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N JAN Г) NA S e = | NA = DVD/CD Surround Sound Receiver
NAD VISO FIVE DVD/CD Surround Sound Receiver
DVD/CD Surround Sound Receiver
5 x 45 Watts, 20Hz-20kHz, at <0.08% THD into 8 ohms, all
channels driven simultaneously (NAD Full Disclosure Power)
5 x 60 Watts FTC power audio
Plays DVD-V, DVD+R, DVD+RW, VCD, SVCD, DivX, Audio
Dolby Digital, DTS, Pro-Logic Il, EARS and Stereo Enhanced
Surround Modes
Dolby Virtual Speaker and Dolby Headphone
Full-size Separate Component performance
Flexible bass management with settings for large, small, and
miniature speakers
Subwoofer output
Satellite and VCR inputs, 5.1 input for future surround mode
1 Component Video input
OSD available on main video outputs
HDMI digital video output for DVD player with upscaling to
720p and 1080i
VCR & TV monitor outputs including Component and
SCART (230V version)
2 digital inputs: 1 RCA; 1 TOS Link
1 TOS Link digital output
12V Trigger Out
RS-232 Port Interface for Advanced Control Systems /
RDS tuner (RDS PS & RDS RT)
30 AM and 30 FM presets
XM Ready (120V version)
DAB ready for use with optional DB 1 digital tuner module
allowing up to 99 DAB presets (230V version)
Data Port for optional NAD IPD-1 Dock for iPod®.
Clock with Timer function
All RCA sockets gold-plated
HTR-7, 8 Device Learning Remote with Illuminated Keys and
Macro Function
Switched AC Outlet
With the introduction of the VISO FIVE DVD/CD Receiver, NAD now offers the level of
performance associated with its highly acclaimed full-size separates in an elegant, compact design.
Designed to complement today's advanced video displays, its graceful proportions and fine details
make a sophisticated design statement. And unlike most other "all-in-one" systems, the NAD
performs like an award winning NAD separate component. We have not made any performance
compromises in our quest for convenience and style.
The Command Center for an Advanced Surround Sound System
By combining the DVD/CD Player and Digital Surround Sound Receiver in one elegant package, one
needs only to add the TV monitor and Surround Sound Speaker package to the NAD VISO FIVE to
have theatre quality sound in any room of the home. The ability to choose loudspeakers separately,
ones that suit your specific needs, should not be underestimated.
The VISO FIVE forms the heart of an advanced Home Cinema. Its compact dimensions (especially
depth), makes it ideal for apartment and condo dwellers, yet there is no compromise when it comes
to performance. The supplied HTR-7 Remote can operate your TV, VCR, Satellite or Cable Tuner, and
almost any other IR remote controlled device. The logical layout and illuminated keys make
operating your AV system straightforward and enjoyable, and the HTR-7, with it's ability to learn the
remote commands of up to eight different devices, eliminates the clutter of multiple remote
Unlike the "Home Theater in a Box" systems that include speakers (usually of questionable quality),
the NAD VISO FIVE allows complete freedom to choose speakers that fit your decor and suite your
taste in sound. New features for the VISO FIVE include HDMI digital video output with upscaling to
720p and 1080i when using the internal DVD player, simplified setup using the On Screen Display,
and the inclusion of the latest surround formats: DVD-Audio (super high resolution audio), Dolby
Virtual Speaker (provides a convincing surround effect with only two front speakers), and Dolby
Headphone (remarkable “holographic” surround effect from headphones.)
By concentrating on the most important aspects of the VISO FIVE circuitry, the NAD engineers were
able to extract remarkable audio and video performance. As usual with NAD, the VISO FIVE uses
discrete amplifier output stages only. The benefits of this approach have been proven over the years
in many acclaimed NAD amplifiers and receivers. (Most products in this category are using digital IC
amplifier modules, which allow for a very slim-line design, but cannot meet even the most basic hi-fi
specs for noise and distortion.)
As one would expect from NAD, only high quality components have been used, such as high
resolution ADCs (Analogue-to-Digital Converter) and DACs (Digital-to-Analogue Converter) from
renowned manufacturer Crystal to obtain the best possible performance.
Even though the VISO FIVE DVD Surround Sound Receiver may be far more compact than a
separate DVD Player and Receiver of comparable performance, it still is very flexible. Three
additional S-Video, Composite Video and analog audio sources (one front accessible - perfect
for cameras and game consoles) can be connected and along with the additional 6 channel
audio source, built-in tuner and the internal DVD/CD player, the VISO FIVE potentially gives you
access to six sources. Besides the S-Video and Composite Video Monitor and HDMI outputs, the
VISO FIVE also has Component Video output along with a dedicated Component Video input
that is accessible through Cable/Satellite source input. Two digital inputs (one optical, one
coaxial) are provided, and, for easy transferring to a CD recorder or other digital recording
device, the VISO FIVE also sports an optical digital output. Rather than using spring clips for
loudspeaker cable connection, as usually found on compact systems, the VISO FIVE offers high
quality loudspeaker binding posts, more associated with top-of-the-range full-size AV receivers.
