Philips HD4909/00, HD4909 User manual

Philips HD4909/00, HD4909 User manual
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Please read the guidelines provided in this DFU on important instructions,
Appliance Usage & Warranty before using the product
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1. Introduction 2
2. Product Description 3
3. Technical Specifications 4
4. Important Instructions 5
5. Cooking Modes 7-8
6. Usage
7. Cleaning Maintenance Storage
8. Troubleshooting 10
9. Warranty and service 11
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With your induction cooker you get a number of exciting features:
Safety: Your induction cooker does not make use of an open flame or fire. It also has a number of
safety features like auto cut off and auto cool, which allow you to enjoy cooking with your family
whenever you want.
Auto Cooling: A fan cools your induction cooker even after it is switched off to enable it to cool down
very quickly.
Auto Switch Off: Your induction cooker will automatically switch off if it is accidentally left on or is
unattended for a long time
Child Lock Feature: To ensure the safety of your family
Fast: In induction cooking, the cookware serves as the heat source. This results in much faster and
more even heat transfer, reducing the cooking time as compared to conventional cooking.
Versatile: Your induction cooker has 8 preset cooking modes, each with its own optimal heating
pattern. These modes allow you to prepare a great variety of nutritious meals.
User friendly: Your induction cooker has a simple and interactive control panel and display which
allows you to easily adjust the settings at the touch of a button.
Touch screen: Your induction cooker has touch screen controls for easy operation
Comfortable: The induction cooking process is smoke-free and produces less grease. Moreover, the
cooker and the surrounding area stay cool. This allows you to cook in a cool and comfortable
Portable: The induction cooker has a compact design and the cooking plate stays cool. This means
the appliance is always safe to use and allows you to cook anywhere in your home.
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Sim Boil Reheat
e eee e e e e e e
Milk/ Roti/ Slow ; Deep
Ti e Keep La SE
imer Warm 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 270°C e
Volts/ e e e e e © e ese ee e
Unts ° 120 300 500 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2100 W
Product Description:
Glass plate
Cooking zone
Control panel
Air inlet
Mains cord
G Air outlets
Control panel
. +/- buttons for setting the cooking temperature and wattage
. Time display for seeing the time
. Manual button for manual temperature setting
. Power on button with light to turn the appliance on and off
. 10 Preset cooking modes for preset time and temperature control
. Pause button for stopping the operation in between
. Volts/ Unit to display power consumption in Units and Volts
00 < © © + © № —
. Child Lock for the safety of your family
Technical Specifications:
Voltage 220 - 240 V- 50/60 Hz
Power 2100 W
Dimensions 346 x 110 x 455mm
Net weight 2.8Kg
Important Instructions:
Check if the voltage indicated on the appliance corresponds to the local mains voltage before you
connect the appliance i.e 220 - 240 V~ 50/60 Hz
Place the Philips Induction cooker in a well ventilated area on a non-metal flat platform with at
least 10 cm free space around it to prevent overheating.
For better ventilation, do not block the air inlet and outlets while the appliance is operating, e.g. do
not operate the appliance on a plastic tablecloth.
Remove all metal, plastic and canned items from near the induction cooker.
Do not heat food in sealed or compressed containers, cans or coffee pots to avoid explosion. Also
avoid heating empty vessels.
Only connect the appliance to an earthed wall socket. Always make sure the plug is inserted firmly
into the socket.
Do not use the appliance if the plug, the mains cord or the appliance itself is damaged.
If the mains cord or any other part is damaged, you must have it replaced by a service centre
authorized by Philips to avoid a hazard.
This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given
supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
Keep the mains cord out of the reach of children. Do not let the mains cord hang over the edge of
the table or work top on which the appliance stands.
Never connect this appliance to an external timer switch in order to avoid a hazardous situation.
Never let the appliance run unattended.
Make sure the cooking plate is clean, dry and free from any foreign particles before you switch on
the appliance.
Do not plug in the appliance or operate the control panel with wet hands.
Do not touch the cooking plate after cooking, as it retains heat from the cookware.
Metallic objects such as knives, forks, spoons and lids should not be placed on the cooking plate
since they can get hot.
Use only Iron, Stainless steel and Aluminum with Stainless steel cladding vessels for cooking.
Pay Attention to foods being fried at high/medium temperatures and food being boiled
Do not cover any part of the cooking plate with aluminum to prevent the risk of electric shock, short
circuiting or fire.
Persons with a pacemaker or similar medical device should exercise caution when using or
standing near an induction unit while it is in operation. The electromagnetic field may affect the
working of the pacemaker or similar medical device. It is advisable to consult your doctor or the
pacemaker manufacturer about your particular situation.
