Get Started Guide - VAX VacationAccess

Get Started Guide - VAX VacationAccess
Booking Vacations
in VAX
A Getting Started Guide
Version: 1 Updated: 12/21/2016
© 2016 VAX VacationAccess
Introduction .................................................................................................................. 3
The Reservation Tool.................................................................................................... 3
The Quick Search Reservation Tool ............................................................................. 4
The Advanced Search Reservation Tool ...................................................................... 5
Entering Search Information........................................................................................ 6
The Itinerary Summary Panel .................................................................................... 14
Selecting Flights Using Shop-by-Price ....................................................................... 15
Selecting Flights Using Shop-by-Schedule ................................................................ 18
Hotel Availability Pages.............................................................................................. 20
Car Rental Availability Pages ..................................................................................... 31
Features Availability Pages ........................................................................................ 35
The Pricing Panel ........................................................................................................ 41
The Commission Panel ............................................................................................... 42
The Recent Searches Panel ........................................................................................ 44
Creating a Sales Email ................................................................................................ 45
Adding Your Agency’s Logo to Important Documents .............................................. 57
Saving an Itinerary...................................................................................................... 59
The Checkout Screen.................................................................................................. 67
Final Payment Options ............................................................................................... 82
Client Self-Pay Option ................................................................................................ 85
Price Matching ............................................................................................................ 90
Travel Itineraries......................................................................................................... 92
Booking Multiple-Destination Vacations ................................................................. 101
More Guidance .......................................................................................................... 112
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 3
Welcome to VAX VacationAccess! Once your agency is registered to use VAX and
has registered with the suppliers you want to sell, you are ready to begin booking
vacations. Please note that only your agency’s owner or designated site manager
is authorized to create an account for your agency with VAX. Agents should not
create their own individual accounts.
The purpose of this guide is to provide you with the instruction necessary to help
you begin creating and booking vacation reservations in VAX. It will help you
become familiar with our reservation tool and all the features and settings it offers
to assist you in quickly building itineraries and efficiently managing travel
bookings. We hope VAX VacationAccess will become a key piece of your agency’s
Please note that the availability of each reservation tool feature described in this
guide may vary by supplier.
The Reservation Tool
Our reservation tool is conveniently available across the VAX VacationAccess site.
You’ll find it right on the home page, within promotions and offers pages, Supplier
Showcase pages, and hotel profiles. This allows you to quickly begin the booking
process whenever your customers decide they are ready to move forward with
their vacations plans.
Keep in mind that all flights must be booked roundtrip in VAX (no one-way travel is
permitted) and all travelers on a single reservation must originate from the same
With our convenient reservation tool, you can book the perfect vacation for the
best value in less than half the time it would take your clients to do themselves
The Quick Search Reservation Tool
Vacation planning can begin right on the home page or Reservations page with the
Vacation Package Search, also known as our Quick Search. The Quick Search
allows you to conduct smarter and faster searches.
Features include:
Supplier: Drop-down menus display only suppliers for corresponding
search engine (Packages, Hotel, Air, Cruise)
Charter Destination Search: Click to search charter packages (shown
only for suppliers that offer them)
Package Type: List of packages provided by selected supplier
Origin: Type the city name or code, or select from the drop-down
menu by clicking view list
Destination: Type the city name or code, or select from the drop-down
menu by clicking view list
Rooms: Supplier may offer multiple (up to four) room functionality
Number of Adults: Select up to eight adults with the drop-down menu
Number of Children: Select up to seven children with the drop-down
Booking an Infant: Designate an infant in the child count then select
IN from the drop-down list (not all suppliers provide functionality to
book a lap infant)
Departure/Return Date: Type the date format provided or click the
calendar icon and select the date
# of Nights: Enter number of nights and the return date will populate
Promo Code: Enter code if vendor offers (optional)
Pre-Select Travel Protection: Check to immediately include travel
protection in your client’s itinerary
Shop by Price/Schedule: Pull flight availability according to price or
Search: Click to begin your search
Advanced Search: Narrow your search further based on your clients’ needs and wants
Multiple destinations: Go directly to the multi-stop reservation tool
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 5
The Advanced Search Reservation Tool
Filter Hotels by
Experience Type
Narrow/Specify Search Options
Enter Package Search Information
Open our Advanced Search by clicking on the Advanced Search link in the Quick
Search panel or by clicking the New Reservation link in the top navigation bar. This
panel will allow for more search criteria to be selected in order to narrow your
search even further to your client’s needs. These features will be explained further
in the Entering Search Information section.
Entering Search Information
Selecting a Supplier
To begin building an itinerary, first select your preferred supplier by expanding the
supplier drop-down list. The supplier selection will determine what package types
are available based upon what products the supplier provides.
Tip: If you can’t find a travel option that you are looking for, try searching for
that option under a different supplier. Travel options vary by supplier so if you
can’t find it with one, you may find it with another.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 7
Selecting A Package Type
Available package types are listed in the Package Type drop-down list. Choose the
type of package that would best fit your customers’ travel expectations. Selections
vary by supplier.
Origin and Destination Entry
You can enter either the 3-letter airport code or the full or partial name for the
origin and destination cities. The Smart-Search functionality will provide a list of
possible cities based upon what is entered. You can also click on View List to see a
list of all valid origin and destination cities for the selected supplier.
Entering Rooms, Travelers, and Travel Dates
Number of Rooms: VAX VacationAccess allows you to book up to four rooms on a
single reservation. Each room may be different in the same reservation.
Hoteliers will not allow children to be assigned to a room without an adult. You
must assign at least one adult to each room.
Adults – This is the number of adults per room (up to eight total).
Children – Enter the number of children and the system will require you to
enter the age for each child at time of travel. Some suppliers may allow you to
enter lap infants (IN) younger than 24 months.
Travel Dates:
Depart Date – You may enter the departure date in the Day/Month/Year
format or click the calendar icon to use the calendar to select the date.
# of Nights – Enter the total number of nights for the vacation. This will cause
the Return date field to auto-populate.
Return date – If you did not enter data in the # of Nights field, you may enter
the departure date in the day/month/year format or click the calendar icon to
use the calendar to select the date.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 9
Applying Hotel Rating, Promotion Codes, Travel
Protection, and Vacation Experience
The reservation tool can filter search results according to details you enter as
search criteria, such as assigning a hotel star rating, entering a promo code, or
specifying certain vacation experiences your customers want. These are optional
items that you can choose to designate or not.
Hotel Rating: Designating a star-rating will enable to reservation tool to only pull
availability for hotels with that star-rating or higher.
Promotion Code: If the supplier has a promotion running, you many enter the
promo code in this field to apply the discount.
Travel Protection: If you know your clients want travel protection included in
their itinerary, you can select it by checking the box.
Vacation Experience: VAX VacationAccess provides an innovative way to narrow
hotel searches to match customer preferences by selecting the vacation
experiences they want to enjoy. You can quickly seek out hotels that have the right
fit, with features such as all inclusive, plenty of nightlife, romance, adults-only on
the beach, family-friendly and hotels offering snorkeling. Simply select the desired
hotel rating and vacation experiences that appeal to your clients and your search
results will yield hotel options that offer those likings.
10 |
Expanding Your Search
The right column of the Advanced Search Reservation Tool allows you to enter
more specific criteria for identifying preferred flights, accommodations, and car
rental options. To expand the Flight, Hotel, or Car panel, click on the plus [+] sign.
Entering Flight Options
When determining the best flight options for your customers, consider which fare
option would be the best fit for their budget, which class of service they want, and
what type of flight would best fit their schedule.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 11
All flights must be booked roundtrip in VAX. No one-way bookings are permitted.
Types of Fares
Airlines offer three types of fares for vacation packages:
Bulk Fares – These refer to as fares exclusively available through vacation
Published Fares – These refer to fares the airline sells directly to the general
Charter Fares – these refer to fares on set-pattern flights exclusively available
through vacation suppliers
Classes of Airline Service
Airlines offer areas of the aircraft that distinguish levels of service (e.g. first class,
business class, and economy class). Options will differ depending on the carrier
and the type of fare (bulk, published, charter, Consolidator). There are multiple
classes of service available for bulk, published, and charter fares. The system will
automatically select the least expensive fare for the flight chosen.
Types of Flights
Nonstop Flight – These are flights that make no stops between the city of
origin and the final destination. They will display in the Stops/Layover column
as a nonstop flight.
Direct Flight – These flights make one to two stops between the city of origin
and the final destination, but do not require a change of airplane. They will
display as a single flight with a number of stops listed in the Stops/Layover
column. To view these stops, you will have to click on the flight numbers to
pull up the flight details.
Connecting Flight – These are flights that require a change of airplane
somewhere between the city of origin and the final destination. The flight
numbers will display together in the Carrier name field.
The Flight Options Panel
This panel allows you to sort how flights will display in the availability screen. Not
all options will be available at all times. Some options will work with Shop by Price
and others will work with Shop by Schedule. Any option not currently available will
be grayed out.
12 |
Shop by Price: Select this option for customers who are more conscious of price
than what time of day they arrive or depart or how many intermediate stops are
made during travel. When you shop by price, flights are displayed from least
expensive to most expensive.
When Shop by Price is used the system will pre-select package components
and they can be modified according to the customer’s preference.
This is the best option to use when performing an airline ticket exchange
because you can restrict by fare preference.
Search options that display for Shop by Price include: Airline, Cabin
preference, number of stops and fare preference.
