Panasonic Medical Grade Certified Full HD Monitors for

Panasonic Medical Grade Certified Full HD Monitors for
Panasonic Medical Grade Certified
Full HD Monitors for the Surgical Suite
solutions for HEALTHCARE
Providing Superior visibility in the OR
A surgical team relies on high-precision digital imaging tools for critical decision-making in the operating room. Panasonic medical-grade monitors
are designed to meet the high-performance demands of surgical environments. As more and more medical procedures are performed
endoscopically, the reliance on HD monitors in the operating room continues to grow, and HD monitors can be among the most critically
important equipment the surgical team will use.
Fully ruggedized and sanitizable, Panasonic full HD, medical-grade-certified LCD monitors are optimized for use in the digital OR. They feature
unique in-plane switching technology (IPS-Pro panel) for high-resolution color accuracy of multiple images, even at 178° wide-angle viewing.
The monitors’ high image brightness, high contrast and true-black levels enable the surgical team to view critical details and obtain precise
diagnostic results.
Broad Product Line of 2D and 3D Medica-Grade Monitors
Panasonic medical-grade 2D and 3D monitors provide superior HD capabilities with stereoscopic features to produce sharp, accurate and bright
images from endoscopic cameras, PACS, C-arms and other surgical imaging devices and cameras.
They are available in 26, 32 (2D & 3D) and 37-inch class screen sizes and integrate easily into the OR control and equipment management
systems. They employ broadcast-quality image processing technology for superior picture quality and essentially no image lag. The available
1920 x 1080 pixel resolution enables them to take advantage of higher-resolution cameras and image sources to provide surgeons with
superior HD medical imaging for a broad range of clinical applications and configuration needs.
Meet Critical Code Requirements
Panasonic HD medical-grade monitors exceed the highest industry standards for electrical safety and sanitization. The surgical displays are
FDA Class 1 rated (UL 60601-1, CAN/USA C22.2 601.1, IEC 60601-1-2). They have an Antimicrobial Surface and can be sanitized with a
variety of disinfectant wipes. The EJ-MLA26U is fully IPX2 rated. They meet VESA Mount Standards for mounting to boom arms, or on a wall,
a surgical cart or a workstation.
solutions for HEALTHCARE
Feature Multiple Images from Multiple Sources on a Single Monitor
Panasonic high-resolution 2D and 3D medical-grade monitors provide a variety of multi-modality capabilities. Multi-function mode allows
up to three images from three different input sources (for example a surgical camera, PACS images in DICOM, vital signs) to be displayed
simultaneously on a single monitor screen.
The medical-grade monitors have split screen capabilities—
they provide flexible picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture
functionality—with independent image adjustment, enabling
the surgeon to view, toggle or swap a live or saved image,
identify an abnormality and perform the procedure with a
high level of precision. Consolidation of multiple screens
eliminates clutter and creates additional working space
in the OR.
Panasonic medical-grade monitors support HD-SDI
inputs, DVI inputs, plus analog input—eliminating the
need to purchase optional input board(s). Additional features
include surgical video and radiology graphics imaging and
178° wide angle viewing.
Zoom Images Independently
for Closer Examination
Images Retain Full HD Quality from Any Angle with IPS-Pro
Use the zoom function in picture-in-picture (displays an
inset image on a normal screen), and picture-out-of-picture
and side-by-side modes.
Digestive System
Surgical Area
Easily fine-tune picture quality for each image displayed.
Vital Signs
Zoom in to view a specific section of the image.
Separately Adjust Image Quality for Each Input Source
In dual-display mode, each image on the Panasonic medical-grade monitor may be independently adjusted to maximize color and grayscale clarity.
Xpol ® Technology Provides Superior 3D Picture
Quality at Wide-Angle Viewing
Flip or Rotate Camera Images on Screen
for Better Visibility
Panasonic’s medical-grade 3D monitor uses the Xpol circular polarizing technology to
produce a 3D image instead of the usual linear polarization solutions. Panasonic’s passive
circular polarizing glasses and the Xpol system maintain the stereoscopic effect even
when the surgeon’s head is tilted to the left or right—a benefit linear polarization solutions
cannot offer. This feature allows for a natural viewing experience. For increased flexibility,
the device also supports multiple 3D formats and inputs and can even reduce surgeons’
eye fatigue when viewing content.
Re-orient operative field images with the screen rotation or flip function
to optimize critical visibility, regardless of the camera angle.
Panasonic in-plane-switching technology, IPS-Pro, provides natural full HD images from a wide selection of viewing angles and stereoscopic
effects, even at 178° wide-viewing-angle. The wide viewing angle enables the surgical team to view multiple images simultaneously, such as
vital signs, the surgical procedure itself, and radiological images, displayed from top, bottom, left and right angles. IPS- Pro provides superior
image reproduction, color accuracy, brightness and high-contrast ratio for superior multi-modality medical imaging. The ability to view multiple
images on a single medical monitor screen reduces clutter in the OR.
Quickly re-orient camera images as needed for normal viewing.
