do not need to wear mascara as eyelash extensions give the appearance of wearing mascara,
without the running and smudging. If you wear mascara and eye make-up, remember that these will
weaken the glue bond and affect the longevity of your eyelash extensions. Removing eye make-up
and rubbing your eyes will also weaken the eyelash glue bond which may cause eyelash extensions
to fall out.
Q:Can I go swimming?
A:We recommend not getting your new eyelash extensions wet for 48 hours after application as this
can weaken the glue bond.
If you have any questions, or if you experience any difficulties with this product,
please call our Rio Careline on 01242 702345
or email us at: [email protected]
Rio, Dezac, and Salon Eyelash Extensions, are trademarks of The Dezac Group Ltd
The Dezac Group Ltd 2010. PO Box 17, Cheltenham, GL53 7ET, UK
• Please read all instructions thoroughly and retain for future reference.
• Keep out of reach of children and pets.
• Do NOT pull or rub eyelash extensions. This will cause your eyelash extensions to fall out and could
damage your natural eyelashes. Follow Removal instructions to remove eyelash extensions.
• In case of eyelash glue or remover contact with the eyes, do NOT rub. Rinse with copious amounts
of water or eye wash. If irritation persists seek medical assistance.
Pour a drop of eyelash glue into the dipping dish.
(Do not leave glue in the dipping dish for too long or it will dry).
Pick up an eyelash extension using the tweezers.
N.B Contact with skin will transfer natural oils which may prevent the eyelash glue
adhering the eyelash extension to the natural lash.
Always do a patch test on the inside of your forearm or on a small area of your skin for possible skin
reaction to eyelash glue and eyelash remover. Wait 24 hours. If irritation occurs do not use this product.
Allow 30 minutes for the bond to dry after the eyelash extensions have been applied and wait a further
48 hours for the bond to become completely secure.
N.B. Using oil-based cleaners, rubbing your eyes and getting your eyelashes wet will weaken the
eyelash glue bond. For additional aftercare advice please see ‘important’ leaflet enclosed.
Never try and pull eyelashes off once the glue has set.
Dip the knotted end of the extension into the glue.
Avoid getting glue on the tweezers which can make it difficult to release the extension.
With a small amount of eyelash remover on a cotton bud gently massage into the root
of the eyelash.
Repeat every few minutes for 15 minutes.
Place the eyelash extension under your natural eyelash with the knotted end close to
but not touching, the eyelid. Hold for a second and release. If you need to adjust the
extension, use the flat end of tweezer to gently align as glue sets.
Gently remove individually.
Before you start ensure your eyelids and eyelashes are clean, dry and oil-free. The eyelash glue will
not stick to oil so be sure to use an oil-free eye makeup remover.
Note: The vapour from the drying glue can cause the eye to water and blink, this is
normal and will pass.
Work methodically from the middle of the eye to the outer edge, then from the middle
to the inner corner.
As a general rule apply between 10-20 extensions per eye until desired look is
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