peugeot 308 cc

peugeot 308 cc
308 CC
With its new design, the New Peugeot 308 CC
takes on the latest styling ideals of the brand.
Its new look evolves through elegance and
technology, illustrated by the LED day time
running lights set into the front of the car
around the front fog lights*.
The dynamism and driving pleasure are still
present with the integration of Micro-Hybrid
technology or ‘e-HDi’ with a new Stop &
Start system integrated into the engine line up.
*Please refer to Pricing and Specification.
The fluency of its style, in coupé as in cabriolet, the New 308 CC displays its dynamism and its
personality. The design of the styling lines create subtle lighting effects which reach their
pinnacle with a curtain of red light from the rear LED lights.
This gives an original signature from Peugeot in the world of Coupés-Cabriolets.
The inside of the 308CC was designed as a top of the range coupé
cabriolet, with special attention details. Depending on the model, a
leather streering wheel and a high quality finish to the interior trim. So
many elements of style and fine finishing inviting you on board.
A surprisingly spacious interior
As a coupé or as a cabriolet, the 308 CC offers 4 individual sport style
seats and interior space that will surprise you. For maximum comfort,
the frame of the seats confers an excellent driving position to the
driver and comfort to the passengers. In the 4 seats, 4 large satin
chrome handles embellish the panels and create a feeling of energy
and sturdiness.
The ultimate touch of sophistication: a satin chrome insert is fitted to
enhance the leather steering wheel. Great care has been taken to
ensure that the dashboard remains functional, with all the controls of
the car within easy reach of the driver. Controls such as the AIRWAVE
scarf heating system* and the electric folding roof control.
Navigation (NG4) as an option that provides the latest in 3D
mapping, handsfree communications and MP3 music storage
functionality via the integrated hard drive.
These 3 systems, integrated into 308 CC, enable you to listen to
music, utilise the navigation or make calls whilst keeping your hands
on the steering wheel.
The New 308 CC offers a choice of the latest generation Audio and
Navigation equipment: Peugeot Connect Sound Radio and CD player
as standard, Peugeot Connect Bluetooth* or Peugeot Connect Media
*Please refer to the latest Pricing and Specification for information.
To discover new horizons, travel through unusual landscapes and live through new driving experiences. Thanks to the
adapted design and the high standard of the equipment of the New 308CC, you can now enjoy your cabriolet
throughout the year. Each day, the 308 CC can match perfectly with your mood.
The sun is clouding over... The air is freshening but you can continue to enjoy your freedom! The design of the 308 CC from the incline of
the windscreen, the AIRWAVE system, the climate control system, the heated front seats and the “windstop”, all enable you to drive a
cabriolet whilst keeping the warm comfort of a coupé.
In 2009, the Peugeot 308 CC was the only 4
seater CC in the world to have the AIRWAVE
scarf system, a genine warm air scarf inserted
in the head rest of the front seats, adjustable
for temperature, output and position.
Windstop System*
It is an anti-turbulence system which protects
the front seats from air resistance generated
by driving. The inclined windscreen also
contributes to this protection.
Heated front seats*
The heated seats surround the driver and
front passenger with gentle warming for
those cold mornings.
Dual Zone
Climate Control*
The dual zone climate control recognizes
when the car is in cabriolet mode, takes the
outside temperature into account and adapts
the output, the temperature and the
distribution of the air conditioning.
*Optional or standard according to version. Please refer to
Pricing and Specification for information.
2 Part Electric Folding retractable roof
By holding the switch on the middle console, the electric folding roof
of the 308 CC is put away automatically and quietly into part of the
boot space. You will be notified when the process has completed via
audio and a message on the centre screen.*
*Optional or standard according to versions.
A roomy boot: Coupé or Cabriolet
The practicality of the 308 CC is never sacrified: in coupé version,
the boot of the 308 CC extends to 465 litres.
In the cabriolet version, the folding roof system still leaves a large
part of the boot which still gives 266 litres, enough for packing
any luggage.
1.6 VTi 120
1.6 THP 156
1.6 THP 200
112 FAP
Protecting the future of the planet is one of the biggest challenges
we face. Peugeot is committed to taking up the challenge. Now
available on the 308 range, e-HDi Micro-Hybrid technology or in
other words; an engine Stop & Start system bringing with it, a
new generation of innovative technology.
The e-HDi technology cuts the engine when approching standstill
(if travelling under 12mph, the gearbox is in neutral and the clutch
is not depressed) i.e. approaching traffic lights or at a junction. As
soon as the clutch is depressed again, the engine effortlessly and
quietly starts up.
The e-HDi gives a better control of fuel consumption and of CO2
emisions by allowing the engine to be completely off when the
vehicle is not moving or slowing down.
The new THP (Turbo High Pressure) and VTi
(Variable valve lift and Timing Injection) enable
a remarkable combination of performance and
The HDi injection system is combined with a
manual gearbox or an automatic 6 speed
Its performance is in sync with the dynamism
of the 308 CC.
