Honeywell used a combination of advanced regulatory control

Honeywell used a combination of advanced regulatory control
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OneWireless Network Overview
Honeywell’s OneWireless Network seamlessly extends process control into the field.
Innovative wireless applications and services help industrial facilities meet higher
productivity goals and ever-stricter security and environmental regulations. This
technology provides solutions to immediate requirements while offering flexibility to
respond to future challenges.
An Industrial Wireless Network
Honeywell’s OneWireless™ Network brings immediate benefits
to industrial sites:
 Cost-effective, quick roll out of battery-powered ISA100
Wireless* (IEC 62734) field instruments to improve process
efficiency; increase asset availability; and meet health, safety
and environmental (HSE) regulations at lower cost
 Empowering a mobile workforce with remote access to process
data and other plant-related information
 Enhanced plant security with cost-effective wireless Closed
Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras
 Improved personnel safety with portable wireless and fixed gas
From the field to the control room, Honeywell wireless technology
allows you to seamlessly extend your process control network into
the field.
 Connecting remote controllers to the central control system
Assuming the roles of the wireless field instrument network
OneWireless Network is a multi-application, multi-standard
wireless network that can be tailored to offer the coverage
needed, from adding a simple wireless field instrument to a
completely integrated, plant-wide, multi-application wireless
OneWireless Network Pillars
OneWireless Network draws on a flexible portfolio of
interconnected components:
gateway and system and security manager, WDM is used for
initial wireless device configuration and storing wireless network
system data to configure wireless devices. It also generates
issues and manages the security keys for all field devices that
are required to join the secured network. Keys can be
provisioned to a wireless field device via Infrared or over-the-air
provisioning methods, as defined by the ISA100 Wireless
In redundant configuration, the WDM enables design and
OneWireless Wireless Device Manager
implementation of a wireless network with no single point of
Honeywell OneWireless Wireless Device Manager (WDM)
failure. WDM hosts multiple interfaces required to send ISA100
manages all wireless field devices, including ISA100 Wireless
Wireless data to your control application: Modbus (Serial and
field instruments and network infrastructure devices, such as
TCP/IP), OPC UA, OPC DA, HART, Gateway General Client
access points.
Interface (GCI), Honeywell Enraf, and Experion PKS CDA.
OneWireless Network Overview
OneWireless Field Device Access Point
their own data and also route data received from neighboring
The OneWireless Field Device Access Point (FDAP) is a rugged
field instruments, with data able to pass through multiple
industrial access point for ISA100 Wireless field instruments.
instruments before reaching the host gateway. Typically used to
Once deployed in the field, FDAPs self-discover and self-
tactically implement a handful of battery-operated field
organize into a managed, secure and redundant wireless field
instruments, this type of network is employed for non-critical
instrument mesh network. They are the bridge between the
monitoring purposes that do not require fast update rates.
sensor network and the wireless or wired infrastructure
Mesh network for field instruments only: Adding access
points for wireless field instruments enables users to build a
Cisco Aironet 1552S Outdoor Access Point
plant-wide wireless mesh network capable of supporting
For IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n clients and ISA100 Wireless-compatible
hundreds of field instruments sending data at update rates as
field instruments, users can employ the Cisco* Aironet* 1552S
fast as one second. This network is typically implemented by
Access Point. With Cisco’s CleanAir* technology, it intelligently
users who want reliable, ”wired-like” performance for battery-
optimizes the network around radio frequency interference
operated field instruments used in critical monitoring and control
sources to improve the air quality, significantly increasing
while maximizing battery life.
network performance and the user experience.
Mesh network for field instruments and Wi-Fi devices: Multi-
Cisco Wireless Controllers
application access points capable of communicating with ISA100
Cisco Wireless Controllers reduce the operational costs of Cisco
Wireless field instruments and IEEE 802.11 devices enable users
Aironet 1552S Access Point networks by extending the network
to design a plant-wide multi-application network. This network
policy and security from the wired network core to the wireless
also supports Wi-Fi devices to allow users to implement
edge. Cisco Wireless Controllers bring a number of benefits:
handhelds for the mobile workforce, and personnel safety and
 Flexibility to centrally configure wireless policy, management or
security settings on remote access points through centralized
provisioning and management
plant security systems, including Ethernet devices such as digital
 Wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) capabilities
combines Wi-Fi coverage with the best features of meshing field
 Enforcement of centrally-defined policy across wired and
wireless networks
instruments and mesh networks for field instruments only.
 Support for advanced mobility services, including ClientLink,
VideoStream and CleanAir technology
security cameras. At the same time, it can support hundreds of
field instruments for monitoring and control. The network
Universal Network
OneWireless Network supports all communication standards and
field protocols required for industrial applications.
