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NEC LCD3000 display - Video Technology Magazine
Information display series
30" (29.5" VIS) LCD Featuring Innovative Technology for Multiple Display Solutions
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features and benefits
30" (29.5" VIS) diagonal screen size adds a new option to information
display visual offerings
Optional Onkyo™ detachable speakers deliver an enhanced
multimedia experience with amazing sound quality
1280 x 768 resolution allows for crisp text and precise images
Low power consumption conserves energy and leads to a lower
total cost of ownership
Virtually eliminates the potential for permanent image burn-in,
contributing to optimal screen performance and longer monitor life
Rapid Response™ time of 25ms delivers virtually uninterrupted,
undistorted viewing of full-motion video
XtraView® technology allows for wide-angle viewing
DDC/CI capabilities allow control commands to be sent directly to
the monitor through a standard PC or over an existing network by a
system administrator
CableComp™ automatic long cable compensation prevents image
quality degradation caused by long cable lengths
On Screen Manager (OSM®) puts you in complete control of display
setting adjustments
NEC’s quality and reliability provide peace of mind with a 1-year
limited parts and labor warranty (including backlight) and 24/7
customer service and technical support
User-friendly, efficient design features the currently proposed
VESA-standard mounting and an overall lightweight construction
for easy transport and installation
At 35.2 lbs (shown with
optional speakers), the
LCD3000 was designed
with light weight in mind.
Transporting and installing
your visual display has
never been so easy.
Expanding information display options with
screen performance.
Providing visual display solutions to a wide variety of
Sized to please. Filling the gap between flat
nently burn the image into the screen. As can
users for many years, NEC LCD monitors have set the
panels designed for the desktop and those
be noted with phosphor-based public displays,
standard for flat-panel technology and continue to
intended for larger venues, this monitor offers
the image would remain permanently “engraved”
offer new ways to enhance visual experiences. Our
the information display market another option
into the display, rendering it useless. Since this
visual solutions provide users with a diverse range
for a variety of visual display needs. It also fills
display does not use phosphors in its construc-
of options to help them see their digital world more
the void left by larger-sized CRT monitors, which
tion, the potential for permanent burn-in is
clearly and support them in achieving their goals.
are no longer widely available.
significantly decreased, thereby contributing
to optimal screen performance and a longer
Building on this tradition of quality and innovation,
Superior screen performance. The LCD3000 takes
NEC’s new 30" (29.5" viewable image size) LCD3000
advantage of the many display technologies that
features the latest in advanced LCD technologies
have made LCD monitors so popular over the years
In applications where spectators are situated
and creates a new option for those in the informa-
and delivers them through an expansive screen fea-
at various angles in front of the screen or where
tion display market. As one of the largest screen
turing a wide aspect ratio. The monitor’s 1280 x 768
they are passing by the display, the LCD3000
size LCD displays commercially available, this model
(WXGA) resolution optimizes on-screen text, images
provides an undistorted view of the screen.
carries with it all of the benefits users have come
and video with remarkable precision and clarity,
Using XtraView wide-angle viewing technology,
to value in NEC’s smaller-sized LCD displays. These
allowing onlookers to clearly view presentations,
this monitor provides flexible 170° horizontal
benefits now can be enjoyed in a variety of infor-
charts, advertisements, pricing and other public
and vertical viewing angles (85° up, down, left and
mation display applications, including conference
display information. Further, these applications can
right) with less glare, reflection and distortion.
rooms, public information kiosks, retail signage,
be viewed simultaneously utilizing the display's
financial exchanges, airports and trade show
picture-in-picture capability when using the defined
With a brightness of 450 cd/m2, this display
exhibits. The LCD3000’s screen performance brings
combination of video inputs (see User’s Manual).
stands out in the crowd, allowing onlookers to
life for the monitor.
view text and graphics with ease and comfort.
ideas to life, capturing the attention and imagination of viewers and ensuring that messages reach
With some screen technologies, leaving the
A 350:1 typical contrast ratio helps the monitor
audiences with maximum clarity and impact.
display on for a long period of time would perma-
deliver amazingly vivid colors and supports
Figure 1
IN 3
IN 2
The LCD3000 features a
number of input connections
for maximum compatibility.
This makes it possible to
upgrade adapters or software
without having to purchase
a new display.
1. AC IN connector Connects with the supplied power cord.
2. RGB 1 IN (DVI-D) To input digital RGB signals from a computer
having a digital RGB output. Note; this connector does not support
analog input.
3. RGB 2 IN (mini D-Sub 15 pin) To input analog RGB signals from
a personal computer or other RGB equipment.
4. RGB 3 DVD/HD [R/Cr/Pr, G/Y, B/Cb/Pb, H, V] (BNC) IN connector
To input analog RGB signals or signals from other RGB equipment.
Also for connecting equipment such as a DVD player or HDTV laser
disc player. A Sync-on-Green signal also can be connected.
5. RGB OUT connector (BNC) To output the signal from the RGB 3
DVD/HD IN connector.
