Tiger XS technical specification

Tiger XS technical specification
Tiger XS technical specification
Security level/classification
Approved up to and including level SECRET. Certified by the EU (SECRET UE)
Security and encryption
End-to-end encryption
Strict red and black separation in hardware
Two factor user authentication with SIM-sized access card and PIN code
Group and Traffic keys from Security Management Center
Tempest verified design and tamper response
Centrally managed phonebook
Secure phone calls
Secure data transfers
Secure fax
Secure SMS
Secure teleconferencing
Full colour display with multi-language graphical user interface. Interfaces USB
on red side for configuration and management. USB on black side for network
access via USB access points. Bluetooth on black side for use of optional network
access points. I/O interface for use with desktop adapter.
Standard telephone lines, digital networks (GSM, UMTS, ISDN, IP) and satellite
communications over Iridium, Inmarsat and Thuraya
Tiger XS is compatible with Tiger 7401
Technical data
118x68x22 mm
130 g
Talk time, bluetooth: 7 hours.
Standby time: Active bluetooth: 24 hours.
Power save mode: 150 hours.
Platform and devices
The Tiger XS is a custom made holistic security solution developed by Sectra.
Tiger XS Office
USB data cable
USB charger 100-240 VAC
PC applications for desktop use and management
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