OneWireless XYR 6000 Field Instruments
Multi-standard network: OneWireless Network supports the
Honeywell OneWireless XYR™ 6000 field instruments let
ISA100 Wireless Standard for wireless field instruments, IEEE
customers capture information from locations where running wire
802.11 for Wi-Fi devices and IEEE 802.3 for Ethernet-based
is cost-prohibitive or measurement is in a hazardous location.
With ISA100 Wireless, XYR 6000 field instruments can be
Multi-protocol network: End-users can easily integrate ISA100
configured as routing devices to allow them to send not only their
Wireless data with their existing applications using legacy field
own data but also data received from neighboring field
protocol interfaces, including Modbus (serial and TCP), HART,
instruments. These devices can be upgraded to the latest
and OPC. WDM also offers a number of unique interfaces,
versions with a simple over-the-air firmware update.
including a GCI for ISA100 Wireless devices tunneling
proprietary protocols, an Enraf interface for Honeywell Enraf
FlexLine radar gauges and Wireless Field Interface (WFI), and
Flexibility and Scalability
an Experion PKS CDA interface for peer-to-peer communication
OneWireless Network gives users the options to design a
with Honeywell’s Experion controllers and server.
network that perfectly fits their applications needs:
With Experion PKS CDA, ISA100 Wireless field instruments,
Meshing field instruments: Each ISA100 Wireless field
once powered on and authenticated, are automatically
instrument can communicate with two or more other field
recognized by Experion and ready to be used without any data
instruments to form a mesh network. Field instruments can send
OneWireless Network Overview
A multi-standard, multi-protocol network drastically reduces costs
Channel blacklisting: OneWireless Network users can
associated with wireless network deployment, maintenance and
determine and configure the channels available for
security management.
communication in the network. This method can be used to
improve network performance by preventing interference
High Performance Network
between devices.
Wired-like performance: ISA100 Wireless access points such
as the Cisco Aironet 1552S Access Point and FDAP deliver
Antenna diversity: Antenna diversity is used to enhance both
wired-like performance with wireless field instruments. With these
Wi-Fi and field-instrument wireless coverage reliability in multi-
access points, users can configure their wireless field
path environments.
instruments as routing or non-routing field instruments. Nonrouting field instruments consume less power, enabling
OneWireless Network users to get more than three years’ battery
life from their field instruments while retaining one-second update
Self-contained and predictable power management: Without
power efficiency, the benefits of wireless field instruments can be
eroded by battery costs. Honeywell offers efficient instruments
Investment Protection
Honeywell’s industrial wireless portfolio is future-proof thanks to
adoption of communications standards.
ISA100 Wireless and IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n: Standards ensure
users’ freedom of choice. Wi-Fi and ISA100 Wireless certification
means users can be confident of complete interoperability for
compliant field devices from multiple vendors.
with a 10-year battery shelf life at fast update rates. Honeywell’s
Support for all key field protocols: Leveraging the network’s
wireless field instruments use commercial, off-the-shelf batteries
multi-protocol capability, users can easily integrate wireless field
for low lifecycle costs.
instruments with their existing applications using Modbus, HART,
End-to-end industrial security: Honeywell protects plant
OPC, GCI, Enraf, and Experion PKS CDA.
information and ensures safe operations with industry standard
GCI allows third-party client applications to interoperate with the
128-bit encryption at the mesh, Wi-Fi and wireless field
WDM and ISA100 Wireless field devices leveraging the ISA100
instrument level.
Wireless tunneling feature. Tunneling encapsulates non-ISA100
Over-the-air firmware upgrades and configuration: All ISA100
Wireless field instruments can be configured and upgraded over
the air, saving one to two hours of labor per update for each field
Wireless native data (proprietary, HART or FOUNDATION™
fieldbus) in an ISA100 Wireless packet and carries the data
within the ISA100 Wireless network. No interpretation of the
packet content is necessary. Several field device manufacturers
already use this feature to transport proprietary protocols over
High Data Availability
the ISA100 Wireless network.
Honeywell offers the best data availability for wireless field
The Enraf interface leverages the enhanced tunneling feature of
the ISA100 Wireless Standard to allow Honeywell Enraf’s
Redundant paths: Each ISA100 Wireless field device can auto-
FlexLine Radar tank level gauge and Wireless Field Interface
discover neighboring ISA100 Wireless devices and establish a
(WFI) to natively communicate with the Honeywell Enraf Entis
communication path with them. Similarly, each Cisco Aironet
Pro application.
