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Product Catalogue - Air
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To promote a cleaner, healthier
and safer environment by supplying
and supporting measuring and
monitoring equipment used
for identifying and controlling
environmental hazards.
Our approach to business is founded
on five key elements:
At Air-Met Scientific, we firmly believe that
a healthy and safe environment is of vital
importance to everyone. At a global level,
this environment, which we share with all
other forms of life, is the only one we've
got and we believe it is incumbent on the
human race to be responsible custodians.
At a local level, providing measuring and
monitoring equipment to health, safety and
environmental professionals, we believe is a
worthy mission. The data obtained from this
equipment is the first step in identifying and
controlling environmental hazards regardless
of their origin or location.
KNOWLEDGE - to have highly trained staff
advising customers and servicing their
instruments and for our facilities to hold
relevant third party accreditations.
From humble beginnings in 1984, Air-Met
has always striven to be a reliable partner
for our customers in helping them manage
the health, safety and environmental
concerns of their businesses. Hence: Work
with Confidence - a motto which we feel
not only confirms our approach to business
partnerships but our optimism that in
our own small way, we can help make the
environment cleaner, healthier and safer.
INTEGRITY - to be honest with our
Gas Detection & Monitoring
Air Sampling
Surface & Dermal Sampling
Indoor Environmental Monitoring
Real-Time Dust & Aerosol Monitoring
Radiation Measurement
Noise, Sound & Vibration Monitoring
Heat Stress Monitors
Soil and Groundwater Monitoring
customers, employees and suppliers.
DETERMINATION - to offer the best
possible products and support.
INNOVATION - to be willing to embrace new
technology and opportunities.
RESPECT - to be a good corporate citizen
The rental icon indicates
the equipment that is
available for short term and
long term rental.
The datalogging icon
is displayed to indicate
instruments that can
data log.
by supporting worthy causes.
Proudly Australian owned by people who
work in the business, since 1984, Air-Met
has established a network of sales, service
and rental offices covering Australia and
South East Asia and staffed by dedicated and
highly trained sales and technical personnel.
The equipment we offer is sourced from
reputable overseas and local suppliers and
we are able to offer solutions designed
specifically for local conditions by our
skilled engineering team.
At Air-Met Scientific, our focus as always is
to always provide a level of service that is
second to none in the industry.
Head Office
7–11 Ceylon Street
Nunawading VIC 3131
Sales: 1800 000 744
Sales Fax: 1800 000 774
Rental: 1300 137 067
Rental Fax: 03 9877 1230
ISO 9001
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in this catalogue are for illustration purposes
only and actual instruments may vary
in appearance.
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Scientific provides repair,
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Hand-held, personal and fixed instrumentation to detect
and monitor for toxic gas, explosive gas and oxygen
deficient conditions. For use in industrial, commercial
and residential situations.
Tango TX1 Single Gas Monitor
For the Detection of CO, H2S, NO2 or SO2
Ventis MX4 Multi-Gas Monitor
No matter the industry, workplaces are
becoming more complex. Demands for
increased productivity and efficiency persist
to become the focal point of operations.
In order to meet such high demands,
employees working in potentially hazardous
environments require a high quality, reliable
gas detector that above all else, keeps
them safe. The highly configurable Ventis
is specifically designed to meet unique gas
detection needs while maintaining worker
safety. With the ability to detect from one to
>3-year run-time.
four gases, the Ventis is available with
or without an optional integral pump and
is ideal for confined space or personal
monitoring. In addition to multiple sensor
and battery configurations, you can choose
from a robust suite of accessories. Each of
these options for configuration ensures that
when you receive your monitor, you receive
only what you need. Best of all, the Ventis is
compatible with iNet™, enabling increased
efficiency, safety and reduced costs.
>Patent Pending DualSense™ Technology:
increases worker safety, regardless of
bump test frequency, while reducing
overall costs.
>Three strobe-emitting visual alarm
LEDs (two red; one blue).
>Louder Instrument Alarm: Alarms at
100dB at a distance of 10cm – twice the
volume of the GasBadge Pro and any
other unit on the market.
>Vibration alarm.
>Certifications: ATEX, IECEx.
>Weight: 126g.
GasBadge Pro
DS2 Dockable Personal Single-Gas Monitor
>Choice of ‘smart’ interchangeable sensors;
CO, H2S, O2, NO2, SO2, NH3, CI2, CLO2, PH3,
HCN, H2 .
>Tough, compact and durable.
>PEAK, STEL and TWA readings
and alarms.
>1 year datalogging storage.
>Lifetime warranty.
>Resistant to both water and radio
frequency interference.
>Easily and quickly adaptable to monitor
different gases.
>Australian ANZEx Intrinsic Safety
Capabilities & Versatility
Detect from one to four gases with
a wide range of sensor options.
MX6 iBrid Multi-Gas Detector
DS2 Dockable Personal Multi-Gas Monitor
>Monitors up to 6 gases continuously and
>IECEx Intrinsic Safety Certification.
>Audible, visual and vibrating alarms.
>Choose from 25 ‘smart’ sensors including
>Up to 36 hours run time.
>Full colour real time display.
>Diffusion mode or internal sampling
pump version.
>Simple menu driven navigation.
Combustible gases/methane – Catalytic
O2, CO, H2S, NO2, SO2, Electrochemical.
Gain increased instrument visibility
with a safety orange overmould.
Summary of Industrial Scientific Gas Detectors and Sensors Available.
Use the extended range battery
for up to 20 hours (without pump).
Draw samples from up to 100 feet with
an optional integrated sampling pump.
and UL certified.
MX4 Ventis
Gas not listed? Speak to us about finding you a solution.
Sales 1800 000 744
Rental 1300 137 067
Gas Detection
& Monitoring
DS2 Docking Station
For MX6, MX4 and GasBadge Pro
Kitagawa Precision
Gas Detector Tube System
>Automated bump-testing, calibration,
record keeping, battery charging and
instrument diagnostics.
>Ethernet and/or wireless connectivity –
link to up to 100 remote stand-alone
instrument docking stations.
>Graphical DSSAC user interface enables
administrator to track instruments,
print reports, set events and change
parameters in any location.
>Concentration displayed by colour
change in detector tube.
>Completely portable and
lightweight, no power required.
>Precision hand-operated piston
pump delivers accurate sample
volume to detector tube.
Stand-Alone Docking and Calibration Station
Compressed Breathing Air Test System
>Transportable, stand-alone operation
with no PC required.
>Dedicated versions available for aspirated
or diffusion Ventis monitors.
>Increases safety with consistent
calibration and bump tests.
>Simple, two button operation allows the
user to quickly and easily calibrate or
bump test the equipment.
>Provides proof of compliance with
hard-copy records from an optional
external printer.
>Measures 100’s of different gases
and vapours quickly and easily.
>Tests CO, CO2, Oil Mist and Water
Vapour in CABA & SCUBA cylinders
and airlines.
>Results available immediately.
>Complete range of tests takes just
over 30 minutes.
>Completely portable, no power
>LCD/LED indications of 'pass/fail' status.
>Internal memory stores up to 150 bump
test and calibration reports before
>Multi-lingual support.
Shutdown solutions
Gas Detection
Shutdown Solutions
As shutdown specialists we have extensive
experience with primary and subcontractors
in mining, industrial and petrochemical
Bump Testing and Calibration
We are all aware that calibration of
a portable gas monitors every month
is a good idea to maintain optimal
accuracy but bump testing seems to
be the ‘Poor Cousin’. From a safety
point of view, more emphasis should
be placed on bump testing than
calibration. Why? Two major reasons:
We trust our LIVES to gas monitors
and the ONLY way to PROVE
they are working is to apply the
appropriate gas to the sensor
and watch them respond on
the display and see the
monitor go into alarm.
Air-Met Scientific will design and provide
you with a system tailored to project
requirements. We don’t just supply gas
detectors, our systems include everything
needed for a successful shut down including
laptop computers, ethernet hubs, cat 5
cable, gas, docking stations, pumps, probes,
software, tubes and filters.
We even provide regular on-site visits
to ensure everything runs smoothly.
PortaGas Portagreen Strip and Ship Recyclable Cylinder Program
Providing a Low Cost, No Hassle Method of Returning Empty Gas Cylinders
1. S
ensors can fail at any time
BETWEEN calibrations.
2.Because there have been safety recalls
on carbon monoxide and oxygen sensors
in the past and these sensors appeared
fine (and the oxygen ones calibrated)
BUT they didn’t respond to gas – very
scary to witness!
The ecofriendly “Strip & Ship” recyclable
calibration gas cylinder return program
utilises a complete line of reusable,
sustainable cylinders which can be
conveniently returned to PortaGas with
the Strip & Ship program at no added cost.
This eliminates the additional cost and work
associated with traditional cylinder disposal
requirements. Simply:
1Ensure the cylinder is empty with a regulator.
2Strip the outer layer off the cylinder.
3Place the cylinder in tube and send.
>Eliminates HAZMAT Liability.
>No Disposal or Return Fees.
>Easy To Return.
>All blends available.
Sales 1800 000 744
Rental 1300 137 067
Gas Detection
& Monitoring
iNetTM InSite
The Safest Way
to Manage Your
Gas Detection Fleet
Gas detectors alone are no longer
enough to keep you and your team
safe. A successful and effective gas
detection program requires many
elements including; reliable and
robust equipment, painless service
and safe behaviour.
Collected data shows that 3 in every
1,000 detectors used on a daily basis
are likely to fail a bump test and
subsequently fail to respond to
gas if encountered during use.
iNetTM InSite is a docking station
solution for portable gas detectors
that provides the critical functionality
and visibility needed to keep
people safe. iNetTM InSite broadens
the availability of iNetTM, Industrial
Scientific’s unique Gas Detection
as a Service solution.
This new solution is designed for end
users who own their gas detectors
and have the means of servicing and
maintaining them, but are challenged
with gaining visibility into their gas
detection program.
A fixed monthly subscription to
iNetTM InSite offered by Air-Met
Scientific includes:
>iNet DS docking station(s)
and future replacements.
>Unlimited access to iNet Control.
>Up to four hours of remote
installation and training.
Providing users with a 360 degree
view of their gas detection program,
iNetTM InSite can equip users with the
ability to configure and manage their
gas detection fleet via iNet Control, a
Web-based application accessible
from any PC Web browser.
Users can:
chedule calibrations, bump tests,
instrument firmware upgrades and
other automatic events.
You just can't get better maintenance.
et up alarm thresholds and other
custom settings.
Leave it to Industrial Scientific to create the industry's first gas monitor maintenance program – a plan that puts the
power of our team behind yours every day. With iNetTM, we offer comprehensive service and maintenance of all your
gas monitors, including calibrating, repairing, replacing and providing instruments whenever needed. Through Industrial
Scientific's Docking StationsTM and Internet technology, we'll automatically track the performance of all your monitors,
and even provide weekly instrument status reports. It's convenient, safe and cost-effective, with a monthly service fee
that's all-inclusive So call us today about iNetTM. And shift the burden of maintaining your monitors to our team – experts
who take the protection of lives as seriously as you do.
iew trends, performance metrics and
custom reports to gain practical insight
into their gas detection program.
Talk to Air-Met today to evaluate
the effectiveness of your gas
detection program.
Air-Met and Industrial Scientific Partners in the iNet solution
Sales 1800 000 744
Rental 1300 137 067
Gas Detection
& Monitoring
The world’s most advanced PID now even
better. Independently verified as the best
PID performing technology.
Tiger Select
Measures Benzene
and Volatile Organic
Compounds All-in-One.
The Tiger Select is a revolutionary
hand-held gas detector with two
mode operation for the rapid
detection of benzene and Volatile
Organic Compounds (VOCs)
providing accurate, reliable data
you can count on.
Cub Personal PID Gas Monitor
Designed for Fast Accurate Detection of
Volatile Organic and Total Aromatic Compounds
>VOC detection at loading docks and barge
Clear audio, visual and vibrating alarms.
>Confined space entry pre-screening during
refinery and plant maintenance screening.
PID independently verified as best performing on the
market. Unrivalled sensitivity detects down to ppb levels.
>Refinery down-stream monitoring.
>Hazardous material response.
Large LCD display for clear readings.
>Marine spill response.
Longest battery life (16 hours).
>Resolution: 10 ppb or 0.033 mg/m3
>Maximum Reading:
– 40 ppm or 130 mg/m3 benzene in
tube mode.
– At least 4000 ppm in VOC mode.
>Accuracy: ±10% display reading ± one digit
>Response Time: 120 seconds. Progressive
indication of benzene breakthrough is
displayed in real time.
>Intrinsic Safety Approvals:
–ITS09 ATEX 26890X.
