17. Starter System Service Information Troubleshooting

17. Starter System Service Information Troubleshooting
Starter System
17. Starter System
Service Information
Starter Motor
Starter Magnetic Switch
Service Information
General Safety
ƃ The starter motor can be maintained without removing the engine from the vehicle.
Starter motor brush length
Starter motor brush spring tension
Unit: mm(in)
Standard value
Service limit
6.5mm (0.255)
Starter motor will not turn
ƃ Battery discharged
ƃ Faulty ignition switch
ƃ Faulty starter switch
ƃ Faulty starter magnetic switch
ƃ Loosen or disconnected wire or cable
Starter motor turns engine slowly
ƃ Low specific gravity
ƃ Excessive resistance in circuit
ƃ Binding in starter motor
Starter motor turns, but engine does not turn
ƃ Faulty starter clutch
ƃ Faulty starter motor gears
ƃ Faulty starter motor or idle gear
Starter motor and engine turns, but engine does not start
ƃ Faulty ignition system
ƃ Engine problems
Starter System
Starter Motor
- Remove the luggage box. (ऻ 4-5)
- Remove the body cover (ऻ 4-6)
ƃ Remove the starter motor cable from the motor.
ƃ Unfasten the 2 starter motor mounting bolts, and
remove the starter motor.
Ү Turn off the main switch prior to servicing the
starter motor. If power is connected, the starter
motor may be activated and damaged.
PVA adapter
ƃ Check the starter motor terminal with a tester to
determine if power is connected.
Tester: PVA multi-tester
ƃ Install a new O-ring and apply oil. Insert the
starter motor, and tighten the 2 bolts completely.
Ү Accurately connect the earth terminal to the
starter motor mounting bolts.
ƃ Assemble the luggage box and body cover.
Starter System
Starter Magnetic Switch
Starter magnetic switch
ƃ Turn on the main switch, and press the starter
button. If the starter magnet switch generates
operation signal tone at this time, it indicates
satisfactory condition.
Voltage Check
ƃ Measure the voltage between the yellow/red
wire (+) of the starter magnetic switch and the
vehicle earth.
ƃ Turn main switch on and press the starter switch.
If there is battery voltage displayed, it indicates
operation condition is satisfactory.
Yellow/red wire
Earth Circuit Inspection
ƃ Disconnect the green/yellow wire connector of
the starter magnetic switch. If power is
connected between the harness terminal and the
vehicle earth, it indicates satisfactory condition.
Green/red wire
Operation Inspection
ƃ Disconnect the magnetic switch wire connector.
If power is connected between terminals, as
shown in the figure, when the yellow/red wire is
connected to the positive (+) battery terminal and
the green/yellow wire to the negative (-) battery
terminal, it indicates the switch is functioning
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