True Color Reproduction with 3D-LUT
3D images can be collaboratively viewed by
the surgical team.
Achieve high-precision color reproduction of images with 3D (color and brightness components)-LUT (Look Up Table) and 10-bit image
processing (1,024 gray scale) in both low and high brightness conditions.
solutions for HEALTHCARE
LCD Panel
Panasonic Surgical
Suite Product Line
37" class IPS-Pro Panel
(16:9 aspect ratio)
32" class IPS-Pro Panel
(16:9 aspect ratio)
26" class IPS-Pro Panel
(16:9 aspect ratio)
3D 32" class IPS-Pro Panel
(16:9 aspect ratio)
Viewing Angle
Display Modes
Dual display mode / Triple display mode / PIP and POP modes / Mirror image mode
Video Input / Output
4 pin mini DIN
SDI Input / Output
DVI-D Input / Output
Mini D-sub15 pin
D-sub 9 pin
GPI Input
D-sub 9 pin
AC100-120/200-240V±10% 50/60Hz
DC 24 V 69 W
Water Drip-Proof
3D Technology
3D Format
AC100-120/200-240V±10% 50/60Hz
AC 100 V – 240 V 50 Hz/60 Hz 1.2 A
DC 24 V 4.16 A
6.3" x 1.5" x 2.5"
AC Adaptor
Digital recording on low-cost
SDHC memory card
Internal microphone for audio capture
Supports teleconferencing for collaboration
with medical colleagues
Remotely controllable
HD Surgical Microscope Cameras
HD15 Input
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Records surgical procedures
X2 (DVI-1 supports HDCP) DVI-D
RGB / YPBPR Input / Output
S Video Input / Output
Horizontal: 178° Vertical: 178°
(at 2D mode CR>10)
Horizontal: 178° Vertical: 178°
POV Camera/Recorder
35.3" x 21.2" x 4.6"
30.6" x 18.6" x 4.5"
25.3" x 15.6" x 3.4"
30.6" x 18.6" x 4.5"
Approx. 44.5 lbs.
Approx. 33.1 lbs.
Approx. 17.0 lbs.
Approx. 34.2 lbs.
100mm VESA
200mm VESA
200mm VESA
UL 60601-1, CAN/CSA C22.2 601.1
Xpol filter polarization system using the
3D polarized eyewear
(Xpol is a registered trademark of
ARISAWA Mfg. Co., Ltd.)
Ideal solution for microscopy and
other enclosed surgical procedures
Remote head
1 MOS HD camera and 3 CCD HD camera
Outstanding HD resolution
Superior color performance
Toughbook® Computers
Superior screen brightness
Rugged design to withstand drops and spills
Highly sanitizable
Long battery life
Fully sealed housing
Why Panasonic for the Surgical Suite?
The technology environment in the digital OR is constantly evolving as MIS and
diagnostic imaging continue to converge.
Having the right display technology for the acquisition, recording and viewing of
medical procedures in the surgical suite is critical—as is the ability of a surgical
display system to support the next generation of camera equipment.
Panasonic is uniquely qualified to bring together a wide array of best-in-class
imaging products and services to meet your surgical suite digital imaging needs.
From HD remote head cameras and recorders, to medical-grade monitors and
Toughbook® computers, Panasonic solutions are designed to work together
in a scalable technology ecosystem.
Providing hospitals with durable and scalable diagnostic digital imaging solutions
in the OR is how we’re engineering a better world.
Talk to Panasonic About Your Business Plans and Goals
Building fully integrated, high-performance solutions that meet your objectives
requires high-level planning and flawless execution. Panasonic can deliver
complete solutions–including performance-certified components, custom software
and applications, complete design and deployment, plus the comprehensive
services, maintenance and support required to transform a strategic solution into
an operations reality.
SIMUL (Dual input) / Line-by-Line /
Side-by-Side / Top & Bottom
3D Input
3D Viewer
3D polarized passive eyewear
(3 pairs supplied)
solutions for HEALTHCARE
Panasonic Warranty, Service and Support
Panasonic medical-grade certified displays are ideal for surgical suite
applications because of their quality, reliability, durability and long history
in broadcast and production video quality. Panasonic medical-grade
certified displays boast a service life of 60,000 hours and are accompanied by
an industry-leading 3-year parts and labor warranty that includes on-site
customer support.
Environmental Leadership
Panasonic is proud to produce products that have a positive impact on
people and the environment. We have a passion for environmental responsibility
and have implemented corporate policies and programs that minimize our
ecological footprint and contribute to environmental conservation. We design
products for efficient disassembly and recycling, and use recycled materials
and environment-conscious components whenever possible in the manufacturing
processes. Through our Eco Ideas program, Panasonic is on a mission to become
the #1 Green Innovation Company in the global electronics industry by 2018,
our centennial year.
We invite you to find our more about how Panasonic can help your business create and maintain a competitive edge.
Please contact us at 1.888.357.1311 or visit us at
©2012 Panasonic Corporation of North America. All rights reserved. Xpol is a registered trademark of Arisawa Mfg. Co. Ltd.
solutions for HEALTHCARE
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