–IECEx ITS 10.0036X.
>Battery Life:
–Li-ion: up to 24 hours, charge time
6.5 hours.
–Alkaline: 3 x AA, up to 8.5 hours life.
Fastest (<13 second) response to hazardous
gases & vapours (1 ppb – 5,000 ppm).
Measures 480 selectable compounds (10.6 eV lamp).
Applications include: industrial hygiene,
chemical and petrochemical plants oil and gas,
pharmaceuticals, emergency response - HAZMAT,
mining, spillage investigation, aviation maintenance.
Comfortable and unobtrusive to wear, the
Cub is the smallest, lightest, personal
PID gas monitor available. The Cub has a
dynamic range of 1 ppb to 5000 ppm,
the widest on the market measuring
480 selectable compounds.
The Cub personal PID gas monitor is
available as a standard instrument with
10.6 eV lamp for accurately detecting a
wide range of volatile organic compounds
>Datalogging: 120,000 data log points with
date and time stamp.
>Immediate results on start up – no need to
wait for readings.
>Fast to detect Volatile Organic Compounds
>Detects benzene without the need for a specific tube in areas of benzene gas only.
>Detects down to ppb levels.
>Continuous readings shown on display until
max level is reached.
>Exceptionally easy-to-use and intuitive
>Large, clear backlit display and keypad.
>Easy to operate.
>Battery life up to 24 hours.
>Backlight responds to ambient light
Sales 1800 000 744
Rental 1300 137 067
–Flashing LED’s Amber (low alarm) Red
(high alarm).
(VOCs) to parts-per-million (ppm) levels.
The CubTAC ppm variant with 10.0 eV
lamp accurately detects total aromatic
compounds (TACs), including benzene.
The Cub’s PID sensor technology has
been independently verified as best
performing for speed, accuracy and
humidity resistant operation. Its unique
Anti-contamination and patented
Fence Electrode Technology provide
extended run time in the most challenging
environments, giving you accurate results
you can truly rely on.
–Sounder 95 dBA at 300mm (12") vibration
on alarm.
–Pre-programmed TWA and STEL*.
>Flow Rate: 220 ml/min (150 cc/min
flow alarm).
>Protection: IP65.
Ion Science PhoCheck Tiger Kit
For Rapid and Accurate Detection of VOCs
The PhoCheck Tiger with miniPID
technology is the most advanced handheld
photoionisation detector (PID) on the
market for volatile organic compounds
>Patented Fence Electrode Technology.
>Dynamic range ppb to 20,000 ppm for
specific volatiles.
>Fast 2 second response.
>Easy change miniPID Detector, Electrode
Stack and Lamps.
>Batteries certified to be changed within
hazardous areas.
>Battery life up to 24 hours.
>Intrinsically Safe ATEX, IECEx and CUL
>Loud audible sounders 95 dBA.
>Bright LED and vibration alarms.
Gas Detection
& Monitoring
exotic GAS & vapour DETECTION
GFM 410
For Landfill Gas Extraction Systems and Flares
The GFM 410 is an ideal portable
instrument for monitoring and analysing
gas content of landfill, biogas and
contaminated land sites.
>Intrinsically safe.
GasCheck Leak Detectors
Designed Specifically for Fast Accurate
Detection of Gas Leaks
>Measures methane (0–100%) and
carbon dioxide (0–100%) using infrared
sensors as well as oxygen (0–25%)
hydrogen sulphide (0–1500 ppm) and
carbon monoxide (0-1000 ppm) using
electrochemical sensors.
>Three models in the GasCheck
Leak Detector Series:
>GasCheck G: The advanced micro-thermal
conductivity sensor accurately detects the
smallest of gasleaks down to cc/sec, mg/
m3 or ppm levels.
>Weight: 750g.
>GasCheck Tesla: Highly sensitive helium
leak detector designed for effective use
within high magnetic fields found around
the outside of Magnetic Resonance
Imaging (MRI) scanners.
GFM 430
Ideal for Monitoring Landfill Gas Migration
The GFM 430 Plus is a truly universal
landfill gas analyser. It features all the
features of the GFM 410 plus it measures
gas concentrations, pressures, flows and
temperatures. It can be used to equally
915 Light Portable Mercury
Vapour Analyser
Portable Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
>Zeeman Background Correction
which eliminates the effect of potential
>Range from 0.1 to 200 μg/m3.
CLPX Next Step
Portable Isocyanate Monitor
>Colorimetric paper tape technology
for ppb level measurements.
>Models for TDI, MDI and HDI.
>Datalogging and audible alarm.
>Real time, second-by-second readings.
>Low detection limit with the highest
>Bluetooth and USB interface.
>GasCheck IS: The only ATEX
approved, Intrinsically Safe
leak detector on the market.
Its Intrinsic Safety proves
an ideal tool for use in
areas classified as zone
zero flammable, and
can safely detect
flammable gases.
great effect at peripheral boreholes
and gas extraction wells.
>Intrinsically safe.
Landtec GEM2000 Plus
Monitoring Landfill Gas Extraction Systems Accurately and Efficiently
Designed to monitor landfill gas
extraction systems where H2S
and CO monitoring may be required,
the GEM 2000 Plus analysis landfill
gas composition, calculates flow and
much more with speed and accuracy.
It is also intrinsically safe.
>Measures CO ppm and H2S ppm.
Multi-Gas Leak Locator
Leak Detection Made Easy
>Measures CH4 and CO2 in % volume.
>Measures static and differential pressure.
Through the use of a common tracer gas
such as helium or hydrogen, leaks in most
pressurised systems can be located with
pinpoint accuracy.
>Provides space for user defined comments.
>Certified intrinsically safe for landfill use.
>10–14 hours operation from one charge.
>Records site and well conditions.
>Utilises either helium or hydrogen
as a tracer gas.
>Operates in automatic (survey) mode
or manual mode.
Landfill Gas
Analysers Chart
Applications: Landfill Analysers
>Landfill operations.
>Waste water treatment plants.
>Toxic gas surveys.
Infrared CH4 Analysis 0–100%
LEL 0–100%
Infrared CO2 Analysis 0–100%
Electrochemical O2 Analysis
Electrochemical H2S Analysis
Electrochemical CO Analysis
Electrochemical SO2 Analysis
Electrochemical NO Analysis
>Refineries and petrochemical plants.
Electrochemical NO2 Analysis
>Electric and gas utilities.
Electrochemical CL2 Analysis
Flow Range -60 to +100 L/hour
Flow Resolution 0.1 L/hour
Borehole Pressure +1000/-1000 Pa (Typical)
Borehole (Low) Flow Measurement
>Marine and off-shore oil wells.
>Confined space entry.
>Food processing.
Sales 1800 000 744
Rental 1300 137 067
>Pinpoint accuracy with sensitivity from
25 ppm up to 100% concentration.
>Field replaceable
moisture removing
cartridge in wand.
Ion Science Mercury Vapour Indicator
No Saturation, No Regeneration
& Eliminates Instrument Downtime
>Dual beam UV absorption technology.
>Fast 3 second response rate.
>Accuracy: ±5 micrograms or ±10% reading.
Aeroqual 300 & 500
Ozone Monitor
>Available in 3 ranges; 0–0.500,
0–5.00 and 0–50.00 ppm.
>Portable (5 hours run-time) or
permanently mounted with power supply.
>Audible alarm.
>PTFE probe with moisture trap filter.
>Temperature: 10˚C–50˚C.
>The MVI offers two detection ranges:
0.1–200 & 1.0–1999 microgram
/cubic meter.
Aeroqual 300
>Large digital display.
>Audible alarm.
>Light weight,
ground probe
with boot.
>Rapid charging
Ni-MH battery
with AC and car
Aeroqual 500
Gas Detection
& Monitoring
Design, Installation, Commissioning, Service
& Calibration. We don’t sell fixed system
equipment – we sell fixed system solutions.
>Pre and post sales technical support.
>National mobile service infrastructure.
>Multiple sensor options and products.
>Strobes, sirens, alarm SMS notification.
FIXED SYSTEM applications
GasCommander 800DL
8 Channel Fixed Gas Detection Controller
>1–8 channels: 4–20mA and 0–1V gas
sensor; semiconductor, RTD and
thermocouple temperature sensor inputs.
>Large, high visibility LED scanning display.
Aeroqual 900
Fixed Ozone Monitor Designed to Measure Ozone Concentrations
>Datalogging and live reading software
options available.
>Wall mounted aluminium diecast
>Tamper-proof and water resistant.
>Sensor type: gas-sensitive semiconductor.
>Multiple analogue outputs.
>Operating temperature: -5˚C–500˚C.
>Digital outputs.
>Relative humidity: 95% maximum
(sensor head and base unit).
>Measurement range:
Low Concentration Ozone:
0.000–0.500 ppm.
High Concentration
Ozone: 0.00–5.00 ppm.
>8 customisable alarm relay outputs,
optional Modbus output.
GasCommander 100
Single Channel Fixed Gas Detection Controller
>4–20mA or 2–10V gas sensor input.
>Integral Xenon strobe-light.
>2 customisable alarm relay outputs
with LED status indicator.
>Enclosure rating: IP20 & NEMA 1
Haloguard III
Cost-Effective Photoacoustic Infrared Monitoring for Refrigerant Gas
>Internal power supply can power external
alarm devices.
>Displays gas sensor type and
concentration on backlit LCD.
>Communication: RS485.
>4–20mA output for BMS etc.
>Multi-channel and multi-gas detection.
>Provides low ppm detection for all
>LCD shows ppm concentration, alarm,
test, reset and fault diagnostics.
>Sensitivity: 20 ppm.
>Meets ASHRAE Std. 15, in addition to
mechanical, fire & building codes.
>Measuring range: 0–1000 ppm all
>Three user alarms adjustable between
50 ppm & 100% of scale.
>Response time: <1 minute per channel.
>Single or multipoint sensing.
>Upgradeable to newer refrigerants.
MonoTox Transmit 5000
Remote Gas Detection Transmitter
Bionics Diffusion Gas Detectors
Simple, Compact and Complete Toxic Gas Detection Systems
>Wall mounted IP65 aluminium
diecast enclosure.
>24V DC powered (3-wire).
>Renewable sensors for low cost operation.
>Operating temperature: 0–40˚C.
>Optional aspirated sampling module.
>Response: T60 <30 sec.
>Weight: <1kg.
>Accuracy: ±10% F.S.
>Gas specific sensors.
>Large range of electrochemical sensors
for oxygen and toxic gases.
>Sampling styles: diffusion, continuous,
single point.
>4–20mA, 0–10V or 2–10V output options.
Fixed Gas Detection Transmitter
>1 or 2 points of detection from a single
head in any combination of gases.
>‘Smart’ sensor technology; large range
of gases to choose from.
Ion Science TVOC
Detection and Measurements of Total Volatile Organic Compounds
>Safety features include: automatic sensor
recognition; zero and calibration
fault protection; access code security.
>Explosion-proof housing.
>Australian ANZEx Approval.
Sales 1800 000 744
Rental 1300 137 067
The Ion Science TVOC is a fixed
continuous monitor for the detection and
measurement of total volatile organic
compounds (VOCs).
>Scaled 4–20mA analogue output.
>Humidity resistant PID.
>LED and 4–20mA output fault indication.
>Selectable detection range 0–100 ppm
or 0–1000 ppm.
>Diffusive monitoring – no pump required.
>Intrinsically safe (ATEX).
>Operating temperature: -20–50˚C.
Gas Detection
& Monitoring
Personal and area sampling pumps, sampling media, sampling accessories,
calibration equipment and diffusive (passive) samplers for exposure level.
For measurement of gaseous, vapour, dust, aerosol and bioaerosol contaminants
in industrial, commercial and residential atmospheres.
Pocket Pump
20–225ml/min Constant Flow Sampler
AirChek XR5000
5-5000ml/min Extended Flow Range Air Sampling Pump
>Programmable via PC (with Data
Trac software) or keypad.
>Fault shutdown with data hold.
>LCD shows sampling parameters,
battery and fault status.
>Advanced ‘predictive’ flow control
using internal pressure sensor.
>12 hours run-time at 200ml/min
with NiMH battery.
>Direct flow control with internal flow
and temperature sensors.
>Designed for extended range to 5000ml/
min with extended operating run time
(40 hours at 2l/min with Li-ion battery).
>LCD shows elapsed time and accumulated run-time.
>RoHS Compliant.
>UL listed for intrinsic safety
(Li-Ion models only).
>Extended back pressure capabilities.
Up to 127cm of water at 2l/min.
>Automatic flow fault.
