EvErything for my gardEn.

EvErything for my gardEn.
Garden Care 2014
Everything for my garden.
Live your garden.
GARDENA Garden Care.
High-quality products. Beautiful gardens.
GARDENA – the full-range supplier
GARDENA – The Original System
GARDENA – in any season
GARDENA offers everything you need for
­optimal garden care. Whether it be products
for lawn, tree and shrub care, or tools for soil
cultivation – ­G ARDENA’s ­assortment has it all,
for a perfect garden.
The system concept characterises ­G ARDENA’s
­products and is reflected in many product
groups. You can rely on our systems.
With GARDENA products, you care for your
lawn all year round and keep it in excellent
shape – regardless of the season.
Once GARDENA – always GARDENA.
GARDENA – your advantages
1. Quality
GARDENA products are known for their
extremely high quality and reliability.
The entire production process is subject
to the strictest inspection cycles and quality
2. Innovation/Technology
GARDENA develops products that make
garden work as easy and efficient as possible.
That’s why the product portfolio is continuously
further developed and optimised – with the
latest technology.
3. Ergonomics/Comfort
GARDENA places high value on the ergonomics
of their products. They should lie comfortably
in the hand and make garden work easier.
4. Warranty
GARDENA guarantees all GARDENA products
for a period of 24 months from the date of
purchase. A longer guarantee period of up to
25 years is granted for selected products. This
is documented on the product packaging.
Trees, hedges, shrubs and flowers
Prune trees
Trim hedges and shrubs
Old or dry branches and twigs should be regularly removed from trees.
GARDENA offers the right products that ensure the right care for every
situation – even at heights.
Hedges and shrubs must be regularly trimmed in order to stay in shape.
Whether for trimming or shaping – with GARDENA you’re sure to find
the right product.
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Beds and soil
Dig and remove
Cultivate beds and soil
To start a bed, the soil must first be dug and/or loosened. GARDENA’s
range of innovative Terraline™ digging tools are perfectly suited for this
type of work, and also offer a long-life design.
Soil must be regularly cultivated so that it can remain nutrient-rich
and provide healthy growth conditions for vegetables and flowers.
The GARDENA combisystem offers a variety of products for multiple
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Trees, hedges, shrubs
and flowers.
The most important tasks at a glance.
Prune trees
All kinds of trees are found in gardens – fruit trees, deciduous trees or conifers. So that trees can grow healthily and retain their shape, old and dry branches
must be regularly removed. Here, it’s a matter of the right cut and suitable tools.
How often?
Keep healthy: Trees thrive and grow better when dry or diseased
branches are regularly removed. This promotes healthy growth and,
in the case of fruit trees, increases the yield and quality of the fruit.
Prune your summer blooming trees, deciduous shade trees, and fruit
trees once a year. It’s best to prune in winter or early spring, before
budding begins.
Control growth: By regularly pruning your trees, you control the
growth. Summer pruning slows tree growth and winter pruning
stimulates it.
“Train” plants: Trees – particularly those without root balls – need to be
pruned directly after planting. This re-establishes the balance between
the cut roots and above-ground tree parts, and shapes the tree crown.
Maintain growth- and flowering strength: Maintenance pruning
helps to retain and increase the growth- and flowering strength of the
tree. In particular, old branches must be removed for this.
Thin out trees: To bring more light into the tree crown and for better air
supply, you should regularly thin out your tree. Especially weak, diseased,
dead or too-dense shoots should be removed from the branches.
Many nurseries recommend pruning in spring – before the tree forms
buds. This spares the nutrient stores. Dead and diseased branches
should always be removed.
Trees, hedges, shrubs and flowers
Cut young, green plants and wood with bypass loppers.
Anvil loppers are better suited for hard and dry wood.
Cut trees for every requirement
Branch Pruners
Gardeners’ Saws
Pruning Loppers
For powerful and efficient
sawing of firewood, and for
­thinning out trees and ­keeping
them in shape.
Precise cutting of branches
up to 32 mm Ø – comfortably
from the ground.
For comfortable cutting of
branches and thinner logs.
For pruning and caring for
trees – powerful cutting of
branches and twigs up to
45 mm Ø.
