5890 Oven Heating Problems

5890 Oven Heating Problems
5890 Oven Heating Problems
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Oven Temperature Troubleshooting
Probable Cause
a. Faulty fuse F4 or F5 on
1. Oven does not heat.
main PCB.
message appears on display.
b. Oven heater is open.
Corrective Action
1. Check both fuses.
2. If either fuse is bad, replace. If neither fuse is
bad, go to probable cause
1. With instrument power off,
check resistance of oven
2. If it exhibits a dead or near
short, replace the oven
heater element.
c. Faulty power supply PCB.
d. Faulty main PCB PCB.
a. Oven needs calibration.
2. Using the same sample
and conditions on this and
other chromatographs, the
retention times of this GC
3. Oven does not control.
a. Faulty main PCB.
4. Oven temperature runs
a. Oven heater partially
3. If heater element is ok, refer to probable cause c.
1. Replace power supply
2. If problem persists, reinstall
original power supply PCB
and go to probable cause
1. d.
Check both fuses.
1. Calibrate oven per procedure in this section..
1. Replace main PCB.
1. Ensure that the oven heater is not coming in contact
with the oven shell or other
nearby components.
2. If problem persists, go to
probable cause b.
b. Faulty main PCB
SVC 5- 2
1. Replace main PCB.
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