iconBIT FTB7000DUO

iconBIT FTB7000DUO
Keep your power bank operating to the fullest potential, by
following the below steps:
1. Re-charge your power bank once every three months
when it is not in use.
2. Keep the power bank away from any moist environment
and corrosive material.
3. Never wash the power bank with any chemicals, soaps
or detergents.
1. Simply using the attached USB cable to charge the digital
product, One end of the USB cable connect with the "OUT"
port of the power bank, another end connect with the
digital product with converted tip. Press "ON" button once,
it will start to charge and the green LED will indicate the
charging process.
2. Finishing charging or fail to connect the digital product,
the green LED will stop flashing. And the power bank
will turn off automatically after 20 seconds.
3. When on charging process, the green LED flashes quickly
means low power, and need to charge the power bank in
Note: If the instantaneous current is oversize when charging
the digital product,the power bank will turn to protected
mode automatically. To relieve the protected mode just
charge the power bank.
The "IN" port is the charging port of the power bank. The
red LED will light on when charge the power bank, and the
red LED will light off after full charging.
1. USB output port
2. Turn on button
3. DC 5V input port
4. USB output port
5. Power indicator
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