1 PHASE 88
dic 24Bit / 96kHz Recording System
* 10 channel audio system, analog and digital
* 2 separate MIDI interfaces
+ 24 Bit/96 kHz audio resolution for each channel
+ Alternative FireWire or PCI interface
+ Multiplatform supportfor MAC and PC
High class performance with alternative PCI or FireWire" interface:
The PHASE 88 Rack is the flexible audio center for your home or project studio.
With the TerraTec Producer series 24 Bit/96 kHz PHASE 88 Rack PCI audio system, you're well-equipped to handle
any tasks in your home or project studio, now and in the future.
Eight analog inputs and outputs (balanced 1/4" jacks) give you the room and technology you need, even for larger
recording sessions. All inputs can be controlled individually via gain controls on the front panel and feature clipping
LEDs to warn of unintended distortion.
Two of the channels can be adapted to microphone use at the press of a button - with XLR sockets and switchable
48 V phantom power. À two-channel digital I/O (S/PDIF) with coaxial (optical on FireWire version) connectors is
available for your DAT recorder and other equipment.
A WordClock I/O ensures optimal synchronized connections to external digital equipment, and two independent
MIDI interfaces give you 32 MIDI channels to work with. If you ever need more connections than the standard
selection of the PHASE 88 rack system, that's no problem: up to four PCl devices* can be cascaded with a single
driver, giving you no less than 40 audio channels for simultaneous use. Next to the PCI version the PHASE 88 Rack
also is available including a high-speed FireWire™- interface. Thanks to its sophisticated board design and proven
converters, the system delivers outstanding audio quality: a signal-to-noise ratio of 110 dB (A) speaks for itself.
The PHASE 88 Rack PCI system also is future-proof: if necessary, you can easily replace the rack module's PCI
connection with an optional FireWire™ (IEEE 1394) interface.
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