>Automatic flow correction for changes
in temperature provides accurate air
AirChek 52 Personal Sample Pump
5–3000ml/min Constant Flow Sampler
AirChek PCAZ8
AUSEx Certified Sampler for Underground Coal Mines
>High and low flow in one compact
>Automatic fault shutdown
with time retention.
>Flow range of 1000 to 3000ml/min
with low flow from 5 to 500ml/min).
>LCD shows sample run time,
battery and fault status.
>8+ hour run-time with NiCd battery,
PowerFlex Charger compatible.
>Compact and lightweight.
>5–2500ml/min constant flow
with automatic fault shutdown
and time retention.
>Certified intrinsically safe:
Ex ia Groups I and IIC.
ATEX and IECEx Certified
>LCD shows flowrate, volume sampled,
battery status etc.
>Direct flow control with internal flow,
temperature and pressure sensors.
>CalChek direct calibration
system compatible.
>8+ hour run-time with NiCd battery,
PowerFlex Charger compatible.
>RFI/EMI-shielded, impact-resistant case.
The AirChek 3000 with a patented internal flow sensor brings advanced
electronic flow to air sampling. This technology allows the user to program
a desired flow rate via either the keypad or a PC using the optional
DataTrac software.
>Operational range: 5-3250ml/min.
ow Flow range 5-500ml/min with
adaptor (constant pressure operation).
- High Flow range 1000-3250ml/min
(constant flow operation).
>Precision timing.
Universal (XR Series)
5–5000ml/min Constant Flow Samplers
>Programmable via keypad (PCXR8 only).
>Casing IP Rating: IP64 (dust and rain proof).
>Large LCD display with continuous display
of volume, low, time, battery status,
temperature and atmospheric pressure.
>3 button keypad, no tool programming.
>Real time clock.
>Sample hold feature (PCXR4
and PCXR8 only).
>PowerFlex Charger compatible.
>Flow control: ±5 % of
set point constant flow.
>Battery pack: NiMH rechargeable,
2.0 Ah, 4.8V.
>Charging time: Up to 3 hours using
223-240A, single fast charger 16 hours
using 223-109A five station charger.
>LCD shows sample duration, flow and
battery status (PCXR4 and PXR8 only).
>Operating temperature: 0°C to +40°C
(limited by Intrinsic Safety Certification).
Sales 1800 000 744
>Sample hold feature.
AirChek 3000 Air Sampling Pump
>Programmable via PC (with DataTrac
software) or keypad.
>LCD shows sample duration,
flow and battery status.
>RFI/EMI shielded and UL Listed
for intrinsic safety (ATEX-approved
model available).
AirChek 2000 Air Sampling Pump
Direct Flow Control 5–3250ml/min Sampler
>Automatic fault shutdown with time
retention (PCXR4 and PCXR8 only).
>Programmable via keypad.
Rental 1300 137 067
>Auto shut down on flow fault.
>Auto restart if fault is cleared.
>Interrupt ‘hold’ feature.
>Auto delayed start and timed shutdown.
>Certifications: CE Marked, ATEX and
IECEx Certified.
Air Sampling
Pocket Pump
AirChek 52
AirChek 2000
AirChek 3000
AirChek XR5000
Universal Samplers
Weight in Grams
Weight in ounces
Compensation Range
(inches water)
Up to
20 at 200ml
Up to
25 at 2l
Up to
30 at 2l
Up to
320 at 2l
Up to
10 at 5l; 50 at 2l
Up to
20 at 2l
Up to
40 at 2l
Built-In Timer/Clock
Deluxe model only
Flow Ranges (ml/min)
Constant Flow
Yes (Direct flow
Multi-Tube Sampling
With adjustable low
flow holder
Enhanced & deluxe
Flow Fault Feature
RFI-EMI Shielded
Corrects for Changes in
Atmospheric Pressure
Corrects for Changes in
Nimh or nicad
Battery Type
Battery Check
or alkaline
Leland Legacy Sample Pump
5–15l/min Constant Flow Sampler
Direct flow control with internal flow, temperature
and pressure sensors.
LCD shows flow rate, volume sampled, battery status etc.
24 hours run-time with Li-Ion battery.
CalChek direct calibration system compatible.
Programmable via PC (with DataTrac software) or keypad.
models only
Achieve flow rates that you couldn't
reach before when using a personal
sample pump. The Leland Legacy®
provides the high flows (5 to 15L/min)
and long run times of a vacuum-style
pump in a compact, portable, and
battery-operated sampler.
Enhanced & deluxe
Rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery
pack provides 24-hour run times with
impactors and other sampling devices
with low back pressures. The Leland
Legacy is ideal for 24-hour indoor air
studies and unattended ambient air
sampling however is not recommended
for high back pressure applications such
as asbestos clearance sampling.
models only
*5–500ml/min requires accessory | † With adjustable low flow holder and constant pressure controller.
Vac-U-Go Bioaerosol Sampler
For Flow up to 30l/min and Sonic Flow Application
>Up to 30l/min free air flow; 2–12l/min
constant flow with critical orifice.
>Oil free rotary vane type pump with
vacuum gauge and control valve.
>12.5l/min sonic flow for use
with BioSampler.
>Operating temperature range:
32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C).
>240V AC operation.
>Weight: 5.4kg.
SKC Deployable Sampler Systems
Portable 24 Hour Ambient PM Sampling System
>Uses Leland Legacy pump and IMPACT
single stage inertial impactor for PM10
or PM2.5 sampling at 10l/min.
>Self contained with all accessories
in heavy duty lockable Pelican™
carrying case.
>Ideal for remote locations or indoor
air sampling.
>Pre-program automatic start and stop.
>Simple 3-button keypad for setting a
single unattended sample run.
>Standards: None. Pump is not
intrinsically safe.
>Not intended for use outdoors.
QuickTake 30
10–30l/min Constant Flow Sampler
Flite 2 Air Sampling Pump
Portable, Versatile and Fully Programmable Pump for High Volume Air Sampling
>4–14 hours run-time (dependant
on sampling head) with Li-Ion battery
or continuous via AC adaptor.
>Versatile sampling accessories: wand for
sampling in duckwork and other hard
to reach areas and optional mounting
bracket for viable impactor.
>Programmable sampling time
parameters via keypad.
>High-contrast digital display shows
sample duration, flow and battery status.
>Ideal for bioaerosol or asbestos
clearance sampling.
>Wide flow range: 2–26l/min to free air.
>Battery or line operation.
>Fully programmable: Manual run/Timed
run and delayed start/Intermittent
>Flow fault feature ensures sampling
>Sturdy handle for easy portability.
>Long run times.
>Flite 2 is ideal for area and environmental
monitoring, stack sampling, indoor air
studies, asbestos monitoring, biosampling
and for long term background monitoring.
>High performance sampling capabilities.
Sales 1800 000 744
Rental 1300 137 067
Air Sampling
Air samplng aCCESSORIES
Air-Met has been servicing customers with SKC accessories and consumables
for more than 30 years. If you need assistance with product selection or
application, contact your local Air-Met representative.
Calibrators & accessories
Defender 510 & 520
‘DryCal’ Near Frictionless Piston Flow Calibrators
>Choice of 3 ranges: 5–500, 50–5000
and 300–30,000ml/min.
>Instant readout of flow rate with
±0.5% of reading accuracy.
>Integrated interface software saves
calibration data as text file (Model 510)
or in searchable SQL database
(Model 520).
Soap Film Flowmeters
For Quick and Accurate Flow Determination
Sorbent Tubes, Thermal Desorption Tubes, PUF Tubes
A Wide Selection of Tubes Available
>Model 311–1000 laboratory film
flowmeter with tripod stand,
>Using advanced sorbent technology
and designed specifically for OSHA,
NIOSH, HSE and USEPA methods.
>Model 303 portable film
flowmeter in carrying case,
>Batch consistency and strict quality
control ensure fewer desorption efficiency
Sample Bags
For Gas and Vapour Sampling
>Available in a variety of materials
(Kymar, FlexiFilm, FluoroFilm),
septum/valve configurations
and sizes.
>Strong, evenly sealed seams;
ultra clean materials; leak tested.
>Backup sections detect break-through and
provide an indication of sample validity.
Calibrating Pumps Tech Notes
Did you know?
Lightweight, Rugged and Portable
>Available in various configurations,
flow ranges and accuracies for convenient
calibrations in the field.
It is a requirement of our Australian
dust sampling standards (AS 2985
& AS 3640) that:
>Secondary standards only requiring
periodic calibration against a primary
>The pump flow rate should be adjusted
accurately to the designated flow rate
using a calibrated flowmeter.
>The calibration equipment and
technique should be of such accuracy
that the flow rate can be measured
to within ± 5%.
For Collecting Airborne Hazards into Liquids
>Flow rate should also
be checked prior
to switching off the
pump at the end of
the sampling period.
>Available in 25ml glass with a standard
or fitted nozzle or 60ml inert and
unbreakable Teflon.
Conductive Plastic Cyclone
Measures Respirable Dust
>225–69 Conductive Plastic Cyclone
for respirable dust by AS 2985.
>Constructed of conductive plastic.
>Eliminates the static problem allowing
for accurate results.
Note: SKC pumps
require little or no
settling-in period
prior to calibration.
>Filter cassettes available in 25mm
or 37mm sizes.
Single-stage Viable Bioaerosol Impactor
>Samples viable micro-organisms by
inertial impaction directly onto agar
culture media.
For 8 Hour Sampling of Viable or Total Bioaerosols
>Internal Impactor with precision sapphire
orifices screens out particles >1.0 µm.
>Use with non-evaporating collection
liquids and Vac-U-Go Sampler
(see Area Sampling Pumps).
>Single-use cassettes are tamper evident
sealed to ensure sample integrity.
>High dust environments: use with the
225-68 DPM plastic cyclone.
>Use with QuickTake 30 Pump.
Air Sampling Tech Notes
Did you know?
Uniquely Serial Numbered Cassettes
for Micro-Organism Spore Sampling
>High collection efficiency for spore
sizes ranging from 1.5–3.9µm.
>Well defined rectangular deposition
for easy microscopic analysis.
>Collection slide with optically clear
adhesive and positioning notches and flat
edges for easy alignment on microscope stage.
It is a requirement of our Australian
Dust sampling standards (AS 2985
& AS 3640) that ‘The pulsation ratio
shall not exceed 0.2 and preferably be
less than 0.1’. This is easily achieved by
choosing SKC sampling pumps, the
world leaders in air sampling. Air-Met
Scientific have distributed SKC pumps
for over 30 years.
For more information please visit our
Sales 1800 000 744
Meets NIOSH Method 5040 Specifications
>Collect sub-micron diesel particles.
>High collection efficiency; preserves
micro-organism integrity and viability.
>Precision tooled 200 or 400 hole,
autoclavable aluminium impactor plate
and housing with SureLock positive seal.
Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) Cassette
Rental 1300 137 067
Filters & Filter Holders
>Links to Australian
Standards and NIOSH
& OSHA methods.
>User Guides.
>SKC Air Sampling
Guides for pumps,
passive samplers and
skin sampling.
Preloaded and Weighted Filters for
Particulate Sampling
>Complete range of Membrane and Depth
filters in a variety of materials, pore sizes
and diameters to comply with all relevant
air sampling methods.
>25 and 37mm filter cassettes in styrene
and polypropylene; special conductive black
polypropylene cassettes with cowl for asbestos.
IOM Sampler for Respirable Dust by AS 3640
The IOM Personal Inhalable Sampler is a
conductive plastic sampling head, that
houses a reusable 25mm filter cassette with
specified filter for the collection of inhalable
airborne particles.
>Efficient particulate sampling up to 100µm.
>Removable 25mm cassette system
eliminates filter handling.
Coated Filters for Vapours & Aerosols
Convenient Alternative to Impingers
>Designed specifically for OSHA,
NIOSH and HSE methods.
>Ready to use, mostly
in preloaded cassettes.
>Convenient and safe alternative
to impingers but limited shelf life.
Air Sampling
Swabs and test kits for detecting skin and surface contamination due to lead,
cadmium, mercury, nickel, chromate, amines, isocyanates, fungal spores and
other biohazards occurring in industrial, commercial and residential
Passive Samplers for Organic Vapours
Identified as a Viable Alternative to Active Sampling in Seven OSHA Methods
>Validated against NIOSH and ANSI
protocols for short-term, 8 hour and
24 hour sampling.
>Highly accurate and reliable – proven
performers in the laboratory and
in the field.
>Choice of sorbents for targeting
specific compounds.
>Variety of samplers available.
Ghost Wipes
For Surface Collection of Lead and Other Metals
>Wipe surface and send to laboratory
for quantitative analysis.
>LeadCheck: 2µg sensitivity;
no false positives.
>Sturdy material holds together during
sampling but completely dissolves in hot
water or acid solution during analysis.
