Modern Machine Quilting with your Walking Foot

Modern Machine Quilting with your Walking Foot
Modern Machine Quilting with your Walking Foot
Fabric requirements :
Two to three quilt sandwiches (fabric-batting-fabric) that measure 18” x 20”/22”. The
fabric should be a solid or solid-looking. This is so you can clearly see the quilting lines.
To make the quilt sandwiches you could use
• four fat quarters to make the two quilt sandwiches
• two ½ yard cuts of fabric, separated on the fold
A cotton or wool batting works best.
Tools required:
• Thread – bring a thread that will show up on your fabric. If you like bring
several types of thread, such as a variegated thread or a thicker thread (30 to 40
weight thread) or different colors. Cotton or polyester thread is fine.
• Quilting needles for your sewing machine (size 12 or 14)
• Quilting gloves like Machingers
• Sewing machine in good working order
• Walking foot for your sewing machine (Note: this is not a foot that comes
with most sewing machines. If you are not sure if you have one or need to get
one check with a dealer that sells your brand of sewing machine. Some sewing
machines have a built-in walking foot like some Pfaff models and some new
Bernina models. If your machine does have this there is no additional foot
• Basic sewing supplies – pins, seam ripper, scissors, etc.
• A fine-tip black Sharpie or Pigma pen to mark the quilt sandwich
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