Jeep Liberty Fog Lights ON with High Beams

Jeep Liberty Fog Lights ON with High Beams
Jeep Liberty Fog Lights ON with High Beams
This mod has been successfully done on my 2002 Jeep Liberty Sport. I do not have
any long term testing on it since I just finished it a few hours ago. If you blow up,
burn down, short out, set the air bags off, void the warranty, short the bcm, break
anything, get pulled over by the police, get tickets, fail inspection or anything else I
forgot to mention don’t blame me! I am just sharing with you a mod that I have
been waiting a long time to do. Also I am not sure if the fog relay location and fog
light wire color is the same for all years….Ok, now let’s get on to the good stuff!
Cost: $0-$10
Time: 20-60min.
The fog lights will still operate as normal, except when you turn on the high beams
they’ll stay on. If you want them off with the high beams just turn the fogs off. The
dash indicator for the fogs still works as usual except it turns off with the high
beams. No other way around it, that’s the bcm doing that. With this mod you are
bypassing the bcm that sends the ground to the relay causing it to energize and turn
on the fogs. Before this mod whenever the bcm saw the high beams on it would kill
the ground going to the fog relay which would de-energize the relay and turn the
fogs off. With the mod the fog switch is sending the ground directly to the relay, as
long as the fog switch is pulled out the fogs will be on.
STEP 1: Disconnect the battery, and then proceed to remove the lower knee bolster
on the driver’s side along with the trim that goes around the steering column. FYI
there are 2 torx screws that hold the column trim together. Then look to your left
and you will see 3 big connectors with 10mm bolts going through them that bolt to
the back of the junction block. Also you will see a bunch of relays in there.
STEP 2: Locate the fog light relay. For my 02’ it is the last one in the middle row.
It’ll be the one furthest from you. Look in the pictures below if you still can’t find it.
STEP 3: Remove the fog light relay carefully. They are in there tight; I had to pull a
couple out so I could get my fingers to it. Now don’t loose it because you’re going to
need it. Now make 3 jumper wires 2-3” long with a male blade terminal on one end
and a female blade terminal on the other end. Then take another piece of wire about
2ft. long and put a female blade terminal on it. I used the insulated ones that way if
they touch it won’t short anything. I used heavy gauge wire, probably overkill but
that’s all I had in my tool box. See picture below.
STEP 4: Now plug the female ends of the jumper wires to the relay. The middle one
on the bottom of the relay is not used it should have a #4 next to the prong (#87A in
the relay world) to identify it. The lower right one will be identified as # 1 (#85 in the
relay world) next to the prong that is the one that gets the 2ft. of wire attached to it.
See pictures below.
STEP 5: Now install the 3 short jumper wires into the junction block the same is if
you were just plugging the relay back in. For example top to top, right to right etc.
It is very important that the 3 wires are in the correct locations. If they are not in
the proper locations, it won’t work and you risk damaging something. LEAVE THE
STEP 6: Secure the now hanging relay with a zip tie to one of the surrounding
wiring harnesses. You don’t want it to be dangling around and come loose from
going over bumps. Now start running the 2ft. long jumper wire up to the
multifunction switch or turn signal switch what ever you want to call it ☺ Be sure it
won’t get pinched or chaffed from the tilt steering. Now unplug the connector
coming out of the multifunction switch so you have room to work. Cut back the
sheathing that covers the wires, being careful not to cut any of the wires.
STEP 7: Once you can see the wires pick out the white and tan one. At least on my
02’ it was this one.
Now splice that 2ft jumper wire into it. Solder it and tape it. Now tape the harness
up again from where you cut back the sheathing. Plug the connector back in. Hook
up the battery, test it and enjoy ☺ Remember this is probably not legal.
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