>ChromateCheck: 3µg sensitivity;
no interferents identified.
>Superior collection efficiency – samplers
contain >300mg of sorbent.
>Use for antimony, beryllium, cadmium,
chromium, cobalt, copper, iron, lead,
manganese, molybdenum, nickel,
vanadium and zinc.
Inorganic Mercury Passive Sampler
Long Term Sampling up to 120 Hours
Wipe Sample Test Kit
For Evaluating Surface Contamination
>Validated for OSHA Method ID140
and complies with HSE Method
MDHS 16/2.
>Lightweight and easy to use
– no pump needed.
>No moisture or chlorine interference.
>Reusable capsule holder with
replaceable sorbent capsule.
>High accuracy, sensitivity and capacity.
>Lowest cost per measurement available.
Heavy Metal Surface Sampling Swab Kits
Instant Colour Change
Colorimetric Swypes
For Screening Surface and Skin Contaminants
>Convenient kit contains all materials
(except solvents) for OSHA wipe
sample methods.
>On the spot colour indication for
Amines, Isocyanates, Hydrazine
and Acids/Bases.
>Samples for metals, pesticides,
amines, radionuclides, corrosives
and dusts.
>Sensitive to levels equal or below
exposure levels for comparable
airborne contamination.
>Safe for use on skin or
work surfaces.
ULTRA III Passive Sampler
Provides Results Comparable to Canisters for EPA Method TO-15
Passive sampler convenience combined with
high sensitivity of thermal desorption. The
patented* ULTRA III samples by diffusion
and provides low ppb to ppt detection of
compounds, including semi-volatile organic
compounds (SVOCs).
Available with choice of 5 sorbents to
better target compounds for indoor
and ambient air sampling — including
semi-volatile organic compound.
Sales 1800 000 744
>Includes 10 sterile swabs in
transport tubes and 10 templates.
Full Disclosure Kit
For Instant Detection of Lead on Skin and Surfaces
>Completely safe, no reagents ever touch test surface.
>Suitable for both flat and irregular
>Carbograph 5/Anasorb GCB1/Tenax
TA/Chromosorb 106/Charcoal
(solvent extraction).
>Immediate colour change provides
instant results.
*U.S. Patent No. 6,607,581.
>Exposed wipes can be sent to laboratory
for further quantitative analysis.
Passive Samplers for Formaldehyde, Amines, SO2/NO2, HCN, Ethylene Oxide
and Nitrous Oxide
For Gas and Vapour Sampling
>UMEX 100 uses 2.4-DNPH for
formaldehyde and other aldehydes;
complies with OSHA Method 1007 and
HSE Method MDHS 78. Validated for
15 minutes to 24 hour sampling.
Sterile Surface Swab Kit
For Biological Sampling
>526 Series for formaldehyde based
on NIOSH Method 3500.
>UMEX 400 uses 1-NITC for amines;
based on OSHA Method 60.
Rental 1300 137 067
For Field Detection of Methamphetamine Residue
>Designed to check meth remediation/
>Fast on-site results and high sensitivity.
>Easy to use.
>Everything required, included in kit.
Permea-Tec Pads
For Evaluation of Glove Protection in the Field
>Highly sensitive, instantaneous
colour indication of contaminant
>Available for Amines, Isocyanates,
Hydrazine, Acids/Bases and
Surface &
Dermal Sampling
Real-time monitors for continuous short or long-term measurement
and logging of indoor environment parameters such as carbon dioxide,
temperature, relative humidity and dewpoint.
Q-Trak Indoor Air Quality Monitor
Provides Quick, Reliable, Accurate Information to Assess Key IAQ Parameters
>Measures and displays CO2, temperature,
humidity and CO simultaneously.
>Power from AA alkaline batteries
or AC adaptor.
>20+ hours datalogging with TrakPro
software analysis.
The 3M EVM Series of
Particulate Concentration
Air Quality Monitors
What do you get when you
cross a real-time aerosol dust
monitor, an indoor air quality
monitor and a PID?
One very versatile instrument!
Simultaneously Measure Particulate
and Gas Concentrations
>Reduces the need for multiple instruments.
>Lowers the cost of ownership.
Dial-in Rotary Impactor
Hot Wire Anemometer
>Twist and click selection of particulate
settings:PM2.5, PM4, PM10 or TSP.
Designed for Use in the HVAC Industry
The VELOCICALC® Air Velocity Meter
9535 is like having multiple meters for the
price of just one.
90° Light Scattering Photometer
>Displays up to three measurements
>Mass concentration engine offers real-time
measurement of particulates.
>Data log 12,700+ samples and 100 test IDs.
>Simultaneously measure temperature
and velocity.
>Articulated probe version available
>Calculates volumetric flow and actual/
standard velocity.
>Accurate air velocity measurement.
Built-in Sampling Pump
for Gravimetric Analysis
>Allows user to insert a 37mm filter cassette
to capture particulates for laboratory testing.
>0–6,000ft/min (0–30m/s) range.
>Model 8345 is available for rental only.
EVM-3 Environmental Monitor
Real-Time Direct Reading Particulate Monitor
The EVM-3 provides real-time direct
reading of particulate concentrations, along
with temperature and relative humidity
measurements. The dial-in impactors
allow for quick selection of particulate
settings PM2.5, PM4, PM10 or TSP without
Rotating Vane Anemometer
Accurately Measures Air Velocity and Temperature
>Accurately measures air velocity,
temperature, calculates flow rate and
determines average, minimum and
maximum readings.
>Operating range 0–25m/s and 0–80°C
with a resolution of 0.1m/s and 0.1°C using
a 4" diameter rotating vane head.
>Log, store and recall data.
>Over 2800 logging samples with time
and date stamp.
>Download to a PC.
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Tech Notes
‘Sick Building Syndrome’ has been
reported in the press from time to time
and the causes are almost never to do
with the standard three parameters. Many
conditions can cause problems with IAQ –
for example:
Sales 1800 000 744
>The make-up air intake could be in the
underground car park & may be drawing in
elevated levels of carbon monoxide causing
headaches to the buildings’ occupants.
>New flooring or furnishings may be
off-gassing formaldehyde or other VOCs.
>Mould may be growing in wall spaces and
releasing spores & microbial VOCs.
Rental 1300 137 067
The EVM-4 is designed for comprehensive
indoor air quality analysis with its ability
to simultaneously monitor and log one
toxic gas, carbon dioxide, relative humidity
and temperature.
The instrument’s compact size and
displayed overview of parameters make
indoor air quality assessment easy.
This versatile monitor features a tripod
mount and security code protection for
unattended stationary studies.
Additionally, the EVM-4 offers calculation
of room air exchange rates with carbon
dioxide trending algorithms for in-depth
air quality evaluation (with 3M Detection
Management Software).
A built-in air sampling pump assists in the
collection of particulates while the laser
photometer provides real-time measurement.
A standard 25 or 37mm gravimetric cassette
can be utilised for sampling and laboratory
EVM-7 Environmental Monitor
analysis, and help provide correlation for
This instrument combines both the EVM 3
real-time direct reading measurements.
& 4 and a PID to provide a particulate and
air quality monitoring in one instrument.
>Clear digital display.
Traditionally IAQ monitoring has looked
at temperature, relative humidity &
carbon dioxide. This is great if you are a
HVAC engineer and are only interested in
balancing the make-up air flow to reduce
costs BUT these parameters are only part
of a good IAQ survey that a professional
would undertake.
EVM-4 Environmental Monitor
Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Analysis
Just looking at these parameters we are
generally looking at three units to take
measurements however we can use the EVM
to measure CO2, RH%, temperature, CO &
VOCs all in ONE unit; if we wanted to we
could also measure air flow and real time
dust while concurrently collecting a dust
sample for later analysis…. A much easier
volatile organic compounds (VOCs), toxic
gas, carbon dioxide (CO2), relative
humidity, temperature and air velocity
(with optional accessory).
>Work site monitoring.
>Industrial fence line monitoring.
>Industrial hygiene surveys.
>Remediation sampling.
>Military site evaluation.
>IAQ walk through & stationary studies.
>Internal vehicle sampling (aircraft, trains).
>Air quality assessment.
>Construction/Mining site monitoring.
>VOC screening and monitoring.
>Time-history assessment.
>Regulatory compliance.
The 3M EVM-7 offers the unique capability
to simultaneously measure particulates
(mass concentration),
Indoor Environmental
Portable and personal devices for the measurement and protection
against the damaging effects of electromagnetic, radio frequency
and microwave radiation.
Light scattering devices for measuring and logging of airborne
particulate concentrations in the breathing zone and ambient air.
High Volume Sampler
For Use in Outdoor Environment
Dust Monitoring
DustTrak & DustTrak II Aerosol Monitors
Provides Instantaneous Readout of Dust Concentrations
>Real-time area dust monitor using the light scattering principle.
>Fully programmable up to 7 days.
>PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0 or respirable particle size ranges.
>Maintains constant air flow
while using either TSP, PM10
or PM2.5 head.
>Ideal for quick spot checks or long term advanced
logging modes.
>31,000 data points for storage (21 days at 1 minute intervals).
>Supplied with filter support
and transport cover to alleviate
contamination of the sample.
>Quiet in operation.
>True mass flow sensor guarantees
flow control and accurate results.
> Applications include ambient
samplings of different parameters
such as dust, asbestos, fibres and
gases. The High Volume Sampler
can also be used in quarries.
DustTrak Environmental Enclosure
Provides Additional Security and Protection of the DustTrak
>Sampling inlet is designed to sample efficiently
in a broad range of wind conditions.
>The lead acid batteries included provide
24 hours run-time.
Electronic & Magnetic Isotropic Field Analyser
FibreCheck FC-3
Real-Time Asbestos Monitor
‘Fibrecheck’ is a portable, direct reading instrument for the
routine assessment of fibrous aerosol hazards, in particular
for those involving asbestos and MMMF.
>Min detectable fibre diameter: 0.2u (typ).
>Isotropic measurement with internal
electric and magnetic sensors.
>Covers frequency range of EFA-300 as well as
pulsed magnetic fields used in industry and the home.
>Electric and magnetic low frequency
field analysis up to 100 kHz.
>Direct evaluation of field exposure in
comparison with major standards.
>Built-in FFT spectrum analysis.
>Acceptance measurements to
CE standard IEC/EN 62233.
>Small size and optical fibre
connection for spot measurements.
>Built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery
with great autonomy.
>Min resolvable fibre aspect ratio: 1:3 (typ).
>Fibre types: Serpentine, Amphiboles,
Vitreous, Organic, Ferrous.
>Optical Fibre Interface to PC or NBM-550.
>Audible annunciation.
>Rechargeable battery / 10 hours operation time.
Exposure Level Tester
>Real-time measurement with RMS
and peak detector.
>Automatic evaluation even with
different signal shapes.
>Stand-alone continuous acquisition with
internal data logger for 24 hours.
EHP 200
Electromagnetic Field Analyser
PORTACOUNT Respirator Fit Tester
>Electric fields from 0.02–1000V/m.
Fit Test Any Tight-Fitting Respirator Including N95, P2 and P1 Disposables
>Magnetic fields from 0.6mA/m–300A/m.
>Faster N95 fit testing time – down
from 10 minutes 24 seconds to 7 minutes
15 seconds.
>Stand alone operation – no external
computer required. Use with external
computer to generate reports and print
fit test cards.
>Able to perform N95 fit testing with much
lower ambient particle concentrations.
Sales 1800 000 744
Rental 1300 137 067
>OSHA-compliant for all
respirators, including N95.
>Automates fit testing
with FitPro™ Fit
Test Software.
>Colour touch
>Auxiliary input for spectrum analysis
of external signals.
>Separate 3-axis and total values.
>Built-in frequency spectrum analysis.
>Maximum BW resolution of 1kHz
for detailed measurements.
>Calculation of the field wave impedance.
>Built-in rechargeable battery.
NBM 550
Accurately Measuring Electric and Magnetic Fields
Large graphic display.
Stores up to 500 measurement results.
RadMan Personal Electromagnetic Radiation Monitors
Personal RF Personal Monitors
Optional GPS and voice recorder.
Stamps data log with co-ordinates
and saves carrying a notepad and
pen while climbing towers.
>Uses isotropic E-field and H-field probes
to measure the electric and magnetic
field components – simply, precisely
and non-directionally.
NBM 520
>Can also measure the true power
of pulsed electric fields if fitted
with a suitable measuring probe.
RadMan is worn on the body and emits
a loud warning signal when 50% of
the maximum permitted flux density
is exceeded. An earphone can be
attached so the signal can be heard
even in very noisy environments
if exposure standard exceeded.
>Audible and visual alarm.
