Chris King NoThreadSet Headset Manual

Chris King NoThreadSet Headset Manual
Congratulations! You have just purchased what many people regard as the finest headset in the world. Since 1976 Chris King has been
supplying serious cyclists with the best made, most reliable headsets you can buy. With proper installation and maintenance you can
expect to enjoy the many years of the legendary quality and performance built into each and every component we make.
Please Note: To ensure proper installation, adapter kits are recommended. Sizes are available to fit
all popular headset pressing and setting tools. Our press adapters help to correctly align the cups with
the head tube and prevent damage to the bearings by directing pressure only and evenly over the
cups. The crown race adapters prevent damage to the base plate by protecting the conical bearing
contact surface from the crown race setting tool.
Preparation of Head Tube and Installation
of Bearing Cups
• Proper preparation of the head tube is essential for best headset performance. Ream and face the
head tube as necessary to ensure that the ends are square and parallel to each other, and the
bores are the proper dimension (see chart below).
• Using a small file or sand paper, carefully remove any sharp edges or burrs and slightly round, or
chamfer, the inside edges of the head tube at the top and bottom to prevent shearing any metal
from the cups during installation.
• Clean to remove any chips, shavings, and/or cutting oil.
• The proper press fit should be with no more than .1mm (.004") of interference. See chart below for
correct head tube bore size. Do not file or otherwise remove material from the cups to make them
• Press in both bearing cups using a headset installation press fitted with our adapters. Check to
assure the cups are seated flatly against the ends of the head tube.
Preparation of Fork and Installation of
Base Plate
• Proper preparation of the fork is also important for best headset performance. Ream and face the
crown race seat as necessary to ensure that the face is square with the steer tube and the press
diameter is the proper dimensions (see chart below).
• Clean to remove any chips, shavings, and/or cutting oil. The proper press fit should be with no
more than .1mm (.004") of interference. See chart below for correct crown race seat size.
• Slide the base plate, conical side up, onto the steerer tube. With the beveled side of the base plate
installation adapter against the base plate, use a crown race setting tool to set the base plate.
Cutting of Steer tube and Installation of
Star Nut
• Insert fork into frame.
• Remove o-ring from bearing cap and slide bearing cap, then any spacers and the stem over steer
tube. Scribe a line flush with top of stem.
• Remove stem and mark another line 3mm below the first. Cut on the lower line with a hacksaw.
• Remove all sharp edges from inside and outside of steerer tube. With a file or sandpaper, round
outside edge of tube to avoid shearing the o-ring upon installation.
• Thread star nut onto installation tool. (If installation tool is not available, thread bolt well into star nut
and use it to drive the star nut 15mm below the top of the steerer.)
• With a soft hammer or mallet, drive star nut straight into steerer tube until tool contacts top of steerer.
• Unscrew tool from star nut.
• Use extreme caution when cutting steerer and installing star nut to avoid injury.
Final Assembly and Adjustment
Head tube
Crown seat
1" BMX
• Re-install o-ring into bearing cap.
• Insert fork into frame.
• Taking care not to shear o-ring, slide bearing cap, scuff washer, any spacers, and then stem over steerer. Place stem cap on top of
stem and insert screw through cap, threading into star nut. Tighten approx. 4-10 in.-lb. (Max. 15 in. lb.)
• Adjust alignment of stem and secure according to stem manufacturer’s specifications.
• Check headset for proper adjustment. When properly adjusted, the fork will rotate smoothly without play or restriction. Some settling
may occur after a few rides; readjust if necessary.
PLEASE NOTE: New seals will produce some resistance in rotation for the first 50-100 hours of use. Avoid confusing this with rubbing
or binding that may result from improper installation or stems that are not properly faced.
CHRIS KING HEADSETS are designed to provide the maximum life of any headset with a minimum of maintenance. Besides an
occasional adjustment, the only service necessary is an occasional cleaning and regreasing of the bearings. Riding conditions will dictate
how often to service your headset. In wet conditions, service may be necessary as often as every 6 months; in dry conditions, up to every
5 years.
Service of Bearings
• Our sealed bearings have removable snap rings holding the seals in place. Carefully remove snap ring and then seal to gain access to
the bearings. Flush with solvent, blow dry, then lubricate with a waterproof grease and reassemble. Reuse seals and snap rings unless
• If necessary, seals and snap rings are available through your dealer or directly from Chris King Precision Components.
PLEASE NOTE: Water is the most common cause of problems with any sealed bearing. When water enters the frame through breather
or other holes it can eventually work its way to the head tube and into the headset bearings. High pressure spray wash, transporting or
riding the bicycle in the rain, or submersion in water while riding can quickly lead to this condition. Although the stainless steel bearings
will resist corrosion, the grease will eventually deteriorate. Avoid these situations if possible or service as if in wet conditions.
Removal and Reinstallation
• Remove cups from head tube with a standard cup removal tool, taking care that tool contacts the inside edges of the cup, not the
• To remove base plate from fork, we recommend using a 1/4" or 3/8" drift punch alternating strikes on either side of fork crown to lessen
the possibility of warping or bending.
• After removing base plate from fork, carefully inspect for damage. Some warpage may flatten upon reinstallation. If not, or if bearing
contact surface has become damaged, replace.
• Base plates and other parts are available individually through your dealer or directly from Chris King Precision Components.
Chris King Precision Components warrants its bicycle headsets to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 10
years from the original date of purchase. Any Chris King product that is found by Chris King Precision Components to be defective in
materials or workmanship will be repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of Chris King Precision Components providing it is returned
to the factory freight prepaid. This warranty does not cover damage or failure resulting from misuse, abuse, alteration, neglect, normal and
reasonable wear and tear, crash or impact, failure to perform routine maintenance as instructed, or use other than that for which the
product was intended.
If a defect is found, our entire liability and your sole remedy shall be, at our option, free repair or replacement. Chris King Precision
Components shall not be held liable for any indirect, special, or consequential damages. The warranty does not cover any Chris King
Precision Components product where the serial number has been altered or removed. This written express warranty is in lieu of all other
warranties, implied or expressed, and does not cover any representation or warranty made by dealers beyond the provisions of this
warranty. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary state to state.
Thank you for your purchase!
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Santa Barbara, California 93111
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