Shop by Schedule: Shopping by schedule is beneficial when your customers prefer
to travel at a particular time of day or require a certain class of service (e.g. to
redeem frequent flier miles). Shopping by schedule is not available for multiple
destination itineraries.
Shop by Schedule will pull all available classes of service for flights.
Once inventory is displayed, you can decide how you want to proceed pricing
a particular flight.
Select this option if customers do not want same cabin preference for all flight
Search options that display for Shop by Schedule include: airline, number of
stops, departure time and return time.
Shop by schedule will default to the time of day of your search. So if you are
doing a search at 9:00 am, the flights that return will be based on a 9:00 am
The active search functions could differ but generally include:
Airline – Allows you to search all airlines or just the selected airline from the
drop-down menu. If a brand supports multiple carriers, then you can narrow
your search to a specific carrier.
Cabin preference – Allows you to search by specific cabin preference (all,
coach, first class, and business). When a request is made for a class that is not
available, an error message will display.
Depart time & Return time – This allows you to search for flights by preferred
times of day. When shopping by price, you may not designate departure and
return time preferences.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 13
Number of Stops – Allows the search to only display flights that are equal to
or lower than the number of stops requested. The number of stops will
include any stops and flight connections.
Fare Preference – If a brand offers both published and bulk fares (speciallypriced vacation fares) this option allows the flight search to be narrowed
down to display only the desired type.
Entering Hotel Options
The Hotel panel in Advanced Search Reservation Tool allows for searching based
on hotel preferences. Completing this panel is optional. The most common
options include:
Hotel name – This option permits you to search for a specific all-inclusive
hotel, hotel chain, or hotel name
Hotel brand – This option allows for display of specific hotel brands
Check-in date/Check-out date – These options allow you to adjust or off-set
the check-in and/or check-out dates of the hotel stay
14 |
Entering Car Rental Options
The most common search functions for rental cars include:
Car company – Allows you to search for a particular car rental company
Pick up date/Drop off date – Allows you to adjust the pick-up and drop-off
dates to meet your client’s needs
Pick up location/Drop off location – Allows you to select specific pick-up and
drop-off locations
Completing Your Vacation Search
After entering all necessary search criteria, click on Search to build an initial
itinerary. The system will search least expensive flights, select a hotel based on the
parameters you set for the particular package, and may also pull some
features/options automatically.
Click the Reset button to clear all search fields .
The Itinerary Summary Panel
Total Package Price – This is the total price for the current package being
displayed. This includes a per person price breakdown.
Departure flight/Return flight – This section displays both the outbound and
return flights. Click the Change Flight button to return to the flight availability
pages and choose a different flight option.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 15
Hotel – This section shows the current hotel selection, location, link to map
location, room category with available upgrades, and inclusions. Click the
Change Hotel button to return to the hotel availability pages and choose a
different hotel.
Included Values – This section will display a list of values included in the
Features – This section will display features currently included in the itinerary
with options to remove or edit. Click the Add Features button to return to the
feature availability pages and continue searching for features.
Selecting Flights Using Shop-by-Price
When you shop by price, VAX will automatically list flights from least expensive to
most expensive. You can rearrange this default sort option by clicking on the Sort
by drop-down menu.
16 |
Flights can also be sorted by clicking the column headers. Sorting defaults to the
most appropriate for the selected column.
Carrier Name – This column lists the carrier name, fare type, flight numbers
and class of service. To view details of a flight, click on the flight number.
Departs – This column lists the departure time. The time listed will reflect the
time in the departure city.
Arrives – This column will list the arrival time of the flights at the final
Stops/Layover – If flight service is connecting, this column will list the arrival
time in the connecting city plus the departure time for the connecting flight.
The system will also calculate the layover time in the connecting city.
Difference/Package Price – Listed here is the base price for different flight
options. A dollar difference will display to note the difference between the
selected package flight and each of the other flight options. The flight
highlighted in yellow is the selected package flight. Click the Select button to
change from the current flight to that particular flight.
Tip: If you hover your mouse over the base price, the system will display the base
price per person.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 17
The Additional Seach Items Link
The Additional Search Items link allows you to adjust your search criteria after you
have already yielded search results from the flight availability screen. The number
of active options will depend on whether you are using Shop by Price or Shop by
Schedule. Click the plus [+] sign next to Additional Search Items to expand the
panel or the minus [-] sign to collapse it.
18 |
Selecting Flights Using Shop-bySchedule
Shop by Schedule is helpful when your customers’ schedule matters more than
price. When you shop by schedule, VAX will display outbound and return flight
options side-by-side on one page.
Search for flights by airline, depart time, return time, and number of stops.
Shop by Schedule allows for modification of either outbound or return flight
without affecting the other.
When using Shop by Schedule, the system will not pre-build an itinerary.
Flights must be chosen first and then remaining package components may be
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 19
Best Price: You can have the system find the lowest fare for the flight selected, by
choosing Best Price radio button within each flight option. Click Best Price and
then click the Price Selected Flights button to view a comparison of both bulk and
published fares.
Click the Select button in the display to select your preferred flight.
View Class: You can select a particular class of service by opening the View Class
link. Classes of service are selected per leg, per direction. You can even combine
different cabin classes. For example, a connection outbound flight could have one
leg as coach, while the other is first class. The number of available seats within
each class is indicated by the number in parenthesis. Unavailable or sold out
classes are grayed out and indicated with a (0). Classes are listed in order, right to
left, from most expensive to least expensive.
20 |
Tip: Shop by Schedule will pull up to 100 outbound and 100 return flights. If the
desired flight is not found, return to the Search screen and enter criteria that
further narrow your search. Using the Additional Search Items will not filter your
Hotel Availability Pages
VAX will automatically choose a suggested hotel based on the search criteria you
entered into the Search panel. The pre-selected hotel will display with a red  next
to the air/hotel base price. Hotel choices and room categories will normally display
from least expensive and available to most expensive and available, followed by
room categories that are unavailable. However, some suppliers may configure the
hotels to display its preferred hotels first. To view all room categories for a
particular hotel, click the icon next to the hotel’s name.
To select a hotel, click on the Select button within the Difference/Package Price
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 21
Sort by – This window allows you to set sorting based upon several criteria
provided in the drop-down menu
Column Headers - Hotels can be sorted using the column headers. Sorting
defaults to the most appropriate for the selected column.
Hotel Name – This column lists the name of the hotel and room category.
Click on the hotel name to view the hotel profile. If applicable to the hotel, this
column will also display inventory of rooms and an alternate availability
calendar. To view the hotel category, just click on the plus sign next to the
hotel’s name.
Rating – This column provides ratings of the hotel and the five most recent
TripAdvisor traveler ratings.
Location – This column displays the hotel location, mileage from the airport
and a link to the hotel’s location on a map.
22 |
Difference/Package Price – This column will display the base price for the
package if that hotel is included, plus the price difference between that hotel
and the pre-selected hotel. Hover your mouse over the package price to view
the price per person. Some hotels will display a link to Added Values and
specials. Look for the green dollar signs to quickly scan the Added Values
provided by each property. They are included on confirmation emails and etravel documents so customers can see the extra value provided.
LTMS/Tandem and HBS/Direct Connect hotels will display a link to Added
Values and list any additional specials in red text.
Results per page – This feature allows you to change the number of hotels
displayed per page. You can display all hotel options on a single page by
clicking View All.
Hotel Availability Refinement Tools
The top of the hotel availability screen will display the number of available hotels
and the current check-in and check-out dates.
Click the plus sign next to Refinement Tools or Additional Search Items to expand
the option panels.
Refinement Tools
This functionality allows you to modify the hotels that display based on hotel
rating, vacation experience, and hotel amenities.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 23
Hotel Rating: The hotel ratings displayed are based on a star scale that mirrors
standard industry ratings. The ratings are based on such factors as amenities,
location, service, and room quality. The star-rating guide is designed to assist you
in finding a hotel that best fits your client’s needs.
Luxury hotel; exceptional accommodations, superior service and a full
range of amenities
Superior hotel; deluxe accommodations, excellent service and a wide
variety of amenities
Standard hotel; pleasant accommodations, good service with many
Vacation Experience: Filtering your search by experiences that your customers
want to enjoy on their vacation will ensure that only hotels that provide those
particular experiences are displayed.
Hotel Amenities: Filtering by amenities allows you to quickly find the most
relevant hotels for your customers, reducing the clutter in your search results. The
option to filter by hotel amenity is offered by Blue Sky Tours, Funjet Vacations,
Southwest Vacations, United Vacations, Universal Vacations, and VAX Hotels.
Amenities vary by supplier.
Additional Search Items
Click on the Additional Search Items link to refine your hotel availability search. By
clicking the Search button, the hotel availability will repopulate based upon the
new search criteria.
You can modify check-in and check-out dates to accommodate hotel stays
less than the total length of your customer’s vacation. For example: if your
client wants to stay with friends over a weekend and then stay at a hotel for
the remainder of the vacation.
Narrow hotel results by selecting a particular hotel brand to search by.
24 |
The Hotel name field has smart-search functionality that allows you to type in
a full or partial hotel name. Hotel availability will return containing the name
View these hotels on a map: Click this link to get a bird’s eye view of where the
hotels that were pulled in availability are located on an interactive map.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 25
Hotel Added Value Indicators
Hotel added values are special inclusions offered by the hotel that benefit guests
staying at the property. LTMS/Tandem and HBS-sourced properties will list any
hotel added values in the Difference/Package Price column of the hotel availability
screen. These would display with a dollar symbol.