>Used in broadcasting, telecoms, mobile
radio, radar and air traffic control.
>Four LEDs indicate the electromagnetic
radiation flux density in stages of 12.5 %,
25 %, 50 % and 100 %.
>RadMan XT version is equipped with
a datalogger.
Broadband Field Meter for Electric
and Magnetic Field Measurements
from RF to Microwave.
Nardalert S3 Personal Radiation Monitor
Personal Radiation Monitor for Electric Fields with On-Site Interchangeable Sensor Modules
Nardalert S3 is worn on the body and
gives visible, audible and vibratory
warning when the electric field power
density approaches or exceeds the
permitted limit. The warning thresholds
are user settable.
>Available with Isotropic Probes
to cover 100kHz to 60GHz.
>Plug-and-play Probe Interface with
Automatic Probe Parameter Detection.
>Easiest 4 button operation.
>Fully automatic zeroing.
>Remote operation via optical link.
>Extra small & lightweight.
>Interoperability with NBM-550
>Automatic evaluation of exposure
frequencies according to human
safety standard.
>Data logger option.
>USB interface for battery charging and
downloading measurement data.
>Display of distribution of high and low
frequency components.
>Calibration interval: 3 years.
AMS-2600 Area Monitor System
Continuous Electromagnetic Field Area Monitor
NBM 580
> Allows central control of multiple
field sensors.
>Complete solution for remote monitoring
of electromagnetic field strength.
>Solar powered with GSM modem
(requires DATA enabled SIM card).
> Built-in, low and high power
alarm relays.
>Magnetic field probes cover a frequency
range of 20Hz to 3kHz, with high
frequency sensors up to 40GHz.
>Memory capacity: 45 hours to
18 months depending on storage
rate and detection mode selected.
>Up to 8 input metering station for
NBM Meters and/or NS3 Monitors.
> Fibre optic and USB inputs.
Allows Users to Combine Multiple-Sensor
Installations into a Fully Functioning
Monitoring or Alarm System
> Touch screen controls.
>Recommended 24 month
calibration interval.
> IEEE-488 or Ethernet connectivity.
Selective Radiation Meter
Smarts II Area Surveillance Radiation Monitors
Surveillance Monitor - Fixed High Frequency Warning Device
>Shows the source and magnitude of
individual contributions to the overall
field strength and evaluates them on-site.
>Standard-compliant measurement with
isotropic (non-directional) results from
9kHz to 6GHz.
>Automatic antenna and cable recognition.
Code-selective measurement
(UMTS P-CPICH demodulation).
Scope Mode.
Area Monitor that can be installed
on ceilings and walls, with automatic
frequency response evaluation according
to a selected standard.
>Used in broadcasting, telecoms, EDGE,
WiFi, WiMAX, mobile radio, radar and
air traffic control.
>Emits warning sounds and registers
alarms if user settable thresholds
are exceeded.
>2 MHz to 100 GHz in a single monitor.
>Continuous, automatic monitoring
– no operator required.
>Recorder output.
>Battery or low voltage DC operation.
>Weatherproof housing option.
>Real time frequency response evaluation.
>Ideal for security installations in aircraft
hangars or military facilities.
Sales 1800 000 744
Rental 1300 137 067
Hand-held and personal instruments for the measurement and
logging of Noise Dose and Sound Pressure Level in commercial
and industrial workplaces.
O1DB DUO – Smart Noise Monitor for Noise
Measurement in the Environment
CUBE Smart Noise Monitoring Terminal
Versatile Noise Monitoring Terminal to Suit All Types of Applications
DUO is innovative and unique in the
market of sound level meters dedicated
to environmental noise measurement.
Fully weatherproof (IP55) with unique waterproof microphone.
Integrated 3G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB and HDMI connectivity.
3 days internal battery life with more than 60 hours operating
lifetime in nominal mode (multispectra, Wi-Fi, 3G).
CUBE is a noise monitoring terminal
that can fit into all forms of enclosure:
all weather case, plastic or metal cabinet,
etc to suit a wide range of noise
monitoring applications.
>Built-in 3G modem, WiFi 802.11b/g/n,
Ethernet and ADSL connections.
The CUBE stays connected around
the clock, operating continuously and
responding simultaneously to your
requirements: acoustic and meteorological
measurements, automatic publication of
data, communication of alarms, as well
as parameter configuration changes,
real-time display or listening option, etc.
>DMK01 outdoor microphone.
>Built in GPS.
>All weather G.R.A.S. 40CD microphone.
>Real-time display of data.
>Text message sent upon low
internal battery.
>24-hour backup battery.
>IEC 61672 Class 1 Certification.
Built in high contrast colour screen.
SDHC Memory (32Gb).
Automated calibration.
Easy to use with single button start and 3 keys for easy
control at your fingertips.
FUSION Smart Sound & Vibration Analyser
Innovative Solution for Noise and Vibration Measurements
All parameters measured in parallel.
Designed to fulfil your needs in all
situations, the simple to use FUSION
offers the best available technology
to meet your needs for on-site analysis
and noise monitoring.
Aluminium profile treated housing with side grips to ensure
comfortable and secure handling of your robust DUO.
Remote control: Wireless remote access to all functions of the DUO.
Sound Level Meter and Monitoring
DUO introduces the "Smart Noise Monitor",
the new generation of environmental noise
measuring instruments, devoted to:
>Classical hand-held sound level meter
measurements using the built-in keyboard
and screen or a wireless remote control
(Wi-Fi, 3G).
>Short, medium or long-term stand-alone
measurements, the operator having full
remote control of the instrument.
Control your measurements! Access
to your measurement points, from
near or far.
With DUO and dBDUO Integrated web
client, you can access settings, stored data,
real-time visual display of sound levels with:
>A built-in screen to start and control
a measurement in the field.
>An internet connected device (Wi-Fi, 3G) for
overall control of the site, from your office
or... from the coffee shop around the corner.
Measurements are accessible at any time and
from anywhere.
Sales 1800 000 744
Rental 1300 137 067
Fully Weatherproof
FUSION offers an innovative solution
for noise and vibration measurement,
with high-performance features designed
to facilitate analysis. It offers excellent
connectivity, enabling you to manage
your measurement sessions and
optimise your operations remotely.
Operating Battery Lifetime and
You can take the weekend off, DUO won’t
stop measuring. With long battery lifetime,
full remote control of the entire instrument,
and a high memory capacity, DUO opens up
a new dimension in noise measurement.
Assured Metrology and Data Security
Relax, DUO reaches new heights in reliability.
Programmable in-situ, automatic electrical
checks and precision class components
guarantee metrological reliability. With
0° and 90° incidence corrections it gives
flexibility whatever you measure. To secure
your instrument DUO has a unique
anti-theft system.
>Built-in 3G modem, WiFi 802.11b/g/n,
Ethernet and ADSL connections.
>Built in GPS.
>All weather G.R.A.S. 40CD microphone.
>Built in pre-amplifier.
>Text message notifications of acoustic
events and operation problems.
>Real-time display of data.
>IEC 61672 Class 1 Certification.
DUO is protected and safe, come rain
(or snow) and shine.
Its housing has been designed for outdoor
use under all weather conditions. Its integral
protection makes DUO discreet in the
measurement environment. Developed
exclusively for DUO, its all-weather
microphone/cone set is manufactured by
G.R.A.S., the world-renowned company
specialised in precision noise transducers.
>Wireless 3-axis vibration signal
Noise Inspector Acoustic Camera Solutions
Offering Fast and Accurate Visibility into Sound and Vibration Emissions Real-Time
Noise Inspector offers an accurate, fast
and smart technology for sound source
localisation. With great ease of system
setting up, sound and vibration emissions
becomes quickly visible in real-time.
Furthermore the software is easy to use
for non-specialists and offers great
functionality for professionals.
The results are acoustic images or movies,
easy to interpret for everybody, and easy
to communicate. Noise Inspector is
the perfect mobile tool to help you
determine dominant sound sources in the
environment, improve your product quality,
minimise development time and
to save your resources.
>Powerful HD algorithms.
>Real-time sound imaging for quick results.
>AVI, WAV and result exports.
>Digital and robust 24bits microphones.
>Localisation from 40 Hz up to 20kHz
depending on the configuration.
>Dynamic range more than 40 dB possible.
Noise, Sound &
Vibration Monitoring
EDGE 4 & 5
Cable-Free Noise Dosimeters
Advanced eg4 with dual dosimeters and
datalogging/time history; eg5 Australian
approved intrinsically safe dosimeter
with C-A capability.
The Edge family of lightweight personal
noise dosimeters features advancements in
user comfort and technology, making it easier
than ever to monitor noise levels. Its compact,
cable-free design mounts on the shoulder and
weighs just 85 grams, so it is both comfortable
and easy to wear.
Light weight (85gm) with thin, contoured
mount designed for wearer comfort.
>Measuring Range: 70dB–140dB.
IP Rated 65.
>Peak Range: 110dB–143dB.
Rechargeable Li-Ion battery 60+ hour
>Device Setup: Easy quick setup via DMS.
1 or 5 bay ‘EdgeDock’ docking station for
recharging and downloading data. QuestSuite
and DMS softare compatible.
>Datalogging: LAVG or LEQ, Max, Peak and
Overload Indication at one minute intervals.
>Battery Life: Edge 4: 60+ hours.
Edge 5: Intrinsically Safe, 40 hours nominal
without LED activated.
>Certifications: ATEX, IECEx, IP65, RoHS.
SoundPro SE/DL
Integrating Sound Level Meters
Sound Detector SD-200
Type 2 Detector for Measuring Workplace Noise Levels
>Advanced noise analysis with two ‘virtual’ sound
level meters running simultaneously; concurrent
A and C weighted measurements.
>Available in Type 1 or 2 and with datalogging
(DL models only) and compatible with
QuestSuite Professional II and DMS Software.
>Optionally equipped with 1/1 and/or 1/3 octave
real-time frequency analysis.
>Integrating/Averaging: Computes average sound pressure level
for accurate asessment of intermittent sound levels.
>SLM Range: 40–130 (dynamic range).
>User selectable LED Alert Screen.
>Compact and lightweight design
accommodates one handed operation.
>Rechargeable battery.
>CE Marked.
Noise Indicator NI-100
Easy, Lightweight (17g), Durable Noise Level Detector
Sound Examiner SE-401 and SE-402
Type 1 and Type 2 Basic Sound Level Meters
>Alerts users to potentially dangerous noise levels.
> Accurately measures noise levels in highly variable environments.
>LED light delivers clear indication of when noise
levels exceeds hazardous threshold.
> Computes the average sound pressure level
(LEQ/LAVG) over the run time.
>Red Flashing LED: Noise levels > 85dBA
– hearing protection may be required.
>Variable, user selectable data logging intervals
with user-determined measurement parameters.
>Green Flashing LED: Noise levels <85dBA
– hearing protection may not be necessary.
>All models shop ready-to-use.
Air-Met’s fully trained technicians care for
your equipment, offering the right advice,
reliable technical service, fast turnaround
times and quality calibrations. With service
centres in most Australian mainland
capital cities, there is one near you.
Air-Met Service will repair your
instrument and restore it to
manufacturers’ specifications.
Trained and qualified mobile
technicians assess your instrument
and provide a detailed report and
quotation for repair.
Speak to your local Air-Met representative
about our comprehensive service
management solutions.
Air-Met will service all instrument
brands – products include:
>Seven National Service and Repair
>Sound level meters.
>On-site service via our fully equipped
service vans.
>Heat stress monitors.
To ensure your equipment is operating
correctly and monitors are producing
accurate results, regular maintenance,
service and calibration is required.
Air-Met maintains an AS-NZS 9001
Quality System, registered and
audited by SAI Global. In addition,
our gas detector calibration service is
accredited by NATA. Air-Met Scientific
is also the only certified Industrial
Scientific service provider in Australia.
>Tailored Total Care Service Options.
>Extended instrument warranty solutions.
>ISO 9001 & NATA accreditations.
>Gas detectors.
>Noise dosimeters.
>Dust monitors.
>Air sampling pumps.
>Confined space monitors.
>Indoor air quality.
>Radiation monitors.
>Water quality and environmental equipment.
>DMS Software Compatible.
>Rechargeable battery. Operates for
up to 200 hours between charges.
>SLM Range: 30-140dBA (Single Range).
> Auto-Power Off.
>Available measurements: SPL, LMAX,
LMIN, Lpk, LEQ/LAVG, Elapsed Time.
support software
Detection Management Software (DMS)
Third Generation Support Software
Designed for dosimetry, sound level measurements, heat stress
analysis and environmental monitoring, this advanced software
helps safety and occupational professionals to:
>Retrieve, download, share and save instrument data.