Comfort Telescopic Pruning
Lopper - Starcut 410BL
Accu Chainsaw CST 2018-Li
Comfort Pruning Bypass Lopper 500BL
Ideal for cutting green wood. Precision ground non-stick cutting
blades, patented gear transmission for 38% increased cutting
power. Total Length: 500mm. Total weight: 620g. Max branch
diameter: approx 35cm
Article No. G8770
Powerful, safe Accu Chainsaw with Li-Ion battery
18 V / 2.6 Ah for an efficient, clean cut. Optimum
chain speed for efficient cutting performance with little physical effort. Optimum battery capacity: Easily
cuts 60 logs of softwood with a diameter of 8cm,
on one charge. Tool-free chain tensioning in just a
few steps. Quick-stop: Chain stops within 0.15 secs.
Easy maintenance thanks to fast oil level check via
inspection window. Replacement battery suitable for
various products.
Bar length: Speed Chain pitch: Article No. G8865
Ideal for cutting trees without a ladder.
thanks to the low weight, internal gear
transmission, for exact and powerful cutting,
and a tiltable head, well suited for de-liming
trees & branches.
Total Length
Total reach (incl user):
Max. branch diameter:
Article No. 8782
approx 6.5m
approx 32mm
Gardeners’ Folding Saw 135P
Handy multi-purpose saw for all purposes in the garden.
Three lock settings angle the blade for different applications.
Impulse-hardened special toothing with triple grinding for a
smooth and clean cut. hard-chrome plated surface for high
protection against corrosion and wear. Saw Length 135mm
Article No. G8742
Trees, hedges, shrubs and flowers
Trim hedges and shrubs
Woody plants thrive better when they are regularly trimmed. Through trimming, hedges and shrubs form new shoots and branch out ­better.
In addition, neighbouring plants have better growth conditions.
How often?
Trim: Hedges and shrubs thrive better are more healthy when old, plant
parts are removed. Through trimming, the plants receive more light which
promotes healthy and targeted growth.
Depending on the plant and location – trimming a hedge is necessary
twice a year. Trim in Autumn and again at the beginning of Spring. With
shaping, it’s important that the shoots not become too long, so that
the shape may be maintained.
Shape: Through targeted and filigree trimming, you get your plants into
shape. Boxwood quickly and easily becomes a spiral, a sphere or a cone.
When you trim your hedge in such a way that it gradually grows wider
below, you ensure that the lower leaves also receive sufficient light
and warmth.
Spring is especially suitable for the first trim because temperatures are
mild. In addition, birds are not nesting yet, the branches are manageable and there are fewer pests which could colonise the cutting points.
Trim hedges and shrubs for every requirement
Accu Hedge Trimmers
Hedge Clippers
Accu Shrub Shears
For regular trimming or shaping. Available
in battery-powered variations.
For filigree trimming of smaller hedges or
final shaping.
For cable-free trimming, shaping and care
of smaller hedges and decorative plants.
Trees, hedges, shrubs and flowers
Accu Hedge Trimmers
Accu Hedge Trimmer EasyCut 50-Li
Accu Hedge Trimmer HighCut 48-Li
Light Accu Hedge Trimmer with ergonomically shaped handle with large start button
for easy, safe start-up in every cutting situation. Optimised blade geometries ensure an
efficient, fast, clean cut. Long service life of the blades. Blade tip protector: protects
the user against kickback when cutting close to the ground. Optimum battery capacity
for efficient working Blade length: 50cm. Teeth Opening: 16mm. Output: 18V / 1.6Ah.
Unique Accu Hedge Trimmer for cutting of high hedges from a
stafe standing position on the ground. Telescopic adjustment up
to 2m for a reach of up to 3m. Tiltable head, with a 90 0 rotatable
blade unit. Optimum battery capacity for efficient working
Blade length: 48cm. Teeth Opening: 16mm. Output: 18V / 1.6Ah.
Article No. G8873
Article No. G8882
Hedge Clippers
Accu Shrub Shears
Classic Hedge Clippers 510 FSC® 100 %
Comfort Hedge Clippers 570
Lightweight, robust and durable. With wooden
handles that sit well in the hand. Straight-ground
blades. Integrated branch-cutter.
Easy and effortless work in all cutting situations.
Optimum shock absorption due to integrated
Technogel® gel pads in the handle grips, and buffers
with soft plastic components. Extremely light weight,
only 690g, for pleasant handling. Non-stick coated
blades with branch-cutter. Straight-ground blades.