Clicking on a specific added value will display the rules and restrictions for
that specific value-added item.
If there are multiple added values, click on the link to view details.
Hotel Added Value Indicators in Hotel Profiles
Click on individual promotion links for specific rules and restrictions on how to
To view details on another promotion, make sure to close the previous promotion
26 |
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 27
Agent Value IDs
Some vacation suppliers provide Agent Value IDs associated with each of the
properties displayed. Hover your mouse over each ID to view details.
Agent Value IDs make it easier than ever to:
Find the most money with a simple and discreet display.
Obtain a bird’s eye view of all earning opportunities before booking.
Recognize which hotels are part of agent incentive program.
Identify bonus commission opportunities on upgraded room categories while
providing clients a better vacation experience.
Display hotels that have incentive bonuses to help you earn more cash.
There are eight color-coded indicators that help you find bonus earning
opportunities and other agent values.
28 |
TripAdvisor Travel Reviews
Inspire your clients’ next booking by offering the latest traveler-generated reviews
and opinions from the world’s largest travel review website. TripAdvisor’s rating
scale moves from one colored circle, indicating poor quality, to five colored circles,
indicating the best quality.
In hotel availability, view ratings in the Rating column:
In hotel profile pages, read the five most recent traveler reviews in the TripAdvisor
Reviews tab:
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 29
Identifying Hotel Sources
Hotel information may display differently depending on the source in which VAX
receives the hotel’s data.
Internally-Sourced Hotels
 LTMS/Tandem – These are hotels where the prices and room allotments are
contracted by The Mark Travel Corporation (TMTC). The Mark Travel
Corporation negotiates rates, room categories, and a daily allotment of rooms
to be offered in their leisure packages. The allotment of rooms and rates are
held and managed internally within The Mark Travel Corporation database.
Remote-Sourced Hotels
 DHISCO (formerly Pegasus) – A system that allows subscribers such as TMTC
to link directly to a hotel or hotel chain database for inventory and pricing.
 HBS/HBSi (Hotel Booking System) – This is a system that allows a direct
connection to hotels that TMTC has contracted to sell. Unlike the
LTMS/Tandem-contracted hotels, this direct connection allows for accessing
prices and inventory directly from the hotel instead of storing and
maintaining the data internally.
 Hilton Link - A system that allows a direct link to Hilton’s system to obtain
inventory and pricing. Currently TMTC offers Hilton hotels via both the Hilton
Link and LTMS/Tandem.
Location: LTMS/Tandem and HBS hotels will list the general area of the hotel plus
mileage from nearest airport. Pegasus and Hilton Link hotels will only display
mileage from nearest airport.
Inventory: LTMS/Tandem hotels will show an availability number for hotels and
also have an alternate availability calendar. All room categories will list even if not
available (N/A) or if the room is on request. Remote sourced hotels will only display
if available. They will not show the number of rooms available, the alternate
availability calendar, nor be on request.
Hotel Profiles: LTMS/Tandem and HBS hotels are managed internally and will
display in regular format. Pegasus & Hilton Link hotels will display depending on
the information loaded by the hotel.
30 |
Recognizing the Hotel Source on the Hotel Availability Screen
 LTMS/Tandem hotels will show on request (RQ) or closed out status (N/A)
when not available in the hotel availability screen.
 When not available, any direct connect sourced hotel will not show up at all in
the hotel availability screen.
Availability Display
Display #
of Rooms
[Currently Blank]
Lists city & state, plus has
additional descriptors like:
Downtown, On the Strip,
On the beach, Off the
beach, etc.
Room Category
(See examples)
Short and simple
Examples : Standard,
Deluxe City View,
Pool View, Family
Suite, etc.
Same as above
Lists city & state only.
No other description.
*Not all Hilton Hotels are sourced via direct connect link. You can recognize them once the reservation is
booked as they will have an “HteHotel Confirmation #” in the Comment History.
Lists city & state only.
No other description.
Usually long and very
specific in description.
- another example -
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 31
Recognizing the Hotel Source in a Reservation’s Comment History
Once a reservation is booked, you can easily recognize a hotel’s source by opening
your customer’s reservation in VAX and looking in the Comment History within the
Itinerary Tools panel.
Confirmation Numbers in Comment History
Tandem/LTMS hotels often do not show confirmation numbers.
Sometimes you may see a Res 8 (internal) number.
Hilton Link
Show transmittal
in Accounting
Activity Screen?
Car Rental Availability Pages
For destinations where rental cars are offered, the rental car panel will display.
Available rental companies vary by destination. The top of the Rental Car panel will
display the number of available rental cars and the current pick-up and drop-off
dates. Car rental availability is in a grid format to make it easier to read and
compare prices between car classes and sizes. Vertical columns separate the
available rental companies and horizontal rows list available car types. By reading
across a row, you can easily see which company offers the best price for a
particular class of car.
32 |
Pick-up and Drop-off Times – These are estimated pick-up and drop-off
times for the car rental. These times are automatically entered from the
arrival time and date at the destination and departure time and date. The
drop-down menus allow you to adjust the pick-up and drop-off times.
Pick-up and Drop-off Locations – Typically, this is the location nearest to the
destination airport.
Prices – By clicking the price, you can view the car profile for that rental car
Select – Clicking the select button will add the associated car to the travel
Length of Car Rental
Due to the logic of basing pick-up and drop-off times on flight schedule, there is a
possibility that an extra day of rental charges could be applied on the checkout
screen. A warning message will display to alert you of this possibility.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 33
To decline the extra day:
Remove the car by selecting the Remove link
Go back to the Car Rental availability screen
Edit the drop-off time to match the pick-up time
Select the car again
Renting a Car in One Location and Dropping It at a Second
If your client needs to rent a vehicle in one location and drop it off at a different
location, click Additional Search Items in the Rental Cars panel, choose a rental car
company, the desired pick-up and drop-off locations, and the applicable dates for
34 |
Car Rental Booking Best Practices
Length of Rental – Rental car rates are based on a 24-hour period, starting at
the pick-up time and ending at the drop-off time. For example, on a two-day
rental, if a client picks up a car on Tuesday at 2:00 p.m., he/she must return
the car on Thursday before 2:59 p.m. Any time after 2:59 p.m. on Thursday
would subject the customer to hourly counter charges, payable directly to the
rental company.
Removing the Extra Day – The system will automatically add an extra day to
the car rental at checkout if the drop-off time is later than the pick-up time. It
is good practice to discuss the need to keep the extra rental day to avoid late
fees. If there is less than two hours difference in arrival and departure flight
times, an extra day is normally not needed. Any time variance over two hours
should initiate a discussion with the client to determine if they would prefer to
keep the extra day to avoid hourly counter charges.
More than three hours in hourly counter charges could cost more than an entire
day’s rental cost.
Size of Car Rental – The car chosen must have enough seat belts to
accommodate all of the passengers. This is a good opportunity to up-sell car
size for comfort and ability to hold travelers’ luggage.
Driver’s Name Entered First – The name entered first (the lead traveler) in
the booking will be the name that is transmitted to the car rental company.
Does Your Client Know?
These are important things to find out from your client or inform your client of
when they include a rental car in the package. These tips will limit many
unpleasant surprises.
Is the driver at least 21 years old? The minimum age to rent a car is 21 years
old. From age 21 to 24, car rental companies charge an underage surcharge
that must be paid at the time of rental.
Does the driver have a valid driver’s license and good driving record? Car
rental companies will need to see the driver’s license at the time of rental.
Also, car rental companies may do a check of a driver’s record. Car rentals can
be declined due to a poor driving record.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 35
Does the driver have a major credit card in their name? Car rental
companies will ask the driver for a major credit card for deposit on the car. If
they do not have a credit card, they will need to qualify with a cash deposit.
Details for cash deposit qualification are found in the car company’s supplier
What is included in the rental cost? Inform the client that the rate may not
include state and local taxes, gas or any insurance/waver options offered by
the rental company. Clients should be informed that these are payable to the
rental company directly.
Does the hotel charge for parking? Check the hotel profile to see if they
charge parking fees. If so, advise the client of this charge and that the hotel
will collect this fee.
Features Availability Pages
Adding features to a customers’ itinerary will help them plan activities and
transportation ahead of their trip. Buying admission tickets to attractions,
planning activities, and arranging transportation before your customers’ vacation
will ensure they can participate in everything they want to enjoy and won’t have to
waste time waiting in long lines during their trip. Features are commissionable,
too, giving you an easy opportunity to earn more money with each booking.
The Features panel will display pre-selected features and options to either remove
or edit most features. Travel dates and the number of features available are also
displayed at the top of the page.
36 |
Find – The Features panel will default to displaying all categories of features.
When you want to restrict feature availability, select from the drop-down
menu to select desired category and collapse all other category panels.
Likewise, each category within the Feature availability pages may be expanded or
collapsed individually by clicking the plus [+] or minus [-] sign next to the category
Name – The Name column identifies the name of the feature. Click on the
feature name to expand its profile page and view details about it.
Options and Date – Some features are not date-specific and will display as
Any Day with the per-adult price. Date-specific features will require you to
select the date the feature will be used.
The system will pull the dates of arrival and departure. It is important to ensure
the feature can be used on a particular date.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 37
Quantity – The system will select the appropriate quantity of features for the
number and ages of the travelers and associated prices. You can select fewer
than or more than the number of travelers.
Price – The Price column will display the total price for the associated feature.