>Generate insightful charts and reports.
AcoustiCal AC-300
For Precise and Simplistic Calibrations
>Simple, precise and easy to use.
>The AC-300 is an acoustic calibrator
for calibrating precision Class/Type 1 as well
as general purpose Class/Type 2 sound
level meters and noise dosimeters.
>CE, RoHS, WEEE and C-tick Certified.
>Export and share recorded data.
>Perform advanced calculations.
Sales 1800 000 744
Rental 1300 137 067
On-site service via our
fully equipped service vans.
Noise, Sound &
Vibration Monitoring
Soil and Groundwater Monitoring
Personal, portable and fixed heat stress monitors. Used for the
measurement and logging of the WBGT index as an indicator of thermal
stress in high temperature, high humidity and high physical activity
working environments.
YSI Pro Plus
The Ultimate Handheld Sampling Instrument.
Tougher. Smarter. More versatile.
heat stress monitors
TWL-1S Smart Heat Stress Monitor
Designed to Prevent Heat Stroke and Illness for Workers in High Temperature Environments
>2 Heat Indicies: TWL and WBGT.
Once the TWL has been identified, it is
recommended that there is a schedule
for work, rest and rehydration in order to
maximise worker safety. The remote paging
function will also enable site managers
to stay alert with high thermal risk within
200 meters.
>Wireless remote notification.
DO, pH, Conductivity, ORP, Ammonium, Nitrate, Chloride, Salinity,
Total Dissolved Solids, Barometric Pressure, Resistivity.
>Shipped with tool box and tripod
for easy carriage and use.
Interval or single-event logging capability.
>Scarlet software TWLIT for quick
setup and data download.
Easy-to-use software to manage all your data.
QUESTemp°II Personal Heat Stress Monitor
Easy to Use Personal Heat Stress Monitor
Detects individual physiological response
with temperature of the external auditory
canal near tympanic membrane.
>Recorded data can be used to evaluate
worker response to heat stress loads and
assist in developing preventive measures.
>User-selected alarm trip points provide
audio alert to elevated core temperatures.
> DMS Compatible.
QUESTemp Area Heat Stress Monitors
Designed to Quickly and Accurately Evaluate Potential Heat Stress Environments
technology and the calculation of a WBGT
Index value.
>QUESTemp° 44/46/48 utilises a waterless
wet bulb sensor designed for working
environments where daily instrument
upkeep is difficult.
From manufacturing to military
applications, there is a QUESTemp°
Heat Stress Monitor for your application.
>QUESTemp° 32/34/36 – delivers highperformance monitoring through WBGT
(Wet Bulb Globe Temperature) sensing
>Convenient stay time parameters per
multiple standards help determine
work-rest ratios.
>IP 54 Ingress Rating – helps protect
unit from dirt, dust, oil and water.
>Intrinsic safety available
on selected models.
Sales 1800 000 744
2,000 data-set memory with GLP event logging.
It is essential to assess thermal risk and
manage thermal hazards associated with
the work environment to protect the health
of the workforce in order to reduce time
lost due to thermal illnesses and increase
the efficiency of working in the heat. The
TWL-1S can be applied to indoor and
outdoor work sites for assessing thermal
risk levels.
>4 essential sensors for thermal
comfort measurement.
The series of 3M™ QUESTemp°
Heat Stress Monitors provide safety
professionals with the durable,
easy-to-use instrumentation needed
to measure and analyse heat stress
related exposure levels.
Backlit display and keypad.
Rental 1300 137 067
>Measurements: Wet Bulb Globe
Temperature (WBGT), Thermal Work
Limit (TWL), Globe Temperature, Dry
Bulb Temperature, Relative Humidity,
Wet Bulb Temperature, Wind Speed.
Certifications: RoHS, CE, WEEE, C-Tick, VCCI, FCC, IP-67, 1m drop test.
IP-67 waterproof instrument (floats) with 3 year warranty;
2 year cable warranty.
>Data logging.
>Risk level indicator.
Designed to be tough and smart in the lab or field. And extremely
versatile. The Pro Plus accommodates any combination of YSI Pro Series
cables, sensors, and accessories. Want to measure DO in the field?
Maybe pH/DO/ Nitrate? Or Perhaps you need it to be a lab instrument
that measures BODs? What ever you need, the Pro Plus is your choice.
Do your job with confidence even
in the harshest field conditions. The
drop-tested Pro Plus was designed tough
with military-spec connectors, a two-year
warranty on all cables, weighted sensor
guards, and a rubber over-moulded case
with three-year warranty. Its interchangeable
sensors and extra-durable cables eliminate
down time. And its low overall cost
of ownership means you’re making a
worthwhile investment for years to come.
The technology-smart YSI Pro Plus
has all the built-in support you’ll
need for the lab or field. It provides
multiple languages, detailed GLP
data, on-screen help to eliminate
the need for a bulky manual,
sensor diagnostics, up to six-point
auto-buffer recognition, re-cal
prompts, user-defined auto-stable
function, and security passwords for
extra protection. And much more.
More Versatile
Connect any cable and probe option to the
instrument and use the convenient cable
management kit to keep everything simple
and organised. Cable options range from
1–30m choices (up to 100m on DO only
cables). Use lab or field probes and switch
between the two quickly. The Pro Plus makes
an ideal lab BOD instrument with the proven
self-stirring BOD probe. A convenient hand
strap can be used on either side of the
instrument. A complete family of accessories
also increases the versatility of the Pro Plus.
Choose among accessories including carrying
cases, flow cells, cable weight, belt clip,
tripod, and c-clamp.
Soil & Groundwater
Soil and Groundwater Monitoring
YSI ProDSS Multiparameter Sampling Instrument
YSI ProODO Dissolved Oxygen
Tough Field Worthy Handheld DO Instrument
A handheld DO meter that provides
extreme durability for measuring dissolved
oxygen with optical, luminescent based
technology for any field application.
>Smart data management with 500
data-set file and site list memory with
Data Manager desktop software.
>Certifications: RoHS, CE, WEEE, C-Tick,
VCCI, IP-67, 1m drop test, assembled
in USA.
>No flow requirement/Non-consumptive.
>Probe fits standard 300ml BOD bottles.
>3 year instrument warranty and a 2 year
cable and probe warranty.
EcoSense ODO200 Optical DO/Temperature Meter
Accurate, Economical Handheld Dissolved Oxygen Measurements Using Optical Technology
The ODO200 simultaneously measures
dissolved oxygen, using optical technology
and temperature:
> Low battery indicator with 100 hour
battery life.
>Automatic temperature compensation.
> Replaceable optical sensor cap
(12-18 month life).
> 1-, 4- and 10-meter durable field
cables available.
> Auto shutoff function after 30 minutes
of inactivity.
> Manual input for salinity and pressure
> 50 data set reviewable memory.
> IP67 waterproof rating.
YSI MultiLab Line Benchtop Instruments
One, Two or Three Channel Benchtop Meters for pH, ORP,
Conductivity and/or Optical Based Dissolved Oxygen Measurements
The YSI MultiLab line of instruments
provide easy to use and easy-to-calibrate
menu-driven operation ideal for any
>Large, easy to read displays.
>Intelligent Digital Sensors (IDS)
for plug-and-play connectivity.
>GLP Compliant (sensors store
serial # and calibration data).
>Data storage via USB connectivity
– Manual: 500 data sets.
– Automatic: 5,000 data sets
(Model 4010-1), 10,000 data sets
(Models 4010-2 and 4010-3).
> 3-year instrument warranty.
Portable Digital Sampling System for
the Measurement of pH, ORP, DO,
Conductivity, Turbidity, Temperature,
Depth and More.
The rugged and reliable ProDSS allows for measurement of up to 17
parameters. The ProDSS features user replaceable digital smart sensors
that are automatically recognised by the instrument when connected.
A backlit color display, large memory, convenient calibration procedures,
rechargeable battery, and powerful PC data management program
(KorDSS) make the ProDSS extremely user friendly.
The optional GPS function, wide range of
sensors, and varying cable lengths allow
for complete customisation of the ProDSS.
Mil-spec (military spec) connectors and a
waterproof (IP-67), rubber over-moulded
case ensures durability to provide years
of sampling even in the harshest field
>Single cable design with depth option universal ports can accept any 4 sensors
>Specific Conductance
>Long-life rechargeable lithium-ion battery
to power handheld and sensors
>Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
>Colour display and backlit keypad allow
for sampling in all lighting conditions
>Seawater Density
With the 9300 and 9500 photometers,
you can eliminate sample preservation
by taking your portable, waterproof
instruments to the field to perform the
analysis on-site.
>Large, backlit graphic display.
>Direct reading concentrations.
>Internal memory for 500 sample sets
(9500 model).
Sales 1800 000 744
>Total Suspended Solids (TSS)
>User-replaceable cables and sensors
provide versatility, reduce down time and
reduce overall cost of ownership
>Large memory (> 100,000 data sets)
with site list and Data ID tag capabilities
>KorDSS, a powerful data management
software with geo-mapping capability,
is included with the instrument
>USB On-The-Go connector for PC
connection, recharging/powering the
ProDSS and connecting directly to
a USB stick
>Surface water
>Coastal waters
>Cable lengths up to 100 meters available
with or without a depth sensor
YSI 9300/9500 Photometers
Simple, Convenient and Accurate
>Digital smart sensors are auto-recognised
by the instrument and store calibration data
>Global Positioning System (GPS) (optional)
>Waterproof IP-67 rating.
>Dissolved Oxygen (Optical)
>Multiple languages.
>Waterproof USB connection that can
also power the instrument (9500 model).
Rental 1300 137 067
>Rugged, waterproof case (IP-67 rated) with
rubber over-mould and metal, military-spec
(MS) cable connectors as well as rugged
titanium sensors
>Multiple languages in handheld and KorDSS:
English, Spanish, Portuguese, French,
German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, and
Chinese (simplified and traditional)
Soil & Groundwater
Water & Interface Meters
Model WQC-24 Multiparameter Water Quality Meter
(8–11 parameters plus water depth available)
The Model WQC-24 is the latest development in DKK-TOA’s
range of multi-parameter water quality meters. This instrument
combines a compact, high performance and robust water quality
monitoring system.
The 45mm outer diameter sensor probe can provide measurement
of up to 11 parameters simultaneously out of a total of 17 available
parameters. The instrument also features an interface port for
connection to a Global Positioning System (GPS), Local Area
Network (LAN) printer or other communication peripherals.
Geotech Interface Meters
When the Interface Meter is lowered down a well
and contacts the product layer, a solid tone and
green light alarm is activated on the reel. When the
probe detects water, the tone begins to oscillate
and the light changes to red.
8 Standard Parameters
>Max 11 Parameters out of 17 available (pH, ORP, DO, EC, Tubidity,
Temprature, Salinity, Total dissolved solids, Specific gravity and
water depth plus Chlorophyll and Ions of NO3-, Cl-, F-, Ca2+, K+,
Premium quality poly-coated steel tape
in 30, 60 and 100 meter lengths on a
polyethylene reel and solid aluminium
>Independent Sensor Memory/Logger.
Accuracy within 3cm. Interface probes
features a field replaceable 5/8" probe.
>RS232 Interface for external peripherals.
>Built in data logging storage capacity for 35 days of continuous
measurements (based on measurements every 15 minutes).
>GPS receiver compatible.
>Base configuration includes pH, DO. turbidity, temperature,
conductivity, salinity, total dissolved solids, and specific gravity.
>Flexible interface port. Compatible with GPS, printer RS-232C,
LAN, cellular phone or other data communication peripherals.
>Measurement to a depth of 100m is possible.
PetroSense PHA 100 Hydrocarbon Analyser
For Accurate Detection of Hydrocarbons in Water
The detection and measurement of total
petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) in water
was historically achieved by sampling
followed by gas chromatography or infrared
analysis. With the advent of PetroSense®
PHA-100, the world’s first patented fibre
optic chemical sensor (FOCS®) built into
a portable analyser; it is now possible to
measure ppm levels of TPH in vapour or
water in the field and in real time (in-situ).
>3rd Party certified equivalent
to EPA Method 8020.
>Detects total petroleum hydrocarbons
directly in water, vapour and floating liquid.
>Intrinsically safe, UL, CUL,
KEMA ia, CE.
>Florida DEP approved equivalent
to FID for soil vapour analysis.
>Probe stability indicator.
>Logs data from 100 samples.
>Serial output to laptop or printer.
>Easy to calibrate.
>Operates in analytical or screening mode.
>Provides in-situ, real-time information.
>Audible and visual
alarms activated on
reel when the probe
contacts product
and water.
>Auto shut-off
circuit to extend
battery life.
