STH 160 L - Itw Welding

STH 160 L - Itw Welding
STH 160 L
November 2016 ● Index No. DC/--
TIG/Stick Welding
Power Source
Process Pipe
Maintenance Repair
Restaurant/Kitchen Repair
Experimental Aircraft
Dairy Industry
Food/Beverage Industry
Shipboard Installation/Repair
Pulsed TIG
Input Power:
230 VAC 1 Phase
Amperage Range:
5–160 A
145 A 30% DC at 40° C
Max. Open-Circuit
Voltage: 85 Volt
6,0 kg
The Power of Blue.®
Digital meter with presetting,
shows preset current before
welding and actual value during
Inverter-based, DC power source has
a simple-to-use operator interface
providing only the necessary
controls in a compact machine.
Remote control connector to
connect a remote control.
Best in class Stick and TIG arc
characteristics for those demanding
Lift TIG function, support TIG
welding with Lift TIG start without
the risk of tungsten contamination.
Portable in the shop or at the job
site - at 6,0 kg the shoulder strap
allows the end user to easily move
from location to location.
Adjustable Hot Start™ for Stick
arc starts. Adjust the optimal start
current for the application.
The current automatically increases
the output amperage at the start of
a weld.
Built-in pulsing capabilities allow
the operator to select from four fixed
pulse frequencies to satisfy the
Adjustable Arc force™ prevents
sticking. Adjust the optimal arc
force value. Adjustable arc force
supports positional welding by
increasing the output amperage.
HF Start for non-contact arc starting
that eliminates tungsten or material
VRD function is a simple design
that reduces the open-circuit
voltage to 12-16 volts when the
welding power source is not in use.
Dual Fan technology an optimised
power source cooling system which
enables the machine to operate at a
lower temperature, thus increasing
it’s performance and life cycle.
Terminal overload protection with
indicator lights helps prevent the
machine damage if the duty cycle is
exceeded or airflow is blocked.
Power source is warranted for 3 years, parts and labour.
ITW Welding Products
Edisonstraat 10 3261 LD Oud-Beijerland
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 (0) 186 641 444
Fax: +31 (0) 186 640 880
[email protected]
Input Power
Rated Welding Output
Welding Amperage Range
Max. Open-Circuit
Amps Input at
Rated Output
230 VAC
145 A at 30 %
Duty Cycle
TIG: 5 - 160 A
Stick: 20 - 100 A
85 VDC
16 A
H: 245 mm
W: 145 mm
D: 380 mm
6,0 kg
Ordering Information
Power Source
Stock No.
STH 160 L
059 016 021
TIG Inverter, incl. power cord and work clamp
Tig Torch WP9, 125 A, 35% DC, 4 m
Tig Torch WP9, 125 A, 35% DC, 4 m, with Ampere control
Tig Torch WP17, 150 A, 35% DC, 4 m
TIG - Torches
Tig Torch WP17, 150 A, 35% DC, 4 m, with Ampere control
Welding cable kit
058 066 079
Stick electrode holder 3 m and work piece clamp 3 m with 25 mm Dinse
Gas hose
907 200 0SL
Length 2 m, Outlet Connection 1/4”R en 3/8” R Inlet
195 183
Remote foot control, length 4 m
195 504
Remote foot control, length 6 m
373 700 00
Elga Optimator gas saving regulator with flow meter
371 050 00
Elga Tigex with flow meter
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