Selecting Features
Once the date and quantity is designated for a feature, a Select item to add to cart
checkbox will appear in the far right column. Check this box to select the feature
and then click the Update Cart button to add the feature to your customers’
VAX will auto-select certain features match your customers’ itinerary. These
features are highlighted in yellow. If your customers’ do not want the selected
item, simply uncheck the Select item to add to cart box.
Feature Profile Pages
Click on the name of the feature to expand its profile page and read details about
the feature. Click on the plus [+] sign next to each category to expand details.
38 |
Features Valid Any Date
For these features, the date field will be blank. Select the appropriate quantity
needed and then check the Select items to add to cart checkbox.
Date/Category-Specific Features
Features that are date and/or category-specific require that you select a date
and/or category for that feature. Use the drop-down option to find available
Once a date/and or category has been chosen, the Select item to add to cart
checkbox will become visible and available to check.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 39
Feature Options
Some features may offer several options, including lunch, transfers, multiple-day
passes, multiple parks, and more. Expand the drop-down menu under the name of
the feature to view all options.
Adding Selected Features to an Itinerary
Once all feature choices are made, click the Update Cart button to add selected
features to your customers’ itinerary. The Update Cart button is located both
above and below the list of features.
40 |
Booking Features Only
Some suppliers permit you to book features only, without booking air or hotel. If
features are bookable without a package, you’ll see a “Features Only” or “Activities
Only” option in the Package Type drop-down menu.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 41
The Pricing Panel
The Pricing Panel is located on the right side of an itinerary and contains price
breakdown information and buttons to email or print an itinerary, create a sales
email, or begin the checkout process.
Days Prior to Departure – This shows the length of time in days between the
current date and the departure date.
Base Package Price – This is the total air/hotel rate for all passengers.
Adult and Child/Junior Base Price – This number breaks down the base
package price into a total per adult and per child/junior. This does not include
any options purchased.
Options – Displays the total cost of all features selected in the package.
42 |
Promo Codes – Promotional code price adjustments, if applied, will be listed
below options and display as a negative number.
Total Package Price – Lists the total cost of the package.
Per Person Price – The per-person rate is the total package price divided by
the total number of travelers. It does not break down into a per-adult and perchild/junior rate.
Included Taxes and Fees – Review a list of the total (not per person) air taxes
included in the package price.
Terms and Conditions – Review and share important terms & conditions of
the vacation package, including information on payment and penalty policies,
travel document information, and baggage policies.
Additional Baggage Charges – Review baggage fee policies for the selected
Email/Print Itinerary – Click this button to email or print this itinerary.
Create Sales Email – Quickly email flight information, multiple hotel options,
features, and rental car pricing to your clients to help them compare and
make decisions.
Checkout – This button will open the Checkout panel where reservations are
The Commission Panel
The Commission panel is located right underneath the Pricing Panel. Click on
Commission to expand the panel.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 43
A set commission amount will be automatically added to the gross package price,
depending on supplier. The set commission cannot be removed from the gross
The Commission panel allows you to view or adjust the commission amount.
Commissions may be increased or decreased by either a percentage or dollar
amount depending on the supplier.
Important: When an agent opts to use a percentage, it is factored in as a
percentage of the commission and not the package price.
Adjusting commission adjusts the base package price. Agents can choose to
display the commission information on the invoice by checking the Display as Line
Item checkbox.
Click the Set Commission button upon entering the desired amount to update the
commission amount.
Commission amount can be adjusted at time of booking or modified in a booked
There is up to a 5-10% processing fee that is taken out of the increased commission
amount, depending on the supplier. For example, if you want to increase
commission by $100.00, the commission itself will increase by $95.00, but the
package price will increase by $100.00 (for 5% fee).
Commission caps can vary by supplier. It is common for an adjustment cap
(maximum) of either $100.00 or up to 25% of the gross package price, whichever is
44 |
higher. If an amount is entered that would bring the commission higher than the
cap amount, a notification message would display and the system would
automatically re-adjust to the maximum.
The Recent Searches Panel
The Recent Searches panel stores itineraries built during a client contact when the
search panel icon is used. These itineraries will remain in the panel as long as you
remain in the reservation tool or do not click on New Client.
Highlight - The active (on screen) itinerary is highlighted in yellow (as shown
Itinerary Number - To scroll between itineraries, simply click on the itinerary
Save | Delete - Itineraries can be saved or deleted individually by clicking
Save or Delete.
Save All - To save all itineraries for future reference, click on Save All.
Important: Prices and inventory are subject to change until booking is
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 45
Creating a Sales Email
The Email Sales Tool helps you customize an email that contains travel options
that may pique your current, and even prospective, customers’ interests. The
Email Sales Tool saves you time by integrating email functionality directly within
the reservation tool. VAX makes it easy to quickly email flight information, as well
as multiple hotel, feature, and car rental pricing and options directly to your clients
to help them compare and make decisions.
Why Build a Sales Email?
 Emails include links that allow clients to view the same interactive hotel
profiles and destination information that you see.
 You are automatically copied on all emails sent to your clients for easy recall.
 Customize your sales emails to add a personal touch to your messages.
46 |
Your customers can easily view hotel, car, and feature options and compare
prices for:
Up to six available room categories for one or more hotels on one
sales email
Up to three car rental options on a single email
Up to six features on a single email
In just three simple steps, you can send compelling vacation options during the
shopping process to help close sales and improve your value in the eyes of your
1. Selecting Vacation Components
After entering search criteria into the reservation tool and generating an initial
itinerary, click the Create Sales Email button in the Pricing Panel before travel
Once you click the Create Sales Email button, you’ll notice Include in Sales Email
checkboxes appear in the hotel, car rental, and feature availability pages.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 47
Hotel Availability
48 |
Car Availability
Feature Availability
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 49
Features in the availability display will correspond with the pre-selected hotel.
Keep in mind that all hotels in a destination may not offer the same features (e.g.
hotel-specific transfers).
2. Previewing Your Sales Email
When you are finished selecting vacation component options, click the Preview
Sales Email button to review your selections in a customizable email preview.
You may enter up to eight email addresses, separated by a semicolon. In addition,
you can customize the Subject, Introduction, and Closing fields of the email
template to add a personal touch. Plus, there is no need to send this to yourself
because you will automatically be blind-carbon-copied (BCC) for your own
To comply with email provider guidelines and ensure the delivery of your
message, the From field is not editable. [email protected]
will display as the sender. Write your email address in the Reply To field so your
customers may contact you.
To share prices with your clients, ensure the Show Prices checkbox is selected.
50 |
3. Sending Your Customized Sales Email
Once all of your customizations are made to the email, click the Preview button to
view the preview of the email before it is sent.
From this page, three buttons are accessible:
Edit – Returns to the editable version of the email
Email – Click to send the email
Print – Prints a copy of the email including the To/From email address and
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 51
The Email Sales Tool will not work for multi-stop itineraries. It is intended for use
on single destination Air/Hotel packages, Hotel Only packages, Hotel/Car
packages, and Hotel/Feature packages with single or multi-rooms. Air Only,
Feature Only, or Car Only packages are also excluded.
Components of a Sales Email
Passenger Information
Passenger information is displayed below the email greeting. This section will list
all rooms with passenger counts (adults and children), including the ages of the
children at time of travel.
52 |
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 53
Flight Information
The Flight Information section displays the outbound and return flights with air
carrier and codeshare information, flight numbers, fare types, origin, destination,
dates and times. This is the information that is in your cart at the time the preview
email button is selected. Display for multiple flight options is not available.
54 |
Hotel Options
The Hotels section of the email will display the following:
Check-In and Check-Out Dates - These may be different from the flight dates
or a hotel only itinerary.
Transfer Information Statement - If the package type name contains
“transfer,” then a transfer-included message will display. If the package type
name does not contain “transfer,” then a transfer-optional message will
Hotels – Hotels are listed in order from lowest to highest price and contain an
image, numeric rating, distance from the airport, and deals. You may choose
to include the price or not. Your customers can click on the hotel’s name to
view the full hotel profile.
Feature Options
The Features section of the email will include selected features listed from lowest
to highest price. Each feature will include the feature title, an image, and a brief
description. You can choose to display prices or not. Your customers can click on
the title of each feature to expand details within the feature profile.
For date specific features, no date information will display.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 55
Car Options
The Car Rental section will display the pick-up and drop-off locations and times as
well as the list of selected car options, images, rental companies, and car sizes.
Prices will be displayed as a package from add-on price. If the rental price is
already included in the package listed by the hotel, it will be stated below the
pricing information.
56 |
The Email Footer
The email footer will thank your customers for considering planning their vacation
with you. It will also state your name and agency, display a time stamp, and
include a disclaimer for DOT compliance (e.g. prices may only be available at the
time the email was generated).
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 57
Adding Your Agency’s Logo to
Important Documents
Increase your brand exposure by adding your agency’s logo to sales emails, offers,
promotions, e-itineraries, e-confirmations, and travel itineraries. A logo may be
added for all users within an agency or separate logos may be added for individual
users. A request to display your agency’s logo must be submitted by your agency’s
site manager. All requests will be processed within five business days and an email
confirmation will be sent to the site manager upon approval.
