iControl 1000™ Software

iControl 1000™ Software
In 2004, Link4 Corp. entered the greenhouse market with a
line of advanced environmental control products designed to
enhance productivity, energy efficiency and profitability. Each
one of these next-generation products has been paired with
Link4’s vision of old-fashioned customer service: 24/7 in-house
telephone support, internet support with the ability to
perform assessments and repairs remotely, and the industry’s
finest sales and service team at your beck and call.
Today’s growers are as concerned as ever with conserving
resources while staying competitive in a challenging market.
Link4’s state-of-the-art environmental management systems
allow growers complete, customized control over water and
energy usage, growing environment, labor costs, and productivity. By offering better and more advanced environmental
management products to growers, Link4 is bringing the greenhouse and horticultural industries into the 21st century and
Take the time to look through our catalog and envision the
cost-reducing, profit-increasing possibilities our environmental
management systems can bring to your agricultural business.
Our staff of engineers and support personnel is ready to help
you create and install your very own system. Now is the time to
move your business into the future.
Yen Pham
100 Series
Get real-time energy use and track run time on greenhouse
heating and cooling equipment with this easy-to-use, entrylevel advanced controller system. The iGrow 100 Series™
offers four (400 Model) or eight (800 Model) different outputs
for fans, heaters, vents, shade curtains, and other equipment.
• See how much energy your greenhouse is using and
adjust to save money
• Discover which equipment uses the most energy
• Estimate your ROI
• Easily transfer data to your PC for analysis
• Fine-tune your growing environment to maximize
crop yields
Peace of Mind
Get remote access – instantly! Whether you’re 50 yards or 500
miles away, you can easily get instant access to your monitoring system via computer or cell phone. If conditions change in
your greenhouses when you’re away, you can make immediate
adjustments and corrections from any distance.
Increase Profit
Track your energy usage and adjust to increase your profit. The
iGrow 100 Series™ line of controllers help you keep track of
how much energy you’re using – and how much money you’re
spending – on individual pieces of equipment. This advanced,
built-in, set of data tracking software gives you the information
you need to adjust energy use and increase crop growth. Tools
such as iControl 100™ expand the capabilities of this versitle
line of controllers to further save energy and increase your
Reduce Labor Costs
No more programming and reprogramming every crop cycle or
season change – with the iGrow 100 Series™ USB data logging
feature you can easily save settings to any USB flash drive.
When the time comes to switch settings, simply insert your
USB flash drive into your iGrow 100 Series™ Controller and
load your previously stored data. These are some of the new
and innovative ways Link4 has provided to reduce setup times
and reduce your labor costs!
Peace of Mind
with Instant Remote Access
Increase Profit
with iControl 100™ Software
Reduce Labor Costs
with Time Saving USB Support
iGrow 400 • 990-0400-00
iGrow 800 • 990-0800-00
100 Series
Series Features default hardware & software configuration
8 intelligently controlled outputs†
8 manual override switches
8 analog inputs
2 digital inputs
3 SetPoint periods
1 dehumidify stage
1 humidify stage
field upgradeable through firmware & hardware modules
outside temperature / wind speed / rain detection
networking & internet connectivity
Special Features unique capabilities & extraordinary considerations
touch interface with backlit display
onboard ROI calculations and equipment runtime
save / load data onto USB thumb drive*
included temperature probe
communications module for networking
VC option for vent/curtain controls
100 Series Integrated Panel™
standard features
optional features
† eight outputs available on iGrow 800 and four outputs on iGrow 400
thumb drive sold seperately
reference page 2 of the Link4 2012 Price List for pricing information
Peace of Mind
with Instant Remote Access
No other control system can offer these advanced features at a
similar affordable price. Ideal for small to medium greenhouse
operations, this advanced controller is easy to install and operate,
yet offers far more information and control than typical thermostats or early, complicated control systems.
Easy Transition to move from
Outdated Thermostats
Programmable controllers offer integrated control for easy transition to an advanced, yet simple-to-use system. They are ideal for
small or large greenhouse retrofits or new installations. Optional
communication module lets you link multiple greenhouses for
Advanced Control
Affordable Price
“I really like the new iGrow 800 - it has
been fool-proof. It is flawless, easy to
set up and monitor!”
Roger Bessey
Tumwater High School
1000 Series
Whether you’re looking to build, expand, or replace your
current controller, the iGrow 1000 Series Controllers™ are the
answer to optimizing your greenhouse operations. A compact
and highly versatile controller designed to easily control any
size greenhouse, the iGrow 1000 Series™ controllers have
advanced energy-saving features and programming capabilities that make them the perfect controls solution for all of your
greenhouse needs. This flagship product line from Link4 offers