1552S Access Point can auto-discover neighboring counterparts
Experion integration: Experion users can take advantage of full
to establish communication paths. This feature allows the
OneWireless Network integration. Using the WDM’s Experion
formation of multiple paths between the client device and
PKS CDA interface, Experion PKS nodes such as C300
application, increasing data availability.
controllers and ACE nodes can communicate natively with
Data segregation: OneWireless Network uses virtual local area
ISA100 Wireless field devices. This tight integration significantly
networks (VLANs) to segregate the data and QoS tagging to
reduces time spent incorporating ISA100 Wireless field
guarantee expected performance levels by prioritizing data
instruments into control strategies and displays.
transported across the VLANs.
Professional installer support: The solution allows changing
By default, all process data are assigned to a dedicated VLAN
the ISA100 Wireless radio transmit power levels from the
tagged with the highest priority, ensuring critical information from
OneWireless user interface for qualified professional installers.
wireless instruments is always received first.
OneWireless Network Overview
This saves several labor hours and field visits for the installation
and troubleshooting of the field devices and access points.
The Only Network You Will Ever Need
Honeywell’s OneWireless Network extends the process control
network into the field with the most effective solution and lowest
The OneWireless Network is fully interoperable with ISA100
total cost of ownership:
Wireless field devices offered by other vendors, thereby providing
 The most flexible and scalable network in the industrial market
the flexibility of a truly open network.
 The easiest system to commission and maintain
Using the Wi-Fi connectivity offered by the OneWireless Network,
end users can access Experion data and displays through mobile
 The highest performing and most reliable network – fieldproven for best uptime
devices, including tablets, handhelds and laptops, for greater
 The most cost-efficient network available
responsiveness to operational changes.
OneWireless Network Overview
OneWireless Network Architecture
OneWireless Network is composed of the WDM, FDAPs, Cisco 1552S Access Points, Cisco Wireless WLAN Controller, and
XYR 6000 field instruments and ISA100 Wireless field instrumentation from other vendors. The network can be tailored to
satisfy diverse application requirements, from a simple wireless sensor network to a multi-application, plant-wide wireless
Highlighted Features
 Self-organizing, self-healing and high-speed IEEE 802.11
a/b/g/n-based wireless mesh network
 ISA100 Wireless field instruments with up to one second
reporting with latency control
 Self-organizing, self-healing ISA100 Wireless-based
wireless mesh network
 Routing and non-routing ISA100 Wireless field instruments
 Industrial meshing access points (Cisco Aironet 1552S
Access Points) providing secure and reliable wireless
coverage for ISA100 Wireless and IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n
wireless devices
 Industrial meshing access points (FDAPs) providing
secure and reliable wireless coverage for ISA100
Wireless devices
 Ability to configure ISA100 Wireless field instruments with
different update rates
 End-to-end industrial security with industry standard 128-bit
 Over-the-air firmware upgrades and configuration
 Support for all key legacy field protocols (Modbus Serial/TCP,
 A redundant gateway allowing design and implementation
of a wireless network with no single point of failure
 Peer-to-peer communication with Experion nodes using
Experion’s CDA communication protocol
 Self-contained and predictable power management
designed for 10-year sensor battery life
 Certified for use in hazardous environments
 System-wide multi-path capability with dual path
connectivity at the ISA100 Wireless field device level,
multi-path at the wireless network level (ISA100 and IEEE
802.11 a/b/g/n), and gateway redundancy
 Dedicated Virtual LAN and Quality of Service for sensor
 Provision for professional installers to change the radio
transmit power level from the OneWireless user interface
 MIMO technology and antenna diversity used to improve
Wi-Fi and ISA Wireless coverage and reliability
Network Standards
 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n for use in facilities worldwide
 2.4 GHz ISA100 Wireless for wireless field instruments
Network Security
End-to-end security:
• AES 128-bit encryption for process data
 802.11i, Wi-Fi protected access (WPA2), WPA
 802.1X authentication, including extensible authentication protocol and protected EAP (EAP-PEAP), EAP transport layer
security (EAP-TLS), EAP-tunneled TLS (EAP-TTLS), and Cisco LEAP
 Advanced encryption standards (AES), temporal key integrity protocol (TKIP)
 VPN pass through
 IP Security (IPsec), Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)
Supported Field Protocols Interfaces
Modbus TCP/Serial, HART IP/Serial, OPC UA, OPC DA, CDA (Honeywell Experion PKS communication protocol), Gateway
Client Interface (GCI), Enraf Interface
OneWireless Network Overview
Experion is a registered trademark, and OneWireless™ and XYR™ are trademarks of Honeywell International, Inc.
* All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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