Example sales email with an agency logo:
58 |
When all agents under the same agency number want the same logo to appear, the
site manager should email a request to VAX following these guidelines:
Email subject line: Agency Logo – Multiple Agents
Include in the email:
Agency Name
VAX Agency Number
Attach the logo to the email
Logo must be at least 260 pixels wide by 80 tall
Logo must be in an acceptable image file format: .jpg .png .eps .psd .tif
Use the following naming convention for your logo: AgencyNumber.jpg
Send your email to [email protected]
If not all agents within an agency want a logo displayed or want their own unique
logo to appear, the site manager should email a request to VAX following these
Email subject line: Agency Logo – Specific Agents
Include in the email:
VAX Agency Number
Agent user name(s) (Agent user names are listed in Member Services > Manage
Attach the logo to the email
Logo must be at least 260 pixels wide by 80 tall
Logo must be in an acceptable image file format: .jpg .png .eps .psd
Use the following naming convention for your logo:
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 59
Send your email to [email protected]
Saving an Itinerary
Itineraries can be retrieved for up to 14 days after being saved. Saving an itinerary
will not hold pricing or reserve travel components. You can manage your saved
itineraries. When saving your itineraries, you can use up to 120 characters in your
name proving more ability to differentiate your itineraries from others in you
agency. Also, you can delete your saved itineraries prior to the 14 day auto-delete
action to help manage the number of itineraries saved for your agency. During a
save action, you will notice a processing indicator to show that the itinerary is in
process of being saved.
To save an itinerary:
1. Click the Save button at the bottom of the itinerary.
60 |
2. Enter a name for the itinerary. This will become the reference for retrieving
the itinerary so it should be indicative of the package. A name may be up
to 120 characters in length.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 61
3. To save several itineraries, select Save All in the Recent Searches panel and
then enter a name for the grouping.
Once the itineraries have been saved, you cannot add to the named group,
however you can add or delete itineraries, and save as a new named group.
62 |
Retrieving a Saved Itinerary
To retrieve a saved itinerary, click the Retrieve Saved Itinerary link in the top
navigation bar in VAX.
Select the green Go button to open the itinerary.
Pricing Multiple Itineraries
VAX VacationAccess allows you to price multiple itineraries during a single client
contact. In addition, the itineraries can be individually emailed as a quote, or if
desired, stored for retrieval at a later date up to 14 days from the date saved.
To create another itinerary with different parameters, such as departure date,
length of stay, destination, number of travelers or package type for the same
contact, click on the Search icon right from the current itinerary. VAX creates a
new, active itinerary in the Recent Searches panel each time you click Search.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 63
Emailing and Printing an Itinerary
Individual itineraries can be emailed and printed if the client wants a copy of the
itinerary to review prior to booking. It is important to remind the client that an
emailed itinerary does not hold inventory or guarantee the price shown.
To email / print an itinerary:
1. Activate (open) the requested itinerary (only one itinerary can be emailed
at a time).
2. Click on the Email/Print Itinerary button located at the bottom of the
64 |
3. Enter your client’s email address in the To field. You can add more
recipients by selecting the Add another recipient link.
4. The From field is not editable and will read
[email protected] Your email address will be
automatically populated in the Reply To field.
5. Think of a catchy subject line that will grab your client’s attention.
6. Customize the introduction and closing to add personalization to your
message. Avoid using unusual characters or you may receive an error
message when you try to send the email.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 65
7. Click the Preview button to review your message prior to sending.
8. In preview mode, click the Email button to send the email. You will receive
a confirmation that the email has been sent.
66 |
Some items to note regarding the emailing of an itinerary:
Emails will list package totals and due dates.
Commission will not be displayed.
Any alterations to commission will change the package price. Make these
changes prior to sending the email.
Only one itinerary may be sent at a time. To email multiple itineraries, you will
need to display each itinerary separately and follow the same steps.
Click the Print button on the preview panel to print the itinerary.
Important: Any email communications that contain consumer credit card
information (number, expiration date, security code) will be blocked by PCI
protections and will not reach their recipients.
Deleting an Itinerary
To delete an itinerary, you must first open it and then simply click Delete.
When you book an itinerary from a named itinerary group, that group will be
deleted; however, you can save itineraries with a new name and then continue
with booking.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 67
The Checkout Screen
The Checkout screen is used to quote a price, communicate package advisories,
offer upsell opportunities, complete the booking, and confirm modifications. It
contains the updated Itinerary Summary and other fields necessary to book the
It is not until you reach the Checkout screen that VAX VacationAccess will act to
confirm current availability and give the final price to quote.
Upon clicking the Checkout button, the system will verify the availability of flights,
fares, and hotel room inventory (HBS/Direct Connect and Pegasus hotels will also
verify occupancy rules), as well as current pricing.
For certain overnight arrival flights, VAX will automatically offset arrival at the
hotel until the next day.
The system will update the car rental to include extra charges on the rental if
The package price to communicate to the customer would be either the total
price or the per person price from the Pricing Panel.
Package Advisories in the Itinerary Summary
Advisories typically display in regard to the hotel that was selected.
Examples of advisories include:
Mandatory hotel fees not included in package price.
Hotel renovations notifications
Hotel Penalties:
LTMS/Tandem and HBS/Direct Connect refer you to hotel profiles.
Pegasus hotels will display actual penalty policies
68 |
Upselling Opportunities
Suppliers may display optional features for upselling purposes in the Itinerary
Summary on the Checkout screen. The features that display can vary depending
upon what features have been previously selected.
You can add features from the Checkout page or return to the feature availability
page by selecting the Add Features button.
If the hotel has additional room categories available, they will display along with
the difference in price from the room that is currently selected. Just click on the
radio button to change the room category to select a different room category.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 69
Changing hotel room categories may result in features such as transfers to drop
off. Verify and re-select, if required to do so.
Removing an Automatic Hotel Stay Offset
When a flight arrives on a date later than the departure date, VAX will automatically
offset the arrival date at the first hotel. A special notice appears in the Itinerary
Summary at checkout. If the customer wishes to book the hotel for the day of
departure, there is an Undo Date Offset option in the Change Hotel panel.
For example, in the itinerary below, the traveler’s flight departs on August 25 and
arrives in London at 7:05 am on August 26. If the traveler wishes to go immediately
to the hotel, the hotel arrival date may be adjusted back to August 25 so his/her
room will be available when he/she arrives in London.
70 |
Selecting Travel Protection
If you don’t select travel protection as a feature of your clients’ itinerary, you must
either select or decline protection on the checkout screen before completing the
checkout process.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 71
Entering Traveler Information
Pay particular attention to accuracy as you enter information into the Traveler
Information section of the checkout screen. If not done correctly, name changes or
substitutions could subject your customer to penalties. Additionally, in some
cases, hotel partners consider this a cancellation and the customer would be
subject to possible hotel fees.
Names must be written exactly as they are documented on the travelers’
government-issued ID.
Fields to note when completing the Traveler Information:
Date of Birth – Enter as DD/MMM/YYYY, as shown. (TSA requirement)
Gender – Designation of the traveler’s gender is required by the TSA.
Email Address – Address where the electronic documents are to be sent.
Primary Number – Enter phone number with no spaces or dashes.
Mobile Number – Enter phone number with no spaces or dashes. (Optional
Frequent Flyer and Membership Information – Check the box to expand the
frequent flyer information fields. Travelers may accumulate frequent flyer or
reward points when travel is booked through VAX, but rewards may not be
redeemed when booking through VAX.
72 |
TSA Secure Flight Program Information
In addition to the travelers’ date of birth and gender, you can also enter other
information to be provided to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).
Information in this section is not required at time of booking.
Redress Number: If a traveler has a similar name to one that is on the Department
of Homeland Security’s watch list, he/she may have been issued a seven-digit
number that would differentiate him/her from the actual person on the watch list.
This helps the traveler avoid instances of misidentifications causing unnecessary
delays or occassions where he/she may be prohibited from boarding an aircraft.
Known Traveler Number: A traveler participating in the TSA Pre✓™ trusted
traveler program may benefit from expedited screening through airport security
checkpoints. These travelers are pre-screened by the Department of Homeland
Security and issued an identification number. These numbers can be used when
flying on a participating TSA Pre✓™ airline.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 73
The Email Address Field
All travel itineraries will be sent to the email address entered in the Traveler
Information section of the checkout screen at the time of booking. If the customer
does not have a personal email address, an alternate email address may be used
(work, friend, or family member). Many agents prefer to insert their own email
address in this field . This allows them to print the travel itinerary at their office
and present them to their customers in a personal or unique way.
Because an itinerary may be modified after booking, the designated email address
should be updated immediately with the supplier if it should change. Any
modifications to a reservation will initiate an issuance of updated travel itinerary
to the address listed in this field.
74 |
Itinerary Tools
This section allows you to enter any special service requests for the itinerary. You
will notice that options within the Itinerary Tools section will be expanded,
allowing you to manage different requests, once the reservation is booked.
Special Service Requests
Because the timing of the transmittal of information to the hotel or feature
suppliers vary, it is best to gather and enter this information at time of booking.
Some vacation components may require that mandatory information be entered
prior to completing checkout. Required questions will be denoted with a red
asterisk. All mandatory questions must be answered before booking may be
completed. If a mandatory question is skipped, an error message will display next
to the question until it is answered.
Hotel Requests – enter information such as bedding requests, special
occasions, smoking preference, and adjoining or connecting rooms.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 75
Flight Requests – transmit certain special flight requirements to the airline.
Car Requests – designate the lead traveler or another adult traveler on the
itinerary as the primary rental car driver. Only the names of travelers 18 years
and older will appear as dropdown choices and may be designated as the
primary driver.
76 |
Features – some features may require the completion of mandatory fields
before check out can be completed.