Ideal for precise shaping.
Total length: Blade length: Total weight: Article No.G397
Total length: Blade length: Lightweight: Article No. G392
Accu Grass and Shrub Shears ComfortCut
- Set
only 690g
For easy, cable-free cutting of lawn edges and for
forming boxwood. Swivelling comfort handle for
optimum adaptation to a natural holding position.
Quick & easy tool free fitting of blades. Complete
with battery charger. Optional telescopic handle
can be fitted.
Lithium-ion battery: 7.2 V / 1.45 Ah
Cutting length: 180mm (shrub shears)
Cutting width: 80mm (grass shears)
Operating time: approx. 90 min
Flat battery, charging time: approx. 6-8 hrs
Complete with blade protection and battery charger
Weight: 1.15kg
Article No. G8897
Trees, hedges, shrubs and flowers
Cut flowers
A garden with gloriously blooming flowers is especially beautiful and ­impressive. Regular cutting measures turn your garden into a personal work of art.
Cutting serves to retain the shape of ornamental plants and to improve
growth progress. Many flowering shrubs bloom a second time when
they are cut back in summer. Wilted blossoms should be regularly
removed to promote new blossoms.
Cut frost-resistant flowering plants on frost-free days during the
winter. Frost-sensitive plants – such as roses – tolerate the cut better
in June / July.
How often?
Cut your plants back once a year and possibly a second time after the
flowering period.
Comfortable, easy to use, all purpose scissors for the kitchen and garden. Specially ground
high grade stainless steel. Dishwasher safe. For left and right hand use.
Total length: 180mm. 25 year warranty.
Article No. G8704
Trees, hedges, shrubs and flowers
Remove secondary shoots directly at the bud union.
Always cut plants with buds directly above the bud.
There are two different types of secateurs: Bypass and Anvil.
Bypass Secateurs with two ground blades:
For flowers and fresh green branches and twigs. Both blades are sharpground and simultaneously penetrate the twig (similar to conventional
paper scissors). The cutting head is very slim, thus the twigs and shoots
can be cut very close to the trunk. This prevents cones that hinder the
flow of sap.
Anvil secateurs with one ground upper blade
and a stable anvil below:
Ideal for hard and dry wood. Similar to an axe the upper blade is hollow
ground (initial tension) and penetrates hard and dry wood more easily.
The wide anvil distributes pressure and supports the branch in order to
avoid damage to the bark.
Classic Anvil Secateurs
Comfort Secateurs
Premium Garden Secateurs BP30
Classic Secateurs for cutting flowers and young
shoots. Angled cutting head with precision-ground
non-stick coated blades, sap drain and wire cutter.
Ergonomically shaped handles with 2 cutting positions
for power cutting and quick snipping. Single-hand
safety lock. Cutting diameter: max. 18mm.
Ergonomic secateurs with extra-narrow cutting
head to give vines, flowers, young shoots and
green wood an accurate cut. Variable size
handle opening for different sized hands. Nonstick coated blades. Precision-ground. With
sap groove and wire cutter. Aluminium comfort
grip with soft elements and 2 cutting positions
for power cutting and quick snipping. Singlehand safety lock. Cutting diameter: max. 22mm.
Very sturdy, professional secateurs with replaceable
blades for giving flowers and young shoots an
accurate cut. Aluminium handles with 2 cutting
positions for power cutting and quick snipping.
Precision ground, re-sharpenable upper blade made
of stainless steel, bottom blade forged. With sap
groove and wire cutter. Single-hand safety lock.
Cutting diameter: max. 20mm.
Article No. G8754
Article No. G8792
Article No. G8701
Trees, hedges, shrubs and flowers
Beds and soil.
How to prepare the soil – step by step.
Dig and remove
Soil is the basis of life for all plants – regardless whether for the v­ egetable- and flower bed, or also the lawn. For your plants to grow and thrive,
they especially need healthy and nutrient-rich soil. That’s why the soil should occasionally be dug.
Over time, due to weather conditions or planting, soil loses its health
and becomes non-porous for water and nutrients. So that plants can
grow strongly and healthily again, the soil must be regularly dug and
the structure loosened.