*Only on 2.0 HDi 163 FAP engine.
1.6 e-HDi 112 FAP
2.0 HDi 163 FAP
Particulate Filter (FAP)
HDi technology is combined with a depollution system, the FAP filter. Peugeot was the first manufacturer to equip some of its cars
as standard with this feature. This self cleaning filter reduces the diesel particulates emitted from diesel engines as a resuly of the
combustion process, bringing them to measurable low level of 0.004 g/km. This technology makes the engines more energy efficient
and more environmentally conscious.
To respond to the environmental challenges and to meet the environmental expectations of customers, Peugeot has been
investing in new technologies for many years. 2.1 million vehicles have been fitted with diesel HDi engines and FAP (Particulate
Filter), enabling a reduction of diesel fuel particulate emissions by 99.99%.
To face these environmental challenges, Peugeot offers within its model range:
• e-HDi ‘Micro-Hybrid’ technology - The first e-HDi engines equipped with a new generation Stop & Start system are already
available on specific Peugeot models. This technology enables a reduction of approximately 15% in fuel consumption and CO2
• Full Diesel Electric HYbrid technology - In the second half of 2011, the first diesel electric hybrid in the world, the Peugeot 3008
HYbrid4, will offer its user low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by breaking away from the traditional thermal combustion
engine - 70.6 mpg with only 99g/km of CO2.
• 100% electric technology - The Peugeot iOn is avaialble to order. There are also plans in place to expand on this 100% electric
technology and to put the required infrastructure in place within the Peugeot Dealer Network.
Performance and efficiency
of the braking system
With all the safety technology on board the 308 CC, you will feel safe in cabriolet mode as well as in coupé mode.
Its structure is designed to resist front and side impacts better and to disperse their energy more efficiently.
The 308 CC is equiped with an
ABS system in order to help
preserve the quality of road
holding during emergency stops.
Euro NCAP* safety rating:
The Peugeot 308 CC obtained 5 stars in the
Euro NCAP* test for adult occupant
Created in 1997, the Euro NCAP is an
independant European organization which
assesses the safety of vehicles available on
the market by testing frontal impacts, side
impacts and post crash mechanisms... The
association publishes the results obtained
and awards a number of ‘stars’.
*European New Car Assessment Program.
Head Side Airbags
Each front seat contains a side body airbag
and a side head airbag to ensure effective
upper body protection, whatever the
position of the seat at the moment of
The Peugeot 308 CC has 6 airbags:
• 2 front SMART airbags
• 2 side body SMART airbags
• 2 side head SMART airbags
Automatic rear rollbars
Sensor detect any risk of overturning when
in cabriolet mode, taking into account the
speed of the vehicle and the potential angle
of impact. If it is deemed necessary, sensors
will then trigger in a few milliseconds (faster
than you can think), the instant deployment
of the rollbars which create with the side
frame, a safe compartment for the
• Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)
increases the efficiency of the
breaks when in an emergency
braking situation.
• Electronic Brake Force
Distribution (EBFD) manages
the braking on individual wheels
for greater efficiency,
particularly when braking in
Also standard on the 308 CC, the
ESP (Electronic Stability
Program) system adds 2 more
• Traction Control (ASR)
Acts on the brakes and engine
management to limit wheel slip
in the event of loss of traction.
• Dynamic Stability Control
(DSC) continuously compares
the information transmitted by
the steering wheel sensor and
the yaw sensors to detect any
understeer or oversteer.It then
returns your 308 CC to its initial
trajectory, as far as the laws of
physics allow.
Automatic operation of the
hazard warning lights
In the event of sharp braking, the
hazard warning lights come on
automatically to make other
road users aware.
The 308 CC has a total of 6
SMART airbags that are
designed to protect occupants of
the vehicle in the case of a
collision or impact.
• Driver and Passenger front
airbags whose deployment
adapts to the intensity of the
• Side body airbags are designed
to deploy during a side impact
and are to shield the body from
abdominal injuries.
• Side head airbags deploy in
an effort to protect the front
occupants heads from
impacting the internal roof
bars. Coupled with the side
body airbags, they provide a
safe zone for the front
passenger and driver.
For a maximum confort and to benefit from sophisticated technologies you can fit your
car with ingenious equipment. To discover the complete range of accessories, refer to the
special accessories list for 308 CC.
1 Windstop (Factory fit option)
To benefit fully from cabriolet mode of the 308 CC, the Windstop
enables the front seat occupants to travel with reduced air noise
and interference when driving.
Thorium Grey
Nera Black
2 On Board Wi-Fi
Sky Blue
Egyptian Blue
Babylon Red
Hurricane Grey
3 GPS System
The Wi-Fi box enables the
connection of a laptop, a PDA
or other consoles for Internet
These models area clever
alternative to standard models
(4’3 screen, European map,
Speed camera info, Bluetooth®).
