Wireles/Ethernet Setup

Wireles/Ethernet Setup
Introduction of CL5000
New LAN Card and how to install
Initial date of preparation: February 20, 2009
CAS Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.
@ This document was produced to illustrate the differences between existing LAN card
and new LAN card and to explain how to install due to wired and wireless LAN card
has been changed.
@ The sequence of description is progressed as follows.
1. CL5000 Wireless Setting Procedure
. Trouble Shooting
3. New LAN Card:
Cable — Wireless Modification Method
4. Applying New LAN Card
and Checking of F/W Version
1. CL5000 Wireless Setting Procedure
1) Parameter setting is made for the use of the wireless bridge.
(1) Press the 'Menu' key + the 'Zero' key. E) Input '000419' on the password number
input window
(a) Parameter input window entry method (b) Password input window
Diagram 1-1. Parameter input window entry method
O Input '731' and press the 'PRINT' key. — Q After inputting the '1' key, save with
the PRINT key.
(a) Parameter input window (b) Wireless bridge use setting
Diagram 1-2. IP and wireless bridge setting
6) When the power is turned off and on, wireless bridge is available for use.
2) Wireless setting
For wireless setting, the scale IP is set temporarily as follows. (Menu code 1913)
NEO DT Zee À . : ce Ce а й ==
(a) IP, G/W setting window (b) SMASK, Port setting window
Diagram 1-3. IP and wireless bridge setting
SSID and security are set. (Menu code 1916)
(Caution: Capital letters and small letters are classified, and the scan function
cannot be made unlike the existing LAN card.)
(a) SSID setting window (b) Security setting input window
Diagram 1-4. SSID and WEP input
3) In the event that setting has an error, confirm Trouble Shooting.
(a) Setting normal message (b) Setting error message
Diagram 1-5. Setting confirmation message
3) IP setting is made.
@ When WLAN setting is completed, IP for actual use is set. (Menu code 1913)
(a) IP, G/W, SMASK setting window (b) Port setting window
Diagram 1-6. IP and wireless bridge setting
2. Trouble Shooting
@ Menu code 1916 canot be entered.
This problem is on the condition of not setting the wireless parameter to yes. Use the 'Menu' +
'Zero' key to make parameter 731 to yes as in Diagram 1, and turn it on after turning off the power.
Diagram 2-1. Input of parameter for wireless bridge setting
@) AP set is finished but the WLAN setting error occurs as in Diagram 2-2.
Wireless LAN card setting has to be changed again. The modification method is to change the
WLAN setting after changing the scale IP to the shipment condition as in the below Diagram (menu
code 1913). (Menu code 1916). After completing the WLAN setting, the scale IP setting has to be
changed to the user environment (for example, 192.XXX.XXX.XXX).
SMASK : []
TCP Port [20304]
IP :[]
Diagram 2-2. WLAN setting error Diagram 2-3. Green LED ignition
GE) All procedures of WLAN are comleted, but the connection is not made!
- Check LED of WLAN ASS'Y of the bottom part of the scale as in Diagram 3. Green LED is turned off
or flickered, it is not connected to AP. Green LED is turned on for normal. Check the AP setting and
set the WLAN again.
- From the WLAN setting, check if SSID is inputted with the capital and small alphabet letters.
3. New LAN Card: Cable — Wireless Modification Method
1) Basic structure
The model applying new LAN of CL5000 is assembled basically with the ETHERNET PCB (6P80-PCL-
0790-0) and the ETHERNET 1/0 PCB (6P80-PCL-1701-0). In order to connect to the wireless
network, remove the ETHERNET I/O PCB and connect the WIRELESS LAN PCB (6P80-PCL-0790-0).
(a) Cable setting
AAA Fara
(b) Wireless setting
| P| | 4m
Diagram 3-1. Basic structure of cable and wireless cards
(2) Assembly process
(1) Remove the Ethernet I/O. 2 Disassembly three cable lines.
Diagram 3-2. Description of assembly process
4. Applying New LAN Card and Checking of F/W Version
New LAN card has separate F/W version to use. Same F/W with the existing LAN card cannot be
Diagram 4-1. Existing LAN card applying Diagram 4-2. New LAN card applying versior
The version to use the new LAN card has the F/W version mark of 'N2'. Confirmation of the F/W
version can be made at the scale booting screen.
mM There are versions that apply the new LAN card even when there is no mark of N2.
For such a version, the new LAN card has a possibility of erroneous operation.
Change the F/W with the 'N2' mark.
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