Internal Comments
Internal comments are for the agent’s and/or agency’s reference only. These are
only viewable via VAX and will not be communicated to the suppliers. Internal
comments may be a good place to document any action taken with the itinerary or
any message worthy of remembering. This provides a record of what has
transpired with the booking. Entries are limited to 1200 characters.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 77
Seat Preferences
Designate any general seating preferences in this section.
Seat Assignments
Depending on the supplier, you may have the ability to assign your customers’
aircraft seat locations at time of booking. If that option is available, those
selections can be made in this section by clicking on the Select Seat Assignments
78 |
Payment Information
The Payment Information section of the checkout screen is where you can enter a
promo code to receive a discount, review a pricing breakdown, determine method
of payment, and choose a final payment option that works best for your
Promo Code
This option allows you to add a promotion code to the reservation if it was not
entered when completing the search fields.
Enter the promotion code and click on the Apply button.
If the promo code is valid, it will show up in the Payment Information Panel
and the package price will be adjusted accordingly.
Underneath the Promo Code is an area highlighted in yellow that breaks down the
payment totals and due dates.
Total Amount of Payments – Total payments received as of current
Balance Due – Total package price less payments received.
Deposit Due on – Lists date and total amount of deposit due. Depending on
the supplier and the amount of time remaining before the departure date,
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 79
your customers may be required to submit a deposit or the full balance at
time of booking. If full payment is due the day of booking, the deposit amount
will be $0 and the due date will not reflect the current date.
Full Payment Due – Lists date when the balance is due.
Number of Payments –VAX allows your customers to apply payment on up to
four credit cards. This is helpful if friends are traveling together and each
want to charge their portion of the vacation to their own account. Click the
drop-down menu to select the number of cards to be used. If more than one
card is selected, payment fields to enter each card’s information will appear.
Payment #1
A payment section will appear for each card being used to apply payment.
80 |
Card Type – Select the type of card being used. Only the card options listed
may be used for payment.
Card Number – Enter the number printed on the card, along with the
expiration date.
Security Code – This is a three-digit numerical code printed on the back of
most cards (American Express includes a four-digit number printed on the
front of the card above the card number).
Cardholder name and address – Enter information regarding the cardholder
in these fields.
Completing the Booking
To finish the booking, choose a final payment option that works best for your
customers (details regarding Final Payment Options in following section), read
through the supplier’s terms and conditions and then check the box that your
customers agree to the terms and conditions.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 81
Terms and conditions contain valuable information regarding cancellation
policies, fees, taxes, restrictions, and other vacation details. Read this document
thoroughly and ensure your customers have complete understanding of its
contents before booking. Terms and conditions are established by the supplier
you book with, not VAX VacationAccess.
Before clicking the Complete Booking button, review all the information you
entered in the checkout screen to ensure it is complete and accurate. Once you are
satisfied with the information entered, click the Complete Booking button to
reserve the itinerary.
Once the itinerary successfully books, it will be assigned a reservation number and
the lead passenger’s name will appear at the top.
82 |
Final Payment Options
Choose from three final payment options when you book at least 46 days prior to
Schedule automatic final payment – With this option, your customer’s final
payment will be applied to the same credit card used for deposit on the date
selected. The date selected must be on or before the final payment due date and
the credit card will be charged the balance due on the reservation.
The option to Schedule Automatic Final Payment does NOT appear until after a
credit card number has been entered for payment.
Schedule an email reminder – With this option, you can schedule a payment
reminder to be emailed to you on a specified date. The email reminder date must
set for at least two days prior to the balance due date. This will allow time to email
the reminder to your client and respond to it prior to the actual due date.
Manually add the final payment at a later date – With this option, you can
manually apply the final payment on a determined date. This is the default
payment option.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 83
Bookings that occur less than 46 days prior to departure (and depending on the
supplier you book with), you may not have the option to schedule an automatic
final payment.
Advantages to scheduling automatic final payment:
Reduce Workload. By setting all your payments to be paid automatically,
you’re not as pressured to keep track of reservations that need payment or
paying them on time. Once an automatic payment date is established, VAX
will handle the rest.
Save time. No more worry about following up on final payments.
Upsell. Engage clients with the schedule email reminder option. Encourage
room upgrades and additional destination experiences when you follow-up
for final payment.
Go Green. By eliminating paper bills and check writing, you reduce the impact
on the environment.
Improve Security. If your client’s bills are not mailed to your agency and you
are not mailing in paper payments with credit card or checking account
numbers, you reduce the risk of identity theft. While there are risks when
paying online as well, the security surrounding these payments is typically far
greater than the security offered by an unlocked mailbox.
Reduce Errors. An email receipt will be sent when the final payment is
successfully applied to the credit card. The final payment selection will also
be reflected in Accounting History and in the comments.
Cancelling a Scheduled Final Payment
If a final payment has been scheduled (either the automatic final payment or the
email reminder), it may be canceled any time prior to the scheduled date.
1. Display the reservation and click the Cancel Final Payment Option button
located in the Itinerary Tools panel. You will receive a checkbox asking if
you’re sure you want to cancel the scheduled option.
84 |
2. Verify that you want to cancel by clicking Yes. A comment will
automatically be added to the reservation noting the cancellation.
Changing an Existing Final Payment Option
If a final payment option has been scheduled (either the automatic final payment
or the email reminder) it can be changed any time prior to the scheduled date.
Change the date of an email
Cancel the original final payment
option in the Itinerary Tools panel.
Go to the payment screen and schedule
a new reminder.
Change an automatic final
payment to an email reminder
Cancel the original final payment
option in the Itinerary Tools panel.
Go the payment screen and schedule
the email reminder.
Change the credit card to be used
for automatic final payment
Cancel the original final payment
option in the Itinerary Tools panel.
Change the date of a scheduled
final payment
Cancel the original final payment
option in the Itinerary Tools panel.
Go to the payment screen - process the
payment on the new card (it can be a
small amount) and schedule the
automatic final payment option.
Go to the payment screen – Process the
payment on the card to be used for the
final payment (it can be a small amount)
then schedule the automatic final
payment option for the new date.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 85
Client Self-Pay Option
Depending on the supplier you book, VAX now gives you the opportunity to send
your clients a payment request that will allow them to apply payment to a
reservation themselves.
To Create and Deliver a Payment Request:
1. Retrieve the reservation in VAX by clicking the Retrieve Reservation link in
the top navigation bar.
2. Once the reservation is open, click the Payment Request link at the top of
the reservation.
3. An email pop-up will open.
a. Enter the recipient’s name in the To field. To add more recipients,
click the Add another recipient link .
b. The From field will be populated with an uneditable address.
c. Write your email in the Reply To field.
d. Customize the Subject line.
4. You have the ability to edit and customize the default email body text and
closing text. Your client’s name and reservation number will auto-populate
within the email body.
The email body text contains a payment link. Do not alter or edit the payment
link in any way as it is coded to facilitate payment acceptance. It is best
practice to avoid editing the email body text at all and just customize the closing
86 |
5. Review the content of your email by clicking on the Preview button.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 87
6. Click the Email button to deliver the payment request electronically or click
the Print button to print a hard copy.
The payment link will only be active for 24 hours from the time the email is
delivered. If no payment is received before the link expires, you will need to reissue another payment request. If your client clicks the link after 24 hours, they
will receive a message that the link is no longer valid and they should contact
their agent for a new link.
If your agency’s logo is loaded in VAX, it will appear at the top of your payment
Applying Payment through a Payment Request:
1. When your client clicks on the payment link within the body of the email, a
reservation retrieval page will open. For added security purposes, your
client will be required to enter their reservation number, lead passenger’s
last name, departure date, and captcha code.
88 |
2. After clicking the Submit button, the client’s rservation page will open. The
page looks similar to the Checkout page in VAX, with itinerary details and
fields to apply payment.
3. Your client will complete the payment information fields, check that they
agree to the terms and conditions, and then click the Add Payment button
to complete the transaction.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 89
90 |
Your client will have no ability to navigate to any other page in VAX from the
reservation retrieval page.
Your client may apply payment using up to four credit cards by choosing the
applicable number from the Number of Payments drop-down list.
Payments that are made through a payment request will be noted in the
comments section of the Itinerary Tools panel within your client’s reservation.
Price Matching
Found a lower price somewhere else? Don’t worry; you have the ability to request
a price match so your clients will feel confident that they always book the lowest
prices with you. Our price match form enables you to enter a competitor’s package
information and potentially receive a price match from the supplier. After you
complete the form, VAX immediately emails your request directly to the supplier
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 91
for consideration. The supplier will then contact you by phone or email to confirm
the receipt of your request and either accept or deny it. Requests are processed
within six business hours.
Price match has no dollar restrictions and the vacation package components must
be identical in content. Price matching varies by supplier.
To submit the electronic price match request form:
1. Retrieve your clients’ reservation by clicking on the Retrieve Reservation
link in the top navigation bar.
2. Click the Price Match link at the top of the reservation.
3. Complete the electronic form and then click the Submit button.
Price Matching with TMTC Brands
The Mark Travel Corporation (TMTC) brands will match a competitor’s lower price
so you can rest assured that your clients are getting the best value for their money.
Price matching is quick, easy, and, in most cases, pre-approved, so there’s no
To complete a price match with the TMTC brands:
1. Put the package your clients want on hold by making a reservation in VAX.
This will give you a reservation number so you are able to submit a price
match request.