6. AUDIO IN 1,2,3 To input audio signal from external equipment
such as a computer, VCR or DVD player.
7. AUDIO OUT To output the audio signal from the current audio input.
8. VIDEO OUT To output the video signal from the VIDEO IN connector.
9. S- VIDEO IN For connecting equipment such as a DVD player or VCR.
10. VIDEO IN For connecting equipment such as a DVD player or VCR.
11. SPEAKER TERMINAL For connecting non-amplified speakers.
12. RS-232 INPUT For connecting a control cable for remote control.
The LCD3000’s screen performance brings ideas to life, capturing
the attention and imagination of viewers and ensuring that
messages reach audiences with maximum clarity and impact.
superior grayscaling. Further, its Rapid Response
normally associated with this type of configura-
Get connected. The LCD3000 features a number
time of 25ms allows it to display undistorted
tion. In environments such as trading floors, call
of input connections for maximum compatibility
full-motion video, while virtually eliminating
centers and public signage venues, longer cables
(see Figure 1). These include a DVI-D connector
ghosting or image trailing.
enable systems to be centrally located in control
for digital video signal adapters and a traditional
rooms far away from users (up to 326 feet/100
15-pin mini D-sub connector that is configured
Take control of your monitor. In an effort to
meters), allowing monitor upgrades, service and
for IBM® VGA-compatible adapters, as well as
make remote control and diagnostics easier,
repairs to be accomplished without interrupting
BNC VGA, composite video, component video
the LCD3000 provides two different methods to
the work or display environment.
and S-Video connectors. This wide compatibility
makes it possible to upgrade adapters or soft-
manipulate the display—an RS-232 connector
and the advanced remote diagnostics and remote
Historically, longer monitor cable configurations
ware without having to purchase a new monitor.
control capabilities of the Display Data Channel/
tended to have limitations, including weakened
By accepting analog signal inputs, this monitor
Command Interface (DDC/CI). By utilizing the
signals, which resulted in blurred images.
can display more than 16 million colors, depending
inherent power of the PC (a typical source for the
Inconsistent red, green and blue cable lengths
on the graphics card and software being used.
display), DDC/CI allows control commands to be
were also common. This produced uneven signals,
sent directly to the monitor through a standard
thereby drastically reducing display quality.
User-friendly, efficient design. As ease of
installation is a main concern for the information
PC system or remotely over an existing network
(LAN) by a system administrator. A wide range of
The display’s CableComp technology solves
display market, the LCD3000 was designed with
DDC/CI-based graphics cards, which will become
these dilemmas by using a digitized signal delay
light weight in mind. At only 35.2 lbs, this monitor
standard in the near future, allow for this easy
circuit to automatically compensate for each
is simple to transport and install wherever
control through a Windows 2000/XP interface.
red, green and blue cable’s length and video
necessary. In addition, with the introduction of
signal delay, ensuring sharp image reproduction.
this display, NEC is on the forefront of mounting
Achieve consistent, long-distance signals. Users
CableComp also boosts the VGA video signal to
technology as the monitor’s cabinet was designed
can now realize the advantages of long monitor
prevent blurred images without the need for
to meet currently proposed VESA mounting
cable lengths without the difficulties and costs
costly repeaters.
standards for larger-sized public displays, which
Multiple application solutions
And you thought LCD monitors were used only on
desktops. With space conservation a major concern
for all types of markets in today’s business world,
the LCD3000’s space-conscious design allows it
to fit comfortably into almost any application for
maximum impact to viewers. Wall mounting, custommade cabinets and hanging fixtures are just a few
of the options you have when choosing your display
installation for this 30" (29.5" VIS) LCD monitor.
Information Display. Make a lasting impression on the public
eye with the LCD3000. Whether this display is placed in airports,
train stations, restaurants or kiosks in any interior environment,
its spacious screen is guaranteed to turn heads and feed useful
information to passersby. With XtraView wide-angle viewing technology, it doesn’t matter if they’re directly in front of the screen
or passing by–an ideal view is assured.
Advertising. With its high resolution, bright display and lifelike
colors, the LCD3000 is unrivaled in drawing consumer attention.
Spread the word on your products and services to moviegoers,
advertise the latest sale items at a department store or attract
the eyes of passersby in the storefront of a clothing store. No
matter the outlet, this monitor stops consumers in their tracks.
Figure 2
will be required of all manufacturers in the
future. With a uniformly thin frame, this display’s
design is ideal for multi-screen construction for
virtually seamless video walls.
Enhance your multimedia experience. Optional
Onkyo multimedia speakers boost the senses during
presentations or other display applications. These
powerful components easily attach to the vertical
sides of the display, spanning the height of the
cabinet and creating a clean, streamlined look.