A line-level output for connection to a powered subwoofer is provided as well.
Advanced Features
The VISO FIVE will automatically recognise DTS or Dolby Digital and will switch accordingly. Also
included is the new high resolution DVD-Audio mode with up 24 bit 192 kHz resolution with full
bass management included. Besides these modes, Stereo Enhanced (all channel stereo),
ProLogic Il, and EARS (an NAD exclusive) are available, all aimed at reproducing 2 channel stereo
music in a realistic 5.1 surround mode, creating either a natural ambience, or an all out party
sound. In all cases the sound is pure and undistorted, as opposed to those fuzzy "boingy" sound
effects with lofty sounding names like "stadium" and "cathedral". RS-232 data port offers
connection to highly advanced automated control systems.
DVD and CD Features and Performance
Besides superb DVD picture quality in either interlaced or progressive modes, the NAD VISO FIVE
also offers a wide range of facilities such as Multi-Angle*; Multi-Sound*; Multi-Subtitle*; Frame;
Zoom and Repeat. All these facilities can be easily accessed with the supplied remote control.
Through the extensive yet intuitive On-Screen-Display you can change the various settings and
parameters for optimum performance.
reddot design award
winner 2008
NAD VISO FIVE DVD/CD Surround Sound Receiver
Power Amplifiers
Simultaneous Full Disclosure Power
(4/8 ohms, 20Hz - 20kHz, at rated distortion)
Minimum Continuous Power (FTC)
Power output Stereo Mode
(8 ohms within rated distortion)
IHF dynamic power; 8 ohms
IHF dynamic power; 4 ohms
IHF dynamic power; 2 ohms
Total harmonic distortion at rated power
IM distortion at rated power
Damping factor; 8 ohms
Input Sensitivity and Impedance
Frequency response (20Hz-20kHz)
Signal/noise ratio; ref rated power / 8 ohms
Signal/noise ratio; ref 1W / 8 ohms
Remote Control
FM Tuner Section
50dB Quieting sensitivity, FM Mono:
50dB Quieting sensitivity, FM Stereo:
Capture Ratio (FM)
Image Rejection
Total harmonic distortion; FM Mono
Total harmonic distortion; FM Stereo
Signal / noise; Mono
Signal / noise; Stereo
Channel separation at 1kHz
Frequency Response (30Hz - 15 kHz)
AM Tuner Section
Usable Sensitivity
Image Rejection
IF Rejection
Signal / Noise Ratio
Total harmonic distortion
DVD/CD Player
Frequency Response DVD-Audio (96kHz to 192kHz)
Frequency Response Audio CD
Output level
Signal to noise
Channel separation CD
Dynamic range
Signal system
5 x 45W (16.5dBW)
5 x 60W (18dBW)
2 x 60W (18dBW)
2 x 80W (19dBW)
2 x 120W (20.7dBW)
2 x 160W (22dBW)
300mV/47 kohms
+/- 0.5dB
20Hz - 15kHz
10Hz to 44kHz
10Hz to 20kHz
95dB (A-WTD)
Composite Video
S-Video (Y signal)
S-Video (C signal)
Component (Y signal)
Component (Cb/Cr signal)
SCART (RGB signal) (230V version)
HDMI Audio/Video Out
Digital out (coaxial)
Digital out (optical)
Gross Dimensions (W x H x D)
Net Weight
Shipping Weight
| | North American Version | |
1Vp-p/75 ohms
1Vp-p/75 ohms
0.286Vp-p/75 ohms
1Vp-p/75 ohms
0.7Vp-p/75 ohms
0.7Vp-p/75 ohms
0.5Vp-p/75 ohms
-15 dBm ~ 21 dBm
17 1/8 x 5 5/16 x 14 9/16”
(435 x 135 x 370mm)
27.7 lbs (12.6kg)
34.3 Ibs (15.6kg)
reddot design award
winner 2008
NAD Electronics International reserves the right to change specifications or features without notice.
NAD is a registered trademark of NAD Electronics International. All rights reserved. No part of this
publication may be reproduced, stored or transmitted in any form whatsoever without the written
permission of NAD Electronics International.
O 04/08 NAD Electronics International.
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