the very best in environmental controls and can be expanded
incrementally as your needs expand.
2 in 1
The iGrow 1000 Series™ line of controllers offer two control
solutions in one! Not only does the iGrow 1000 Series™ offer a
full range of environmental control solutions – it also includes
a full featured irrigation controller built-in. This removes the
need to purchase, install, and maintain a secondary irrigation
controller to ultimately reduce your capital equipment costs,
reduce your installation costs, and save you money.
Advanced Solutions
With the iGrow 1000 Series™ controllers, you have total
control of your greenhouse operations at your fingertips. The
iGrow 1000 Series™ controllers are capable of controlling all
common greenhouse equipment types, including: HAF fans,
cooling pads, heaters, louvers, vents, curtains, irrigation,
bench, heat, HID lights, floor heat, microzones, pumps, and
much more. Beyond the common greenhouse equipment
types, the iGrow 1600™ offers the very best in precision
environmental control with its EC and pH capabilities. With the
iGrow 1000 Series™ controllers you can get better control and
better results for less cost.
Ultimate Control
Link4’s iControl 1000™ computer software makes controlling
your greenhouse easier than ever. Unlike large cumbersome
PC interfaces, or very basic limited ones, iControl 1000™ gives
you total control over your growing operation in a format that
makes sense to growers. The typical learning curve for iControl
2 in 1
Environmental + Irrigation Controller
Advanced Solutions
with Fertigation Capabilities
Ultimate Control
with iControl 1000™ Software
iGrow 1200™ • 990-1200-02
iGrow 1400™ • 990-1400-02
iGrow 1600™ • 990-1600-02
Series Features default hardware & software configuration
12 relay controlled outputs
12 manual override switches
8 analog inputs
11 digital inputs
4 SetPoint periods
3 dehumidify stages
1 humidify stage
64 maximum zones
2 dedicated alarm outputs
field upgradeable through firmware updates
networking connectivity
internet connectivity
Special Features unique capabilities
irrigation with moisture sensor*
included digital temperature and humidity sensor
built-in SmartCool™ technology
iMod™ expansion module†
iControl™ greenhouse management software
standard features
optional features
only available for iGrow 1600
moisture sensor sold seperately
reference page 4 of the Link4 2012 Price List for pricing information
1000 Series
Built To Last
From the environmentally sealed NEMA4 enclosure to the simple
wiring layout, the iGrow 1000 Series™ controllers are built to last.
Assembled from carefully chosen, and highly durable materials, the
iGrow 1000 Series™ controller components are designed to provide
years of trouble-free operation through all sorts of wear-and-tear.
Combined with Link4’s world class service and support, you can
count on your iGrow 1000 Series™ controllers for years to come.
The response time was incredible!
They were great to work with and patient.
I recommend Link4 because of the service!
1000™ can be measured in minutes. The speed at which you can
review greenhouse status and make detailed changes can be
measured in seconds. The layout is so friendly that even when you
aren’t making changes often, it only takes a few minutes to find what
you’re looking for. Whether you have one or one hundred greenhouses, iControl 1000™ manages them all the same easy way, and
from one location.
Easy To Use
The iGrow 1000 Series™ controllers are easy to install, easy to
operate, and easy to maintain. With and emphasis on both flexibility
and simplicity, the iGrow 1000 Series™ controllers allow you to
program and change input/output settings at any time. Once you
have your hands on the iGrow 1000 Series™ controllers you’ll be
amazed at how easy it is to use.
Wendy Robinson
Armstrong Nursery
Easy To Expand
When your needs change, no controller is easier to expand than the
iGrow 1000 Series™ line of controllers. Whether you’re adding new
zones or just adding more outputs, expanding with the iGrow 1000
Series™ of controllers typically requires just three simple steps:
connect, configure, and restart.
Up to 64 Zones
Up to 48 Outputs
Per Zone
Connect • Configure • Restart
iDrive Motor Controllers
The iDrive series of motor controllers are perhaps the most
compact, powerful, and versatile line of motor controllers on
the market today. Packed with smart features such as a 5
position manual override switch, motor reverse delay, and
high quality components, the iDrive series of motor controllers
are capable of controlling nearly every type of vent and curtain
motor out there.
Versatility by Design
A simple and elegant solution for controlling your vents,
curtains, 2 speed motors, and other motor applications this
unit was designed to be as versatile as possible. The iDrive
gives you the option of controlling your equipment in several
different modes – manual or automatic – stand alone or
connected to a thermostat or electronic controller. Additionally, several integrated safety features help protect your motor
and greenhouse during installation and daily operation.
Easy Implementation
Not only does the iDrive offer versatility and safety, it’s simpler
to install and is engineered to work the way you need it to. So
whether you just want a simple manual switch to control a
motor, or you have any common electronic controller, the
iDrive works equally well either way. And its compact design
makes it easy to place in the greenhouse.
With the iDrive series of motor controllers, Link4 combined all