>Extremely durable polypropylene storage
reel with rugged aluminium frame.
>Easily replaceable
9V battery.
>Highly accurate Kynar® coated steel tape
marked in engineering or metric units.
>Built in reel hanger
for longer tape life.
>Field replaceable probe is only 5/8"
in diameter.
>Stainless Steel conductors for durability.
Geotech Water Level Meter
Designed to Provide Reliable and Accurate
Measurements of Groundwater Levels
Water level readings are conveniently
taken at the top of the casing with
accuracy within 3cm.
>Audible and visual alarm
activated when the probe
makes contact with water.
>Easily replaced 9V battery.
>Highly accurate polyethylene coated steep
tape marked in engineering or metric
>Extremely durable polypropylene storage
reel with rugged solid aluminium frame.
>Adjustable sensitivity to prevent false
>Field serviceable 5/8" (1.59 cm) probe with
stainless steel conductors for durability.
An optional 3/8" (0.95cm) non-field
replaceable probe is available.
>Quick zero.
>Automatic media sensing.
>Easy to use menu-driven software.
Sales 1800 000 744
Rental 1300 137 067
Soil & Groundwater
Geotech Peristaltic Pump
Designed for Single and Multi-Stage Pressure or Pumping of Liquids
Designed for single and multi-stage
pressure or vacuum pumping liquids.
Ideally suited for field sample removal
from shallow wells and all surface water
sources or for laboratory use.
>Exceptional field durability.
>Operate from 60–600rpm.
Geotech Dedicated Bladder Pumps
Designed for Wells as Small as 0.75"
Together with the United States
Geological Survey, Geotech designed the
original bladder pump for groundwater
quality and pollution monitoring and has
further developed what is known today as
the Geotech family of Bladder Pumps.
>Constructed of #316 stainless steel
for durability.
>Proprietary resin grade virgin PTFE
bladder for long life.
>Optional Drop-Tube assembly available
for sampling from greater depths.
>Can pump to the surface from as deep
as 304.8m.
>Dedicated or portable turnkey systems.
>Up to 1l/min delivery rate.
>Two pumping stations available, which
can be piggy backed for multi-station
>Operates to a depth of 8.23m.
Geotech 1.66 and 3.50 Reclaimers
Designed to Withstand Aggressive Down-Well Environments and Highly Corrosive Fluids
>Variable speed control.
>AC, DC or an AC/DC combination
>A positive air displacement pump
designed for hydrocarbon recovery,
leachate, and condensate in total
fluids applications.
>Reversible flow feature for back-flushing.
>Disposable and dedicated tubing means
controlled costs and no decontamination
>Intrinsically safe design.
>Large intake and discharge ports.
>Manufactured from corrosive
resistant materials.
>1.66 Reclaimer:
– 2" (5cm) or larger diameter wells.
– Ability to pump from 500' (152m).
– Flow rates up to 3 GPM (11.4 LPM).
>3.50 Reclaimer:
– 4" (10cm) or larger diameter wells.
– Ability to pump from 500' (152m).
– Flow rates up to 4 GPM (15 LPM).
Geotech Geocontrol PRO & Bladder Pumps
Compact and Portable Mini-Compressor
Geotech 1.66 and 4.0 Auto Reclaimers
Designed to Pump Floating Hydrocarbons, Leachate and Condensate in Total Fluids Applications
The ultra reliable mini-compressor inside
the Geocontrol PRO allows you to sample
from depths to 30m!
>Operates from 12V DC car battery, with
an option for a portable rechargeable
The 1.66 and 4.0 (AR4) Auto-Reclaimers
are operated automatically, and needs
no controller.
>Built in high performance air compressor,
allowing you to sample to depths of 30m.
> Bladder pumps designed with input
from field technicians.
>Intrinsically safe design.
>Consistently pumps fluids as light as 0.70
SpG reliably (AR4).
>Controls all portable and dedicated
bladder pumps, and most air-lift pumps
on the market today.
> Bladders are constructed of 316
stainless steel with quick change
bladder configuration.
>For 2” or larger (1.66) or 4” or larger
(AR4) wells.
>New adjustment-free valve mechanism
– no magnets (AR4).
>Ability to pump from 76.2 meters.
>Improved float design for maximum
buoyancy and chemical compatibility (AR4).
>Production rates up to 3 gpm (1.66) or
particles up to 1/8" diameter (AR4).
Geotech Geocontroller 2 & Bladder Pumps
Microprocessor Controlled for Use in High Rate Purging and Gentle Low Flow Sampling
>Utilises advance electronic logic to
control both high rate purging and
gentle low flow sampling.
>Operates on 240V AC or 12V DC.
>High pressure operation to 300psi.
>Adjustable fill rate control.
Sales 1800 000 744
>Built in pressure regulator and gauge.
>Operates to depth of 210.3m.
> Bladder pumps designed with input
from field technicians.
> Bladders are constructed of 316
stainless steel with quick change
bladder configuration.
Rental 1300 137 067
>Stainless steel housing and corrosive
resistant materials for less maintenance.
>Optimal working pressures as low as 1 psi
above head pressure (AR4).
Electric Submersible Pumps
Fultz Electric Submersible Pump Series
Ideal for Remote Field Work and Long Term Monitoring
Ideal for providing representative samples
due to the low rpm motor and user
controlled flow rates. The Fultz Pump is
of low maintenance making it ideal for
both remote field work and long term
monitoring projects.
>For 50mm or larger monitoring wells.
>Operating temperature between 0–40˚C.
>No need for ‘cool down’ period to prevent
the motor from overheating as long as the
pump is immersed in water.
Soil & Groundwater
Systems Accessories
level loggers
12V Compressor
Waterra 12 Volt Pumps
Designed for Well Purging and Sample Procedures
Designed by Proactive™ for well purging
and sampling, all the pumps in the
Waterra 12 Volt Pump Series can greatly
speed up the process of purging and
sampling monitoring wells, especially
if dedicated installations are used.
>Pumps come complete and ready to use.
> Simply attach to a 12 volt battery.
> Available in Standard Performance,
High Performance, Stainless Steel
and Narrow Diameter.
Alternative Option to Using CO2 Gas
Simply hook the alligator clips to your
car battery and begin sampling. The 12V
compressor connects to any 12V Battery
(12V batteries are available on request).
>Use with QED or Geotech controllers.
>Features a safety shield between the
motor and carry handle to protect both
the user and the instrument.
Compressed Gas Systems
For Use with Groundwater Monitoring
The CO2 cylinder provides hours of
sampling power. The Compressed Gas
System combines the advance low
flow control with the quiet power
of a compressed gas source for the
ultimate in portability and ease of
use in sampling groundwater
with bladder pumps.
Compressed Gas System Trolley
For Improved Gas Cylinder Portability
>For use with low flow systems.
> Available for sale and rental.
>Use with QED or
Geotech controllers.
Geophysical Equipment
>Easy to operate.
AquaVISION Colloidal Borescope
Real-Time Measurements of Groundwater Velocity, Direction and Particle Size.
AquaVISION’s Colloidal Borescope System
was developed by a team of research
scientists to accurately determine
groundwater velocity, direction and
particle size in real time. Current down
hole technologies only allow for a few
groundwater flow measurements per day.
The AquaVISION Colloidal Borescope System
yields thousands of data points per minute
for hours of statistically assured data.
> Assessing groundwater capture zones.
> Accurately calibrating groundwater models.
> Can observe flow at the pore scale which
measures velocities ranging from 0 to
> Evaluate “cross-hole” hydraulic connections.
Aquistar LT Submersible Level/Temperature Smart Sensor with Data Logging
Ideal for Measuring Level and Temperature in Lakes, Tanks and Wells
Great almost anywhere you need to
measure level and temperature, the LT
Submersible Level/Temperature Smart
Sensor with Data Logging is perfect for
applications including pump and slug tests,
stormwater runoff monitoring, well, tank
and tidal levels, river, wetland monitoring,
resource administration and steam and
reservoir gauging.
>Measures and records pressure/level,
temperature and time.
>Barometric compensation utility
for use with absolute sensors.
> Free, easy to use software.
Air-Met Scientific also stock a range
of other INW Smart Sensors (available
in cable and cable-less versions)
for the following parameters.
>Dissolved Oxygen.
>Low power – field replaceable AA batteries.
>Modbus® RTU (RS485) and SDI-12 interface
for greater flexibility.
Petrol Compressor
The Best in Portable Petrol Compressors
Well Environments
The Direct Drive 5.5HP Compressor
Petrol Honda™ Engine Series is the very
best serious portable petrol powered air
compressor available.
>Fitted with the exclusive Renegade
patented air solenoid system.
>5.5HP Honda™ petrol engine.
>Alternative to gas compressors for your
low flow systems.
MP15 Compressed Gas System
Flow Cells
Portable and Easy to Use
Flow Cells Available for a Wide Range
of Instruments
>The CO2 cylinder provides hours of
sampling power.
>Combines advanced low flow control
with the quiet power of a compressed
gas source, for the ultimate in portability
and ease of use in sampling ground
water with bladder pumps.
>Flow cells are available for TPS 90FLMV,
YSI ProPlus, WQC-24.
>Can be hired separately or with the TPS
90FLMV Combination Meter.
>Hired with the QED MP15 controller.
>Includes the convenience of a back
pack for remote locations.
>Thermally compensated – great where
water temperatures vary such as in streams
or in industrial tank applications.
>±0.1% FSO typical accuracy.
>Small diameter — 0.75” (1.9 cm).
>520,000 record non-volatile memory —
no data loss in the event of a power failure.
>Wireless connectivity — radios
and/or cellular.
Sales 1800 000 744
Rental 1300 137 067
Soil & Groundwater
Samplers and Well Caps
HydraSleeve™ NO Purge Sampler
Making Groundwater Sampling Simple
HydraSleeve™ makes groundwater
sampling a simple, three-step operation
that is more effective than bailers,
passive diffusion bags, portable
or dedicated pumps.
>Easy to operate.
>Effective – sample for all compounds.
>Collects samples in less than 15 minutes.
>For use in groundwater sampling.
Calibration & Decontamination Solutions
Surge Blocks
Air-Met Scientific stocks a
wide range of calibration &
decontamination solutions.
Call Air-Met Scientific today
for a more comprehensive list.
The Waterra Surge Block is
an excellent well development
tool. It simply press fits over
the body of the Standard
Flow or High Flow foot valve
(D-25 or D-32).
Calibration and Decontamination
Solutions include:
polyethylene containers.
>pH4 and pH7 (500ml).
>ORP Solution A & B (250ml).
>Conductivity Standard (500ml).
>Salinity Standard (500ml).
>Waterra surge block for
D25 50mm bore.
>Oxygen Probe Service Kit Sodium
Sulphate Zero DO (50g).
>Waterra surge block for
D32 50mm bore.
>Turbidity Standard (500ml).
>Decontamination solutions are
available in 1l, 5l and 20l high density
Well Caps
Designed for Securing Wells Against Unnecessary Intrusion
Waterra locking well caps are designed
for securing wells against unnecessary
>Waterra well caps are available for
2" and 4" monitoring wells.
>Chemical and temperature resistant
>Tethering attachment at base for
a variety of instruments.
>Wing nut design with recessed
grip allows easy manipulation.
Bailers & Bailer Twine
Disposable Bladders
In-Line Filters 0.45 Microns
Foot Valves
>Available in weighted and non
>Easy to install and operate.
0.45 micron disposable in-line
600m2 effective filtration area.
> The Standard Flow Foot
Valves System is best used in
wells of 1" to 2" inside diameter.
>Includes an improved top so they
fill and empty faster than any
other bailer on the market.
>Air-Met has a range of
replacement disposable
bladders to suit Geotech
and QED bladder pumps.
>This system is suitable
for a variety of sampling
>Disposable bailers eliminate
field cleaning and cross
>Replacement bladders are
sold in packs of 10 or 12.
Field Cal Rig
Nitrile Powder Free Gloves
Stericup Filter Units
The Air-Met Field Cal Rig
is ideal to assist in the
calibration of multiparameters
in the field
with the
ability to hold
up to 8
> Disposable textured
non-slip, nitrile powder
free gloves are latex free.
>Combines a steritop filter
unit with a receiver flask
for processing and storing
volumes from 150ml to 1000ml.
This range of disposable
syringes is the simple way
to sample for metals.
Actuation Pumps
Waterra PowerPack-PP1
Fully Portable Single Operator Power Unit
Provides the mechanical actuation for
pumping with inertial pumps to depths
of over 60m, in a fully portable, single
operator power unit.
System, and is so compact that it fits onto
a back-pack frame.
>Suitable for use with standard flow,
high flow and low flow inertial pumps.