Simplified control of screen settings. The LCD3000
features NEC’s critically acclaimed On Screen
Manager (OSM) for precise monitor adjustments
(see Figure 2). A touch of the convenient controls
or the individual remote control activates the OSM,
delivering a comprehensive set of adjustments and
an expanded display mode with monitor information such as brightness, contrast and color set-
tings. However, for quick and easy setups, a multitude of presets makes this monitor ready to go
1. POWER button Switches the power on/off.
2. MUTE button Switches the audio mute on/off.
3. INPUT button Acts as SET button with OSM menu. Selects
the signal connected with the RGB input connector.
4. PLUS (+) button Increases the adjustment with OSM menu.
Increases the audio output level when the OSM menu is turned off.
5. MINUS button Decreases the adjustment with OSM menu.
Decreases the audio output level when the OSM menu is
turned off.
6. UP button Activates the OSM menu when the OSM menu is
turned off. Allows you to move the highlighted area up to select
the adjustment with OSM menu.
Financial. In the fast-paced financial market, information needs
to be relayed in real time. The LCD3000 is capable not only of
displaying on-the-fly market data and other vital information
without distortion, but does so using crisp text and a high-bright
backlight for easier readability.
7. DOWN button Activates the OSM menu when the OSM is turned
off. Allows you to move the highlighted area down to select the
adjustment with OSM menu.
right out of the box.
8. EXIT button Activates the OSM menu when the OSM menu
is turned off. Allows you to move to the previous menu with
OSM menu.
Intelligent power management ensures a smart
9. Remote control sensor and Power indicator Receives the
signal from the remote control (when using the wireless
remote control).
in its design, the LCD3000 reduces power consump-
investment. Utilizing energy-efficient technologies
tion and significantly lowers the total cost of
10. Main power switch Seesaw switch for the main power on/off.
ownership (TCO). The high-efficiency backlight
11. Control Panel Located under bezel.
reduces not only the power consumption but also
the heat generation at the front of the screen.
Corporate. Deliver a presentation they’ll remember using the
LCD3000. Ideal for board rooms, conference rooms and large
offices, this monitor’s ability to display crystal-clear text and
precise images adds clarity and profoundness to spreadsheets,
documents and graphics-based presentations. Picture-in-picture
capability allows your group to simultaneously view multiple applications, such as a spreadsheet and full-motion video conference.
Tradeshows. With a multitude of exhibitors vying for the attention
and time of tradeshow visitors, it can be difficult to stand out from
the crowd. The LCD3000 helps your exhibit become the center of
attention with its amazing screen performance. Its brightness and
dynamic design will draw interest, while Rapid Response and a high
contrast ratio allow you to effectively demonstrate your company’s
message. The lack of permanent phosphor image burn-in extends
the monitor’s life and protects your investment.
LCD3000 (29.5" VIS)
Viewable Image Size
Viewing Angle
Native Pixel Resolution
Active Screen Area (W x H)
Panel/Set Brightness (typical)
Contrast Ratio (typical)
Screen Aspect Ratio
Output Color
170° horizontal, 170° vertical
1280 x 768
643.2 x 385.9mm
256 RGB Levels, over 16 million colors
Frequency Range
31.5-75 kHz (15.75 kHz)
58-62 Hz
Resolution Supported
640 x 480 @ 60 Hz
800 x 600 @ 60 Hz
1024 x 768 @ 60 Hz
1280 x 768 @ 60 Hz
1280 x 1024 (Analog only, compressed)
1600 x 1200 (Analog only, compressed)
NTSC/PAL, HDTV 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i
Input Terminals
Video 1
Component Video 1 (DVD/HD)
External Control
31.5-48.4 kHz
58-62 Hz
DVI-D x 1
Analog D-sub
Analog BNC
Composite RCA or S-Video
Component BNC (common use with RGB3, selectable)
2 sets RCA stereo, 1 mini stereo
Internal Speaker: None
External Speaker Jacks (Amplified): 7W x 7W
Environmental Conditions
Operating Temperature
Operating Humidity
10-80% (no condensation)
Regulatory Approvals
UL 1950, CSA950, TUVGS, FCC Class B, METI, CE
Included Accessories
AC power cord, user manual, wireless remote control, 15-pin RGB cable, batteries
Other Features
Power Management, Plug & Play (DDC/CI, DDC2Bi), PinP(Remote), CableComp, Screen Savers, Rapid Response,
Video Ready (no tuner), HDTV Ready (no tuner), Infrared remote control included
Voltage Rating
AC100-120V/200-240V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption
180W (max)
Dimensions (W x H x D)
27.8 x 17.7 x 4.5 in./706 x 449 x 114mm
35.2 lbs./16 kg
Optional Accessories
Onkyo speakers
Limited Warranty
1 year parts and labor, including backlight
Technical Support
24 hours /7 days
OSM and XtraView are registered trademarks, and CableComp, Rapid
Response and See More are trademarks of NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics
Display of America. IBM is a registered trademark of IBM Corporation.
All other brand or product names are trademarks or registered
trademarks of their respective holders. Product specifications subject
to change. 10/02 ver.2.
NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display of America
1250 North Arlington Heights Road
Itasca, Illinois 60143-1248
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