the best features on the market and then made the design
even better with top quality components and smart engineering. The final result is the most advanced and well designed
series of motor controllers available today.
iDrive 150AC™
iDrive 150DC™
iDrive 300™
• 970-0010-00
• 972-2401-05
• 970-XXYZ-AA
iDrive 150AC
iDrive 150DC
iDrive 300
Standard Features included in every iDrive Motor Controller
works with any common thermostat
works with any common greenhouse controller
UL and cUL approved
2 second delay when reversing direction†
mechanical interlock
limit switch input interface
easy to install and wire
high grade components for long life
Line Voltage Input compatible voltage inputs
3 wire single phase
3 wire three phase
5 wire single phase
Line Voltage Output compatible motor voltages
matches line voltage input
Unique Features special capabilities
works with any common 120 volt AC motor
works with any common 24 volt DC motor
available in different voltages, 1 or 3 phase
built-in electronic overload protection
built-in thermal overload protection
standard features
zero delay version available upon request
reference page 5 of the Link4 2012 Price List for pricing information
“Link4 brings us to a new level of integrated control”
...while providing for considerable future expansion of our control capabilities.
Peter W. Gallagher
Louisiana Tech University
Integrated Contactor Panels
Many people, especially those who just purchased their first
greenhouse environmental control system, don’t realize that
they cannot connect a high voltage piece of equipment (e.g. an
exhaust fan) directly to their electronic controller. The proper
method to switch high voltage to a motor is to use a high
quality contactor. These contactors are often housed in a
separate UL approved (cUL in Canada) enclosure per UL508A
standards for industrial contactor panels. The environmental
controller outputs are then wired to each of these contactors
to turn on the appropriate high voltage loads at the designated
time. In order to reduce installation costs and facilitate easier
installations, Link4 has introduced the iGrow Integrated relay
contactor panel for our new 100 Series environmental controllers.
Speed on Installation
With an iGrow Integrated relay contactor panel, you will
receive a UL approved contactor panel with an iGrow 100
Series™ controller, conveniently pre-mounted on the door for
ease of installation. There’s no need to mount two separate
boxes with conduits in-between. The control wiring will also be
pre-wired between the controller and the high voltage contactors. This reduces the electrician’s installation time and eliminates wiring errors altogether. In other words, an integrated
contactor panel will save you money.
iGrow 400™ Integrated • 970-3040-XX
iGrow 800™ Integrated • 970-3080-XX
Link4 Standard Panel† • 970-3000-XX
Contactor Panel
Standard Features included in every panel
UL and cUL approved
100VA transformer
pre-mounted iGrow 100 Series™ controller
pre-wired iGrow 100 Series™ controller
pre-programmed to save you time
pre-tested before it leaves the factory
Available Models to fit most greenhouse applications
M01 · 4x30A power relays
M02 · 2x12A + 2x18A contactors
M03 · 2x10A relays & 3x12A contactors
M04 · 2x10A relays & 3x12A + 3x18A contactors
M05 · 8x10A relays
available on the iGrow 400 & iGrow 800 Integrated panels
available only with the iGrow 800 Integrated panels
all models are available as standalone non-integrated contactor panels
for use with any greenhouse controller
reference page 6 of the Link4 2012 Price List for pricing information
The fully UL approved panel satisfies most local electrical
inspection requirements for high voltage panels in the
United States. Our panels also carry a full cUL rating for
Canadian installations. You can be confident in your
panel’s integrity as long as it carries these industry
standard ratings.
UL Approved Panel
To ensure that our panel retains the coveted UL approval
and to keep installation costs to a minimum, the iGrow
Integrated relay contactor panel comes pre-mounted
with an iGrow 100 Series Environmental Controller.
High voltage interface and
low voltage controls in one
convenient box!
The best part about pre-mounting the iGrow 100 Series
Environmental Controllers in-house is that we can make
the wiring connections for you as well. With a pre-wired
system, the Integrated Panel really works right out of the
Finally, as with all Link4 products, the Eight Contactor
Integrated Panel is programmed and thoroughly tested
in-house before shipment. This ensures that every
product that goes from our warehouse to your greenhouse is in proper working condition and ready for
immediate implementation.
iGrow Comparison Chart
iGrow 400™ iGrow 800™ iGrow 1200™ iGrow 1400™ iGrow 1600™
Controller Features hardware & software equipment dexterity
24VAC intelligently controlled outputs
temperature input
humidity input
weather station input
manual override switches
field upgradeable through firmware & hardware modules
multiple setpoint periods & heating / cooling stages
networking connectivity
internet connectivity
Output Types equipment interface
on / off cooling and heating equipment
shades & curtains
supplemental lighting
misting & fogging
boiler control
fertigation - pH & EC
Special Features unique capabilities & extraordinary considerations
100 Series hardware platform w/ touch interface
onboard ROI calculations and equipment run-time
USB flash drive connectivity
controller history and data logging
1000 Series hardware platform with NEMA4 lockable enclosure