While digging, work some sand and compost into the soil. This kind
of soil can better hold water and nutrients, and also lets more oxygen
through. Loosening of the soil becomes easier and digging periods
are shortened.
When and how often?
With digging, you proceed systematically: Divide the area into strips and
then dig out a small furrow of approx. 25 - 30 cm width and as deep
as the spade. Throw the soil beside the empty furrow. Go to the next
furrow, dig out the same amount of soil and throw it into the first furrow.
While doing this, break up soil clumps. Continue with this pattern until
the required area has been worked. Finally, the last furrow is filled with
the soil from the first.
Digging soil is recommended whenever beds are newly planted or with
beds with strong weed growth. For already planted beds, dig the soil in
autumn – after clearing the beds. For clay soil, it’s ­recommended to dig
once a year. For humus- and sand-rich soil, this intensive cultivation of
the soil only needs to be carried out every two years.
GARDENA Terraline™ Spade
For soil cultivation, GARDENA has the ergonomic and comfortable
Terraline™ digging tools in its programme. GARDENA Terraline™
spades are excellently suited for loosening and digging soil.
For powerful work that spares the joints
Lies well in the hand, good force application
Extra-wide two-hand grip in D-shape
• Ergonomic and gentle on joints
Softec™ shock absorption reduces kickback during digging
• Easy digging and low risk of injury
Extra-large foot-rest protection with robust tread
Beds and soil
Softec™ - Exclusive shock
absorption System
Extra wide foot-rest
Extra wide, two-hand handle
for extra grip and force.
Terraline™ - innovative digging tools for heavier work in a solid and long-life design
terraline™ Spade
terraline™ Spading fork
terraline™ Compost fork
terraline™ Universal Shovel
for digging, removing, loosening and
transplanting soil. Optimally shaped
shaft with plastic sleeve that is kind
on the skin for a comfortable, nonslip
grip. Hardened blade made of quality
steel with high-grade coating. With d
handle. Total length: approx. 117cm.
for digging, removing, and loosening soil,
especially in planted areas. Optimally
shaped shaft with plastic sleeve that is
kind on the skin for a comfortable, nonslip grip. 4 spear-shaped tines made of
hardened quality steel with high-grade
coating. Total length: approx. 117cm.
Ideal for loosening and transplanting
compost material. Optimally shaped shaft
with plastic sleeve that is kind on the skin
for a comfortable, non-slip grip. 5 tines
made of hardened quality steel with highgrade coating. Total length: approx. 135cm.
for digging, removing, loosening and
transplanting soil. Optimally shaped handle
with plastic sleeve that is kind on the skin
for a comfortable, non-slip grip. blade made
of hardened quality steel with high-grade
coating. Total length: approx. 135cm.
Article No. G3771
Article No. G3781
Article No. G3782
Article No. G3786
GARDENA combisystem
Garden work requires the most various tools for cultivating soil: for planting, loosening and aerating of the soil, or for clearing and removing weeds.
The Gardena connecting tools can be flexibly used with any Gardena handle – for any application. The large fastening screw guarantees a pulland torsion-free handle-tool connection.
combisystem garden hoe
combisystem Bow rake
combisystem Cultivator
combisystem adjustable rake
for hoeing, weeding, aerating,
ridging and levelling. for working
in close-set rows without damaging
the plants. Straight blade,
3 teeth, 8.5cm working width.
recommended handle length
a multi-purpose tool for raking,
levelling, and working the soil. Strong
d-shaped head support, easily
guided. 36cm working width, 14
teeth. recommended handle length
With 3 lance-shaped, pressed
prongs: breaks up medium and
heavy soil easily. Working width
10cm. recommended handle length
With adjustable tine spacing:
suitable for raking coarse and
fine material. flexible, zinc-plated
width adjustable from 30 – 50cm.
recommended handle length
Article No. G3220
Article No. G3168
Article No. G3135
Article No. G3103
bedS and SOIl
More about GARDENA
This brochure only covers a part of the GARDENA product assortment. On the Internet at
www.gardena.com, you will find the entire range and also useful tips for garden work and
garden design.
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Customer Service: 1300 804 213
Husqvarna New Zealand Ltd.
Company No. 111 861
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Phone: (09) 920 2410
The company reserves the right to make changes in the interest of technological progress. 2014. Some products may not be available in all
areas, please check with your local supplier for product availability.
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