Toshiba T5100
Toshiba knows how to package power. And
Toshiba shows how, again, with the Toshiba
T5100 — the 386 portable. Heavyweight
performance without the heavy weight. 40 MB
disk capacity without the size. Giant power in
a mobile package. Powerful mobility without
tired arms. The T 5100. Another portable won-
der from Toshiba.
Be amazed at the awesome power of the Intel
386 in this portable package. The standard
2 Megabytes of RAM. The EGA graphics on
the variable contrast screen. The high speed
hard disk with no apologies for size. And all of
this in a portable personal computer. This 386
portable does your most demanding work —
anywhere. The Toshiba T 5100 is the computer
for those who demand 386 power and speed.
But don’t want to be tied to a desktop mam-
moth. The T 5100 provides the power. The
speed. And the portability. Made by the leader
in portable technology. Toshiba.
Intel 80386 — 16 MHz. Switchable to 8 MHz.
Optional 80387-16 math co-processor.
2048 KB standard. 640 KB may be used for
MS-DOS and 1408 KB as expanded memory
(Lotus/Intel/Microsoft standard), as virtual disk,
or as extended memory. Optional 2 MB
memory expansion card for total RAM of 4 MB,
One built-in 3.5" 1.44 MB/720 KB diskette
drive. A second 5.25" 360 KB diskette drive can
be connected.
A fast (29 ms) builtin 3.5” 40 MB hard disk.
High resolution EGA compatible gas plasma
with variable contrast and variable brightness.
Can display up to 4 gray scales. Display can
also support CGA and 640 by 400 resolution.
Sculptured full size 82 key.
One option slot for expansion interface.
® Processor
® Memory
@® Diskette Drives
e Hard Disk
e Display
@ Keyboard
@ Expansion slots
RS-232C serial
Centronics parallel
Colour display (RGB)
External diskette drive
External expansion box
External keyboard
Standard — backed up long life lithium
e Interfaces
@ Real Time Clock/
Calendar battery.
@ Operating System MS-DOS 3.2
PC LAN support
BASIC version 3.2 option
Windows version 1.1 option
® Measurements 311 x 360 x92 mm (Wx D x H)
® Weight 6.8 kg
© Power Supply 85 to 264 volts autosensina.
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