*Sold without any contract, it works with a
3G/3G+ SIM card specific for Internet
subscription with a Internet provider
For further information se your selling
Pearl White
4 Bicycle carrier harness
16” Cirrus Alloy wheel
17” Stratus Alloy Wheel
18” Nimbus Alloy Wheel
To accompany you in your leisure activities, the bicycle carrier on
harnessis simple, quick to fit and ideal for regularuse. It is
mandatory to equip the haness with a special plate with rear lights.
5 Carpet mats
To protect the carpet in the long
term. Available in various fibres
and materials.
6 Boot Tray
Waterproof, strudy and easy
to maintain, it protects your
boot from every day risks.
Black / Grey
3 Luxury Lama
Grey Leather
Integral Lama
Grey Leather
4 Integral Black
The different combinations of interior trim and exterior paint colour, enable you to
add your own styling touches to the 308 CC.
5 Integral Vintage
Red Leather
For further information about 308 CC and to configure a model to your specific requirements, visit Peugeot online at the
above address.
When you choose Peugeot, you have the reassurance of knowing that your vehicle has been designed and built to give you years of worry-free
motoring. Also, as a Peugeot owner, you can rely on the customer care services of your Dealer. This will ensure that you’re talking to a
specialist who’ll listen to you, understand your problems and respond efficiently – someone who also has the expertise to maintain your
Peugeot correctly, using trained technicians, Peugeot Diagnostic Equipment and Peugeot Original parts
As well as the 2 year unlimited mileage
manufacturer’s Warranty, all vehicles
first registered in the UK and purchased
from a UK Peugeot Dealer come with a
free, optional additional year of Warranty
through the Peugeot UK Dealer network.
The mileage limit on this additional
warranty is 60,000 miles (100,000 miles
for Boxer vans excluding Motorhomes
and other converted vehicles) from first
registration. At the end of the 3 year
Warranty period (or after 60,000 miles)
you have the option to purchase a
Peugeot Platinum Extended Warranty.
Our cars also come with a 12 Year AntiPerforation and 3 Year Paint Warranty (6
All new Peugeots come with
12 months’ Peugeot Assistance – our
breakdown assistance service . This covers
all incidents involving vehicle-based faults
for you and anyone else driving your car
with your permission. It is available 24/7,
365 days a year.
Peugeot Assistance includes European
cover, homestart, roadside assistance,
vehicle recovery and a free replacement
car or accommodation if required. It can
be extended for a further 12 months, or 24
Designed for Peugeot to offer tailored cover
at a competitive price. In the event of an
accident, a Peugeot Approved Accident
Repair Centre will repair your car, using
Peugeot original parts & offer a courtesy car
(subject to availability). Call Peugeot
Insurance for a quote on0870 0240 206.
(8am-8pm weekdays, 9am- 5pm Saturdays.
Max call charge from a BT landline is 8p/min.
Calls from other networks may vary. Calls
may be recorded. Peugeot Insurance is
underwritten by UK Insurance Ltd.
Conditions apply.
Peugeot Accessories are designed
specifically for each model meaning no
compromises on fit or function. In addition
they are tested to a rigourous standard for
complete confidence and peace of mind.
Our website has detail of Peugeot’s
environmental and recycling policies.
The information contained in this brochure
is based on the data and images available
at the time of printing. Some features may
ot be available in the UK and some
photography may feature left hand drive
models. As part of a policy of continuous
specification improvement, Peugeot
reserves the right to modify specification,
options and colours at any time. For full
details ask your Peugeot Dealer, or click on
Print and photographic processes used in
this brochure may alter the depth and tone
of the colours shown.
and 2 years on vans). For full terms and
conditions on all of these, please contact
your Peugeot Dealer.
months, and to protect you against nonvehicle faults (such as punctures) at
specially discounted rates, by calling 0870
752 7050.
Peugeot vehicles benefit from extended
service intervals of up to 20,000 miles or
2 years (12,000 miles for 1.6 HDi diesel
and 2.0 litre 180 bhp petrol engines;
24,000 miles or 2 years on Boxer, 10,000
miles or 1 year on 107).
Please refer to the maintenance book for
details of the service intervals for specific
models and vehicles operating in arduous
Offer a range of flexible finance plans to
make owning a new Peugeot easy. As
specialists, we will provide choice,
convenience and flexibility. Written
quotations are available on request from
Peugeot Financial Services, Quadrant
House, Princess Way, Redhill RH1 1QA.
Over 18’s only, a guarantee may be
This brochure is not a contractual document or offer of sale.The details in this brochure cannot be reproduced without the expressed authorisation of Peugeot.
Issued by: Sales and Marketing Peugeot Motor Company plc Pinley House 2 Sunbeam Way Coventry CV3 1ND.For details of HM Forces tax-free military sales contact:
Peugeot Export, 615 Penistone Road, Sheffield, S6 2GA
Telephone: 0114 285 6181
Customers seeking End of Vehicle Life information should call 0845 257 3233 For all other enquiries please call
0845 200 1234 (Calls will be charged
at local rate and may be recorded for training or quality purposes).
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