At 13kg, the PowerPack PP1 provides
outstanding pumping performance. The
PP1 is powerful enough to lift water from
over 60m depth using the Standard Flow
>Includes backpack frame for portability.
>Petrol powered Honda™ GX25 25cc mini
4-stroke OHC engine.
> Available in Ni-Tek or
Kimberly Clark.
> Hypoallergenic.
> Available in S, M, L and XL.
The most powerful pump actuator
manufactured by Waterra. Powered by a
Honda™ GX100, 3 horsepower, 4 stroke,
petrol motor, this actuator generates a 6"
stroke and can operate both the Standard
Flow System and High Flow System to
their maximum effective depths.
Sales 1800 000 744
PID Filters
>For inertial pumps.
>Fully adjustable.
>Monitors well to depths of up to 91.44m.
>Powered by a Honda™ GX100, 3 HP,
4-stroke petrol motor.
Rental 1300 137 067
>Available as Luer lock or
Catheter Tip Syringes.
>No field decon required.
>Vacuum-drive filtration.
>Ideal for use in laminar
flow hoods.
>Reduces fatigue when purging large
Waterra Power Pump-2
Waterra’s Most Powerful Pump Actuator
>No tip and easy grip flask
sed to reduce incidence of
moisture entering the sensor
and the lamp of the PID.
> 0.45µm pore size RAE water
trap filters are available at
Air-Met Scientific as singles
or in packs of 10.
Disposable Tubing
>For use with groundwater
>Low and high density
polyethylene tubing available.
>Tubing is supplied bagged
in plastic to ensure no cross
Silicon Disposable Tubing
Tubing A-Frame
> The Standard Flow Foot
Valves System is best used
in wells of 1" to 2" inside
For use with
>This system is suitable
for a variety of sampling
Soil & Groundwater
Free Phase Remediation Equipment
ORS Filter Bucket™
An Independently Floating Passive Hydrocarbon Skimmer
Total Fluid & Dissolved Phase Groundwater Remediation
ORS Large Diameter Filter Scavenger™
For LNAPL Recovery from Water
A high efficiency product recovery
system capable of recovering
Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids
(LNAPL) from water.
>Equipped with a visual alarm.
>2L reservoir.
>Body and hoses made of
polyethylene. Check valves
made of nylon.
>Intrinsically safe,
explosion-proof design.
>Recovers hydrocarbons to a sheen.
Geotech GeoSorb
Designed for Hydrocarbon Recovery
ORS Large Diameter Dangle Scavenger
Effectively Separates Hydrocarbons from Water
Designed to recover hydrocarbons
from 2" or 4" and larger wells.
>Portable and electrically safe for
use in hazardous locations.
>Heavy duty #304 stainless steel
screen assembly.
>Up to 4gpm at 65psi product
recovery rate.
>Teflon coated stainless steel hanger.
>Ballast weight for optimal
Keck PRC Passive Skimmer
For Light Hydrocarbon Recovery
ORS Small Diameter Filter Scavenger
Designed to Recover Floating Hydrocarbons
A passive skimmer with a
floating intake that separates and
recovers light hydrocarbons from
>Available in 2" PRC or 4" PRC.
>Quick fill time – about 15 minutes
with ample product.
>Protected easy release drain valve.
LO-Profile Air Strippers. The ORS
LO-PRO™ models II and III are highly
efficient water treatment systems that
can remove up to 99.99% of many volatile
organic compounds (VOCs) from water.
>Patented multi-stage counterflow aeration
provides up to 99.99% removal efficiency.
>Highly effective on BTEX, MTBE
and Radon.
>Very easy to install and maintain.
>Lightweight modular polyethylene
trays allow the addition or subtraction
of trays to meet engineered treatment
Geotech Plume Eater
In-Situ Remediation System
A patented in-situ remediation system.
Unlike other commercially marketed
in-well air strippers or circulation type
systems, the Plume Eater’s process is
unique. When pulling in contaminated
groundwater, it strips away the VOCs
while oxygenating the treated water
before it is re-introduced deep into
the formation.
>Accelerates bio-remediation.
>Soils are flushed with oxygenated
>Works on a variety of soil types.
ORS Control Probes
Design for Use in Most Hydrocarbon/Water Applications
Designed to recover a wide
range of floating hydrocarbons,
the small diameter filter
scavenger is ideal for wells
with static fluid levels down
to 46.1m deep.
When used in conjunction with Geotech
or other vendor supplied equipment,
ORS Control Probes can aid in facilitating
operation and process control in a variety
of environmental remediation equipment
>Designed to fit into a 4" (10cm)
well or larger.
>Features intrinsically safe voltage design.*
Geotech Sipper
Hydrogen Recovery System
Designed to recover hydrocarbons
with specific gravity <1.0 and
viscosities between 50–400 SSU.
A hydrogen recovery system
that is available in both AC
and Solar.
>Requires no power.
>Compact and easy to install.
>Screens available in three
mesh sizes.
>Extracts fluids from depths
of 54.86m.
>Recovers viscous hydrocarbons.
Sales 1800 000 744
Designed to Remove VOCs from Water
>Stainless steel shaft.
>Float material designed for use in most
hydrocarbon/water applications.
>Available in NO/NC options.
* Intrinsically safe applications require
customer supplied intrinsically safe barriers.
>Recovery rate: 0.5gpm.
ORS Gravity Feed Filter Scavenger
Designed for Hydrocarbon Recovery
Rental 1300 137 067
Geotech ECM (Environmental Control Module)
Designed Specifically for Ease of Use and Installation
A specially designed microprocessor
based industrial control panel for
operation of a wide variety of industrial
>Weatherproof NEMA 4X(IP66) enclosure.
>Large hand/off/auto switch controls
for direct control over individual
system devices.
>A four button keypad is used to
change menu and status display.
>A bright 16x2 character vacuum
fluorescent display.
Soil & Groundwater
AMS Soil Gas Sampling
AMS has been a leader in soil gas
sampling technologies since the
development of the ‘original’ AMS
gas vapour probe.
Soil Gas Sampling
Original Gas Vapour Probe
For Easy Collection of Soil Gas Samples
at Shallow Depths
>Samples soils to depths
of 3.66m (depending
on soil conditions).
> Material: stainless steel.
Since AMS Inc., was founded in 1942, AMS
products have been used by individuals,
businesses, non-profits, governments and
universities throughout the world for a
wide variety of sampling purposes.
For more information about the
complete range of AMS Inc Soil Sampling
Equipment, please contact Air-Met
Scientific for a product catalogue.
AMS equipment is primarily used for
environmental and geotechnical sampling
and monitoring, as well as for remediation
activities. They also provide simple
solutions for a variety of other fields,
including: agriculture, construction, golf &
turf, mining, pest control, etc.
Above: Soil gas sample being
collected using an AMS GVP rod
with a regular 5/8" threaded
slide hammer.
AMS, Inc., manufactures hand augers,
soil probes, core samplers, sludge and
sediment samplers, gas vapour probes,
and since 1994, AMS PowerProbes directpush drill rigs. AMS PowerProbes can
be mounted on pick-up trucks, tracks,
or trailers, and have gained widespread
acceptance due to their versatility,
relatively low cost, and ease of mobility.
They are designed to be used for: soil,
soil gas, and groundwater sampling
and testing; remediation investigations;
geophysical and geotechnical tests;
installing monitoring wells; and most
models can be fitted with hollowstem
augering capability.
Bottom Right: Removing gas vapour
probe rod using AMS removal jack.
>Includes: GVP base section,
liner rod, GVP hamper
adapter, 3' GVP extension
with liner rod, 10" cross
handle, GVP barbed adapter.
Used for long-term soil gas
monitoring, groundwater sampling,
vapour extraction monitoring, and
as a pressure measurement point
in vacuum testing.
>Materials: Steel implant drive end,
stainless steel gas vapour implant,
stainless steel dummy tip.
>Includes: 6" gas vapour implant,
6" GVP implant drive end, and
dedicated dummy tip.
AMS Dedicated Gas Vapour Tip
Install as a Permanent Sample Point or
Leave In Ground as a Disposable Point
Top Right: Collecting a soil gas
sample using an AMS GVP kit.
>Used for detecting hydrocarbon
spills, underground storage
tank and pipe leaks, landfill
contamination and hazardous
waste sites.
>Unique design and umbrella ensure
an easy passage for gas entering
the collection system.
>Material: 300 series stainless steel.
Includes: Dedicated GVP top and
fluoropolymer umbrella.
AMS Soil Augers
Commonly used for obtaining
disturbed samples at or near
the surface and for boring
to depths where samples
may be obtained with a soil
sampler or soil core sampler.
AMS 6" Gas Vapour Implant Drive Kit
Easy and Simple to Use
> Most models available with a threaded or
Quick Connect connection.
> Cut hole up to 1/4" larger than
the cylinder to minimize drag.
> A rounded bail for added torque resistance.
eads available:
– Regular/Soil.
– Clay/Mud.
– Sand.
tainless steel cylinder for easier
pecially formed bits that dig and
cut through the soil at the same
time for easy penetration.
AMS augers are available in stainless steel
for EPA testing or carbon steel bits with
stainless steel cylinders for general soil
sampling and augering.
AMS Retract-A-Tip
Designed to be Driven into the Soil
and Opened for Sample Extraction
> A survey tool for collection of discrete
soil vapour samples below the ground
surface, usually at discrete depths.
>Materials: 300 series stainless
steel (sampler), 400 series
stainless steel (tip).
>Includes: Barbed insert, outer
sleeve, inner nut, bottom nut,
vapour inlet shaft, and screen.
Sludge & Sediment Samplers
Specifically Designed to Retain
Non-Cohesive Sludge Samples
Split Soil Core Samplers
Designed to Collect Undisturbed
Soil Core Samples
> Core and auger tips have been
fitted with valves for retention of
high quality soil core samples.
> Vertically split cylinder (cup set)
allows easy extraction of the soil
core from the liner and prevents
breakage of the core.
> Versatile and easy to use for
collection of either cored or
augered samples of non-cohesive
saturated materials in a liner.
> Suitable for EPA III or IV analysis
when used with lining.
> Used without a liner to collect
undisturbed cores.
> Used with a liner for collection of
undisturbed sealed cores.
Perfect for augering shallow depths, AMS soil
augers can also auger deeper depths and are
generally limited by only the time and muscle
of the user.
Sales 1800 000 744
Rental 1300 137 067
Soil & Groundwater
Air-Met Rental –
For Short Term and Long Term Hire
Data Management Solutions
Data management solutions that allow you to gain
instant access into your monitoring programs.
Servicing the Occupational Health, Safety and
Environmental market, Air-Met Rental has an
extensive range of instruments for both short
term and long term requirements. With 8 offices,
Air-Met Rental own, manage and maintain over
14,000 pieces of equipment dedicated just for
rental. Each year this equipment is rented for
use in over 6,000 projects nationwide.
Reliable and Cost
Effective Remote
Monitoring Solutions.
As environmental monitoring is becoming
more important, Air-Met has developed
monitoring station solutions to provide
end users with 24 hour access to sampling
data from the comfort of your office or
mobile device. Utilising the science and
technology of automated measurement
and transmission of data from remote
locations, Air-Met offers clients with
remote site and web based monitoring
data requirement; an affordable and
practical solution.
Air-Met Rental equipment can be configured to any alarm or data configuration
on customer request at no extra charge.
Benefits of renting
with Air-Met Scientific
Applications for telemetry solutions
include the following
>No large up front capital outlay. Renting
is a tax deductible operating expense.
>Water quality monitoring.
>Water level monitoring.
>On-site training in metropolitan areas
for your staff at no additional charge.
>Dust level monitoring,
>Sound and noise monitoring.
>Complete instrument management
program available for long term
contract hires.
>Weather monitoring.
>Gas monitoring.
>All instruments are calibrated and serviced
before dispatched.
Data Management Features
>Air-Met will set the instrument up to your
specific project needs prior to being
>Permits for live monitoring of site.
>Login access for clients individual sites.
>No hire charge for time in transit – we
allow for a full 24 hours from off hire to
the return of equipment for customer
>Monitors trends, tables, data and captures
live reading.
>Data collected and recorded in
Air-Met’s database.
>Instruments are fully serviced.
>SMS and email warnings provided
when thresholds are exceeded.
>Graphs and data can be exported.
>Can be viewed on desktops, laptops
and smartphone browsers.
“ We believe in the quality and the capabilities of our
equipment which is why we guarantee our rental
equipment – if it doesn’t do the job you expect it to,
it’s free – no strings attached.”
Sales 1800 000 744
Rental 1300 137 067
Sales 1800 000 744
Rental 1300 137 067
Sales 1800 000 744
Rental 1300 137 067
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