Table 1a: Only Use:
Material Cookware with a bottom made of iron or magnetic stainless steel
Shape Cookware with a flat bottom
Size Cookware with a bottom diameter of 12-20 cm
Weight Cookware with a weight of up to 8kg (including contents)
| Stainless Steel Pots] |Enamelled Steel Utensils| |Enamelled Stainless steel or Iron Kettles]
= co у =
Iron Frying Pans| [Iron Pans or Karahis with Flat base| | Iron Pans or Karahis with Cladding |
| Induction Cookware (induction base pressure cooker / karahi / tawa) |
Table 1 b Do NOT Use:
Material Cookware with a bottom made of non-iron metal, heat resistant
glass pots, crystallite, glass, aluminium and copper
Shape Cookware with a concave or convex bottom
Size Cookware with a bottom diameter of less than 12 cm
Weight Cookware with a weight over 8kg (including contents)
AL ——
Convex bottom Pots or Pans Base Diameter less than 12 cms Pots with Stand
Heat-resistant Glass Pots
Table 2: Cooking Modes:
Cooking Mode
time Range
2 hours
Keep warm to
1 min. to
3 hour
This setting can be used for all types
of cooking especially if you want to
control the time and temperature
settings yourself. Press the manual
button and use the +/- buttons to
increase or decrease the
Milk/ Water
e Sim
45 mins
1 min. to
1 hour
The milk/ water button needs to be
pressed once to activate this preset.
You can use the Sim mode to heat
milk or water.
e Boil
45 mins
Keep warm
to 160°C
1 min. to
3 hour
The milk/ water button needs to be
pressed twice to activate this preset.
You can use the Boil mode to boil
milk or water. You must keep an eye
on the milk to keep it from spilling
over. Once the milk boils, use the
power off button to turn the induction
cooker off.
30 mins
Keep warm
1 min. to
3 hour
The milk/ water button needs to be
pressed thrice to activate this preset.
You can use the Reheat mode to
reheat or warm food.
Roti/ Dosa
1 hour
Keep warm to
1 min. to
3 hour
The Roti/ Dosa preset can be used
to cook food on a flat induction type
tawa. In case the tawa gets
overheated or is less heated, the
temperature can be modulated
using the +/- buttons
45 mins
Keep warm to
1 min. to
3 hour
The gravy preset can be used to
make a gravy dish from the
beginning to the end. In this preset,
the induction cooker will provide
moderate heat for 5 minute to allow
you to prepare the Tadka (tempering)
Thereafter it will switch to high heat
to roast vegetables, meat etc., in a
gravy mode for 13 minutes. After this
it will automatically switch to a low
temperature simmer mode for
27 minutes.
You may also use the manual mode
for better temperature modulation
for making gravies
. Default | Temperature ooking
Cooking Mode cooking Range(°C) | time Range Usage
1 min. to Slow cook preset is ideal for cooking
Slow Cook 3 hours 100°C 3 hour at a low temperature for a long time.
This preset can be used to cook the
foods which are continuously stirred
Stir Fry 1 hour 120-180°C 1 min. to like dry vegetables. The temperature
3 hour can be modulated using the +/-
buttons incase required.
This preset can be used for deep fat
frying. The heating temperature can
be reduced since the default
temperature is high. The oil can get
Deep Fry {hour | Keep warmto/| 1 min. to heated very quickly while using this
200°C 3 hour mode. Make sure you regulate the
temperature as needed. Do not use
cookware with a bottom diameter of
more than 16cm to deep-fry food,
as this causes the appliance to
This preset can be used for
pressure cooking on induction
type pressure cookers. Pressure
cooking on an induction cooker may
Pressure Cook| 30 mins Keep warm 1 min. to be faster than pressure cooking
to 200°C 45 min. on the gas stove. If you do not
remove the pressure cooker for
30 minutes, it will switch off on
its own.
e Read the instructions carefully before using the appliance for the first time.
e Ensure that you are using the appropriate cookware for cooking. For instructions on selecting the
appropriate cookware ref Table 1a and 1b
e Place the cookware in the centre of the red circle on the induction cooker
e The time taken for cooking on your induction cooker may be faster than the time taken on a gas
stove. Make sure you keep all the ingredients you need ready before you start cooking.
e Select the preset according to the dish you want to cook. For details on the presets, refer Table 2.
e You can also use the manual button for better temperature control during the cooking process
e Once the cooking operation is over, wait for the (Use 16 Amps Plug | * _ * >
appliance to cool down. Socket only) a I
e Do not unplug or switch off the mains power switch
for a minimum of 3 minutes after cooking.