2. Take a screenshot of the competitor’s lower price so we can compare it to
our listed price. Make sure to capture all competitor information including
air class of service, departure times, etc. All travel components must
match exactly.
3. Send the screenshot in an email to the Price Match Team. Include the
reservation number and destination in the subject line of your email.
92 |
TMTC will approve or deny your request within three business hours. You may
retrieve your updated reservation within 15 minutes of approval.
Travel Itineraries
All travel itineraries (formerly referred to as e-documents) will be sent to the email
address entered in the Traveler Information section of the checkout screen at the
time of booking. If the customer does not have a personal email address, an
alternate email address may be used (work, friend, or family member). Many
agents prefer to insert their own email address in this field . This allows them to
print the documents at their office and present them to their customers in a
personal or unique way.
Because an itinerary may be modified after booking, the designated email address
should be updated immediately with the supplier if it should change. Any
modifications to a reservation will initiate an issuance of the updated travel
itinerary to the address listed in this field.
Travel Itinerary Content
Travel itineraries include your clients’ full itinerary, confirmation numbers, contact
information, and terms and conditions.
Some of the benefits of the travel itinerary format include:
Easier to read overall with more consistent spacing, headers and font use
Logical, easy-to-read componenet flow – air, hotel, ground transportation,
and then activities/add-ons
Increased brand customization with the headers/footer for each section
The travelers names can be viewed at the top of the page, making it easier for
you to manage all of your reservations
Airline confirmation numbers are displayed
Hotels, car, and feature requests are displayed
When Travel Itineraries are Delivered
Immediately after a reservation is booked, a confirmation email is sent to the
address designated in the Traveler Information section of the checkout screen.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 93
Travel itineraries are emailed after final payment is received. The exact timing of
when travel itineraries are distributed varies by supplier, but typically occurs 24 to
48 hours after final payment is posted.
Resending Travel Itineraries
Many suppliers allow you to resend, or re-issue, travel itineraries after the supplier
sends the original set. You can resend the travel itineraries to either the original
email address or to a new email address.
Follow the steps below to resend travel itineraries:
1. Retrieve the confirmed reservation from the Members Services page
2. The Voucher Date panel within the Itinerary Tools panel identifies the date
on which the supplier previously sent the e-travel document.
If no date appears, the supplier has not yet sent the original set of documents.
You cannot resend travel itineraries if the supplier has not yet sent the original.
3. Click the Re-Issue button. A separate window will open and display the
email address currently on the reservation. The Re-Issue button appears
only if the supplier allows you to resend travel itineraries.
94 |
If the Supplier provides for travel itineraries in PDF format, you will see these three
Email only – Selecting this option will send an email with the travel itineraries
within the body of the email only.
PDF Attachment Only – Selecting this option will send an email with a
message within the body and the travel itineraries as a PDF attachment.
Email with PDF Attachment – Selecting this option will send an email with
the travel itineraries within the body of the email and an attachment with the
travel itineraries as PDF.
The message within the email is configurable by brand so the verbiage could
vary. Sample message: “Thank you for booking with XX. Please find attached
your travel documents. If you need assistance please contact 800-123-1234.”
4. Verify that the email address in the Email Address field is correct. You can
enter a single or multiple email addresses in this field. Use a comma or
semicolon to separate the email addresses.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 95
If you type a new email address in this field, VAX does not update the email
address on the reservation. Click Change PAX Info in the Itinerary Tools panel to
update the email address on the reservation.
5. Click Re-Issue to queue the travel itineraries for resending. If the process
runs successfully, the following message appears: “E-Travel Document
request submitted for processing. Your email should arrive shortly.” If the
process fails, an error message appears. You must address the error
message before you can resend the travel itineraries.
6. Click OK to close the window.
96 |
Travel Itinerary Example: Funjet Vacations
5555 S 74TH STREET
Reservation Number 9PH999FJ
Scott W Traveler
Call your
agent or
at 8005583060.
Jessica L Traveler
Before you go, make sure the spelling of the travelers’ full names is identical to the
ones on your passport.
Funjet Vacations is a family-owned business that has been fulfilling vacation dreams
since 1974. We are committed to creating vacations that far exceed the
expectations of every customer and providing the best end-to-end service every
step of the way. At Funjet, we be believe that your vacation isn’t measured in
dollars, days and nights. It’s measured in memories. We appreciate you choosing
us to fulfill your vacation dream and look forward to creating a truly memorable
vacation experience.
This is the complete itinerary for your upcoming trip and contains information that
you'll need when traveling. Please review this document carefully. Print and carry a
copy with you for the duration of your vacation.
When you booked, you acknowledged and agreed to our Terms and Conditions. Bill
of Rights
Flight Details
Depart: Wednesday, February 13, 2013
Air Tran Airways
Flight#: 7771; Class: Z
Departing: Milwaukee (MKE)
6:33 AM
Arriving: Cancun - Cancun
AND Riviera Maya (CUN)
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 97
10:25 AM
Number of Stops: 0
Check-in for your outbound flight begins 2 ½ hours prior to departure.
Please be aware, checking in less than an hour prior to departure could
result in denied boarding.
Check-in will be at the AirTran Airways ticket counter, located in the Main
terminal at General Mitchell International Airport. We highly recommend that
you verify the flight departure time on the day of departure by calling 800247-8726. Returning flight arrives in the International Arrivals Building.
Return: Thursday, February 21, 2013
Air Tran Airways
Flight#: 7772; Class: F
Departing: Cancun - Cancun
AND Riviera Maya (CUN)
11:20 AM
Arriving: Milwaukee (MKE)
3:00 PM
Number of Stops: 0
Check-in for your return flight begins 3 hours prior to departure.
Please be aware, checking in less than an hour prior to departure could
result in denied boarding.
Check-in will be at the Air Tran Airways ticket counter, located in Terminal 2
at Cancun International Airport. We highly recommend that you verify the
flight departure time on the day of travel by calling 998-881-9400 in
Cancun, 984-873-9408 in Playa del Carmen. Return flight arrives in
the International Arrivals Building.
Watch your e-mails for any flight time changes that may occur prior to your
trip. Notification of airline schedule changes will be sent via email to the
address given, up until the day of your departure. On the day you're
traveling, you can reconfirm your flight times by visiting the airline's
website or by calling them directly.
It is recommended that you arrive at the airport a minimum of 2 hours prior
to your departure. Many airlines offer online check-in via their website.
Hotel Details
Check-in: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 - Check-out: Thursday,
February 21, 2013
Excellence Riviera Cancun - All Inclusive
Room 1: 2 Adult Carretera Federal 307
Scott W Traveler
Chetumal - Puerto Juarez
Room Type: Junior Swim Up
Suite Spa or Poolview
Benito Juarez, Puerto Mor,
QR 77580
Hotel Sales Advisories:
Hotel Cancel Policy: Cancellation Deadline: 3 Days prior
to arrival. Late Cancellation Penalty: 2 Nights.
Please take note: Resort fees; parking fees; crib and rollaway fees and any
98 |
other charges of a personal nature are NOT included in the package price
and are payable directly to the hotel. A credit card or cash deposit may be
required at time of check-in for incidental charges. Minimum check-in age
is enforced.
Ground Transportation
Roundtrip Transfer between Airport & Pto Morelos
Valid Only For: 2 Adult
Your Round trip transfers are provided by Lomas Travel. Upon arrival, after
clearing immigration & customs proceed outside (pass the timeshare area),
exiting the airport completely and look for a Lomas Representative wearing
a teal shirt & white pants. TO AVOID MISSING YOUR TRANSFER DO NOT
STOP IN THE TIMESHARE AREA. The bi-lingual Lomas Travel Representative
will greet you and direct you to your transfer vehicle. To confirm your
return transfer and for assistance see your Lomas Travel Hotel
Representative or call the Lomas Travel office at (01)998-881- 9400. A
Lomas Travel Representative can be reached 24/7. You can also reach us by
calling our US base 24-Hour Traveler Assistance Center.
All-In-One Travel Protection
Valid Only For: 2 Adult
You have purchased our All-In-One Travel Protection, so relax and have
confidence in your vacation investment! This program allows you to cancel
for any reason prior to departure and receive a full refund less the cost of
the travel protection. Other benefits include "no fees" for revisions and
hurricane coverage. With this coverage you will also receive during travel
insurance underwritten by Stonebridge Casualty Insurance Company,
Columbus, OH which consists of: Travel Delay Reimbursement; Emergency
Evacuation; Medical Expense Reimbursement; Baggage/Personal Property
Reimbursement; Baggage Delay Reimbursement; Travel Accident Protection
and 24-Hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance (On Call International). In
addition this protection includes a Price Guarantee, where you can receive
the lower rate if the price of the hotel goes down through Funjet Vacations
after you made your purchase.
All-In-One Travel Protection Services
Valid Only For: 2 Adult
For a full description of the Travel Insurance benefits and services
available with vacation packages, please review the All-In-One
Travel Protection Description of Coverage
For During Travel Assistance:
CareFreeTM Travel Assistance, Medical Assistance and Emergency Services
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 99
can be
accessed by calling On Call International at 1-800-618-0692 or, from
outside the U.S. or Canada, call collect: 1-603-328-1711.
How to Cancel and Request a Refund:
Please contact your travel agent, or if they are unavailable the Funjet
Vacations' Customer Care Team directly at 1-888-558-6654, if you need
assistance to cancel your reservation. All cancellations must be confirmed
by Funjet Vacations’ reservations department prior to departure.