built-in SmartCool™ technology
expandable to 48 outputs and 64 zones
up to five configurable micro-zones
intelligent irrigation with moisture sensor
advanced master pump control options
compatible with iMod™ expansion module
standard features
optional features
standard using timed overrides
reference page 2 & 4 of the Link4 2012 Price List for pricing information
Custom Solutions
Here at Link4, we understand that every horticultural application – be it commercial or institutional, is unique. For these
special cases, there may not be an individual product or even
series of products that can sufficiently meet the needs of such
a specific environment. We firmly stand by our promise that no
matter how large or small your growing environment, Link4
Corporation can provide a custom-matched platform to deliver
the results you’re looking for.
Custom-Built in-House
Custom ≠ High Cost
At our custom shop, we do not believe that a custom project
necessarily makes it expensive! There are numerous cases in
which a customer is seeking a custom solution in order to save
money. With a custom Link4 environmental solution, we will
work with you to match one of our highly acclaimed environmental controllers with a custom built contactor panel to give
you exactly what your growing environment requires.
To ensure that your environmental controllers are matched to
the perfect contactor panel, we keep a fully UL approved panel
shop in-house, right here in the states. By keeping the
engineers that designed your environmental controllers in the
same building as the manufacturing team that produces your
custom panel, to the support specialist that answers your
phone calls, we guarantee that your greenhouse is in safe
“The Link4 staff & support is the best!”
Always so friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and helpful,
the people at Link4 are what sets it ahead of any competitors.
Steve Urick
Greenhouse Conservator
Old Dominion University
Link4 understands how overwhelming greenhouse control
systems can be, especially when you’re new to them. Often PC
interfaces are either too complicated, requiring outside help,
or very limited in their ability to control. Link4 understands
that growers want a fast and easy way to take control of their
greenhouses, so we developed iControl.
iControl 100™ Software • 990-0014-10
iControl 1000™ Sofware • 990-0014-00
iControl 100™ Software
unlimited ability to save and restore
The new iControl 100 software was introducted in 2011 and is
proving very successful in applications requiring numerous
zones, e.g. transplants and bedding plants. With multiple
zones, even minor setting changes can be very laborious but
Link4’s iControl 100 software allows growers to conveniently
control all of their remote hardware through a single PC. All
settings can be modified in groups to save growers time and
reduce errors.
built-in graphing to analyze data
iControl 1000™ Software
No ordinary control software, iControl 1000’s smart layout
saves time, makes it easy to optimize your growing conditions,
allows total control over your equipment, and makes reviewing historical data a snap. And, one of the best parts of
iControl 1000 is how quickly you can be up and running with a
minimal learning curve.
As always, your confidence is important to us. Rest assured
that the iGrow 1000 Series controllers are self-operated. The
proper control operation is not dependent on the PC being up
and running.
Standard Features included in all Link4 software
monitor 1 to 128 iGrow's simultaneously
all events are recorded to the pc
all control parameters editable through pc
data logs are saved in flexible (csv) format
built-in password protection for security
records and timestamps alarm notifications
can send email & text message alarms
wire controllers up to 4000ft away
easy to read graphical user interface
optimized for the latest Windows™ OS
Unique Features special capabilities
simple controller grouping
upload settings per unit or per group
multiple display views
radio support for wireless systems
iGrow Compatibility
iGrow 100 Series™ greenhouse controller
iGrow 1000 Series™ greenhouse controller
reference page 8 of the Link4 2012 Price List for pricing information
“The equipment and climate graph features in iControl have
saved us many thousands of dollars in energy costs”
Kent Kavanaugh
Operations Manager
Sunlet Nursery, Inc
Weather Station
Rain Bucket
Digital Temp & Humidity Sensor
      
        
     
      
    
     
      
     
     
      
      
    ”  
    
     
     
      
     
      
       
 
 
  
 
  
1000 Series Temperature Probe
   
  
   
   
  
    
       
     
        
     
  
  
 
     
      
     
      
    
CO2 Sensor
  
  
  
   
’  
 
  
      
     
      
       
        
 ’    
Quantum (PAR) Light Sensor
      
     
     
      
      
       
EC Measurement Kit
     
      “” 
”  ¾”      
     
      
pH Measurement Kit
     
      
      
     
reference page 10 of the Link4 2012 Price List
for sensor pricing information
Solar Light Sensor
       
     
      
Link4’s Customer Service Back-up
Our experts can assist you before, during, and after installation.
Contact Link4 Corporation to find your nearest authorized dealer or to receive additional
information on how the iGrow line of controllers can maximize your energy cost savings,
provide key information for smart crop management, and offer simple yet advanced control
of all your greenhouse climate control elements.
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