Switching off immediately after cooking will cause the
induction cooker to overheat and malfunction UNPLUG
for 3 minutes
SA — de after turning
ez off the
induction cooker
e Clean the appliance with a damp cloth and, if
necessary, with some mild cleaning agent
e Never immerse the appliance in water nor rinse it
under the tap.
e Never use scouring pads, abrasive cleaning agents or
aggressive liquids such as petrol or acetone to clean
the appliance.
e Do not put vinegar on the Glass plate.
Improper use can lead to scratches on the cooking plate. To avoid
discolouring and scratches, use the appliance according to the
instructions in this user manual and always clean the appliance and
cookware properly after use.
e Do not place heavy objects on the Glass plate as it is breakable.
e Do not store the appliance in a hot place, for example near
a cooker.
e If you are not going to use the appliance for a longer period
of time, store the appliance in a cool and dry place
If your induction cooker does not function properly or if the cooking quality is not as per your
expectations, consult the table below
If you are unable to solve the problem, contact a Philips service centre or the Consumer Care
Centre. For a list of authorized Philips service centers visit: or contact our
consumer care at 1800 102 2929 (Toll free) or 1860 180 1111 (standard call rates apply)
The power-on light does
not go on
There is a connection problem. Check if the induction cooker is
connected to the mains and if the plug is inserted firmly into the
wall socket.
If unsolved, take the appliance to your Philips dealer or a service
centre authorised by Philips.
The appliance beeps
continuously and then
stops working
1. You may have put unsuitable cookware on the cooking plate or you
may have removed the cookware from the cooking plate during
cooking. Ensure the Vessel is made of Steel or Iron or Aluminium
with SS Cladding base and has a base diameter larger than 12 cm.
2. You may not have placed the vessel in the centre. Place the vessel
within the red circle marked on the induction cooker.
The vessel does not heat
up to the required
The bottom of the vessel may not be flat. Use only flat bottomed
vessels. If unsolved, take the appliance to your Philips dealer or
a service centre authorised by Philips.
The heating stops abruptly
when cooking.
The vessel temperature is very high. Let the vessel cool down for
a while.
The desired temperature may have been reached and the thermostat
will switch off. If required, reset the temperature and start cooking.
The induction cooker does
not switch from one preset
to another
If you wish to switch to a different cooking mode while cooking,
stop the appliance and restart with the other cooking mode
The cooking preset
temperature is too high
or too low.
You may switch to the manual cooking mode for better control of
You may also increase or decrease the temperature within some
cooking presets. For details, refer table 2
The cooking preset
temperature automatically
changes during the process
The cooking presets like gravy has variable temperature settings
(Ref table 2) switch to manual settings for better control over the
cooking temperature if required.
The fan works but the
appliance has not started
You have to press the start button within 1 minute after you press the
power on/off button. If you do not press the start button within
1 minute, the induction cooker switches off and the fan continues to
work for 1 minute to cool down the appliance.
Failure code E3 or E6 is
being displayed
The internal temperature or temperature over the glass Top may
be very high. Switch off the induction cooker and wait for it to cool
Failure code E7 or E8 is
being displayed
The voltage is either too high or too low. Wait for the voltage to
Failure codes E1, E2, E4, E5,
Eb or Ec are being displayed
Internal failure. Please contact the Philips consumer care.
Warranty and service
For any information or problem, contact your local Philips dealer or authorized service center. For
a list of authorized Philips service centers visit: or contact our consumer care at
1800 102 2929 (Toll free) or 1860 180 1111 (standard call rates apply) This apparatus is covered
under warranty against any defect due to defective material or workmanship for ONE YEAR from
the date of purchase. Should a defect develop during the period of warranty, PHILIPS
ELECTRONICS INDIA LTD. undertakes to repair the apparatus FREE OF CHARGE through the
dealer from whom it has been purchased or at any of the Philips authorized Service Centres.
The warranty is not valid in case:
. Apparatus is not used according to user manual.
. Defects caused by improper or reckless use.
. Repairs done by persons other than Philips Authorized service centre.
. Modifications of any nature made in the apparatus.
. Tampered serial number.
. Incomplete warranty card after purchase.
. Product if used for commercial purpose (i.e. other than domestic use).
. Usage of parts not recommended by Philips or those made by other manufacturers.
00 — ©) Сл + WN
All consumables and parts susceptible to normal wear and tear are not covered under warranty.
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