Once the cancellation is made before travel, a written request must be
submitted to Funjet Vacations in order to receive your refund (less the cost
of All-In-One Travel Protection) to the original form of payment.
Cancun Experience More Card
Cancun "Experience More" Card. Ask your Lomas/Funjet Vacations
Representative for details on how to receive exclusive dining, shopping,
tour & disco discounts around Cancun! Please attend the free welcome
briefing hosted by your Lomas/Funjet Vacations Representative at your
Cancun hotel to learn about this valuable program.
Dream Vacation Care
Our Dream Vacation Care provides you with 24/7/365 customer support. If
for any reason you need assistance, we are happy to help. Please contact
us at 800-558-3060. If you need assistance while in Cancun/Riviera Maya
or Cozumel, Lomas Travel (in-destination and bilingual customer care) is
available to assist you and can be reached 24 hours a day at 01-998-8-8194-00. Have a wonderful trip and Do Something You'll Never Forget!
Timeshare Advisory
Please be aware upon arrival in the Cancun airport you'll be approached by
individuals selling timeshares. The presence of these individuals will begin
as soon as you collect your luggage. After you have your luggage you
should bypass all timeshare sales agents and exit the airport immediately
upon clearing customs. Have a wonderful trip.
Travel Value
Save time and money with our discounted airport parking, some airport
hotels offer free parking if you stay one night before or after your trip.
Parking and Airport Hotel Discounts
100 |
Additional Travel Information
Identification Required For International Travel:
All international passengers regardless of age must present a government
issued, non-expired, US passport upon flight check-in and for US customs
re-entry after air, land or sea travel.
For more information regarding proper identification requirements, please
consult your travel agent or visit the State Department's consular website at or the US Department of Homeland Security website at
Airlines may require special or additional documentation for children
traveling without their legal guardian beyond what is mandated by the
destination country. We encourage you to contact your air carrier for
It is the traveler's responsibility to provide the correct documents and failure
to do so may result in being denied boarding for the flight. Regrettably, we
are unable to refund unused flights, hotel, or features because of denied
boarding situations.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Mark Travel Corporation, its employees, officer,
directors and shareholders (collectively, “Funjet Vacations”) does not own,
control or operate any hotels or any air, land or water transportation
vehicles or companies of any kind, including without limitation, airplanes,
helicopters, boats, rental cars, ground transportation vehicles, transport
companies, shuttle services, buses or local tour companies which may offer
excursions or tours. Funjet Vacations occasionally enters into contracts with
hotels and air, land, or water transportation companies, but all such entities
are owned and operated by independent contractors.
Funjet Vacations is not responsible for any negligent or willful act, omission,
or failure to act on the part of any such entity or its employees, or of any
other third party beyond its direct control. The Funjet Vacations name and
logo may appear on posted or hand-held signs at your hotel, at the airport of
your departure or destination, in vans, buses, coaches or elsewhere during
your vacation, this use of the Funjet Vacations name and logo is solely
intended to help you identify person or entities who might provide services
to your during your trip, but does not indicate, and should not be understood
by you to indicate that Funjet Vacations owns, controls, or operates any
entity displaying such a sign, or that Funjet Vacations employs or controls
any person holding or displaying such a sign.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 101
Booking Multiple-Destination
Trends are showing a growing interest in travelers wanting to enjoy multiple
destinations during a single vacation. VAX VacationAccess enables you to book
vacations that include multiple destinations or stops using our Multiple
Destinations Advanced Search Tool.
The Value of Multiple Destinations Vacations
Multiple-destination search functionality enables you to book a vacation for
travelers who want to travel to more than one region or stay in different hotels in
the same city or location.
Multiple-destination functionality enables you to:
Book a vacation for travelers who want to travel to multiple destinations
during a single vacation
Assist a traveler that wants to stay at different hotels while staying in the same
Allow for an open-jaw itinerary
Confirm a fly, then drive vacation, in which a traveler flies to one destination,
drives to each destination in their itinerary and then flies back to the origin.
Book air with pre and post cruise or condominium rental hotel stays for your
Searching for Multiple-Destination Packages
The steps below provide an example for establishing the search criteria for a
United Vacations, LAX-HNL-OGG-LAX, multiple destinations package. The resulting
itinerary will allow travelers to depart from Los Angeles (LAX), and then fly to
Honolulu (HNL), then fly to Maui (OGG) and finally fly back to Los Angeles (LAX).
1. Click on the New Reservation link in the top navigation bar or click the
Multiple destinations link below the green Search button in the Vacation
Package Search. This will open the Advanced Search Tool. Designate
Multiple destinations as the Vacation Type.
102 |
2. Within the Multiple Destinations Reservations Tool, select the preferred
vacation supplier and destination region from the drop-down menus.
3. Select the number of rooms needed and designate the number of adults
and children that will be traveling. If children under 18 years old will be
traveling, designate the children’s ages at time of travel in the respective
drop-down list(s).
Depending on the supplier you select, VAX has the ability to confirm a reservation
with up to eight total travelers (adults and children).
4. Enter the origin city or airport code from where the travelers are departing
in the Departing from field. Click the view list link to display a complete list
of available origin cities.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 103
5. Type the departure date in the Departure Date field or click the calendar
icon to point and click on the date within a calendar view.
6. (Optional) Enter a Promo Code if applicable.
7. Check the Add Travel Protection box to include travel protection in the
Destination #1
8. Enter the first destination city or airport code in the Going to field. Click the
view list link to display a complete list of available selections.
9. Select the length of stay from the # of Nights drop-down menu. VAX will
automatically populate the Depart to Next Destination date based on the
number of nights designated.
10. Check the components needed at this location. VAX may recognize that a
flight is required and automatically select A flight is required to this
destination. Determine if your customers will need a hotel and rental car at
this location and place a check in the checkboxes next to the items needed.
104 |
11. Filter your hotel search results by expanding the Additional Hotel Options
panel. You can also modify the check-in and check-out dates if a hotel is
not needed for the entire length of stay in this location.
12. Filter hotel results even further by checking experiences your customers
want to enjoy on their vacation within the Vacation Experience panel.
Destination #2
13. Enter the Destination #2 city or airport code in the Going to field. Click view
list to display a complete list of available selections.
14. Repeat steps 7-11 for all additional destinations.
15. You can add additional destinations by selecting the Add additional
destination button.
Return Flight
16. VAX will automatically assign the originating city as the return city. You can
modify this selection by entering any city available. Click the view list link
to view all available city options.
17. Some suppliers permit you to enter additional flight options, such as
airline, number of stops, and cabin preference for your customer’s return
flight(s). Expand the Additional Flight Options panel to enter more specific
search criteria.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 105
18. Click the Search button to pull component availability.
Reference specific details regarding adding flight, hotel, and car rental options
in earlier sections of this guide.
The Multiple-Destination Itinerary Page
VAX VacationAccess will pre-build a vacation package based on the criteria you
entered in the reservation tool. Although you have your first itinerary at this point,
your research has just begun. Now is when you can really shine in your customers’
eyes by customizing the itinerary to meet your clients’ needs. Right within the
itinerary, resources to review flight, hotel, car, and feature details help you deliver
dream vacations and improve your ability to earn more.
The availability screens display available inventory that meet the search criteria for
all specified destinations. If the itinerary includes flights, VAX defaults to display
the air availability screen for the outbound flight first.
The price can appear for each component or as a combined vacation price. If
Included appears next to a component in the Itinerary Details panel, the base
package price includes the component price.
106 |
The Flight Availability Screen
Select flights in order of destination. On each flight availability screen, click Select
next to the preferred flight to add it to the itinerary. Once you select the flight for
the first segment, VAX will then display the flight availability screen for the next
segment of travel. Repeat this step for each segment that includes air
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 107
The Hotel Availability Screen
After you select all flights for the itinerary, review the hotels that were pre-selected
for your itinerary. Hotel information will be sectioned by destination for easy
reference. Review available room categories for possible upgrade opportunities.
Click the Change Hotel button to view all hotel availability for that location.
When you click the Change Hotel button, the hotel availability screen will display.
Select your customers’ preferred accommodations by clicking the green Select
button next to the hotel that best meets their needs.
108 |
The Rental Car Availability Screen
Rental cars will be available under the destination you selected to include a car in.
Click Rental Cars to expand the availability screen. Review the list of available
rental cars and click Select under the preferred car to include it in the itinerary. On
the Itinerary Summary screen, you have the option to click Remove to remove the
rental car from the itinerary.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 109
The Features Availability Screen
Click the Features button to open the features availability screen for each
destination. Review and select available attractions, excursions, activities, and
ground transportation. Repeat these steps for each destination. Some items may
require you to select a date and/or designate the number of adults and children
before adding it to your cart. Once all features are selected, click the Update Cart
button to add them to the itinerary.
110 |
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 111
Confirming a Multiple-Destination Itinerary
Once all travel components have been selected, review the itinerary and then click
the Checkout button.
112 |
Complete the Traveler Information, TSA Secure Flight Information, Special Service
Requests, and Payment Information. Review The Checkout Screen section of this
Guide for specific details on completing the checkout process.
More Guidance
Review our Getting Started Guide: Reservation Management and Modifications to
learn more about modifying information within booked reservations, including
applying payments, modifying passenger information, copying a reservation, and
cancelling a reservation.
Looking for even more answers? Reference all our helpful guidance and resources
in the Library, located on the VAX University page under Education on the main
navigation bar in VAX.
Booking Vacations in VAX VacationAccess | 113
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